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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Tooloom NSW
??1892Tooloom NSW
?C. M. L.1873Tooloom NSW
AbbottEli1830?11 Jun 191686h/Hester AnnMaryborough QLDmonumental L 572
AbbottHelen Marion1894?5 Sep 199298Polson QLDgarden of rest e, 89
AbbottHester Ann1840?8 Jan 190464w/EliMaryborough QLDmonumental L 572
Abbott (Coyne)Honor1917?29 Jun 200285w/Sydney FrederickMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 700
AbbottHubert1888?12 Oct 198496Polson QLDgarden of rest e, 89
AbbottJohn Colin21 Oct 198321 Oct 19830Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1005
AbbottLinda Ann16 Jan 198526 Jan 19850Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1005
AbbottMary Ann1876?12 Apr 196084w/William AndrewMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1402
AbbottSydney Frederick1916?30 Aug 198367h/Honor (Coyne)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 700
AbbottWilliam Andrew1873?20 Nov 195683h/Mary AnnMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1402
AbbsAnnie Moncur1884?21 Sep 195672w/BertMaryborough QLDmonumental L 609/6
AbbsBert1883?2 Oct 195370h/Annie MoncurMaryborough QLDmonumental L 609/5
AbbsEllen1876?14 Jan 189418dau/RobertMaryborough QLDmonumental C 136
AbbsEthel Marion Elaine1935?30 Aug 195318Maryborough QLDmonumental L 567/18
AbbsGordon Allen1925?22 Apr 200176Maryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Olive A, 1
AbbsHenry1879?16 Mar 18801son/RobertMaryborough QLDmonumental C 135
AbbsRobert1841?25 Jan 189453Maryborough QLDmonumental C 136
AbellPercy Alexander1888?8 Jan 195365son/Thomas & Elizabeth (Wilbow)Maryborough QLDmonumental L 483/16
AberdeenEleanor Mary1898?19 Jun 199496Maryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 38
AbrahamElizabeth1887?28 Mar 191629Maryborough QLDmonumental D 941
AbrahamEthel1871?4 Dec 188312Maryborough QLDmonumental C 204
AbrahamMargaret1867?May 195891Maryborough QLDmonumental M 821
AcasonWalter13 Aug 18656 Mar 194579Maryborough QLDmonumental A 819
AceRechelle Ane21 Nov 197010 May 201544Maryborough QLDgarden of rest V 280
AcworthWilliam Albert29 May 191219 Dec 199583son/Louis George & Frances Rosa Agnes (Willmot); b. Brisbane, QLDPolson QLDgarden of rest J, 111
AdairAnnie1865?21 Sep 193469Maryborough QLDmonumental D 535
AdairDaisy Elise1892?23 Dec 18920Maryborough QLDmonumental D 535
AdairElise Marie1839?7 Feb 192990Maryborough QLDmonumental D 536
AdairThomas1828?8 Feb 189264Maryborough QLDmonumental D 535
AdamCharles Henry1866?19 Nov 193468h/Gertrude FlorenceMaryborough QLDmonumental M 255
AdamCharles Henry1945Sep 192024b. glasgowMaryborough QLDmonumental A 46
AdamElizabeth1833Jul 191884w/William AndersonMaryborough QLDmonumental A 44
AdamGertrude Florence1875?3 Nov 194671w/Charles HenryMaryborough QLDmonumental M 255
AdamMargaret17 May 187214 Oct 194068Maryborough QLDmonumental M 254
AdamRobert Henry1865?28 Aug 188924Maryborough QLDmonumental D 473
AdamSamuel Bettison7 Nov 186727 Mar 193466b. brisbaneMaryborough QLDmonumental A 46
AdamWilliam Anderson1833Apr 190369h/ElizabethMaryborough QLDmonumental A 45
AdamsArchibald30 Jun 190417 Mar 197065h/Christina ElvinaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1491
AdamsArthur Hope11 Sep 19165 Jul 200993h/Irene Mary; 434816Polson QLDgarden of peace b, 20
AdamsChristina Elvina2 Sep 190321 Oct 198481w/ArchibaldMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1491
AdamsColin James1936?15 Dec 195317Maryborough QLDmonumental L 651/16
AdamsDoreen Ella Victoria1905?2 Apr 199994Polson QLDgarden of rest k, 61
AdamsErnest Arthur1884?21 Nov 195571b. cobar NSWPolson QLDmonumental E 57
AdamsIrene Mary13 Apr 19181 Nov 200890w/Arthur HopePolson QLDgarden of peace b, 20
AdamsJohn Francis1922?20 May 196947Polson QLDmonumental C 259
AdamsKurt Joseph14 Feb 196617 Oct 199125Maryborough QLDgarden of rest I 153
AdamsMalcolm Drew6 Feb 19556 May 200752Polson QLDgarden of peace a, 3
AdamsMaureen May7 Aug 193121 Oct 199867w/IvanMaryborough QLDgarden of rest I 275
Adcock (Setter)Amy Ethel1891196776dau/James Henry & Martha Amy (Rayment)Polson QLDmonumental C 56a
AddertonAbraham1813?30 Sep 187764h/EleanorMaryborough QLDmonumental E 310
AddertonEleanor1825?25 May 190479w/AbrahamMaryborough QLDmonumental E 310
AddisonAnnie1869?14 Apr 192556Maryborough QLDmonumental J 189
AddisonEmma Mary1880?Oct 194767w/JamesMaryborough QLDmonumental M 505
AddisonJames1876?24 May 19618516461Maryborough QLDmonumental M 506
AddisonJohn1829?19 Mar 189566h/Sarah ElizaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 271
AdkinsCecil Keith190422 Jan 199691h/Elizabeth AnnPolson QLDgarden of rest k, 74
AdkinsElizabeth Ann191328 Sep 199481w/Cecil KeithPolson QLDgarden of rest k, 73
AdlerGeorge Andrew2 Apr 189123 Apr 196978son/Edward Heinrich & Anna Henrietta (Jorgensen); b. Slagelse, Denmark; h/Ivy Quinton (Hams) & Helen Morehead (Raverty); AIF 5029 & Q208596Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1337
Adler (Hams)Ivy Quinton189717 Feb 194143dau/Hubert John & Maria (Ansell); b. Lorquon, VIC; w/George AndrewMaryborough QLDmonumental K 626
AdlingtonErnest Richard1909?18 Apr 195849NX91695Maryborough QLDmonumental R 65
AdsettCharles John "Charlie"19 Mar 191917 Dec 200182son/Frank & Rose Beatrice (Baker); h/Winifred (Schultz); QX32020Polson QLDgarden of rest r, 22
Adsett (Schultz)Winifred22 Apr 191710 Apr 201092dau/William & Jemima (Mackie); w/Charles JohnPolson QLDgarden of rest r, 22
AffleckBertha Henrietta190419 Aug 195146w/John VincentPolson QLDmonumental C 107
