Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us please check the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Looking for a Person or Cemetery

Q: I'm looking for the grave of my ancestor. Can you tell me where he is buried?

A: All information we have is on the website. If he is not in our database we cannot help, sorry.

Q: Can you tell me more about a particular person or family buried at this cemetery?

A: No. All our information is already shown. Try searching other genealogy sites, or contacting any local historical society.

Q: How can I find out where my ancestor's unmarked grave is in this cemetery?

A: Contact the cemetery concerned. The cemetery details page contains contact details if we know them.

Q: My ancestor was buried in this cemetery. Why aren't they on the list of inscriptions?

A: It may be that we haven't listed that cemetery yet, or the person was buried since the last time it was photographed. Or perhaps the grave is unm,rked or the headstone unreadable.

Q: When will a certain cemetery be listed?

A: All photographing and transcribing is done by volunteers, so we are unable to forecast when any particular cemetery will be done. Cemteries currently being done may be listed on the News page. Or you could volunteer to help.

Adding or Updating Information

Q: The details on the listing are wrong or incomplete. Can they be corrected?

A: Yes. Bring up the page with the incorrect information, then click on the "Update" link near the bottom of the page and fill out the correct data.

Q: Can I add my ancestor to your list?

A: Absolutely. Search for the person first to make sure they are not listed in another cemetery. If not, then go to the page about that cemetery and select the "Add another Inscription to this Cemetery" function at the bottom.

Q: I have just refurbished a grave. Can I submit an updated photo?

A: Yes. The "Update this Inscription" function at the bottom of the inscription page can be used to submit a new photo.

Q: Can I submit a personal photo of the deceased for display on their inscription page?

A: Yes. Use the same method as above for submitting a new photo of the inscription.

Q: How can I help expand this valuable, free family history resource?

A: We appreciate all the help we can get. See the Volunteering page for details.

Purchasing or Repairing Graves

Q: How can I arrange for a headstone to be erected or repaired?

A: Contact a funeral director in the area.

Q: How do I purchase a gravesite at a cemetery?

A: Contact the local council or a funeral director in the area.

General Information

Q: What does the Other Sources link on an inscription page do?

A: It attempts to find that person's details from BDM (ACT, NSW, QLD and WA only), Ryerson Index of death notices, Military Rolls and Convict Lists.

Q: The Other Sources output shows the wrong person. Why?

A: We lookup the indexes using the person's name, age, date of birth and/or date of death. There is no guarantee it will find the right person.


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