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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
*JoeKenmore Catholic NSW
??Coombing Vale NSW
??Coombing Vale NSW
??Durham Ox VIC
??Goulburn General NSWAng
??77Goulburn General NSWPresbyterian
??Hobbys Yards Uniting Church NSW
??Hobbys Yards Uniting Church NSW
??Mount Compass SA
??Patho VIC
??Patho VIC
??Peelwood NSW
??Peelwood NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Rugby NSW
??Sheep Hills VIC
??Sheep Hills VIC
??Trunkey Creek NSW
??Trunkey Creek NSW
??Trunkey Creek NSW
??Trunkey Creek NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Tuena NSW
??Urana NSW
??Urana NSW
??Urana NSW
??Urana NSW
??Urana NSW
??Woodstock Congregational NSW
??Woodstock Congregational NSW
??1 Sep 1960Goulburn General NSWAng Part Y Lawn
?AllieRobe Historical SA
?AlmaGoulburn General NSWAng
?Anne1906?195852Goulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?Annie186012 Jan 18600b. Menangle NSWCampbelltown Catholic NSW
?BillieGoulburn General NSWAng
?CarolineTuena NSW
?Dadh/MumGoulburn General NSWAng
?DickGoulburn General NSWAng
?DotAppin Catholic Church NSWJ
?ECamden Anglican Church NSW
?Elizabeth (Sister)Goulburn General NSWAng
?Female1849Robe Historical SA
?GCampbelltown Anglican NSW
?G T1866Campbelltown Anglican NSWB C
?G..ff.. ..ckGoulburn General NSWAng
?GeorgeRobe Historical SA
?HenryKenmore Catholic NSW
?JohnSep 1877Campbelltown Catholic NSW
?John1832?Feb 1874Campbelltown Catholic NSW
?John McLeod1860?29 Oct 193878Goulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?JoyceRobe Historical SA
?KennieGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?LucyGoulburn General NSWAng
?Mabel Leah1907?28 Sep 197972dau/Cecil Percival & Rose LeilaGoulburn General NSWCremation
?MaisieCampbelltown Anglican NSWA E
?Maisie Jean1921?23 Nov 197857Goulburn General NSWAng
?Male14 Jul 1891Campbelltown Anglican NSW
?Male1807?May 1857Campbelltown Catholic NSW
?Male1835?22 Oct 186126Campbelltown Anglican NSW
?Male1854?14 Feb 1885Campbelltown Anglican NSW
?Mary1862Robe Historical SA
?Mary A CJan 1867Campbelltown Anglican NSWA M
?Mary Ann1870w/JosephStuart Mill VIC
?MaureenGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?Michael1800?Nov 1876Campbelltown Catholic NSW
?Michael1819?Jul 1877Campbelltown Catholic NSW
?MoiraGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?Mumw/DadGoulburn General NSWAng
?NellGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?NellGoulburn General NSWUndenominational
?NormaGoulburn General NSWAng
?PeterApr 1853May 18541b. NSWCampbelltown Catholic NSW
?PhilissGoulburn General NSWAng
?Richard1914?28 Sep 193824Goulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?Roy25 Jun 1934Goulburn General NSWPresbyterian
?ShirleyMurrurundi General and Lawn NSW
?Sister ElizabethGoulburn General NSWAng
?Sister Marian C.H.N18 Apr 1948Goulburn General NSWAng
?Sister Mary Gerald17 Sep 1952Kenmore Catholic NSW
?The Highlander's GraveRobe Historical SA
?Unknown 1Appin Catholic Church NSWK
?Unknown 1Campbelltown Anglican NSWC C
?Unknown 1Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 10Campbelltown Anglican NSWC H
?Unknown 10Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 100Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 101Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 102Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 103Campbelltown Catholic NSWB J
?Unknown 104Campbelltown Catholic NSWB J
?Unknown 105Campbelltown Catholic NSWB H
?Unknown 106Campbelltown Catholic NSWB H
?Unknown 107Campbelltown Catholic NSWB C
?Unknown 108Campbelltown Catholic NSWB B
?Unknown 109Campbelltown Catholic NSWB A
?Unknown 11Campbelltown Anglican NSWC I
?Unknown 11Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 110Campbelltown Catholic NSWB A
?Unknown 111Campbelltown Catholic NSWB A
?Unknown 112Campbelltown Catholic NSWB A
?Unknown 113Campbelltown Catholic NSWB B
?Unknown 12Campbelltown Anglican NSWF
?Unknown 12Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 13Campbelltown Anglican NSWA L
?Unknown 13Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 14Campbelltown Anglican NSWA H
?Unknown 14Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 15Campbelltown Anglican NSWA G
?Unknown 15Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 16Campbelltown Anglican NSWA G
?Unknown 16Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 17Campbelltown Anglican NSWA F
?Unknown 17Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 18Campbelltown Anglican NSWA E
?Unknown 18Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 19Campbelltown Anglican NSWA E
?Unknown 19Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 2Appin Catholic Church NSWH
?Unknown 2Campbelltown Anglican NSWC C
?Unknown 2Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 20Campbelltown Anglican NSWA E
?Unknown 20Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 21Campbelltown Anglican NSWA C
