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1 cemetery found

Box Hill395 Middleborough Road, Box Hill VIC 312849464

49464 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
A'BeckettFlorence Affra1944Box Hill VICAng 219-0006
A'BeckettMalwyn Hayley1959Box Hill VICAng 009-0027
A'BeckettMary Edith1940Box Hill VICAng 009-0027
AbbertonAnnie1933Box Hill VICCE EB-0174
AbbertonStephen1941Box Hill VICCE EB-0174
AbbeyBenjamin Victor1918Box Hill VICCE 1116
AbbeyKenneth William James1982Box Hill VICAIL 001-0272
AbbeyMaisie Emma2005Box Hill VICAIL 001-0273
AbbeyWilliam Benjamin1955Box Hill VICCE 1116
AbbinnettGeorge Henry1975Box Hill VICP 155-0020
AbbinnettMary Ronaldson1952Box Hill VICP 155-0020
AbbotRichard Anthony1957Box Hill VICCOL WALL-J0055
Abbott1914Box Hill VICPUB A-0027
Abbott1957Box Hill VICRC 186-0050
AbbottAlfred George1939Box Hill VICP 062-0040
AbbottAlice1948Box Hill VICAng 006-0015
AbbottBetty1923Box Hill VICPUB A-0046
AbbottDaniel1955Box Hill VICRC 186-0050
AbbottEva May1951Box Hill VICP 062-0040
AbbottFrances Eva2004Box Hill VICB 089-0008
AbbottFrederick George12 Sep 19238 Sep 200985Box Hill VICB 089-0008
AbbottJames Gordon1938Box Hill VICCE 006-0015
AbbottKenneth Russell1991Box Hill VICRC 186-0050
AbbottPatricia Mary1952Box Hill VICRC 186-0050
AbbottSheelah Winifred20 Apr 191923 Apr 201192Box Hill VICRC 186-0050
AbbruzzeseAlfonso1994Box Hill VICG NS-0175
AbelaEdward Andrew1990Box Hill VICRC 191A-0045
AbelaEmmanuel1959Box Hill VICRC 191A-0045
AbercrombieEva Mabel1968Box Hill VICP 0276
AbercrombieMary Ann1935Box Hill VICP 0276
AberleErich1954Box Hill VICOD 078-0014
AberleErna1971Box Hill VICOD 078-0014
AberleGertrud Maria19 Aug 193530 Mar 201175Box Hill VICOD 078-0014
AberleHeinz1995Box Hill VICOD 078-0014
AberleJulie1976Box Hill VICOD 077-0031
AberleJulius1953Box Hill VICOD 077-0031
AberlineAlbert Charles1960Box Hill VICP 156-0041
AberlineChristina1930Box Hill VICCE 0050X
AberlineEmily1952Box Hill VICCE 0050X
AberlineMary1936Box Hill VICCE 0050X
AberlineThomas Howard Joseph1951Box Hill VICP 156-0041
AberyBasil1908Box Hill VICCE 0396
AberyBasil1935Box Hill VICCE 0396
AberyMay1947Box Hill VICCE 0396
AbeyeratnePearl Grace2 May 192020 Sep 200787Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0175AA
AbfalterArthur Francis1963Box Hill VICRC 137-0013
AbfalterBessie Gertrude1975Box Hill VICRC 137-0013
AbrahamAlice Margaret1960Box Hill VICRC 0670
AbrahamErnest Jennings Douglas1949Box Hill VICCE 212-0033
AbrahamJohn William1979Box Hill VICRC 0670
AbrahamViolet Ada May1956Box Hill VICP 142-0048
AbrahamWilliam Bradley1958Box Hill VICRC 0670
AbrahamsElizabethBox Hill VICCE 0075
AbrahamsenAntony Ronald10 Aug 19327 Jul 201077Box Hill VICP 147-0012
AbrahamsenBeryl Ivy1 May 19355 Aug 200974Box Hill VICP 147-0012
Abrahamsen (Jenkin)Theodora Rose9 Sep 1903Jun 195955Box Hill VICP 147-0012
AbramMarguerite Catherine1972Box Hill VICRC 135-0018
AbsolamHarriett1931Box Hill VICB NS-0219
