Cemetery 1099 - Bong Bong

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Bong Bong

Argyle St & Church Rd

Moss Vale





The cemetery is divided into two distinct sections; one of the Anglican graveyard of Christ Church Bong Bong and the other the Presbyterian cemetery. Although there is a light steel and concrete fence between them the two sections form a unified group. The cemetery landscape is enhanced by two rows of mature Bhutan cypress trees (Cupressus torulosa), planted on the 1945 centenary of the church's construction, one tree per (17) Throsby child, and some other large trees including gums which predate the church's construction, being shown in an 1820s painting of the area.

The monuments are arranged in parallel rows facing east. They date from 1841 and about half are pre-1900. The early monuments are mainly sandstone (40% 1841-1900) and of simple design, with a few of "Marulan stone". Other materials used are marble (10%, 1866, 1890-1925), Trachyte (10%, crosses 1867-1925, other styles 1908 to present), granite (5%) and marble tablets on plinths (35%) of sandstone (1915-1930) or of cement or terrazzo (1930 to present.) Building Material: Marulan stone, marble, trachyte, granite, terrazzo, sandstone, cement. (National Trust of Australia 1984). The cemetery contains the remains of many notable early settlers including 26 Throsbys and 19 Osbornes (HHA). [



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