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The present monumental cemetery superseded the old pioneer cemetery nearby and contains monuments dating from the early 1870s. One grave is actually dated 1850 but an attached plaque states that the remains were exhumed some 74 years later, possibly indicating the transfer of the remains or just the monument from the pioneer cemetery.

The site is divided into denominational portions and incorporates a small Chinese portion, most of which are clearly marked. Unfortunately, there are no row indicators or any plan of the cemetery exhibited to help visitors find their family graves. On display, however, is a fine collection of monumental masterpieces, including several towering angels in the Presbyterian and Methodist portions, and it is well worth visiting just to see these.

Council’s policy of controlling weeds and grasses with herbicides has resulted in substantial soil erosion on this sloping site, threatening the stability of a number of monuments, but this has been partly overcome by dressing some of the eroded slopes with blue metal. The cemetery has also been subjected to considerable vandalism over the years, most noticeable in the Catholic portion. The erstwhile public convenience has been removed and replaced with one in the adjoining lawn cemetery.

Jean and I made digital images and took notes of all the visible inscriptions in the cemetery over a number of visits between 20 August and 3 October 2002 and updated the plaques on the columbarium on several occasions since then. In compiling the list of inscriptions, we consulted the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for further information. Our gratitude is expressed to the Wellington Historical Society for its help and encouragement. Images of inscriptions may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery.

From the Wellington CBD, take the road to Orange (Mitchell Highway). The cemetery is on the right hand side of the road approximately 2 km from town. Vehicle access is now from the rear. Lat -32.581101 Long 148.951982

Wellington General Cemetery is administered and maintained by the Wellington Shire Council. Contact Council at PO Box 62 Wellington NSW 2820; phone 02 6840 1700; email: mail@wellington.nsw.gov.au





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