AbsolamLily1943Box Hill VICB NS-0219
AbsolamStella May1950Box Hill VICB NS-0219
AbsolamWilliam1935Box Hill VICB NS-0219
AbsolonMaria1947Box Hill VICP 043-0031
AbsonBevelie Diane1953Box Hill VICP 051-0014
AbudArthur Edward1954Box Hill VICCE 0724
AbudRachel1913Box Hill VICCE 0724
AcklandAlfred Loiseau189410 Oct 197682son/Frederick William & Mary Elizabeth (Critchley); b. Geelong, VIC; h/Ida Lillias (Potter) & Ida May (Long) & Bertha Alice (Bee) (McLachlan)Box Hill VICM 023-0026
AcklandFrederick William1868192557son/John & Elspeth (Jamieson); b. Williamstown, VIC; h/Mary Elizabeth (Critchley)Box Hill VICM NS-0146
Ackland (Potter)Ida Lilias189814 Sep 194143dau/James Arthur & Hannah (Marchment); b. Wirrimbirchip, VIC; w/Alfred LoiseauBox Hill VICM 023-0026
AcklandLee Richard27 Dec 194614 Jan 19470son/Rayden William & Emma Willoughby (Murray); b. Kew, VICBox Hill VICCE 228-0032
Ackland (Critchley)Mary Elizabeth18705 Mar 194575dau/Walter & Eliza (Strange); b. Emerald Hill, VIC; w/Frederick WilliamBox Hill VICM NS-0146
AcklandWarwick John21 Dec 196323 Jan 201147Box Hill VICP 0505
ActonAnnie1920Box Hill VICCE 1662
ActonGladys Gertrude1963Box Hill VICP 163-0015
ActonWilliam Clarke1979Box Hill VICP 163-0015
AdairMary1948Box Hill VICP EB-0038A
AdairSamuel1934Box Hill VICP EB-0038A
AdamCharlotte May1956Box Hill VICCE 123-0027
AdamFlorence Alma1928Box Hill VICB NS-0022
AdamGreta1919Box Hill VICPUB B-0026
AdamJames Hubert1945Box Hill VICB NS-0022
AdamMary1931Box Hill VICP 0335
AdamPatrick1935Box Hill VICPUB B-0026
AdamThomas1916Box Hill VICP 0335
AdamiDomencio22 Apr 193612 Mar 200972Box Hill VICML 0013A
AdamoAntonio1992Box Hill VICG NS-0083
AdamoGirolama1996Box Hill VICG NS-0083
AdamopoulosStavroula6 Nov 192825 Apr 201182Box Hill VICP 042V-0097
Adams1908Box Hill VICPUB A-0019
Adams1930Box Hill VICPUB A-0091
AdamsAda Margaret1939Box Hill VICRC 0540
AdamsAdelia Rose1972Box Hill VICOD 078-0015
AdamsAlbert1956Box Hill VICRC 136-0056
AdamsAlice Maud19 Oct 191328 Aug 201096Box Hill VICRC 137-0056
AdamsAmy Isabel1954Box Hill VICCE 115-0008
AdamsAnn Maria1904Box Hill VICM 0153
AdamsAnnie Gertrude1932Box Hill VICB NS-0268
AdamsAnnie Gertrude1952Box Hill VICCE 109-0013
AdamsArnold aubrey1970Box Hill VICCE 127-0021
AdamsArthur1950Box Hill VICCE 094-0027
AdamsBernard1927Box Hill VICRC 0540
AdamsBernard John1918Box Hill VICRC 0540
AdamsBertha Winifred1992Box Hill VICM 192-0022
AdamsBruce1975Box Hill VICCE 010-0031
AdamsCharles1940Box Hill VICCE 011-0010
AdamsCharles Edward1916Box Hill VICC 0063
AdamsCharles Henry1927Box Hill VICB 0663
AdamsCharlotte1946Box Hill VICM 207-0035
AdamsCreswell1952Box Hill VICCE NS-1183
AdamsDorothy Alice1944Box Hill VICRC 032-0020
AdamsEdward1925Box Hill VICPUB A-0061
AdamsEdwin Arthur Lloyd1974Box Hill VICCE 123-0027
AdamsElinor1985Box Hill VICB NS-0253
AdamsElizabeth Annie1943Box Hill VICCE 011-0010
AdamsElizabeth Evan1932Box Hill VICCE SB-0095
AdamsEmily1935Box Hill VICCE 1640
AdamsEmma Vidi2001Box Hill VICCE 096-0014