AffleckJohn Vincent18941 Apr 196671h/Bertha HenriettaPolson QLDmonumental C 107
AffleckJohn William26 Jan 193325 Mar 200471Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 240
AgnewMax William12 Sep 193317 Nov 200673Polson QLDgarden of rest x, 19
Ah GinUnknown1828?8 Sep 188860b. chinaMaryborough QLDmonumental H 108
Ah KitUnknown1849?11 Jan 188940b. chinaMaryborough QLDmonumental E 611
Ah YowUnknown1856?1 Nov 188428b. chinaMaryborough QLDmonumental H 101
Ah ZueUnknown1858?20 Feb 187921b. chinaMaryborough QLDmonumental G 123
AhernKathleen29 Sep 190212 Oct 199795Polson QLDgarden of rest n, 49
AhlbrandUnknown1898?Jun 18980Howard QLDmonumental F 18a
AielloMaria catena7 Feb 193324 Oct 201481b. catania, sicilly; w/MarioPolson QLDmonumental D 96
AielloMario192823 Sep 201385b. giarre, sicilly; h/MariaPolson QLDmonumental D 97
AirdElizabeth Ann1884?Nov 197793w/Thomas HenryMaryborough QLDmonumental FR 76
AirdThomas Henry1883?1 Nov 193148h/Elizabeth AnnMaryborough QLDmonumental FR 76
AireyDoris May21 Mar 192331 Oct 199269w/Thomas JamesPolson QLDgarden of rest h, 111
AireyThomas James24 Oct 192325 Nov 200481h/Doris MayPolson QLDgarden of rest h, 111
AirtonEllenor1882?22 Sep 196078Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 63
AirtonJohn Henry1919?Jul 199778h/Mavis EvaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1693
AirtonMavis Eva1918?Apr 198668w/John HenryMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1693
AisthorpeDesmond James1930?24 Apr 199363h/Joan MaryMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 915
AisthorpeJoan Mary1925?11 Jul 200984w/Desmond JamesMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 915
AisthorpeJoseph1966?13 Mar 19660son/Des & JoanMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 181
AisthorpeThomas1869?26 Jun 193465Maryborough QLDmonumental N 40
AitchisonJohn1859?19 Feb 192970h/MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1113
AitchisonMargaret1863?20 Jun 194178w/JohnMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1112
AitchisonMargaret Lavelle1912?21 Feb 200391w/PercyMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1114
AitchisonPercy1912?9 Sep 198270h/Margaret Lavelle; QX59925Maryborough QLDmonumental F 1114
AitkenWilliam Marshall2 Apr 19193 Jul 194526NX28880Kyogle NSW
AitkinMary1888?12 May 195264Maryborough QLDmonumental Q 37
Aked (Hutchins)Jean Goodwin1906?10 Nov 197872w/Keith AlwynMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 858
AkedKeith Alwyn1905?6 Jul 199691h/Jean Goodwin (Hutchins)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 858
AkehurstBeryl Margaret4 Sep 191926 Nov 199374Polson QLDgarden of rest k, 14
AlbackLyle Peter11 Feb 195420 Dec 197521son/Robert HenryMaryborough QLDmonumental M 714
AlbackRobert Henry30 Jul 192116 Jan 195533Maryborough QLDmonumental M 714
AlbertsenHelen Henrietta1880?7 Sep 194565Maryborough QLDmonumental K 838
AlbrechtMarie Helen20 Oct 194622 Mar 201164w/RaymondMaryborough QLDgarden of rest V 44
AlcockBasil1899?3 Aug 194546b. London, England; h/Olive Parkes; VX110790Nundah QLD
AlcockFlorence Gertrude1883?9 Jun 195976w/Joseph NehemiahPolson QLDmonumental C 100
AlcockJoseph Nehemiah1873?9 Jun 194976h/Florence GertrudePolson QLDmonumental C 99
AldersonElsie Caroline1913?4 May 199077Maryborough QLDmonumental O
AldersonWilliam John1908?21 Aug 195648Maryborough QLDmonumental O 48
AldridgeBeryl Lola1920?29 Dec 200686Maryborough QLDmonumental E 241
AldridgeEdgar Thomas21 Dec 181718 May 188870b. essex englandMaryborough QLDmonumental E 242
AldridgeFrederick Slater1928?8 Mar 200173Maryborough QLDmonumental E 241
AldridgeHarry Edgar1894?16 Apr 196672540Maryborough QLDmonumental E 241
AldridgeHarry Edgar1922?3 Nov 199573Maryborough QLDmonumental E 241
AldridgeHenrietta Laura1899?7 Jul 199192Maryborough QLDmonumental C 1109
AldridgeJoey EdgarJul 18509 Jan 18510son/Edgar & Maria; b. Wide Bay Village (Maryborough), AustraliaMaryborough QLDmonumental E 241
AldridgeJon Bevan1945Sep 199045h/Lorraine Kaye (Duff)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest I 65
AldridgeLloyd Alan1930?22 Feb 197444Maryborough QLDmonumental E 241
Aldridge (Duff)Lorraine Kaye26 Jan 194613 Feb 201165w/Jon BevanMaryborough QLDgarden of rest I 65
AldridgeMaria1821?17 Mar 188665Maryborough QLDmonumental E 243
AlexanderBarry Noel29 Jun 19452 May 201165Maryborough QLDgarden of rest V 60
Alexander (Stewart)Catherine1870?26 Nov 195585dau/James & Isabella (Henderson); w/Robert StewartMaryborough QLDmonumental M 78/1
AlexanderDaisy Dorothy14 Mar 191623 Nov 200993w/Ronald GordonMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 169
AlexanderElizabeth Alice1879?Oct 194869Maryborough QLDmonumental C 884
AlexanderGertrude Mary1894?8 May 195864w/Leslie StrathMaryborough QLDmonumental N 615
Alexanderharriet E.1888?22 Apr 196678Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 793
Alexanderisabella M.1950?11 May 198131Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 793
AlexanderLeslie Strath1887?8 Feb 197184h/Gertrude MaryMaryborough QLDmonumental N 616
AlexanderMargaret Isabel1893?23 Aug 195057Maryborough QLDmonumental D 588
AlexanderMary Fulton1900?2 May 197676Maryborough QLDmonumental M 926
AlexanderRobert Stewart1868?13 Dec 195082h/Catherine StewartMaryborough QLDmonumental M 78/2
AlexanderRobert Stewart Robertson1900?21 May 192626Maryborough QLDmonumental M 70
AlexanderRobyn Elizabeth4 Dec 194123 Aug 201371w/KeithPolson QLDgarden of peace i, 14
AlexanderRonald Gordon15 Feb 191729 Aug 200083h/Daisy DorothyMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 169
AlexanderWallace192319 Jul 198965h/PatriciaPolson QLDgarden of rest h, 29
