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42 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BluntAda Verna4 Jun 1948Cheltenham SABX
BluntAda Violet89Centennial Park SAAca A Path AT, 300A
BluntAdelaide14 Dec 1929Cheltenham SACX
BluntAlice Winifred1892?9 Nov 198088Centennial Park SA
BluntArthur Perry15 Jun 1910West Terrace SARoad 2
BluntBertie George1901?5 May 197574Centennial Park SALych Gate Wall 51, E016
BluntCatherine Jane29 Dec 1951West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntChristina1901?27 Sep 198584Centennial Park SALych Gate Wall 51, E017
BluntClarence Duffield William7 Jun 1925West Terrace SAEyre Sth
BluntClaude17 Feb 1891West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntDavid Henry2 Aug 1996Enfield Memorial Park SAVF Roberts Mem Rose Gdn
BluntDavid William27 Jul 1950Cheltenham SABX
BluntEdith Ismenia5 Aug 1958West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntEdward Keith1896?18 Jun 197882Centennial Park SA
BluntEleanor Ann3 Jul 1914West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntFanny Eleanor17 Sep 1914West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntFrederick William23 Dec 1907West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntGeorge Henry1887?27 Feb 197790Centennial Park SA
BluntGladuse May1893?12 Jun 197986Centennial Park SA
BluntHarold James1918?21 Jun 197052Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W6, 088
BluntHarry Stephen1891?21 Oct 198493Centennial Park SA
BluntHildalyn Mildred31 Aug 1972Cheltenham SABX
BluntJames Lowe22 Aug 1869West Terrace SARoad 2
BluntJames Trew29 Jan 1931Cheltenham SACX
BluntJoyce Isabel1919?14 Apr 199576Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W6, 087
BluntLouisa Maria24 Oct 1928Cheltenham SAP
BluntLurlein Patricia22 Jun 1998Enfield Memorial Park SAVF Roberts Mem Rose Gdn
BluntMarjorie1923?11 Jan 201390Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W47, 099
BluntMaud Ruth3 Feb 1990Smithfield Memorial Park SA
BluntMavis Freida27 Jun 2011Cheltenham SAK
BluntMinnie Adeline1 Jul 1913West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntRobert19 Oct 1901West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntRobert Bladen10 Sep 1930West Terrace SAPlan Z
BluntRobert William22 Feb 2005Enfield Memorial Park SA
BluntRoy Leonard28 Oct 1936Cheltenham SABX
BluntStanley Humphrey1918?24 Jul 201395Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W47, 100
BluntWilliam Edward21 Mar 1936Cheltenham SABX
BluntWilliam Henry66Centennial Park SAAca A Path AT, 300A
BluntishHester Jane86Centennial Park SAGen C Path 12, 971
BluntishMarion Beth1927?3 Apr 201184Centennial Park SA
BluntishVera1887?7 Dec 197083Centennial Park SA
Hunt (Blunt)Leila Annie4 Apr 189017 Dec 198292dau/Edward Stephen & Ellen (Slough); b. Saddleworth, SA, Australia; w/Hubert WilliamCentennial Park SACol Wall 7, H012

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