AdamsFrances1932Box Hill VICRC EB-0018
AdamsGeorge1930Box Hill VICCOL WALL-D0001
AdamsGeorge Carse1965Box Hill VICB NS-0253
AdamsGladys1944Box Hill VICRC 030-0010
AdamsHarold Edgar1959Box Hill VICRC 137-0056
AdamsHarriet Ann1958Box Hill VICM NS-0499
AdamsHazel May1987Box Hill VICCE 010-0031
AdamsHelena1936Box Hill VICCE NS-1268
AdamsHenry1940Box Hill VICCE 010-0031
AdamsHenry Carse1932Box Hill VICP 0182
AdamsHenry Oswin1967Box Hill VICB 0663
AdamsHerbert Charles1955Box Hill VICOD 078-0015
AdamsIsabel Margaret1989Box Hill VICRC 032-0020
AdamsIsabella1947Box Hill VICP 0182
AdamsJames Telham1929Box Hill VICM NS-0499
AdamsJane1961Box Hill VICCE 127-0021
AdamsJean Rose Mary2002Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0057
AdamsKatherine1965Box Hill VICCE 122-0028
AdamsLucy Vair1996Box Hill VICCE 127-0021
AdamsMabel Metcalfe1970Box Hill VICCE 010-0031
AdamsMargaret1979Box Hill VICRC EB-0018
AdamsMargaret Josephine1945Box Hill VICRC 030-0038
AdamsMargaret Matilda1952Box Hill VICCE 094-0027
AdamsMarjorie Bell1952Box Hill VICCE 109-0032
AdamsMark1921Box Hill VICCE 1640
AdamsMary Louisa1976Box Hill VICB 090-0043
AdamsMary Stuart1914Box Hill VICP 0318
AdamsMary Teresa1957Box Hill VICRC 133-0032
AdamsMatilda1931Box Hill VICP NS-0362
AdamsMaureen2002Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0053
AdamsMaxwell30 Jul 193412 Feb 201378Box Hill VICMN 001/0006C-
AdamsNorman Stanley1953Box Hill VICM 207-0035
AdamsPercival1956Box Hill VICCE 122-0028
AdamsPercy Hamilton1960Box Hill VICCE 109-0013
AdamsRobina1932Box Hill VICP 0617
AdamsRosina Louisa1993Box Hill VICRC 136-0056
AdamsRoy Ernest1983Box Hill VICCE 094-0027
AdamsRuby Pearl Beatrice1974Box Hill VICM 207-0035
AdamsSarah Ann1929Box Hill VICC 0063
AdamsSydney Norman1958Box Hill VICM 192-0022
AdamsThomas1925Box Hill VICB 0443
AdamsValerie Lorraine2004Box Hill VICMN 001/0006C-
AdamsVictoria Alice1987Box Hill VICCE 097-0032
AdamsWalter Samuel1953Box Hill VICB 088-0008
AdamsWilhelmina May1960Box Hill VICB 0663
AdamsWilliam Alfred Hampton1943Box Hill VICP 0617
AdamsWilliam Arthur1943Box Hill VICRC 030-0038
AdamsWilliam Arthur1967Box Hill VICRC 030-0010
AdamsWilliam Henry27 Mar 193316 Nov 200976Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0053
AdamsWilliam Norman Hampton1944Box Hill VICP 0616
AdamsonAdeline Louisa1935Box Hill VICCOL WALL-D0006
AdamsonJohn1884?194864son/John & Elizabeth (Currie); b. Hawthorn VICBox Hill VICP 065-0033
AdamsonMary1855?193075dau/Thomas & Elizabeth (Grearson)Box Hill VICM NS-0375
AdamsonSamuel1850?192878son/Thomas & Mary Ellen (Guiness)Box Hill VICM NS-0375
AdamsonSamuel1869?192657son/RobertBox Hill VICP NS-0250
Adamson (Shrigley)Sarah Jane1857?192467dau/Vavasour & Harriet Ann (Budd)Box Hill VICCE NS-0122
AdamthwaiteFrederick Smith1964Box Hill VICM 194-0043
AdamthwaiteLucy1954Box Hill VICM 194-0043
AdcockJulia Cameron14 Mar 1942Sep 195210dau/John Bartlett & Constance Maud (Martin); b. North Adelaide, SA, AustraliaBox Hill VICCE 109-0040