AlexanderWilliam1870?Jul 193767Maryborough QLDmonumental C 883
AlexanderWilliam1893?25 Aug 196572h/Molly; 1230Maryborough QLDmonumental M 925
AlgarRobert Harold1904?28 Nov 196965Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1427
AllanAnn1842?8 Jul 189957Maryborough QLDmonumental C 523
AllanArchibald11 May 188322 Jan 196682son/Andrew & Mary (MacDonald); b. QLD; h/Blodwen Connely Evans (Price)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 779
Allan (Price)Blodwen Connely Evans1888?9 Feb 197587w/ArchibaldMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 779
AllanBrett2 Sep 196028 Jul 199029son/George More & Yvonne Margaret MaryPolson QLDgarden of rest o, 25
AllanCecilia Myrtle1902?20 Jul 198583Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1808
AllanDoris1907?5 Dec 19070Maryborough QLDmonumental C 523
AllanElizabeth Doris Brigette30 Aug 189517 May 198589w/John WallieMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1610
AllanGeorge4 Aug 192412 Oct 200884Maryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Palm P, 3
AllanGeorge More26 Oct 193731 May 200668h/Yvonne Margaret MaryPolson QLDgarden of rest o, 25
AllanJohn1892?3 Jan 1972805276Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1809
AllanYvonne Margaret Mary28 Jun 193710 Oct 199962w/George MorePolson QLDgarden of rest o, 25
AllcockIrene May1910?1 Jan 199383Polson QLDgarden of rest i, 111
Allen (Itzstein)Amy Elizabeth22 Jan 191418 Nov 200894w/Harold GeorgeMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1979
AllenAnnie May26 Sep 1942Maryborough QLDmonumental Q 48
AllenCoral E.3 Aug 1999w/Leo J.Polson QLDwall of remembrance f10
AllenDouglas Bevan1925?4 Jun 193914Tiaro QLDall denominations 391
Allen (Priddis)Elizabeth1850?26 Jul 192878dau/Henry & Katherine; b. Brighton, Sussex, England; w/Joseph JamesTiaro QLDall denominations 15, 10
AllenEsther Emily29 Aug 191928 Nov 193112dau/Jesse & Olive Madeline (Richmond); b. Maryborough, QldTiaro QLDall denominations 15, 6
AllenHarold George1910?16 Sep 198979h/Amy Elizabeth (Itzstein); 23071Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1980
AllenHenry Charles30 Dec 192011 Mar 200887h/Joyce IsabelleMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1090
AllenJesse1888?19 Aug 194658son/Joseph & Elizabeth (Priddis); b. Maryborough, Qld; h/Olive Madeline (Richmond)Tiaro QLDall denominations 15, 7
AllenJoseph1893?Aug 197380Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 334
AllenJoseph James1859?19 Feb 194182son/Jesse & Sarah (Golf); b. England; h/Elizabeth (Priddis)Tiaro QLDall denominations 15, 9
AllenJoyce Isabelle20 Sep 192022 Aug 200887w/Henry CharlesMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1090
AllenKaren Marie1897?21 Sep 198386Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 335
AllenKathleen Elizabeth5 Oct 192221 Jan 199774w/Ernest G.Polson QLDgarden of rest i, 93
AllenLeslie Mervyn22 May 19224 Dec 201492Maryborough QLDgarden of rest III 120
AllenMadeline1913?28 Aug 198875Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1878
AllenMary E. A.1924?12 Mar 194723Howard QLDmonumental B1 246
AllenMaud Emma1884?24 Oct 197995Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1660
AllenMichael John1957?13 Mar 199437Polson QLDgarden of rest k, 96
AllenMichael Noel20 Jan 196619 Dec 199226Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 487
AllenNoel Frederick13 Jul 194619 Mar 197427Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 487
Allen (Richmond)Olive Madeline5 Jun 189925 Dec 199394dau/Emma Louisa (Richmond); b. Maryborough, Qld; w/JesseTiaro QLDall denominations 15, 7
AllenRoy David1905?4 Oct 198479h/Elsie May; VX86946Polson QLDgarden of rest e, 88
Allen (Polly)Sarah1850?22 Mar 188030dau/JohnTiaro QLDanglican
AllenWalter1881?18 Jan 197190Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1659
AllenWilliam Francis26 Jun 194431 Dec 199147son/Ernest G. & Kathleen ElizabethPolson QLDgarden of rest i, 93
AlleryBrian John15 Jan 19293 May 200172h/Elsie EthelMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1012
AlleryCaroline May1914?12 Jul 197157Maryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Cedar 56
AlleryElsie Ethel1911?13 Apr 199887w/Brian JohnMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1012
AlleryJames William1907?Jul 197366Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 431
AlleryJohn Mitchell1899?Apr 198485Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 447
AlleryKathleen May Josephine1897?Dec 197376Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 448
AlleryMichael Armstrong1968?17 Oct 19680Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1266
AllinghamLoretta Lo-wah20 Jun 195227 Jul 200452b. Hong Kong; w/Glenn WinstonPolson QLDmonumental D 153
AllingtonDorothy Olive5 Sep 191430 Sep 200894w/LeslieMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 311
AllingtonLeslie29 Aug 191713 Apr 200183h/Dorothy OliveMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 311
AllisonGraham Gordon1940201373h/BernadettePolson QLDgarden of peace h, 20
AllsworthAnthony Peter8 Apr 19541 Jan 200348h/Wendy MargaretPolson QLDgarden of rest t, 8
Allsworth (Fortescue)Beryl Joyce7 Nov 192815 Apr 201081Maryborough QLDgarden of rest V 11
AllsworthWendy Margaret1957?17 Feb 200548w/Anthony PeterPolson QLDgarden of rest t, 8
AllwoodPearlene Beryl1937?27 Mar 199659w/GlenPolson QLDgarden of rest m, 17
Alminauskas (Veremciukas)Lidija31 Mar 19272 Apr 201386Polson QLDgarden of peace m, 37
AlsCharles Frederick18345 Dec 189561b. denmark; h/matilda V.Maryborough QLDmonumental L 277