?Unknown 21Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 22Campbelltown Anglican NSWA A
?Unknown 22Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 23Campbelltown Anglican NSWA A
?Unknown 23Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 24Campbelltown Anglican NSWA D
?Unknown 24Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 25Campbelltown Anglican NSWD A
?Unknown 25Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 26Campbelltown Anglican NSWD B
?Unknown 26Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 27Campbelltown Anglican NSWD C
?Unknown 27Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 28Campbelltown Anglican NSWD D
?Unknown 28Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 29Campbelltown Anglican NSWD D
?Unknown 29Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 3Appin Catholic Church NSWD
?Unknown 3Campbelltown Anglican NSWC D
?Unknown 3Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 30Campbelltown Anglican NSWD E
?Unknown 30Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 31Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 32Campbelltown Anglican NSWD G
?Unknown 32Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 33Campbelltown Anglican NSWD G
?Unknown 33Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 34Campbelltown Anglican NSWD G
?Unknown 34Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 35Campbelltown Anglican NSWD K
?Unknown 35Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 36Campbelltown Anglican NSWD K
?Unknown 36Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 37Campbelltown Anglican NSWD K
?Unknown 37Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 38Campbelltown Anglican NSWD M
?Unknown 38Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 39Campbelltown Anglican NSWD M
?Unknown 39Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 4Appin Catholic Church NSWD
?Unknown 4Campbelltown Anglican NSWC D
?Unknown 4Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 40Campbelltown Anglican NSWD M
?Unknown 40Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 41Campbelltown Anglican NSWB D
?Unknown 41Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 42Campbelltown Anglican NSWB I
?Unknown 42Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 43Campbelltown Anglican NSW
?Unknown 43Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 44Campbelltown Anglican NSWB G
?Unknown 44Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 45Campbelltown Anglican NSWB F
?Unknown 45Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 46Campbelltown Anglican NSWB D
?Unknown 46Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 47Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 48Campbelltown Anglican NSWB C
?Unknown 48Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 49Campbelltown Anglican NSWB C
?Unknown 49Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 5Appin Catholic Church NSWC
?Unknown 5Campbelltown Anglican NSWC D
?Unknown 5Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 50Campbelltown Anglican NSWB C
?Unknown 50Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 51Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 52Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 53Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 54Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 55Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 56Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 57Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 58Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 59Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 6Appin Catholic Church NSWA
?Unknown 6Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 60Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 61Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 62Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 64Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 65Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 66Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 67Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 68Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 69Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 7Appin Catholic Church NSWA
?Unknown 7Campbelltown Anglican NSWC G
?Unknown 7Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 70Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 71Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 72Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 73Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 74Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 75Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 76Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 77Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 78Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 79Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 8Appin Catholic Church NSWA
?Unknown 8Campbelltown Anglican NSWC G