AddisonAnnie1943Box Hill VICM NS-0397
AddisonEmela1923Box Hill VICM 0985
AddisonJames1948Box Hill VICM NS-0397
AddisonJosephine1957Box Hill VICCE 095-0037
AddisonMary Ann1918Box Hill VICM 0781
AddisonRobert1935Box Hill VICM 0781
AddisonWilliam Arthur1949Box Hill VICCE 095-0037
AdelineWalter Stanley1978Box Hill VICCE 0550
AdellMarion1916Box Hill VICCE 0587
Adena1926Box Hill VICCE NS-0259
AdenaArnold Cornelius1941Box Hill VICCE NS-0259
AdenaDoris Lucy Violet1968Box Hill VICCE NS-0259
AdeneyDora May1964Box Hill VICM 022C-0011
AdeneyKeith1983Box Hill VICM 022C-0011
AdlamWilliam George Henry1980Box Hill VICAIL 001-0245
AdlingtonAnn Elizabeth1923Box Hill VICB 0326
AdmiraalRuby Ann1963Box Hill VICRC 184A-0004
Adolphson1921Box Hill VICPUB A-0042
AffleckAlbert James1955Box Hill VICM 205-0021
AffleckFrances Mary1915Box Hill VICCE 0899
AffleckJames Bruce1972Box Hill VICM 208-0021
AffleckJoan Elizabeth1944Box Hill VICM 208-0021
AffleckLottie Marie1966Box Hill VICM 208-0021
AffleckMargaret Susan1955Box Hill VICM 205-0021
AffleckRobert Gibson1946Box Hill VICM 205-0021
AfkoudiasChristine2003Box Hill VICRC 053A-0045
AfkoudiasStan1994Box Hill VICG NS-0169
AfkoudiasTheodoros1994Box Hill VICRC 053A-0045
AgapiouAndrea1 Dec 192412 Oct 200984Box Hill VICP 042V-0062
AgapiouChrystalla2000Box Hill VICP 042V-0062
AgatiAntonio21 Feb 19251 Oct 201085Box Hill VICML 0009D
AgatiVincenzo1994Box Hill VICCE NS-A0065
AgerOlive Eva1914Box Hill VICP 0316
AgianitopoulouChristina1994Box Hill VICRC 053A-0053
AglianoLuigi1977Box Hill VICCE NS-0941
AgnewHarriet Sabina1945Box Hill VICM 206-0013
AgnewMargaret Fleming1917Box Hill VICM 0432
Agnew (Peers)Mary Octavia Eleanor11 Apr 188318 Feb 193248dau/John Grimes & Sarah (Leadbetter); b. Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia; w/William Andrew LandleBox Hill VICP EB-0001
AgnewRuben Isacore James1944Box Hill VICM 206-0013
AgostinelloAngeladea1982Box Hill VICRC 073-0029
AgostinelloGabriele1962Box Hill VICRC 073-0029
AhearnRose Annie1947Box Hill VICCE 230-0043
AhearnSylvia Myra1960Box Hill VICCE 230-0043
AhernNorman Patrick1922Box Hill VICRC 0698
AhernWalter Ernest Broadley1916Box Hill VICCE 0957
AhimastosDennis1995Box Hill VICG NS-0221
AhimastosPenelope (Aglaia)23 Jan 192320 Dec 200582Box Hill VICG NS-0221
AhlesAlbert Alfred1958Box Hill VICM 149-0029
AhlesCharlotte Augusta1961Box Hill VICB 0020
AichSiegfried Maxmilian1963Box Hill VICRC 091A-0009
AikenAlexander1939Box Hill VICRC 054-0025
AikenCatherine May1956Box Hill VICRC 054-0025
AingerAlbert Frederick1945Box Hill VICB NS-0171
AingerAliceBox Hill VICM 0168
AingerAlice1936Box Hill VICM 0168
AingerCeclia1936Box Hill VICM 029-0013
AingerEdward1930Box Hill VICM 0377A
AingerEliza1916Box Hill VICM 0233
AingerElsie May1942Box Hill VICM NS-0514
AingerEthel Maud1990Box Hill VICM 0168
AingerFannyBox Hill VICP 0067
AingerFrancisBox Hill VICM 0231
AingerFrank1909Box Hill VICP 0067