AlstonAlan George1895?Aug 190712Maryborough QLDmonumental D 726
AlstonAnne1887?Jun 190114Maryborough QLDmonumental D 726
AlstonElizabeth Jane1864?Feb 193066Maryborough QLDmonumental D 726
AlstonFanny1898?9 Aug 199597w/SidneyMaryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Cedar 64
AlstonGeorge Gray1860?Dec 192969Maryborough QLDmonumental D 727
AlstonSidney1891?21 Aug 196372h/FannyMaryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Cedar 63
Ambrose (Negus)Bernice Edna28 Nov 195520 Feb 200549dau/Frank Bernard & Edna Sarah LovedayMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 954
AmbroseCatherine1865?Apr 194176Maryborough QLDmonumental N 32
AmbroseCecil Vincent1904?19 Mar 195955Maryborough QLDmonumental N 643/1
AmbroseCharles1905?Sep 196257Maryborough QLDmonumental N 33
AmbroseEmma Sophie1867?2 Feb 193265b. draytonPolson QLDmonumental B 52
AmbroseEverett Arthur1929?2 Apr 200677h/Kathleen; A5378Polson QLDgarden of rest e, 62
AmbroseGladys Evelyn9 Aug 18966 Mar 1999102Maryborough QLDmonumental K 244
AmbroseKerry Joseph11 Aug 195018 May 200150h/PaouitoMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1087
AmbrosePaul Richard1947?Sep 19470Maryborough QLDmonumental N 32
AmbroseRichard Henry1868?Mar 193466Maryborough QLDmonumental N 32
AmbroseSpencer George15 Jun 193720 Feb 200265h/BeverlyPolson QLDmonumental C 319
AmmannRobert13 May 195218 May 201058Maryborough QLDgarden of rest V 16
AmmenhausenHerman1902?5 Nov 198482Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1561
AmmenhauserAgnes Louise1901?27 Aug 197574dau/Otto & Barbara Mary (Greaves); w/William GerardMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 697
AmmenhauserAlfred Edward18 Jul 190621 May 198275son/John Conrad & Ellen (Churchward); h/Eva Louis (Davies)Maryborough QLDmonumental K 695
AmmenhauserAnna Catherina1829?Jun 191990Maryborough QLDmonumental B 310
AmmenhauserAnnie Louisa1883?17 May 18863Maryborough QLDmonumental B 311
Ammenhausercharles W.1887?May 18892Maryborough QLDmonumental B 311
AmmenhauserColin1941?Dec 19410Maryborough QLDmonumental B 312
AmmenhauserConrad1824?Feb 188460Maryborough QLDmonumental B 310
AmmenhauserEllen1880?16 Apr 196282w/John ConradMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 203
AmmenhauserEva Louis1907?11 Dec 200396w/Alfred EdwardMaryborough QLDmonumental K 695
AmmenhauserGordon Douglas16 Feb 193020 Jan 201786h/FayMaryborough QLDgarden of rest V 215
AmmenhauserHarold James1921?28 May 197453Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 508
AmmenhauserJacob1855?Dec 192873Maryborough QLDmonumental B 312
AmmenhauserJohannes1865?Oct 192661Maryborough QLDmonumental B 310
AmmenhauserJohn Conrad1879?20 Nov 196182h/EllenMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 202
AmmenhauserJoseph Otto1900?Jun 196767Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 964
Ammenhausermaria C. C.1860?Aug 192262Maryborough QLDmonumental B 312
AmmenhauserMary Jane1880?Jan 196888Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 965
AmmenhauserRobert Garth1939?26 May 19434Maryborough QLDmonumental K 695
AmmenhauserWilliam Gerard1897?30 Oct 196770son/Jacob & Mary Caroline Charlotte (Pardeck); h/Agnes Louise (Nowitzke)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1081
AmosAlexander1887?16 Nov 196578Maryborough QLDmonumental M 930
Amos (Hansen)Eileen Jane17 Feb 191820 Jun 201193dau/Peter Andreas & Sarah Kirstine (Andersen); w/RalphAalborg Danish QLD
AmosErnest Noel3 Aug 193525 Oct 201277Polson QLDgarden of peace m, 29
AmosIda Ann1903?29 Aug 195855w/William OwenMaryborough QLDmonumental O 171
Amos (Stockwell)Iris Beatrice23 Nov 19206 Sep 200988w/Mervyn WilliamMaryborough QLDgarden of rest II 312
AmosMargaret Rose8 Nov 193516 Jan 201266w/OwenPolson QLDgarden of peace a, 23
AmosMervyn William26 Jul 191424 Dec 199985h/Iris Beatrice (Stockwell)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest II 312
AmosWilliam Owen1901?8 May 198786h/Ida AnnMaryborough QLDmonumental O 172
AndersenAgnes Ethel5 Mar 19029 Jun 197876Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1173
AndersenAlice Karen1894?Apr 197884Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 300
AndersenAnders1854?2 Mar 191864Maryborough QLDmonumental C 825
AndersenAnders1863?25 May 193774h/HerminaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 908
AndersenAnders Jacob1887?18 Mar 195164b. denmark; h/Wilhelmine CarolinePolson QLDmonumental E 50
AndersenAnders Jensen1820?8 Oct 187959son/Nils & Marie (Pedersen); h/Kirsten (Petersen)Aalborg Danish QLD
AndersenAnna1920?7 Feb 199373w/KaiMaryborough QLDgarden of rest I 256
AndersenAnna Kathrine1847?3 Jan 193285b. denmarkPolson QLDmonumental E 29
AndersenAnna Marie1854?12 Aug 194692w/NielsPolson QLDmonumental E 37
AndersenAnnie Gray1892?24 Dec 192432w/Niels J.Polson QLDmonumental C 23
AndersenArthur Hunter1909?4 May 196859QX21701Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1172
AndersenBarry James20 Mar 19369 Nov 200670Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1131
AndersenBrigid1894?1 Feb 197480w/EilerMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 216
Andersencarl H. J. E.1875?20 Dec 191540Maryborough QLDmonumental L 1026
AndersenCatherine Agnes1883?3 Jun 195673Maryborough QLDmonumental N 552
AndersenCharles1844?191571Polson QLDmonumental E 21
AndersenCharles Martin21 Oct 188218 Dec 196482son/Martin Edward Andreas & Catherine (Nissen)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 604
AndersenCharley26 Apr 188714 Feb 195669son/Christian & Katherine Marie (Casterson); b. Lower Swan Creek, Warwick, Queenlsland, Australia; h/Lily (Bosel)Polson QLDmonumental C 137
