Cemetery 43 - Hargraves


Off Mudgee Road






A town of 20,000 people during the gold rush days, Hargraves is now a sleepy village. The cemetery contains markers dating from as early as 1866 but the majority bear dates in the 20th century. There are many unmarked graves and grave enclosures that have no plaques. The site is fenced and the grass is mown but there are no portion or row markers or amenities.

This list was first compiled in June 2002 but updated in June 2004. Reg & Jean McDonell made digital images and took notes of every visible inscription and also consulted the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages and the death and funeral notices and obituaries published in the Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser for further information.

Hargraves is 40km from Mudgee along the Hill End Road. The cemetery turnoff, which is signposted, is found on the right hand side of the road, about 500m before entering the village itself. From that point, it is a little over 1km by winding dirt track through the bush to the cemetery entrance.

The cemetery is administered by the Mid-Western Regional Council, PO Box 156, Mudgee NSW 2850; phone: 02 6378 2850; email: council@mudgee.nsw.gov.au





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