AingerFrank James1934Box Hill VICM NS-0514
AingerHarriet May1930Box Hill VICB NS-0171
AingerIsaiahBox Hill VICM 0233
AingerJames1940Box Hill VICM 029-0013
AingerJames Arthur TBox Hill VICM 0377A
AingerJohn1920Box Hill VICM 0168
AingerJosiah1918Box Hill VICM 0233
AingerJuneBox Hill VICP 0067
AingerMatilda Ann1952Box Hill VICM NS-0514
AingerRita Victoria1937Box Hill VICM 028-0011
AingerSarah ElizabethBox Hill VICP 0067
AingerW JohnBox Hill VICM 0231
AinsworthClarence Russell1893?30 Oct 1914211013Box Hill VICMeth 0340
AirdArthur James Bromwich1969Box Hill VICP 046-0035
AirdBeryl Joy1998Box Hill VICM 0603
AirdJames1938Box Hill VICC 0095
AirdJanet Hazel May1967Box Hill VICM 0604
AirdJohn George1949Box Hill VICM 0604
AirdMalcolm Edward1945Box Hill VICP 046-0035
AirdMarjorie Irvine1963Box Hill VICP 046-0035
AirdPomona Doris1921Box Hill VICM 0604
AirdSarah Ann1930Box Hill VICC 0095
Airs1925Box Hill VICPUB A-0060
AirsAlbert James1971Box Hill VICCE 012-0029
AirsHelen May2005Box Hill VICCE 012-0029
AirsRachel1941Box Hill VICCE 012-0029
AistrupOlab1920Box Hill VICCE 1370
AistrupRobert1929Box Hill VICCE 1370
AitchisonAlexander James1930Box Hill VICB NS-0205
AitchisonAlice Linda1945Box Hill VICP 045-0034
AitchisonJohn Arthur1946Box Hill VICP 060-0008
AitchisonJohn Charles1976Box Hill VICP 0261
AitchisonJohn Edward1914Box Hill VICP 0308
AitchisonLillian Clara1996Box Hill VICP 0261
AitchisonLily May1951Box Hill VICP 060-0008
AitchisonMargaret Gourlay1935Box Hill VICB NS-0205
AitchisonRoderick Mailer1955Box Hill VICP 045-0034
AitchisonSarah Elizabeth Jane1969Box Hill VICP 045-0034
AitchisonViolet May1962Box Hill VICP 0308
AitkenAnnie1948Box Hill VICM 023-0021
AitkenBertie Ernest William1959Box Hill VICP 147-0016
AitkenElizabeth Georgina1965Box Hill VICCE 015-0048
AitkenEllen May1979Box Hill VICP 147-0016
AitkenEmily Elizabeth1937Box Hill VICCE NS-0605
AitkenGeorge1947Box Hill VICP 050-0024
AitkenIsabel Margaret1942Box Hill VICP 050-0024
AitkenJames1954Box Hill VICP 041-0018
AitkenJane Beatrice1954Box Hill VICCE NS-0605
AitkenJessie Crawford1954Box Hill VICP 041-0018
AitkenKeith Boyd1995Box Hill VICCE 015-0002
AitkenMagnus1983Box Hill VICCE 015-0047
AitkenMargery Janet1994Box Hill VICCE 015-0002
AitkenScott Andrew1986Box Hill VICM 202-0027
AjaniEdward1950Box Hill VICRC 174-0036
AkersRichard Staben1955Box Hill VICCE 121-0031
AkritidisAhilleas9 Mar 193725 Dec 200568Box Hill VICRC 161A-0021
AlaouzeMarie1981Box Hill VICP NS-J0038
AlbericoElena2000Box Hill VICG NS-0065
AlbertBeryl Mavis1975Box Hill VICP 154-0013
AlbertHarriet Annie1942Box Hill VICCE 017-0013
AlbertJohn1952Box Hill VICP 154-0013
AlbertiMargit1967Box Hill VICCOL WALL-J0060
AlbertiVictor Gustav1942Box Hill VICCOL WALL-J0060
AlbinsonHermoine Augusta1962Box Hill VICM 149-0023
AlbinsonStanley Curtis1959Box Hill VICM 149-0023
AlbistonEdward1924Box Hill VICM NS-0199
AlbonAnnie Paulter1950Box Hill VICCE NS-0346
AlbonArthur James1939Box Hill VICCE 009-0022
AlbonJames1911Box Hill VICCE 0514