AndersenClarice9 Feb 192014 Mar 201292w/David HenryMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1515
AndersenDaphne Jean15 May 192629 Jun 200074w/Ronald PeterMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 183
AndersenDavid Ernest27 Jun 19373 Apr 200062Polson QLDgarden of rest p, 23
AndersenDavid Henry1909?23 Feb 198475h/ClariceMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1515
AndersenDenice Maud11 Feb 1946May 200054Maryborough QLDgarden of rest I 175
AndersenDorothea1848?27 Feb 192274Maryborough QLDmonumental C 886
AndersenEdna Beatrice1914?27 Nov 195440Maryborough QLDmonumental Q 309
AndersenEdvard1888?10 Sep 191325Polson QLDmonumental E 19
AndersenEdward Mervyn1917?2 Mar 19181Polson QLDmonumental E 20
AndersenEiler1878?Mar 196789h/BrigidMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 215
Andersen (Mayes)Elizabeth Grace Myrtle28 Jun 191620 Jan 200487dau/Francis & MaryMaryborough QLDmonumental K 294
AndersenElspeth1840?1 Sep 192080w/WilliamMaryborough QLDmonumental D 991
AndersenFrances May1909?19 Nov 194839Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1
AndersenGertrude1922?Dec 198159w/Paul EmilMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 953
AndersenGladys Frances1907?2 Jun 196861Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1187
AndersenGrace Annie1900?May 198686w/LouisMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1179
AndersenHermina1868?15 Jul 192355w/AndersMaryborough QLDmonumental C 908
AndersenInger Marie1859?8 Mar 193374Maryborough QLDmonumental C 824
AndersenIver1856?19 Nov 193680h/Mary CatherineMaryborough QLDmonumental C 1037
AndersenJane1876?24 May 196690b. degilbo QLDPolson QLDmonumental B 284
AndersenJohanna Christina1887?2 May 193952Maryborough QLDmonumental C 912
AndersenJohn Frank William1870?Aug 195282h/Julia EllenMaryborough QLDmonumental Q 284/8
AndersenJulia Ellen1871?Jun 195685w/John Frank WilliamMaryborough QLDmonumental Q 284/7
AndersenKai1910?22 Aug 199383h/AnnaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest I 256
AndersenKatherine Maria1874?29 Dec 193662w/Peter ChristianMaryborough QLDmonumental K 39
AndersenKatherine Maria1900?23 May 197373Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 300
AndersenKevin Eiler1915?19 Dec 197661Maryborough QLDmonumental N 551
AndersenLars22 Mar 1929son/Anders Jensen & Kirsten (Petersen)Aalborg Danish QLD
AndersenLars Peter1896?17 Nov 197478Polson QLDgarden of rest b, 20
AndersenLeslie George1906?12 Jul 197973Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1141
Andersen (Bosel)Lily20 Nov 188817 Jun 195970dau/Carl & Caroline (Schipplick); b. Kilkivan Junction, Theebine, Queensland, Australia; w/CharleyPolson QLDmonumental C 138
AndersenLouis1901?Feb 198079h/Grace AnnieMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1179
AndersenMabel Emily1885?15 Jul 195671b. Maryborough QLDPolson QLDmonumental E 64
AndersenMaren1877?21 Mar 196588Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 633
AndersenMaren Katherine Katie1886?14 Dec 193650Maryborough QLDmonumental C 824
AndersenMargaret May Dewar1899?24 Mar 196970Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1318
AndersenMaria1867?12 Nov 195588w/NielsPolson QLDmonumental C 21
AndersenMartin8 Feb 190825 Aug 199688son/Martin & Henrietta (Christensen)Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 604
AndersenMartin Joseph1852?12 Sep 194088Maryborough QLDmonumental N 551
AndersenMary Anne Cathrine15 Mar 188225 Jun 188213wdau/Niels & Maria (Fransen)Aalborg Danish QLD
AndersenMary Catherine1858?24 Dec 193072w/IverMaryborough QLDmonumental C 1037
AndersenMervyn Bernard Martin Eiler22 May 190923 Mar 197666Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 2
AndersenNancy Ellen1919?10 Jul 200283Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1507
AndersenNels1859?Jul 188122Maryborough QLDmonumental B 222
AndersenNiels1851?23 Jul 193988b. denmark; h/MariaPolson QLDmonumental C 21
AndersenNiels1855?6 Oct 194287b. denmark; h/Anna MariePolson QLDmonumental E 36
AndersenNiels J.1891?16 Jan 196776h/Annie GrayPolson QLDmonumental C 23
AndersenNiels Johannes15 May 18877 Feb 188815mson/Niels & Maria (Fransen)Aalborg Danish QLD
AndersenNoel Percival1920?24 Mar 197050Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1508
AndersenPaul Emil1913?8 Feb 197865h/GertrudeMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 953
AndersenPeter1847?16 Nov 191366son/Anders Jensen & Kirsten (Petersen)Aalborg Danish QLD
AndersenPeter Christian1870?8 Jan 192656h/Katherine MariaMaryborough QLDmonumental K 39
AndersenPhoebe Martha1898?23 Oct 198486Polson QLDgarden of rest b, 21
AndersenRonald Peter2 Dec 192118 Sep 196139h/Daphne JeanMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 183
AndersenRonald William29 Jan 191921 Mar 200788h/Valma MerleMaryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 243
AndersenValma Merle25 Apr 192413 Dec 201288w/Ronald WilliamMaryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 243
AndersenWilhelmine Caroline1879?24 Jul 195879b. Germany; w/Anders JacobPolson QLDmonumental E 50
AndersenWilliam1842?9 Oct 191775h/ElspethMaryborough QLDmonumental D 991
AndersenWilliam Svend Eiler1873?24 Nov 195582Maryborough QLDmonumental L 1026
AndersonAda Alice1887?19 Oct 193245Maryborough QLDmonumental C 1080
AndersonAlice Rose1893?22 Aug 196067Maryborough QLDmonumental O 303
AndersonAnnie Catherine1864?Jul 194682w/Charles AugustMaryborough QLDmonumental K 371
