Cemetery 1739 - Manly Quarantine Station 3

Manly Quarantine Station 3

North Head 3

North Head






Manly Quarantine Station was used to house new arrivals to Australia who may have been carrying infectious diseases. The cemeteries contain the remains of those who succumbed to their illnesses.

The majority of deaths were the result of the bubonic plague in 1900 and the influenza/pneumonia epidemic in 1918-18.

There were 3 cemeteries. The First Cemetery operated from 1837 - 1853 and was at the junction of the wharf and hospital roads. No evidence of it remains other than the headstones that have been removed to the museum.

The Second Cemetery operated from 1853 - 1881 and is located east of the 3rd Class precinct. Three visible headstones and the outline of two other graves remain.

The Third Cemetery operated from 1881 - 1925 and is within the School of Artillery. It contains 241 burials.

A copy of the burial register can be found recordsearch.naa.gov.au/scripts/imagine.asp?B=314138 . It was transcribed by Paul Fitzgerald in Feburary 2014 and photographed by Brett Miller in September 2014.





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