AlbonRebecca Grace1948Box Hill VICCE 0514
AlbrisIda1956Box Hill VICB 090-0027
AlcockBertie William1990Box Hill VICAIL 0501
AlcockGeorge Frederick1950Box Hill VICCE SB-0143
AlcockHenriatta Maud2004Box Hill VICAIL 0502
AlcockRuby1933Box Hill VICCE SB-0143
AlcockWalter1930Box Hill VICCE NS-1060
AlcornEdith1939Box Hill VICCE 1603
AlcornFergus Ferguson1922Box Hill VICB 0548
AlcornIsabella Jane1942Box Hill VICB 0548
AlcornLeslie Fergus1954Box Hill VICB 0549
AlcornRobert1920Box Hill VICCE 1604
AldayAgatha Maud1961Box Hill VICRC 166A-0013
AldayHartley1963Box Hill VICRC 166A-0013
AlderEdith Margaret1956Box Hill VICCE 097-0043
AlderHelen Hume1999Box Hill VICCE 233-0001
AlderJames Renfrew1964Box Hill VICCE 097-0043
AlderJean Christina1956Box Hill VICCE 1700
AlderJohn Robert Thomas Newell1948Box Hill VICCE 1700
AlderLucy Anne1968Box Hill VICCE 097-0043
AldersonAda Jane1989Box Hill VICCE 114-0023
AldersonFrederick William1954Box Hill VICCE 114-0023
AldertonElsie Jean1920Box Hill VICM 0612
AldertonEmily1927Box Hill VICM 0612
AldertonEmily Georgina1965Box Hill VICM NS-0269
AldertonHenry Patrick1970Box Hill VICM NS-0269
AldertonJoseph1930Box Hill VICM 0612
AldredJean Florence3 Oct 192025 Mar 201190Box Hill VICP 0790
AldredMichael Francis1989Box Hill VICP 0790
AldrichEllen Ethel1982Box Hill VICM 204-0004
AldrichJames Henry1946Box Hill VICM 204-0004
Aldrick1927Box Hill VICPUB A-0064
AldridgeCharles Edwin1932Box Hill VICCE NS-0186
AldridgeGladys Margaret1922Box Hill VICCE NS-0187
AldridgeJames1924Box Hill VICCE 2034
AldridgeJulia Annie Clarissa1944Box Hill VICCE 0032
AldridgeM ABox Hill VICCE 0032
AldridgeMargaret1955Box Hill VICCE NS-0186
AldridgeMichael1902Box Hill VICCE 0032
AldridgeMichael1941Box Hill VICCE 0032
AldridgeNorman Charles26 Sep 1892195765son/Charles Edwin & Margaret (Hislop); b. Adelaide, SA; V36013Box Hill VICCE NS-0186
AldridgeSusannah1923Box Hill VICCE 0032
AlentornBenjamin1960Box Hill VICRC NS-0162
AlentornJosephine Ignatius1965Box Hill VICRC NS-0162
AlexanderAgnes Myrtle Marion17 Mar 19038 Nov 2006103Box Hill VICCE 117-0033
AlexanderAnna Maria1910Box Hill VICB 0166
AlexanderArmon Charles1956Box Hill VICRC 164-0022
AlexanderArthur Lionel1917Box Hill VICB 0166
AlexanderCharles1917Box Hill VICB 0244
AlexanderDesmond2003Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0099
AlexanderDora Frances1958Box Hill VICCE 138-0024
AlexanderElizabeth Harriet1950Box Hill VICRC 164-0022
AlexanderElsie May1970Box Hill VICP NS-0020
AlexanderEnid Lilah1978Box Hill VICCE 094-0004
AlexanderFreda Ruby23 Aug 192926 Dec 200879Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0099
AlexanderFrederick William1966Box Hill VICCE 138-0024
Alexander (Wood)Grace Elizabeth Beryl1994Box Hill VICRC 181-0025
AlexanderHugh1947Box Hill VICP 065-0010
AlexanderIrene Bessie Younger1985Box Hill VICB 085-0023
AlexanderJohn McKnight1929Box Hill VICB NS-0072
AlexanderJoseph Frederick1956Box Hill VICB 085-0023
