Cemetery 1095 - Bolong

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Fullerton Road






This cemetery is on private property. A Biosecurity sign with a phone number is attached to the entrance gate of the track leading to the cemetery. The cemetery comprises a little over 1 acre (0.5 ha) and contains well over 100 graves.

From Peelwood Road at Thalaba Nature Reserve, turn into Fullerton Road and travel for 8km to the Fullerton fire shed. There are two dirt roads close to one another. Turn into the road on the left of the fire shed and pass through the gate 60 metres along. Take this road for 1.7 km to the cemetery entrance track which is signposted. On the way, you will pass a church at the 350-metre mark along this road. Once you've got your biosecurity clearance the cemetery is through the gate and 500 metres down the track and the end of the pine trees.



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