?Unknown 8Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 80Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 81Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 82Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 83Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 84Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 85Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 86Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 87Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 88Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 89Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 9Campbelltown Anglican NSWC G
?Unknown 9Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 90Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 91Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 92Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 93Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 94Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 95Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 96Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 97Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 98Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
?Unknown 99Campbelltown Catholic NSWA
A'CourtCharles Edward1898?9 Sep 195153son/Francis John & Louisa Ellen JaneGoulburn General NSWAng
A'CourtFrancis John1894?28 Jun 195258son/Francis John & Louisa Ellen JaneGoulburn General NSWAng Part Y Lawn
A'HearnEmily Jane189223 Jan 195158?w/William JohnBathurst NSWRC
A'HearnJohn James (Ron)191924 Apr 198969?son/William John & Emily Jane; h/Phyllis Jean (Ryan)Bathurst NSWMar2 B, 117
A'HearnLeo Michael19313 Sep 195221?Bathurst NSWRC 9 E, 10B
A'Hearn (Ryan)Phyllis Jean192322 Apr 198763?w/John James (A'hearn)Bathurst NSW
A'HearnSuzanne Alice (Sue)Feb 194728 Dec 19470dau/William Robert Emmett & Alice May (McGarry); b. Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaBathurst NSWMeth Wes O, 90a
A'HearnWilliam John187617 Dec 195680?h/Emily JaneBathurst NSW
A'HearnWilliam Robert Emmet192514 Aug 200075?h/Alice May (McGarry) & MyraBathurst NSWMar2 E, 20
AalbersJan Wilhelm25 Aug 1964son/Bernardus Wilhelmus & Johanna MariaWaugh Road NSWAG J, 1
AalpolHarrie Gerrit21 Nov 1986Glenmorus Memorial Gardens & Crematorium NSW8 A, 9
AalpolRobert Harrie5 Nov 1986son/Harrie Gerit & FrancescaGlenmorus Memorial Gardens & Crematorium NSW8 8, 2
AaltoKari Juhani Adrian14 Oct 19481 Nov 200456Forest Lawn Memorial Park NSW
Aalto (Alexander)Paavo Arvid18 Jan 1970Pinegrove Memorial Park NSW
AaronAsuncion Soneja14 Aug 19365 Jul 200265Forest Lawn Memorial Park NSW
AaronCharles William John31 Jul 191526 Jun 198468Forest Lawn Memorial Park NSW
AawEdward27 Jan 1923Pinegrove Memorial Park NSW
AawLiisa6 Jul 1968Pinegrove Memorial Park NSW
Abberton (O'Neill)Catherine Ellen189417 Nov 197277dau/Charles Joseph & Catherine Ellen; b. Sydney, NSW; w/Sydney MichaelRookwood Catholic NSWM2 9, 3247
Abberton (Torpy)Mary Ann18344 Jul 191480b. Galway, Ireland; w/ThomasKenmore Catholic NSW
AbbertonThomas182120 Nov 190180son/Thomas & Bridget; b. Ballinakill, Galway, Ireland; h/Mary Ann (Torpy)Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyAlexander Michael1880?26 Dec 195979Kenmore Catholic NSW
Abbey (Bruce)Almal Effie20 Mar 1997w/Maxwell XavierKenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyElizabeth Margaret1874?4 May 193965Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyEva Annie1908?6 May 192719b. Gunning, NSW, AustraliaKenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyGeanie Whyte1924?31 Dec 197248Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyGeorge1896?26 Jun 192832son/AlexanderKenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyJames William1884?30 Sep 192945son/Francis Alexander & Elizabeth Mary (Frost); h/Mildred Grace (Ledger)Yass NSW
Abbey (Ryan)Maud Kathleen Mary23 Jul 191117 Sep 2017106w/William WilfredBathurst NSW
AbbeyMaxwell Xavier24 Oct 1984h/Alma Effie (Bruce)Kenmore Catholic NSW
Abbey (Ledger)Mildred Grace15 Dec 18883 Aug 197081dau/Duncan & Caroline (O'Donnell); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; w/James WilliamYass NSW
AbbeyPatrick Duncan191727 Sep 198871son/James William & Mildred Grace (Ledger); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Ethnie Irene (Johns)Yass NSW
AbbeyPatrick Justin1 Feb 1961son/Tobias James & Pauline Mary (Roche)Yass NSW
AbbeySarah1876?6 Mar 193559Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbbeyTobias James1928?8 Jan 198052son/James William & Mildred Grace (Ledger); h/Pauline Mary (Roche)Yass NSW
AbbeyWilliam Wilfred21 Jun 190918 Mar 194737b. Hurstville, NSW, Australia; h/Maud Kathleen Mary (Ryan)Bathurst NSWAng
AbbotAgnes1890?23 Sep 192333w/Andrew SamuelRookwood Catholic NSWM2 10, 707
Abbot (Cohen)Alice May1883?12 May 195875dau/Richard Frederick & Alice Bally; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/Arthur SylvanusNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCrescent Court Wall 2
