Cemetery 655 - Booragul Pioneer

Booragul Pioneer

Teralba Pioneer

Billy Goat Hill,






According to the Wikipedia entry on Teralba, "The original Teralba grave yard (now in Booragul) is located on Billy Goat hill on the southern (bush side) of the railway station. Notable locals such as James Cherry, accidentally killed at Teralba Colliery, and members of the Sager family are buried in this cemetery. Very little remains of the cemetery today".

Joe Sharman visited and photographed the sad remains in August 2010. He said, "To access it, you have to walk over the rail footbridge (at Booragul railway station) and up the hill. There was a trail of destroyed headstones and rails to follow. I carried a lot of it back and left it at the cemetery."

We are also indebted to Stephen and Robyn Starkey and their Huntergraves website for additional information on some of these graves as well as on several whose headstones have disappeared since Stephen catalogued the inscriptions c.1988.

Joe's pictures may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. The list was compiled from the images and with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages for additional information.






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