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Rylstone Cemetery is divided into denominational portions but, although signposts exist, the boundaries of each portion are not clearly defined. Two columbarium walls, both of fairly recent date, have been erected but there is no lawn cemetery. The cemetery is well maintained and incorporates a shelter, toilet facilities and a supply of tank water.

Memorials still readable date from 1854 and they include some good examples of the stone masons' art. It is unfortunate, however, that many of the older stones have been greatly damaged by salt to the extent that several sandstone monuments have been reduced to little more than a pile of sand. Judging by the number of fallen and broken stones, the cemetery has also been subjected to vandalism. However, several years ago, a local group of interested persons was formed to consider what might be done to arrest this decay and to undertake some restoration work.

This list was compiled from digital images that Jean and I made of every visible grave monument and from notes taken on site over several visits between 12 February and 15 March 2003. The list and images were fully updated in February 2007. This review revealed a further loss or deterioration of some of the older monuments and a lack of action to recover or reinstate any of the fallen stones. On the other hand, it was pleasing to see that some previously unmarked graves have now been identified and marked.

In compiling the list of inscriptions, we consulted the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages and military records for additional information.

From the township of Rylstone take the Ilford Road towards Kandos, turn left at the Rylstone Hospital onto the Glen Alice Road. After a further 1.6km, veer left onto the road to Olinda, from where it is 0.6km to the cemetery.

Rylstone Cemetery is administered by the Mid-Western Regional Council. For further information, contact Council at PO Box 156 Mudgee NSW 2850; phone: 02 6378 2850; email: council@mudgee.nsw.gov.au






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