Cemetery 433 - South Brisbane General Part A

South Brisbane General Part A

Dutton Park General Part A

181 Annerley Road,

Dutton Park





South Brisbane Cemetery, because of its size, has been uploaded in two parts. Part A, that you are now viewing, comprises those sections coloured yellow in the above cemetery plan. For the other sections, see South Brisbane Cemetery Part B.

South Brisbane Cemetery (aka Dutton Park Cemetery) is one of the earliest cemeteries in Queensland. It was reserved as a cemetery in 1864 but the first official burial did not take place until August 1870. It has been rumoured that several burials of Aboriginals occurred prior this date.

An extra seven acres were added to the original cemetery in 1904, a move that effectively closed off one section of Cornwall Street. Today the cemetery consists of 54 portions and slopes downwards towards the Brisbane River from Annerley Road to TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive. The cemetery originally extended all the way to the riverbank, including the Oven's Head outcrop. The other boundary roads are Cornwall Street, Fairfield Road and Princess Street on the south. To the north is the Dutton Park recreation reserve, which currently has had no clear boundary since a timber border fence burnt down in 1969.

South Brisbane Cemetery contains the graves of many early local residents, both famous and not-so-famous, and also prisoners from nearby Boggo Road Gaol. In 1888, A B Wilson, a noted architect, designed the impressive entrance gates, boundary wall and railings, which were built by W Reid. South Brisbane Cemetery is listed on the Queensland Heritage Register (I.D. 602406).

All the data and images have been contributed by Roma Waldron, Marilyn Paul and Tracey Olivieri of the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery (FOSBC) who have been jointly working on this mammoth project for about 2 years. Their digital images may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. In compiling that list, reference has been made to the Queensland BDM online search facility and the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information.

Please note that, for this cemetery, the number of each section is shown under the heading "Portion". In respect of graves that are unmarked or lacking an inscription, the details have come from the cemetery register where the dates recorded are typically those of burial rather than death. That register was in handwritten form for most years of its existence and many entries are now difficult to read so it is suggested that you check out all possible spelling variations of the names you are researching.

South Brisbane Cemetery is administered by the Brisbane City Council. For further information, phone Council at 07 3407 8128.






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