Cemetery 844 - Pratten


Lester Street,






Pratten Cemetery appears to have come into use in the latter part of the 19th century, the earliest inscription extant being dated 1872.

Only the Catholic portion of the cemetery at the North end is marked. The graves at the South end are Anglican. The graves in the small fenced area at the back of the site are Presbyterian. The unmarked mounds further back are Chinese or other unknown gold miners. The denomination information was kindly provided by long-term Pratten resident Lloyd Weir.

Joe Sharman visited the cemetery in April 2012 and photographed all visible inscriptions. Joe's pictures may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled with reference to the online Queensland births, deaths and marriages search facility for additional information.

Pratten is 34km west of Warwick. The cemetery is on the western side of Lester Street near its junction with Big Hill Road. Lat -28.085845 Long 151.779054

Pratten Cemetery is administered by Southern Downs Regional Council. For further information, contact Council at PO Box 26, Warwick QLD 4370; email: mail@southerndowns.qld.gov.au





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