AbbotArthur Silvanus187511 Dec 195075son/George Edward & Eliza Ann (Stanbury); b. Balmain, NSW, Australia; h/Alice May (Cohen)Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWNorth Terrace Wall 8
Abbot (Stanbury)Eliza Ann184815 Oct 193183dau/William & Mary; b. New South Wales, Australia; w/George EdwardRookwood Anglican NSWAA 7, 222A, 222B
Abbot (Fuller)Eliza Sophia6 Dec 184518 Aug 191771dau/Charles & Hannah (Morgan); b. Great Sampford, Essex, England; w/James WilliamRylstone NSWAng
AbbotErnest Silvanus25 Apr 18703 Jun 191949son/John David & Laura (Lea); b. Mudgee, NSW, Australia; h/Lillian May (Warner)Mudgee NSW
AbbotFrederick (Eric)18981 Aug 195557son/Daisy Florence (Abbot); b. Redfern, NSW, Australia; h/Eileen Floris (Brown)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AbbotGeorge Edward6 Apr 18488 Aug 189143son/Silvanus & Sarah Cecelia Elizabeth (Tainton); b. Castle Hill NSW; h/Eliza Ann (Stanbury)Rookwood Anglican NSWZone B BBB 20, 0862
AbbotJohn David8 Mar 184611 Jul 193690son/Silvanus & Sarah Cecelia Elizabeth (Tainton); b. Castle Hill NSW; h/Laura (Lea)Rookwood Anglican NSWZone C T 7459
Abbot (Lea)Laura29 Jun 184818 Dec 192880b. Canterbury, Kent, England; w/John DavidRookwood Anglican NSWZone C T 23, 7460
AbbotPercy Tainton13 Jun 187517 Jul 195277son/John David & Laura (Lea); b. Mudgee, NSW, AustraliaNorthern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSW
AbbotRobert John186727 Feb 194981son/John David & Laura (Lea); b. Mudgee, NSW, Australia; h/Caroline (Warner)Newcastle Memorial Park NSWCremation
AbbotSilvanus18136 Nov 188673son/James & Elizabeth (Hughes); b. Petershead, Scotland; h/Sarah Cecelia Elizabeth (Tainton)Rookwood Anglican NSWEE 3, 151
Abbot (Seale)Susanna (Susie)185825 Feb 191254dau/Joseph & Susannah (Owen); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/Andrew SamuelEnfield Anglican NSW6 10
AbbotWilhelmina May G14 Dec 185613 Jan 193578dau/Silvanus & Sarah Cecilia Elizabeth (Tainton); b. Sydney, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSWZone C 5, 5711
AbbotWilliam (Stom)15 Mar 188225 Aug 190725son/John David & Laura (Lea); b. Mudgee, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSW
AbbottAbraham Henry Abromovitch1873?29 Jun 192350h/SarahRookwood Old Jewish NSW5 13, 225
Abbott (Christie)Agnes10 Apr 18436 Oct 188542dau/William & Sarah (McAdam); b. Kelton, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland; w/GeorgeGoulburn Anglican NSW
AbbottAlbert Henry Jonathan5 Jan 1938Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park NSWAng FM DDD, 78
AbbottAlbert Jarvis10 Jan 18933 Aug 194249b. Bendigo Vic; h/Margaret Ann; N202434Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park NSWPresbyterian PB, 0481
AbbottAlbert Joseph1880?6 Apr 193757h/Thirza May (Williams)Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park NSWPresbyterian PB, 0400
AbbottAlexander13 Sep 18919 Nov 197382b. Balmain, NSW, Australia; h/Eulalie Myrtle (Smith)Bathurst NSWPresbyterian B G, 11b
AbbottAlma Ann190322 Jun 193431dau/Samuel T & Alice I (Proctor); b. Sydney, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSW12 8, 1126
Abbott (Burrow)Amy Florence1907?13 Apr 193629dau/William & Amy; w/George ERookwood Independent NSWInd J 28, 681
AbbottAndrew Samuel29 Sep 18586 Sep 192363son/Silvanus & Sarah Cecelia Elizabeth (Tainton); b. Randwick, NSW, Australia; h/Susanna (Seale) & Agnes (Browne)Rookwood Anglican NSWZone C 5, 5711
AbbottAnn1836?12 Dec 192993w/William HenryRookwood Anglican NSWFF 13, 749 750
AbbottAnnie Eliza1861?31 Dec 193069Rookwood Independent NSWInd B 8, 526
AbbottArthur William1873?18 Jan 194067h/ElizaRookwood Anglican NSW
AbbottBronwyn LeighDec 1957?27 Nov 19624dau/Kenneth Bruce & Patsy Ruth (Bindley)Maclean NSWAng
AbbottCharles William1881?13 Jun 196281son/William & Annie; h/Elsie Mabel (Whitmore)Parramatta Anglican NSW
Abbott (Bowman)Christina Francis Susannah10 Jan 188325 Dec 196885dau/William & Maria; w/EdgarRookwood Anglican NSWAAA 10, 807-809
AbbottDaniel Joseph9 Jul 192124 Jan 198765Rookwood Old Jewish NSW23B 6, 158
AbbottDavid192614 May 194316son/Sydney Charles Bertram & Isabel Beryl (Victor); b. Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaSydney War NSWWall Panel 9 3AB
AbbottDoreen Mary191810 Mar 195132?w/AlexanderBathurst NSWMeth Wes A J, 1162a
AbbottDorothy VictoriaMay 18968 Feb 18960dau/Alfred & Barbara Ann (Tervey); b. Lake Boga, Victoria, AustraliaLake Boga VICB, 08
AbbottEdgar1879?1 Jul 191637son/Walter & Mary Ann (Endicott); b. Penrith, NSW, Australia; h/Christina Francis Susannah (Bowman)Rookwood Anglican NSWAAA 10, 807-809
AbbottEdna Olive1928?6 May 194517dau/Alexander & Euralie Myrtle (Smith)Rookwood Old Presbyterian NSW5D 14, 0803
AbbottEliza1829?27 Jan 191990w/ThomasRookwood Independent NSWInd B 8, 526
Abbott (Williams)Eliza1875?12 Jan 194368w/Arthur WilliamRookwood Anglican NSW3 39, 2347, 2348
Abbott (Harvey)Elsie May1892?23 Sep 194957dau/Frederick Grenville & Ada Constance (Blackmore); b. St Marys, NSW, Australia; w/JosephRookwood Anglican NSW16 15, 2733
