Cemetery 48 - Ilford


Cafes Road,






This generously sized site was dedicated back in the gold rush days when the population of Ilford was obviously considerably greater than it is today. As a consequence, much of the cemetery area has not been utilised and is covered with undergrowth. Unfortunately, there is evidence of vandalism, mostly in the Catholic portion. The earliest stone we found was dated 1871.

Jean and I made digital images and notes of every visible inscription on 15 July 2002. In compiling this list, we also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages to identify some of the now difficult to read dates and names.

Cafe’s Road runs south off the Castlereagh Highway, within the village of Ilford, about 100m west of the Sofala Road. The intersection is signposted. Follow Cafe’s Road for 1.5 km to the cemetery.

The administration of the cemetery passed from the former Rylstone Shire Council to the Mid-Western Regional Council in 2005. Contact Council at PO Box 156, Mudgee NSW 2850; phone: 02 6378 2850; email: council@mudgee.nsw.gov.au





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