AlexanderLeo1925Box Hill VICCE 2207
AlexanderMabel Adelaide1944Box Hill VICP 048-0010
AlexanderMary1956Box Hill VICRC 053-0025
AlexanderMary Ann1928Box Hill VICCE 0439
AlexanderMay1981Box Hill VICP 065-0010
AlexanderNorman William1956Box Hill VICP 048-0010
AlexanderPaul Henry1966Box Hill VICCE 094-0004
AlexanderQueenie Marion1961Box Hill VICCE 094-0004
AlexanderVera Josephine1979Box Hill VICRC 037-0038
AlexanderVictor Edward1954Box Hill VICCE 117-0033
AlexandrouDimitris1996Box Hill VICG NS-0237
AlexiouConstantine16 Feb 19207 Jul 196747Box Hill VICCOL LWN-0108A
AlexiouNicolas1998Box Hill VICM 022A-0072
AlexopoulosAnastasios2003Box Hill VICRC 176A-0008V
AlexopoulosNiki18 Aug 19182 Aug 201192Box Hill VICRC 176A-0008V
AlexopoulosPanagiotis (Peter)1996Box Hill VICG NS-0232
AlfordEmily Constance1948Box Hill VICCE 100-0032
AlfordFrederick Rupert John2001Box Hill VICAIL 0718
AlfordHarold Edgar12 Oct 1976Box Hill VICRC 030B-0040
AlfordJoan Colette24 Aug 191717 Jun 200587Box Hill VICRC 030B-0040
AlfordPhillis Edna2001Box Hill VICAIL 0719
AlfredAlexanderBox Hill VICP 0060
AlgerChristopher Arthur1981Box Hill VICCE NS-1181
AlgerChristopher John1931Box Hill VICCE NS-1180
AlgerEliza1917Box Hill VICCE 0431
AlgerEmily1931Box Hill VICCE NS-1180
AlgerGertrude Annie1934Box Hill VICCE NS-1180
AlgerHenry1908Box Hill VICCE 0431
AlgerLillah May1991Box Hill VICCE NS-1181
AliferisSpiros1993Box Hill VICG NS-0135
AliottaSebastino1994Box Hill VICRC 030B-0001
AliottaVincenza1983Box Hill VICRC 030B-0001
AlizziCarmelo1999Box Hill VICOD 017V-0052
Alkemeier1969Box Hill VICB 086-0025
AllambyAlfred Ernest1953Box Hill VICP 062-0035
AllanAda Margaret1944Box Hill VICCE 219-0013
AllanAlexander1964Box Hill VICOD 079-0015
AllanAlice1959Box Hill VICRC 130-0069
AllanAndrew Harris1969Box Hill VICOD 0012
AllanAndrew Morrison1963Box Hill VICRC 037D-0009
AllanAnne Brigetta1997Box Hill VICRC 037D-0009
AllanAnnie1938Box Hill VICP NS-0077
AllanAnnie1947Box Hill VICP 046-0011
AllanCaroline1924Box Hill VICCE 0066A
AllanChristine Mary1951Box Hill VICB 082-0047
AllanDavid Lindsay1957Box Hill VICB 082-0023
AllanEila Irene1998Box Hill VICAIL 001-0243
AllanEldred1951Box Hill VICCE 219-0013
AllanEllen1952Box Hill VICRC 0208
AllanElsie Gertrude1944Box Hill VICB 082-0047
AllanErnest Athol1943Box Hill VICB 082-0013
AllanEsmeralda25 Jan 19141 Apr 200692Box Hill VICOD 0012
AllanEva May1950Box Hill VICM 197-0024
AllanFlorence May1973Box Hill VICRC 180-0040
AllanGeorge1927Box Hill VICP NS-0077
AllanGeorge Hope1945Box Hill VICP 046-0011
AllanGregory John1918Box Hill VICRC 0548
AllanHelena1955Box Hill VICCE 119-0032
AllanHenry A1926Box Hill VICCE 0066A
AllanJames1936Box Hill VICP 060-0027
AllanJames1941Box Hill VICP 0918
AllanJames Alexander1963Box Hill VICM 198-0031
AllanJames Ernest1957Box Hill VICB 082-0047
AllanJames Henderson1920Box Hill VICP 0634
AllanJane Catherine2005Box Hill VICRC 037B-0012
AllanJanet Erskine1940Box Hill VICP 0634
AllanJohn1961Box Hill VICRC 130-0069