AbbottErnest William1922?26 May 197452Bathurst NSWAng C 9, 27
Abbott (Smith)Eulalie Myrtle5 Oct 18953 Jul 196973b. Granville NSW; w/AlexanderBathurst NSWPresbyterian B G, 11a
AbbottEvelyn Edith1926?10 May 195933Bathurst NSWAng C 9, 28
AbbottFlorence1881?17 Apr 191837dau/Charles H & Emma EKatoomba NSWChurch of England KCE2 H, 7
Abbott (Beasley)Florence Elizabeth190911 Mar 198474dau/John Richard & Ada Emma (Lewis); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; w/Henry Miles HillCampbelltown Anglican NSWC C
AbbottFrederick1887?8 Nov 194962Bathurst NSWAng H 6, 9
AbbottGeorge1848?28 Oct 192274h/AgnesGoulburn Anglican NSW
Abbott (Yelland)Harriet Ann23 May 184117 May 190968dau/Joseph & Maria (Crocker); b. Foxhole, Cornwall; w/MatthewLake Boga VICC, 09
AbbottHazel IreneApr 190727 Dec 19070dau/Eva (Abbott); b. Lake Boga, Victoria, AustraliaLake Boga VICB, 07
AbbottHenry Miles Hill191019 Mar 196756son/Nicholas Percival & Nellie Maria (Coleman); b. Wollongong, NSW, Australia; h/Florence Elizabeth (Beasley)Campbelltown Anglican NSWC C
AbbottInfantch/Peter John & Mary Catherine (Gruber)Katoomba NSWRoman Catholic KRC2 8, 20
AbbottJack Elwin192514 Dec 198459?Bathurst NSWMar1 hH, 120
AbbottJames27 Jan 1976Bathurst NSWRC A 15, 18
AbbottJean FlorenceSep 192013 Jan 19210dau/Alexander & Euralie Myrtle (Smith)Rookwood Old Presbyterian NSW5D 14, 0805
Abbott (Couchman)Jessie Mary18926 Jan 197683?dau/John Robert & Caroline; w/FrederickBathurst NSW
AbbottJohn Brady191926 Apr 200889son/Thomas K & Rhoda; b. Scone, NSW, Australia; h/Sylvia Lorraine (Eagles)Lakeside Memorial Park NSW
AbbottJoseph1884?1 Dec 196076h/Elsie May (Harvey)Rookwood Anglican NSW16 15, 2733
AbbottMatthew21 Feb 184130 Jul 190968son/Giles & Sarah (Bews); b. Adelaide, SA, Australia; h/Harriet Ann (Yelland)Lake Boga VIC
AbbottPhilip1925?28 May 195328h/BarbaraBathurst NSWAng A 2, 14
AbbottReuben William FrankApr 1917?26 Dec 191820mson/Frank & Emily Harriett (Cole); b. Katoomba, NSWKatoomba NSWGeneral KGE2 H, 4
AbbottSarah1875?6 Nov 195681w/Abraham Henry AbromovitchRookwood Old Jewish NSW14 26, 631
Abbott (Tainton)Sarah Cecelia Elizabeth18167 Aug 189074dau/Samuel; b. Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England; w/SilvanusRookwood Anglican NSWEE 3, 151
Abbott (Hickey)Sarah Jane29 Sep 188620 Dec 1986100dau/Patrick & Mary; b. Mudgee, NSW; w/William GeorgeRookwood Catholic NSWLwn 4 723
Abbott (Eagles)Sylvia Lorraine1921?12 Dec 2010dau/Enos Mark & Anastasia Gladys (O'Halloran); w/John BradyLakeside Memorial Park NSW
Abbott (Williams)Thirza May29 Sep 1972w/Albert JosephEastern Suburbs Memorial Park NSWPresbyterian PB, 0400
AbbottUnnamed19 Apr 187619 Apr 1876SBRookwood Anglican NSWJ 28, 1878
AbbottWilliam (Bill)1922?11 Aug 194725son/Frederick & Hilda Maud; h/Joyce (Bromfield)Bathurst NSWSDA A B, 11a
AbbottWilliam David13 May 192328 Aug 197350son/Edgar & Christina Francis Susannah (Bowman); b. Botany, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSW
AbbottWilliam George1885?28 Jul 197489h/Sarah Jane (Hickey)Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 4 723
AbbottWilliam Henry1822?22 Jan 188866h/AnnRookwood Anglican NSWFF 13, 749 750
AbbruzzeseGennaro1874?18 Dec 196389son/Giovanni & Chiarina; b. ItalyKatoomba NSWChurch of England KCE3 V1, 8
Abdoo?59Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbdooMargaruite30 Mar 1953dau/Michael Dominic & Mary Catherine (Abdoo)Kenmore Catholic NSW
AbdullahAlexander190929 Jun 199384h/Beryl Emma MayPinegrove Memorial Park NSWGarden of Peace 3, 783
AbdullahBeryl Emma May19182 Jul 199375w/AlexanderPinegrove Memorial Park NSWGarden of Peace 3, 783
Abel (Rixon)Adelaide24 Mar 188417 Apr 196479dau/Thomas & Elizabeth Ann (Underhill); b. Bega NSW; w/Gordon FewingsRookwood Anglican NSWZone B 3, 767
Abel (Robley)Ann19 Mar 18251 Aug 188156dau/Christopher James & Mary (Cummins); w/CainRookwood Anglican NSWZone B L, 251
AbelBenjamin24 Jan 178329 May 186481b. Norwich, Norfolk, England; h/Grace (Pearce)Parramatta Anglican NSW
AbelCain15 Apr 18231 Feb 187551son/Benjamin & Grace (Pearce); b. Windsor NSW; h/Ann (Robley)Rookwood Anglican NSWZone B J, 1495
Abel (Pearce)Grace1771?20 May 1865b. Devonshire, England; w/BenjaminParramatta Anglican NSW
AbelHenry John1949son/John Shepherd & Emily AugustusKatoomba NSWCongregational KCO1 A, 40
AbelJohn30 Nov 181726 Jan 188567son/Benjamin & Grace (Pearce); b. Windsor NSW; h/Agnes (Robley)Rookwood Anglican NSWZone B R, 613
AbelMargaret27 Feb 184424 Nov 185410dau/Cain & Ann (Robley)Campbelltown Anglican NSW
AbelMary4 Nov 18109 Dec 18100dau/Benjamin & Grace (Pearson); b. Sydney, NSW, AustraliaOld Sydney Burial Ground NSW
AbelRobert16 Jul 1820Jun 183110son/Benjamin & Grace (Pearce); b. Windsor NSWParramatta Anglican NSW
AbelSarah4 Feb 185627 Oct 18560dau/Cain & Ann (Robley); b. Campbelltown, NSW, AustraliaCampbelltown Anglican NSW
AbellBenjamin26 Jan 18138 Jul 18196son/Benjamin & Grace (Pearce); b. Sydney NSWWindsor Anglican Church NSWLeft 18, 22
