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ArdlethanAriah St, Ardlethan NSW 266551

12 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BrillKenneth Claude1 Sep 19114 Sep 199180son/Edward Henry & Bertha (Logie); b. Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia; h/Olive (White)Ardlethan NSWLawn C, 15
Brill (White)Olive18 Sep 191319 Apr 199884dau/William John & Edith Martha; b. Australia; w/Kenneth ClaudeArdlethan NSWLawn C, 15
CassimatisEmanuel Antonious30 Nov 1968son/Antonious (Anthony) & Maria; h/Iris Irene (Harrison)Ardlethan NSWChurch of England 4, 22
Cassimatis (Harrison)Iris Irene9 Mar 1979dau/William S & Alma Gladys (Hansell); w/Emanuel AntoniousArdlethan NSWChurch of England 4, 22
DaceyCArdlethan NSWCatholic 4, 20
DaceyMaxwell Wallace4 Oct 1967son/Stanley Livingstone & Elvie (Lemon)Ardlethan NSWCatholic 5, 14
DaceyRoy Bernard30 May 19136 Jul 19135wson/Stanley Livingstone & Elvie (Lemon); b. Temora, New South Wales, AustraliaArdlethan NSWCatholic 2, 4
DaceyStanley Livingstone13 Apr 18907 Feb 194049son/John & Elizabeth (Eliza) (Hayes); b. Murrumburrah, New South Wales, Australia; h/Elvie (Lemon)Ardlethan NSWCatholic 5, 13B
FairleyColin William18 Jan 192131 May 197958son/Terence Charles & Eliza (McMahon); b. Ardlethan, New South Wales, Australia; h/Joyce Elvena (Dacey)Ardlethan NSWChurch of England 16, 19
Fairley (Dacey)Joyce Elvena1 Nov 19199 Jul 199979dau/Stanley Livingstone & Elvie (Lemon); b. Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia; w/Colin WilliamArdlethan NSWLawn D, 20
FairleyTerence Charles1 Mar 1943son/Robert Terence & Alice Selina (Adams); h/Eliza (McMahon)Ardlethan NSWChurch of England 2, 4
Lockhart (Boyle)Elsie Isobell190417 Jun 197369?dau/James Woodvale & Ann Malvena (Watson); b. Maclean, New South Wales, Australia; w/Thomas JArdlethan NSWPresbyterian 12, 7

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