AndersonAnthony Robert Charles11 Dec 192320 Apr 200076Maryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 48
AndersonAugust Johannes1891?24 Jun 197180Maryborough QLDmonumental M 875
AndersonCharles1888?Nov 193143h/Elizabeth JaneMaryborough QLDmonumental K 250
AndersonCharles August1862?Oct 193472h/Annie CatherineMaryborough QLDmonumental K 371
AndersonCharles John1898?8 Nov 192628Maryborough QLDmonumental A 576
AndersonCyril Earlsford29 Aug 191924 May 197759son/George Mathew & Mary Jane (Owers); b. Dubbo, NSW; h/Daphne Elsie (Hoskin)Polson QLDgarden of rest c, 19
AndersonDaisy Isabel1899?Aug 197879Maryborough QLDmonumental M 875
AndersonDavid Valentine20 Oct 18664 Oct 194073h/MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental M 365
AndersonDoris1899?12 Mar 197374Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 272
AndersonDouglas Lawrence19 Aug 19254 Apr 199973h/BarbaraMaryborough QLDmonumental N 873
AndersonEileen Mary27 Mar 194522 Oct 200964Maryborough QLDgarden of rest III 167
Anderson (Trotter)Elizabeth1827?17 Apr 190376dau/Henry & Mary (Bayley); b. Cheshire, England; w/ThomasTiaro QLDpresbyterian 152
AndersonElizabeth1887?18 Jun 198194w/GustafMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1499
AndersonElizabeth Gladys5 Mar 190015 Jul 196767Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 995
AndersonElizabeth Jane1883?Mar 194461w/CharlesMaryborough QLDmonumental K 250
AndersonElspeth Margaret1906?Nov 19071dau/Andrew & EmmaMaryborough QLDmonumental D 815
AndersonEmma Louisa4 Jun 189817 Mar 197273w/Frederick Walter MoretonMaryborough QLDmonumental K 1071
Anderson (Gustavson)Engre Catherine1831?20 Aug 190877dau/Johannes & Mary; b. Sweden; w/JohannesMunna Creek QLD1, 7
AndersonErnest Allen3 Jul 19275 Apr 200982Howard QLDcolumbarium wall b, 3
AndersonFlorence Edith1891?Jul 196473Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 550
AndersonFrank1896Aug 198689h/Margarethea DorotheaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1286
AndersonFrederick Walter Moreton22 Oct 18989 Jan 195051h/Emma LouisaMaryborough QLDmonumental K 1070
AndersonGeorge1894?Jul 197884Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 273
AndersonGloria Edith1937?23 Sep 197538Maryborough QLDmonumental O 441
AndersonGustaf1884?6 Apr 197086h/ElizabethMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1498
AndersonJames Brown1946?15 Oct 197024Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1628
AndersonJames Mattewson18834 Aug 196582Polson QLDmonumental C 224
AndersonJessie Ann28 Nov 191730 Apr 200688w/Leslie GordonMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 789
AndersonJessie Maud18834 Sep 197288Polson QLDmonumental C 225
AndersonJohannes1834?5 Jun 191682b. Youngby, Sweden; h/EngreMunna Creek QLD1, 8
AndersonJohn Arthur1920?29 Jul 193616Howard QLDmonumental A 356
AndersonJohn Cobon1859?1 Jan 189839Maryborough QLDmonumental D 629
AndersonJohn Douglas1831?13 Apr 190877Maryborough QLDmonumental D 827
AndersonJohn Lee24 Nov 19279 Nov 199769Maryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 224
AndersonJosephine Dorothy1910?Jun 197363w/Percival ClairMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 313
AndersonLeslie Gordon28 Jan 190123 Jul 197675h/Jessie AnnMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 789
AndersonMargaret1836?26 May 188650Maryborough QLDmonumental D 419
AndersonMargaret3 May 187015 Jan 193362w/DavidMaryborough QLDmonumental FR 102
AndersonMargaret May28 Feb 191520 Oct 200489w/Thomas JamesMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 2008
AndersonMargarethea Dorothea1896Apr 198184w/FrankMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1286
AndersonMartha1863?23 Sep 194683Maryborough QLDmonumental R 16
AndersonMary Ann1857?31 Jul 188629w/PeterMaryborough QLDmonumental D 418
AndersonMyra Doris1906?27 Nov 198175Maryborough QLDmonumental M 573
AndersonPercival Clair1910?1 Mar 197868h/Josephine DorothyMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 313
AndersonPeter Alfred1925?21 Aug 199166h/GeorginaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest I 127
AndersonPeter Douglas18 Feb 196319 Dec 19685son/Douglas & BarbaraMaryborough QLDmonumental N 769
AndersonSvend1846?6 Aug 187630Tiaro QLD
AndersonTara Lee1 Dec 19913 Dec 19910Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 891
AndersonThomas1819?2 Jun 191394son/John; b. Dunbar, Scotland; h/Elizabeth (Trotter)Tiaro QLDpresbyterian 200
AndersonThomas James1909Oct 198980h/Margaret MayMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 2008
AndersonVeta1943?19 May 19430Maryborough QLDmonumental K 690/2
AnderssonAxel Leander1870?8 Jan 193969h/Emma MathildaMaryborough QLDmonumental K 263
AnderssonEmma Mathilda1879?9 Feb 193253w/Axel LeanderMaryborough QLDmonumental K 262
AndrewAlan Trevor6 Feb 197624 Feb 201034h/KrissiePolson QLDgarden of peace f, 10
AndrewEdith Joyce5 Feb 192214 Jun 200785b. wanganui, new zealand; w/JohnPolson QLDmonumental D 161
Andrew (Rasmussen)Elaine Elizabeth29 Mar 193917 Apr 201475w/MortonMaryborough QLDmonumental M 878
AndrewHarriet Violet May14 Feb 191030 Jul 199686w/Thomas AllanMaryborough QLDmonumental N 482
AndrewJohn Francis13 Jan 192018 May 200585b. swan hill Vic; h/Edith JoycePolson QLDmonumental D 160
AndrewTerry Olive1953?Dec 19530Maryborough QLDmonumental N 482
AndrewThomas Allan11 Dec 19159 Jul 198973h/Harriet Violet May; QX38439Maryborough QLDmonumental N 482
AndrewTrevor18 Sep 19512 Dec 200756Polson QLDgarden of peace d, 10
AndrewsAlfred1873?22 Jul 18741son/George & EmmaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 717