AbercrombieRichard Raymond193015 Jul 199565?h/DawnBathurst NSWMar4 A, 23b
AberdeenWarwick13 Feb 186713 Jul 194174son/Thomas & Martha (Margrie); b. Haggerston, Middlesex, Eng; h/Jessie Mary (Stafford)Rookwood Independent NSWZone F General L, 0512
Aberley (Cook)Doris1914?24 Sep 198470w/Victor ClementsBathurst NSW
AberleyGladys1906?24 Jun 192115dau/Charles & AnnieBathurst NSWMeth Wes
AberleyStuart DavidRobe Historical SASouth 128
AberleyVictor Clements (Mick)190414 Jan 197166?h/Doris (Cook)Bathurst NSWAng C 5, 4a
AberlineAlexander William1901son/Adam John & Mary Maude Malinda (Powell); b. Annandale, NSW, Australia; h/Gertrude Elizabeth (Cook)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCrem
Aberline (Cook)Gertrude Elizabeth191026 Jun 197262dau/Norman Charles Hunter & Winifred Mary (Bourke); b. Tamworth, NSW, Australia; w/Alexander WilliamEastern Suburbs Memorial Park NSW
AbernethyJames David Campbell1906?19 May 194842son/Harold & Ida MaryGoulburn General NSWMethodist
AbleyChristina Faye20 Feb 19367 Nov 201175Mount Compass SA92
AboodBrian Micheal21 Feb 193811 Nov 201072son/Anthony Tanous & Johra Pearl (LaHood); b. Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia; h/Carole Ann (Feltham)Castlebrook Memorial Park NSW
Abood (Feltham)Carole Anne22 May 193927 Jan 201272dau/Vincent George & Maisie Muriel (Poulton); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/Brian MichealCastlebrook Memorial Park NSW
Abraham (Highland)Annie188310 Oct 195976dau/Thomas Edward & Margaret Caroline (Humphries); b. Woonona, NSW, Australia; w/John WilliamSandgate NSWWesleyan_Methodist BSW, 20
AbrahamJohn William18786 Feb 194869son/William John & Sarah Anne (Patterson); b. Bradford, Yorkshire, England, Australia; h/Annie (Highland)Sandgate NSWWesleyan_Methodist BSW, 20
AbrahamNorman1851?28 May 192675b. SyriaBathurst NSWRC A 6, 8
AbrahamsAlbert Joseph1874?24 Jun 192046son/Alfred & Mary Ann; b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; 2146Goulburn General NSWAng
Abrahams (Smith)Alicew/William Arthur HamiltonEast Ballina NSW
AbrahamsAlma May25 May 191615 Mar 201396w/Kenneth CharlesBathurst NSWMar1 G, 99
Abrahams (Barnsley)Beatrice Blanche28 Jul 18915 Mar 194856dau/Alfred & Mary Jane (Lye); b. Newtown, NSW, Australia; w/Henry James BerkleyRookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AbrahamsChild1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
AbrahamsDavid Thomas25 Dec 188912 Oct 196373son/Charles & Rosa Ellen (Bunney); b. Beerwah, Qld, Australia; h/Kate Elizabeth (Ricketts)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AbrahamsEdwin Goodwin189230 Jul 191624?son/John Henry & Elizabeth (Todkill); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; 11687Goulburn General NSWAng
Abrahams (Todkill)Elizabeth24 May 18678 Aug 193164dau/Samuel & Elizabeth; b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/John HenryGoulburn General NSWAng
AbrahamsHenry James Berkley18 Aug 188420 Jun 196580son/John & Letitia Annie (Neave); b. Merimbula, NSW, Australia; h/Beatrice Blanche (Barnsley)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
Abrahams (Ricketts)Kate Elizabeth1 Jul 188914 Dec 197485dau/Charles & Charlotte (Amy); b. Droxford, Hampshire, England; w/David ThomasRookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AbrahamsKenneth Charles11 Feb 19292 Jul 198758son/Leslie & Alice Gertrude; h/Alma MayBathurst NSWMar1 G, 98
AbrahamsLeslie Arnold Milton191420 Feb 194129son/Henry James Berkley & Beatrice Blanche (Barnsley); b. Lismore, NSW; h/Regina Cecilia (Shervey)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 16, 1415
AbrahamsLewis1858?8 Jan 1931son/Joseph & Bess; h/Rachel (Himmelhoch) & Emma J (Meinrath)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
Abrahams (Himmelhoch)Rachel1866Mar 192861dau/Isaac & Miriam (Levy); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/LewisRookwood Old Jewish NSW6, 365
AbrahamsWilliam Arthur Hamilton25 Feb 191020 Oct 198777son/Henry James Berkley & Beatrice Blanche (Barnsley); b. Lismore, NSW, Australia; h/Tilly Australia (Batt) & Alice (Smith)Rookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AbrahamsenAugust Marteneus25 Nov 187527 Sep 194367son/Amandus & Margrethe (Nielsdatter); h/Augusta Dorothea (Smale)Katoomba NSWCongregational KCO1 A, 38
Abrahamsen (Smale)Augusta Dorothea1866?18 Nov 195084dau/August & Dorothea; w/August MarteneusKatoomba NSWCongregational KCO1 A, 38
Abram (Anderson)Matilda1840?14 Jul 191070formerly Horne; dau/William & Margaret; b. Cavan, Ireland; w/George (Horne) & William JohnBoorowa NSWAng B, 297
AbramWilliam John1846?22 Jun 192680son/? & Anne Jane (Mullins); h/Matilda (Anderson)Boorowa NSWAng B, 298
AbramsCharles21 Jun 1951son/Joseph & Sarah; h/Laura Ella Jean (McFadyen)East Ballina NSW
Abu-AliWadiah24 Dec 192017 Dec 201089Pinegrove Memorial Park NSW
AccullardJames1784?1853Campbelltown Anglican NSW
AckermanArthur Ellis1886?7 Jun 194256Bathurst NSWAng K 6, 1
AckermanEmma14 Feb 1961Bathurst NSWAng A1 3, 5
