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The present general cemetery replaced the original cemetery on the other side of town when it became full about the end of the 19th century. The earliest inscribed date we found was 1892. This site has been laid out in denominational portions but, unfortunately, they are not signposted. However, most of the rows are marked. There is a small lawn cemetery, established circa 1990 and a columbarium wall bearing plaques from the 1970s. Within the grounds is also an area where headstones salvaged from the old cemetery are displayed (see Coonamble Old General Cemetery for details of these).

As the memorials date from the turn of the 20th century, there are very few sandstone monuments, most being of marble or granite. Many grave markers are inscribed with a name only without any further details and there are lots of unmarked graves. However, we were pleased to see many refurbished graves as well as new plaques on old graves that, until recently, were probably unmarked. The cemetery has obviously suffered from vandalism at some time and movement in the sub-strata has caused a number of the monuments to lean, fall or crack. However, generally speaking, the monuments are in good condition, demonstrate a high standard of workmanship by the local masons and remain very legible.

The grounds are well maintained. Litter bins and several benches have been installed but there are no amenities. Memorial Drive, along the front of the cemetery, has been planted with many trees on each side of it that will look very attractive as they mature in the years to come. Most of the trees have been sponsored and bear plaques in memory of persons buried in the cemetery or perhaps elsewhere as well as the names of living sponsors. These have been recorded but are not included here.

Jean and I visited the cemetery over several days during March 2005 when we made digital images and notes of all visible inscriptions. In compiling the attached list, we also consulted the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and World War 1 and World War 2 Nominal Rolls for further information.

In September 2006, a project was commenced to identify all the unmarked burials at Coonamble General Cemetery. Subject to finance being available, it is hoped that a small plaque eventually will be placed on each one. Mrs Angie Little of the Coonamble Museum and Mr Max Philpott, local funeral director, are working together to carry out this valuable research. We are looking forward to the time when many of the now unmarked graves will be added to this inscription list. Meanwhile, we are most grateful for the work of Mrs Little in providing regular updates of images and data from this cemetery.

From the roundabout in the centre of town, take the Walgett Road across the river, then the fourth on the left (Quambone Road), then the first on the left (Combara Road). The first section of the Combara Road past the cemetery has been named Memorial Drive.

The cemetery is administered and maintained by the Coonamble Shire Council. For further information, contact council at P O Box 249, Coonamble NSW 2829; phone 02 6827 1900; email: council@coonambleshire.nsw.gov.au





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