AndrewsAlice Amelia1882?27 Feb 18853dau/George & EmmaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 718
AndrewsAllan George5 Dec 192621 Jun 200174h/Patricia DellPolson QLDgarden of rest q, 36
AndrewsAllen Francis1926?15 May 198862Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 172
AndrewsAnne Marie13 Apr 195711 Jun 19570dau/Vic & EmiliaMaryborough QLDmonumental N 587
AndrewsArthur Cedric1922?9 Aug 198260h/Beryl EdithMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1412
AndrewsBeryl Edith6 Jun 192728 May 200779w/Arthur CedricMaryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 1413
AndrewsDaphne Pearl1929?25 Oct 196738Polson QLDmonumental C 249
AndrewsDesmond Francis1929?14 Aug 199970Polson QLDgarden of rest o, 18
AndrewsDiane Louise1953?Feb 196613Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 171
AndrewsEleanor1890?Sep 196474w/John GeorgeMaryborough QLDmonumental A 905
AndrewsEmma1854?26 Feb 193177w/GeorgeMaryborough QLDmonumental C 718
AndrewsEveline Dorothy1912?29 Jun 194836Maryborough QLDmonumental K 995
AndrewsFrank1867?27 Mar 194679h/LouisaMaryborough QLDmonumental K 865
AndrewsGeorge1832?1 Feb 191583h/EmmaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 717
AndrewsJohn George1883?Oct 195673h/EleanorMaryborough QLDmonumental A 905
AndrewsJohn Percival1917?17 Jun 199477h/Colleen; SX1715Polson QLDgarden of rest k, 57
AndrewsJoyce Isobel12 Aug 191828 Jun 200586w/Samuel Alfred MeredithMaryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 59
AndrewsLouisa1870?10 Jun 194777w/FrankMaryborough QLDmonumental K 866
AndrewsMary Maxwell1848?13 Oct 187426w/C. W.Maryborough QLDmonumental E 94
AndrewsMax1933?21 Jan 199259Polson QLDcolumbarium wall f28
Andrews (Sommerfeldt)Nellie Augusta30 Sep 190619 Jun 200295Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 304
AndrewsOlive Crosby19 Nov 19212 Jul 199675w/Stanley KennethPolson QLDgarden of rest l, 103
AndrewsPatricia Dell18 Dec 19356 Jun 201175w/Allan GeorgePolson QLDgarden of rest q, 36
AndrewsPeter1931?21 Feb 194312son/Arthur & EdnaMaryborough QLDmonumental A 734
AndrewsSamuel Alfred Meredith27 Sep 191627 Nov 199478h/Joyce IsobelMaryborough QLDgarden of rest Il 59
AndrewsShaun Dean Ryan1990?20 Jun 201020Polson QLDgarden of peace b, 25
AndrewsStanley Frederick1912?21 Jul 196957Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1372
AndrewsStanley Kenneth19 Dec 191930 Sep 199474h/Olive CrosbyPolson QLDgarden of rest l, 103
AndrewsWilliam1871?17 Dec 188211son/George & EmmaMaryborough QLDmonumental C 718
AngelChristopher Jacob1891?14 Oct 196776Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 220
AngelFrances May1913?15 Jan 198572Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 537
AngelFrederick John1909?26 Apr 198273Polson QLDcolumbarium wall a6
AngelIris1913?13 Sep 199279Polson QLDcolumbarium wall a7
AngelSamuel1898?24 Aug 197476Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IX 538
AngelesDecima Leone16 Apr 193215 Sep 199058b. Urangan QLDPolson QLDmonumental B 344
AngerAlbert Edward29 May 191110 Jul 200392h/Winifred MayPolson QLDgarden of rest d, 39
AngerWinifred May7 Jun 190912 Sep 199889w/Albert EdwardPolson QLDgarden of rest d, 39
AngusThomas Henry18 Dec 193128 Apr 200169Polson QLDgarden of rest r, 44
AnichkinTimofey1894?25 Nov 195561b. russiaMaryborough QLDmonumental O 3
AnnesleyGladys Georgina1902?7 Nov 198179w/Norman WilliamMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1801
AnnesleyNorman William1904?14 Dec 196965h/Gladys GeorginaMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1801
AnschauFrancis Joseph1855?6 Oct 192671son/Johann & Anna Dorothea (Haidle); b. Mulgoa, NSW, Australia; h/Mary (Gormley)Maryborough QLDMonumental F 1170
Anschau (Gormley)Mary1861?1 Jan 192867dau/Roderick & Francis (Gellengher); w/Francis JosephMaryborough QLDmonumental F 1170
AnsellElizabeth Jackson1898?26 Mar 199193w/William JohnMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1022
AnsellWilliam John1895?20 Jul 196772h/Elizabeth JacksonMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 1022
AnsonBarbara1924?17 Jul 200379b. Maryborough QLD, Australia; w/John haylesPolson QLDmonumental B 1a
AnsonEsme Catherine1918?9 Jun 196951b. Maryborough QLD; w/George Frederick WilliamPolson QLDmonumental B 207
AnsonGeorge frederick william29 Jul 18879 Jul 194356h/Mary ethelPolson QLDmonumental B 101
AnsonGeorge Frederick William1913?21 Jan 196148b. Bundaberg QLD; h/Esme CatherinePolson QLDmonumental B 206
AnsonJohn hayles1914?19 Aug 2014100h/BarbaraPolson QLDmonumental B 1a
AnsonMary ethel1892?31 Jul 196977w/George frederick williamPolson QLDmonumental B 102
AnstissBeverley Leone1936?26 Dec 198044Polson QLDgarden of rest d, 26
AntcliffElizabeth Ann16 Feb 188312 Apr 197087w/WilliamPolson QLDmonumental C 166
AntcliffGeorge Arthur21 Apr 190729 Mar 198476son/Samuel & Caroline (Crane); b. Qld; h/Gladys Melinda (Robinson)Polson QLDmonumental C 255
Antcliff (Robinson)Gladys Melinda9 Jul 19071 Mar 196961dau/Robert & Theodora Melinda (Briggs); b. Qld; w/George ArthurPolson QLDmonumental C 255
AntcliffJessie May31 Jul 19086 Oct 200698Polson QLDgarden of rest i, 37
AntcliffJohn1834?18 Feb 191379Maryborough QLDmonumental C 683
AntcliffKenneth Edward1950?17 Feb 196919Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 286
AntcliffLeslie James16 Aug 190929 Sep 197869h/Vera MayPolson QLDgarden of rest c, 70
AntcliffRobert George25 Dec 191019 Jan 199190Polson QLDgarden of rest i, 36
AntcliffRuby Myrtle5 Nov 190229 Jul 200097Polson QLDgarden of rest i, 37