AckermanHarold1891?16 Dec 190211son/Jacob J & EmilyBathurst NSWRC
AcklandMargaret Joyce1925?20 Nov 195126dau/Edward Richard & Ellen MargaretGoulburn General NSWAng
AckleyEdward James190117 Jan 199593?Bathurst NSWMar3 A, 19
AckleyHilda Maud190931 Aug 198980?Bathurst NSWMar3 A, 20
Ackling (Coker)Ada Leala18956 Apr 197377dau/William & Marion (Caldwell); w/Harold DanielRookwood Independent NSWLawn B 1, 37
Ackling (Hammel)Christina Maria (Maria)31 May 187026 Oct 194979dau/Samuel & Alexandrina Christina Mcintosh (Bready); b. Brisbane, Qld, Australia; w/DanielWaverley NSW16 Ordinary 34, 2780
AcklingDaniel11 Jul 186619 Dec 194983son/Henry & Winifred (Batt/Ward); b. Concord, NSW, Australia; h/Christina Maria (Hammel)Waverley NSW16 Ordinary 34, 2780
Ackling (Woods)Dorothy3 Mar 1989dau/Thomas & Sarah; w/Edward HenryRookwood Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWCremation
AcklingEdward Henry29 Nov 19175 Jul 197961son/Harold Daniel & Ada Leala (Coker); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy (Woods); NX22776Unknown
AcklingHarold Daniel17 Mar 189222 Nov 198290son/Daniel & Christina Maud (Hammel); b. Waverley NSW; h/Ada Leala (Coker)Rookwood Independent NSWLawn B 1, 37
Ackroyd (Spencer)Hannah19 May 180924 Dec 188677dau/Thomas & Deborah (Noble); b. Northowram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; w/JohnAppin Anglican Church NSW
AckroydJohn12 Apr 178613 Feb 187992son/Joseph & Mary (Spencer); b. Clayton, Yorkshire, England; h/Hannah (Spencer)Appin Anglican Church NSW
AclandAlfred Albert2 Apr 18684 Oct 193769son/Robert Elson & Maria Saunders (Hanks); b. Redfern, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Eliza (Wilson)Point Clare NSWMth 1 4, 22
AclandGertrude189718981dau/Alfred Albert & Sarah Eliza (Wilson); b. Katoomba, NSWKatoomba NSWGeneral KGE2 I, 21
AclandHenry (Harry)2 Nov 186427 Jun 193873son/Robert & Maria (Hanks); b. Chippendale, NSW, Australia; h/Lela Gonel Dagmar (Evans)Rookwood Anglican NSW
AclandInfant16 Dec 1892Katoomba NSWGeneral KGE2 I, 21A
Acland (Evans)Lela Gonell Dagmar28 Mar 188520 Mar 195771formerly Burns; dau/Andrew & Mary Emily (Kinlyside); b. Ashfield, NSW, Australia; w/Cornelius A (Burns) & HenryRookwood Anglican NSW
Acland (Gates)Matilda Jane Ireton21 Jul 186115 Mar 194583dau/John Johnson & Isabella (Ireton); b. Patterson, NSW; w/Samuel Thomas HecraftKatoomba NSWGeneral KGE2 I, 21
AclandSamuel Thomas Hecraft11 Jan 18638 Jun 191552son/Robert Elson & Maria Saunders (Hanks); b. Darlington, NSW; h/Matilda Jane Ireton (Gates)Katoomba NSWGeneral KGE2 I, 21A
Acland (Wilson)Sarah Eliza25 Feb 187327 Jun 193663b. Katoomba, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred AlbertPoint Clare NSWMth 1 4, 22
Acres (Hinchley)Ann17571831?formerly Guy; dau/Henry & Ann (Barry); b. London, England; w/Alexander (Guy) & ThomasCampbelltown Catholic NSW
AcresHenry179919 Jun 184849son/Thomas & Ann (Hinchley); b. Mulgrave Place, NSW, Australia; h/Mary (Smith)Parramatta Anglican NSW
AcresJohn1865?May 195489son/John; b. Sheep Hill, Victoria, AustraliaLake Boga VICA, 11
AcresThomas1757?Jan 1824son/Thomas & Mary (Husson); b. Exeter, Devon, England; h/Ann (Hinchley)Campbelltown Catholic NSW
AcroydJohn1913?9 Oct 197158son/John Whitaker & LilyForest Lawn Memorial Park NSW
Adair (Manton)Dulcie Isobel21 Aug 191912 Apr 199777w/Rodney JohnBathurst NSWMar4 F, 53a
AdairRodney John (Peter)1 Aug 192723 Jan 200880h/Dulcie Isobel (Manton)Bathurst NSWMar4 F, 53b
AdamAndrew Kenneth21 Jul 2009son/Kenneth Fox & Constance Mary (Carnegie); h/Judith Frances Rosalie (Froomes)Patho VIC
AdamArthur James1877?5 Aug 193962h/JaneGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
Adam (Carnegie)Constance Mary190317 Jan 197268dau/Henry Lambert & Letitia Maud Coleman (Robinson); b. Kew, Victoria, Australia; w/Kenneth Adam (Fox)Patho VIC
Adam (Kinred)Gertrude Josephine188619 May 196780dau/Frederick & Emma (Bridle); b. Tumut, NSW, Australia; w/James NormanTumut NSWAnglican Old M, 18
AdamJames Norman4 Dec 18874 Dec 194053son/Alexander & Emily J; b. Cobar, NSW, Australia; h/Gertrude Josephine (Kindred)Tumut NSW
AdamJane1879?16 Aug 196687w/Arthur JamesGoulburn General NSWPresbyterian
Adam (Froomes)Judith Frances Rosalie1932?30 Jan 197038dau/Richard Marshall & Vera (Gaudin); w/Andrew KennethPatho VIC
AdamKenneth Fox190623 Dec 197266son/James Hubert & Florence Alina (Fox); b. Malvern, Victoria, Australia; h/Constance Mary (Carnegie)Patho VIC
AdamStanhope Dyer1929199061?Pinegrove Memorial Park NSW
AdamsAlan Thomas3 Apr 191314 May 194330son/Albert Edward & Florence Louise (Dowse); b. Tempe, NSW, Australia; NX73359Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
AdamsAlbert19 Apr 188022 Mar 195978son/George William & Mary Ann (Brown); b. Cooma, NSW, Australia; h/Bridget Maud (Burke)Cooma NSWRoman Catholic E8, 16
AdamsAlbert Edward James190817 Aug 197062son/Frederick & Mary Ann (Annie) (Sharman); b. Luddenham, NSW, AustraliaNarellan NSW
