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Bulli Anglican

66 Park Road,






Bulli Anglican Cemetery, at St Augustine's Church, was photographed by Des Cafe in June 2010. Des says, "This cemetery once extended on to what is now railway land at Bulli. Most of those buried back then on what is now railway property were moved when the railway line was put through. However the family of one of those buried on that land objected to the grave being moved and (it) was left next to the railway line on railway property on the other side of the fence from the cemetery."

St Augustine's cemetery contains the graves of a number of the miners killed in the Bulli Colliery explosion on 23 March 1887 - one of the worst coal mining disasters in NSW - in which 81 men and boys lost their lives. They were buried here at The Anglican Cemetery and at the Catholic and Presbyterian Cemeteries at Corrimal and Woonona respectively. A monument erected near the Bulli railway station lists the names of all those killed.

Bulli Anglican Cemetery is maintained in impeccable condition. Stones moved when part of the cemetery was taken for the railway have been carefully remounted on stable bases or on the cemetery wall and are generally in excellent order and legible. However, there can be little doubt that many of the older stones did not survive the transfer.

Inscriptions extant date from 1853 and there is a number of quite substantial monuments and beautiful examples of sculpture to be seen. In more recent times, two columbaria have been added to this small monumental cemetery. Plaques on these date from 1965.

Des has contributed his digital images of all visible inscriptions. The inscriptions were compiled with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages and to the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information.

Photospheres (visible in Streetview map below) were created by Craig Palmer.

Bulli Anglican cemetery is at the rear of St Augustine's Anglican Church in Park Road, on the eastern side of and next to the railway line. Lat -34.333015 Long 150.915776

Further enquiries regarding St Augustine's Cemetery may be made via their website.


8 Jul 2010

25 Jun 2010




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