AntcliffVera May17 May 19258 Oct 200984w/Leslie James; WR2058Polson QLDgarden of rest c, 71
AntcliffWalter Edward2 Oct 191730 Dec 200083Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 254
AntcliffWilliam3 Mar 187320 Apr 195986h/Elizabeth AnnPolson QLDmonumental C 165
AnthonyGeorge Owen17 Sep 19234 May 201187son/George & Florence; b. wales; h/NancyPolson QLDgarden of peace f, 22
AnthonyRobert Ward25 Dec 194617 Feb 2017701732610Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VIII 32
AppelDoris Stella25 Dec 18981 Nov 196869dau/Frederick George Myers & Sarah (French); b. Queensland, Australia; w/Never MarriedMaryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Cedar 53
AppelFrederick Ferdinand Gottlieb Mark6 Jun 183313 Jul 190067son/Frederick Peter & Harriett (Meyers); b. Hamburg, Germany; h/Harriet (Myers)Maryborough QLDmonumental E 912
Appel (Crane)Harriett1838?21 Jun 189961dau/Mary; w/FrederickMaryborough QLDmonumental E 912
AppellCatrine1838?5 Jan 189557w/JohnMaryborough QLDmonumental F 385
AppletonJane1876?7 Nov 195478Maryborough QLDmonumental E 483/18
AppletonSuzzanne Francis1955?7 Oct 199338Polson QLDcolumbarium wall g29
AppleyardMadison Jade10 Aug 199427 Jul 19950dau/Anthony & BerylMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 958
AppleyardRobert William28 Oct 194014 Jul 200867h/MargaretMaryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1183
AppooSarah1869?13 Oct 193667Maryborough QLDmonumental N 114
AraAndreina30 Nov 191924 Mar 200080Polson QLDgarden of rest q, 59
ArblasterDavid Alexander1927?26 Sep 197346Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 422
ArbuckleElizabeth Jane1889?23 Mar 195869Maryborough QLDmonumental O 147
ArbuthnotRussell Alfred1925?5 Jul 199570125981Polson QLDwall of remembrance e40
ArchboldEileen Catherine Mary1911?9 Aug 199786w/Frederick BrucePolson QLDgarden of rest j, 96
ArchboldFrederick Bruce1903?9 Dec 200097h/Eileen Catherine MaryPolson QLDgarden of rest j, 96
ArchboldJohn Ralph1898?13 Oct 196668h/Dorothy; 3795Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 890
ArchboldRaymond William22 Sep 192821 Jul 201081Polson QLDgarden of peace e, 23
ArchdallGordon1842?28 Jan 187634Maryborough QLDmonumental E 215
ArcherColin18 Jun 192014 Sep 200383son/Sheila MaryWestern District Memorial Park NSW
ArcherDonald Ross13 Dec 19178 Apr 200587Polson QLDgarden of rest w, 11
ArcherHarvey11 Jun 192214 Jun 201290son/Gordon & Sheila; NX175585Western District Memorial Park NSW
ArcherOlga Jane20 Jul 19261 Nov 201286w/FrankPolson QLDgarden of peace m, 9
ArcherSheila Mary11 Jun 1975Western District Memorial Park NSW
ArcherWendy Janice2 Apr 198014 Mar 201231Polson QLDgarden of rest q, 55
ArchibaldDavid Burton11 Apr 191124 May 199988h/Mary Hutchison StewartPolson QLDcolumbarium wall m4
ArchibaldMary Hutchison Stewart1912?7 Mar 200694w/David BurtonPolson QLDcolumbarium wall m5
ArdenJohn24 Nov 19214 Aug 201088Polson QLDgarden of peace e, 4
ArgusJohn Milton6 Jun 195313 Apr 201359h/RosemariePolson QLDgarden of peace n, 18
ArkinstallEva Jessie18 Sep 190417 Jul 199792Maryborough QLDgarden of rest II 290
ArmbrustArthur William19176 Dec 199881h/Ivy EstellePolson QLDgarden of rest n, 8
ArmbrustIvy Estelle19171 Jun 200184w/Arthur WilliamPolson QLDgarden of rest n, 8
ArmitMartha1892?17 Dec 196270Polson QLDmonumental C 194
ArmitageArthur Edward1879?20 Jul 18790son/Edward Fitzgerald & Bridget MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental C 119
ArmitageBridget Margaret1856?21 Oct 193478w/Edward FitzgeraldMaryborough QLDmonumental C 120
ArmitageEdward Fitzgerald1848Nov 194495h/Bridget MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental C 120
ArmitageEdward Percy1892?21 Oct 18953son/Edward Fitzgerald & Bridget MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental C 119
ArmstrongAlan Vincent1930?20 Oct 197949h/HeatherWestern District Memorial Park NSW
ArmstrongDorothy Ellen8 Mar 19246 Jul 201490Maryborough QLDcolumbarium wall Poplar S, 3
Armstrong (Hemsley)Dorothy Lorraine12 Jun 194928 Nov 201364Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 1253
ArmstrongEdwin Meredith1874?17 Mar 193763h/Mary GraceMaryborough QLDmonumental K 475
ArmstrongEna Catherine1907?Nov 198477Maryborough QLDgarden of rest XI 727
ArmstrongEric James22 Jan 192616 Jun 199973Polson QLDgarden of rest o, 7
ArmstrongFlorence Beatrice1908?29 Jun 199082w/BobWestern District Memorial Park NSW
ArmstrongHerbert Victor27 Aug 188210 Sep 196987h/Martha Margaret (Dreger)Polson QLDmonumental C 260
ArmstrongJohn1889?Jan 18901son/Hugh & MargaretMaryborough QLDmonumental C 182
ArmstrongMargaret Isobel1893?10 Apr 197481b. pialba QLDPolson QLDmonumental A 33
ArmstrongMarianne1877?16 Sep 193861w/William ForsterMaryborough QLDmonumental K 529
Armstrong (Dreger)Martha Margaret13 Apr 189018 Jul 198595Polson QLDmonumental C 261
ArmstrongMary Grace1876?11 May 196488w/Edwin MeredithMaryborough QLDmonumental K 475
ArmstrongMay Alice1885?Jan 197186w/ThomasMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 334
ArmstrongMichael John24 Dec 195115 Dec 2004522797827Maryborough QLDgarden of rest IV 156
ArmstrongRobert D'arcy11 Jun 192223 Mar 199875b. Wynnum South, Qld; h/Winifred Mary (Hardcastle); QX21680Tiaro QLDcolumbarium wall A, 1
ArmstrongRobert Harold1903?12 Jan 197976h/FlorenceWestern District Memorial Park NSW
Armstrongroy N.1936?16 May 19404Maryborough QLDmonumental K 475
ArmstrongThomas1884?Jan 196379Maryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 333
ArmstrongThomas1920?Mar 199171h/May AliceMaryborough QLDgarden of rest VII 334

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