Cemetery 23 - Crudine


Crudine Road,






The cemetery, now closed, was officially dedicated on 18 January 1884 and originally comprised 7 acres 2 roods, laid out in denominational areas. Some years ago, to assist in its maintenance, the fenced area was reduced to enclose a smaller area where gravestones exist. The cemetery has been placed on the national heritage list that protects all the grave markers and even the plants growing in the cemetery from being disturbed. This means that the periodic cutting and burning of long grass and weeds undertaken by the adjoining property owners is no longer allowed and the grounds are overgrown.

Leanne Heath, whose property adjoins the cemetery, has made a detailed study of the Crudine Cemetery over years and collected many relevant historical documents. She gave us invaluable assistance in compiling this listing that includes not only visible markers but also all known burials at this site. However, there are many more unidentified graves.

Jean and I made digital images and took notes of all the visible markers in the cemetery on 15 July 2002. We also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriages for additional information.

Crudine Road runs south off the Castlereagh Highway 10km west of Ilford. The cemetery is on the western side of Crudine Road, 11km from the highway.





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