AdamsAlbert Henry24 Jul 19125 Nov 198775son/Henry Lewis & Elizabeth; h/Ellen May (Potts)Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWMG6A #39 & #40
AdamsAlbert Victor1884?22 Aug 194965son/Henry Daniel & Eliza Agnes (Bradley); b. Narrandera, NSW, Australia; h/Ivy Georgina (Dunn)Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSWSouth West Terrace Wall 147
AdamsAlexander1843?21 Jan 192178son/Thomas & MargaretKatoomba NSWChurch of England KCE3 E1, 20
AdamsAlfred Ernest14 Aug 18765 May 18825son/Henry Daniel & Eliza Agnes (Bradley); b. Wagga Wagga, NSW, AustraliaNarrandera NSW
Adams (Avery)Alice Maude Darton23 Jul 1899dau/William Thomas Darton & Catherine May (Doyle); b. Berridale, NSW, Australia; w/Charles JamesCooma NSWAnglican F8, 11
AdamsAlwyn John19027 Oct 196260son/Edward Charles & Susan Isabel (Roots); b. Penrith, NSW, Australia; h/Ruby Victoria (Veness)Kingswood NSWMethodist
AdamsAmy Cecelia1887?12 Nov 196477Katoomba NSWChurch of England KCE1 10, 11
AdamsAndrew Richard Robert18836 Jan 195672son/John William & Mary Ann (Patterson); b. Jindabyne, NSW, AustraliaRound Plain NSWSection 5 14
Adams (Henderson)Annie26 May 190924 May 197162dau/Thomas & Annie; b. Albury, NSW, Australia; w/Charles ThomasBarraba NSWRC E
AdamsAnnie Evelyn3 Jun 1977Katoomba NSWRoman Catholic KRC4 23, 10
Adams (Auld)Annie Linda18 Aug 189410 Jul 197782dau/William & Martha Ann (Larry); b. Greendale NSW; w/WilliamCobbitty Anglican Church NSW
Adams (Ferguson)Annie May1873?7 Oct 194875w/James WilliamRookwood Anglican NSW8 3, 282
Adams (Millar)Annie Mounsey183530 Mar 192185dau/Bruce & Elizabeth (Holmes); b. Portland, NSW, Australia; w/WilliamMorongla NSWAnglican
AdamsArthur Ernest19 Sep 192023 May 194221son/Arthur George & Dora Emily; b. Swindon, England; 692Sydney War NSWWall Panel 5 3AB
AdamsAustin James1902?30 Jul 195452son/Henry James & Eliza Jane; h/Olive May (Harding)Boorowa NSWAng C, 241
AdamsBenjamin Whatmore28 Oct 186722 Oct 191850son/Henry Daniel & Eliza Agnes (Bradley); b. Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Ellen (Lyons)Drayton and Toowoomba QLDRoman Catholic
Adams (Burke)Briget Maud188228 Feb 195976dau/James & Catherine Eleanor (Callaghan); b. Cooma, NSW, Australia; w/AlbertCooma NSWRoman Catholic E8, 15
AdamsBruce Charteris9 Jan 18753 Mar 195883son/William & Annie Mounsie (Miller); b. Taralga NSW, Australia; h/Emma (Wright)Forbes NSWAng
Adams (Kearney)Catherine Maisie25 Aug 192822 Sep 201688formerly Margery; dau/Michael James & Catherine Sussana (Gossip); w/Bruce Alwyn (Margery) & Barry RobertSouth Grafton NSW
AdamsCharles Colin186316 May 193874son/John William & Mary Anne (Patterson); b. Cooma, NSW, AustraliaRookwood Anglican NSWAnglican 14 39, 2899
AdamsCharles James23 Sep 188513 Oct 197489son/James & Margaret (McGregor); b. Jindabyne, NSW, Australia; h/Alice Maud Darton (Avery); 1505Cooma NSWAnglican F8, 1378
AdamsCharles Leslie1900?5 Dec 196464son/Arthur Henry & Sarah Jane (Fitzgerald); b. Bowral, NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth (Lloyd)Liverpool General NSWAng H 9, 28
AdamsCharles Thomas17 Jun 190519 Jan 199286son/John George & Jane (Cuthel); b. Werombi, NSW, Australia; h/Annie (Henderson)Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium NSW
AdamsClaraRobe Historical SAHistorical 120
AdamsDavid1863?27 Oct 194077son/Ian & Christina; h/Elizabeth (Hay)Rossmore Anglican Church NSW
AdamsDavid Bernard22 Sep 191223 Sep 199482h/Maise LillianKatoomba NSWRoman Catholic L, 1
AdamsDavid Jonathan7 May 185424 Sep 191157son/Henry & Elizabeth Mary Sophia (Clarke); b. Kiama, NSW, Australia; h/Louisa Maria (King)Narrandera NSW
AdamsEdith Mary17 May 1971Katoomba NSWChurch of England KCE3 K1, 22
AdamsEdward Charles186525 Jan 193772son/Edward John & Hannah (Grimshaw); b. Luddenham, NSW, Australia; h/Susan Isabel (Roots)Luddenham Anglican Church NSW
AdamsEdward John10 Sep 182928 Oct 191886son/John & Edith (Collepurse); b. Coxley, Somersetshire, England; h/Hannah (Grimshaw)Luddenham Anglican Church NSW
AdamsEleanor23 Apr 18778 May 18770dau/John William & Mary Ann (Patterson)Round Plain NSWSection 4 19
AdamsEliza18 Mar 1836Oct 18360dau/John & Ann (Hyde); b. Airds, NSW, AustraliaCampbelltown Anglican NSW
Adams (Brown)Eliza1841?2 Sep 1916formerly Sadlier; dau/William & Eliza; b. London, England; w/James (Sadlier) & JohnRookwood Anglican NSW5 1, 3/4
Adams (Bradley)Eliza Agnes18403 Jul 192585dau/Benjamin; b. Goulburn, NSW; w/Henry DanielNarrandera NSW
Adams (McKenzie)Elizabeth21 Mar 18505 Dec 193585dau/Alexander & Elizabeth (Hanks); b. Balgownie NSW; w/Robert SmartMulgoa Anglican Church NSW
AdamsElizabethNov 1875?19 Apr 18771y 5mdau/William & Mary (Barnett); b. Boorowa, NSW, AustraliaBoorowa NSWRC B, 305
Adams (Hay)Elizabeth1877?25 Aug 195174dau/John & Margaret; w/DavidRossmore Anglican Church NSW
AdamsElizabeth FlorenceRobe Historical SAHistorical 120
AdamsElizabeth Lumsden188711 Dec 196174dau/James & Margaret (McGregor); b. Cooma, NSW, AustraliaRound Plain NSWSection 4 23

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