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Minmi Cemetery was photographed by Robert Tozer on 3 February 2000 and the list of inscriptions compiled by Roma Waldron from his images in October 2006.

This historic cemetery contains monuments with inscriptions still legible that date from 1863. Many of the older stones have now deteriorated to the stage where no inscription remains but several in that condition were able to be identified from their footstones. There are also many graves without markers that only have a fence or kerbing to enclose them.

Located in an area where coal mining began in the early days of the Colony of NSW, a number of the graves record the deaths of mineworkers from industrial accidents. Although coal mining is still a relatively high risk undertaking, today's conditions are immensely better than the hazardous conditions under which earlier miners were obliged to work. The cemetery was originally established on the private property of J & A Brown, who operated a number of coal mines in the area, and was made available by them for public use.

The cemetery was much enhanced on 9 August 2002 when the Minmi Heritage Garden was opened on adjoining land. Originally mining land, the heritage garden site was donated by current major coal producer, Coal & Allied Industries.

In compiling the inscription list, we referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and to World War 1 military records to help identify names and dates and for further information.

Minmi is a village 9km west of Wallsend in the Hunter Valley of NSW.





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