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1 cemetery found

ArmidaleLynches Rd, Armidale NSW 2350362

17 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BennettHenry William Paine14 Jul 181421 Jul 190086son/Jasper/Jesse & Dinah (Paine); b. Tollard Royal, Witshire, England; h/Mary Ann (Budden)Armidale NSW
Bennett (Budden)Mary Ann5 Apr 181410 Jan 189681dau/Stephen & Sarah (Bennett); b. Tollard Royal, Witshire, England; w/Henry William PaineArmidale NSW
Brackin (Cochrane)Ellen Jane25 Apr 187431 May 190127son/George & Sarah Jane (Haynes); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; h/James EdwardArmidale NSW
CochraneGeorge18449 Sep 189651son/John & Margaret (Ferris); b. Middlehope, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Jane (Haynes)Armidale NSW
Cochrane (Haynes)Sarah Jane29 Mar 184528 Jul 192883dau/David & Susan (Connel); b. Cork, Ireland; w/GeorgeArmidale NSW
EdmondsAlbert George18 Dec 187923 Jul 190525son/Joseph & Emma (Towell); b. Armidale, NSW, AustraliaArmidale NSW
Edmonds (Martin)Eliza187616 Aug 190226dau/William & Ann; b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; w/JosephArmidale NSW
EdmondsElizabeth Ann15 May 188510 Nov 190116dau/James & Mary Hannah (Quinnell); b. Armidale, NSW, AustraliaArmidale NSW
Edmonds (Monkton)Sarah1819?18 Oct 189879dau/James & Hannah (Edmonds); b. Stratton, South Petherton, Somerset, England; w/WilliamArmidale NSW
EdmondsWilliam13 Jun 181920 May 188262son/John & Ann (Edmonds); b. Stanton Prior, Somerset, England; h/Sarah (Monkton)Armidale NSW
Gentle (Cochrane)Sarah Ann1878?24 Jan 195577dau/George & Sarah; w/William JamesArmidale NSW
GentleWilliam James24 Jun 18744 Jan 194873son/Joseph & Eliza (Catell); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Ann (Cochrane)Armidale NSW
MaguireAlexander Andrew27 Dec 187124 Feb 194978son/James & Sophia Frederica (Ihle); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; h/Alice May (Worrell)Armidale NSW
Maguire (Worrell)Alice May187528 Nov 194065dau/Joseph Cartwright & Tamar Mary Miller (Hunter); b. Scone, NSW, Australia; w/Alexander AndrewArmidale NSWAnglican
Porter (Bartlett)Mary Anne22 Jun 186623 Jun 194175dau/George & Harriet (Davis); b. Moonbi, NSW; w/WilliamArmidale NSW
PorterWilliam26 Jul 186218 May 194583son/William & Sarah (Kearns); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Anne (Bartlett)Armidale NSW
WorrellJoseph Cartwright18385 Jan 191475?son/James & Jane (Cartwright); b. Northampton, Northamptonshire, England; h/Tamar Mary Millar (Hunter)Armidale NSW

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