AllanJohn Percy1961Box Hill VICRC 037B-0012
AllanKeith Murray1942Box Hill VICP 060-0027
AllanLena1943Box Hill VICB 082-0023
AllanLena Alexandra18 Feb 190313 Feb 2006102Box Hill VICM 198-0031
AllanLena Anna1960Box Hill VICM 198-0031
AllanMalcolm Cairns1954Box Hill VICRC 180-0040
AllanMargaret1926Box Hill VICP 0918
AllanMarion Beth1988Box Hill VICP 159-0023
AllanMolly1929Box Hill VICRC 0365
AllanRobert Joseph1980Box Hill VICAIL 001-0242
AllardiceKenneth John1978Box Hill VICAIL 001-0213
AllardyceAnna Maria1941Box Hill VICRC 053A-0007
AllenAlexander H S1923Box Hill VICCE NS-0167
AllenAlfred John1957Box Hill VICRC 134-0035
AllenAlice Maud1953Box Hill VICP 0257
AllenAlice Thornbury1970Box Hill VICB 071-0008
AllenAmelia1963Box Hill VICCE 015-0036
AllenAnastasia1968Box Hill VICP 160-0048
AllenAndrew James Philip1957Box Hill VICCE 0071F
AllenAnnie Eleanor1923Box Hill VICM 0621
AllenAnnie Miller1923Box Hill VICP 0766
AllenAnnie Walker1970Box Hill VICCE 122-0033
AllenArthur John1940Box Hill VICRC 053-0016
AllenAsthore Dore Sleen1949Box Hill VICCE 222-0008
AllenCatherine1959Box Hill VICRC 130-0020
AllenCecilia Mary1970Box Hill VICRC 037C-0035
AllenDorothy Jean1925Box Hill VICCE 2184
AllenDorothy May1903Box Hill VICCE 0030
AllenEdith May1966Box Hill VICP 040-0026
AllenEdna Joyce1931Box Hill VICCE 2184
AllenEdward1944Box Hill VICM 022-0007
AllenEdward Joseph1916Box Hill VICRC 0485
AllenElizabeth1924Box Hill VICRC 0821
AllenElizabeth1930Box Hill VICCE 0048F
AllenElla May1941Box Hill VICRC 053A-0014
AllenEllen1941Box Hill VICM 022-0007
AllenEllen Victoria Rose1954Box Hill VICRC 178-0021
AllenElsie Mildred Jane1944Box Hill VICB 082-0029
AllenEmily1917Box Hill VICM 0501
AllenEmily1973Box Hill VICM 022B-0033
AllenEmma Jane1937Box Hill VICCE 004-0047
AllenErnest Edward1924Box Hill VICM 0968
AllenErnest Edward1947Box Hill VICP 040-0026
AllenErnest William1921Box Hill VICP 0702
AllenErnistine Mary1961Box Hill VICM 209B-0010
AllenFrances Emma1970Box Hill VICCE 119-0006
AllenFrancis Alfred1951Box Hill VICCE 015-0036
AllenFrederick1929Box Hill VICRC 0394
AllenFrederick1930Box Hill VICCOL FLOOR-C0007
AllenFrederick Augustus1970Box Hill VICCE 222-0008
AllenFrederick George1937Box Hill VICP 0766
AllenFrederick George1959Box Hill VICCE 119-0006
AllenGeorge1929Box Hill VICCE NS-0921
AllenGeorge1959Box Hill VICRC 137-0034
AllenGeorge Arthur Frederick1966Box Hill VICCE 2349
AllenGeorge Edward1879?2 Jul 194970son/George Edward & Mary Ann (Cleary); b. TAS; h/Jessie MarshallBox Hill VICP 159-0018
AllenGladstone Pardroe1960Box Hill VICM 207-0036
AllenGladys Thelma2001Box Hill VICCE 101-0024
AllenGlen Morris1971Box Hill VICCE 094-0002
AllenGwenneth Clare1982Box Hill VICM NS-0053
AllenHeather May1982Box Hill VICAIL 001-0044
AllenHelen Ruth1951Box Hill VICCE NS-0921
AllenHenry AlexanderBox Hill VICCE 0030
AllenHenry Thomas1968Box Hill VICCE 122-0033
AllenHephzibahBox Hill VICM 0215

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