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1 cemetery found

ParkesWant St, Parkes NSW 28709044

3487 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbbottMonica WilmaAug 196325 Jul 19640Parkes NSWAng Old
AbernethyAdelaide Betty1921?12 Oct 198867Parkes NSWAng New K
AbernethyAllan James1917?21 Sep 198972Parkes NSWAng New K
AbernethyStephen James1957?199032Parkes NSWAng New K
AckroydRobert Broughton (Bob)16 Jun 19311 Nov 199564Parkes NSWLwn A
AdamiakJohn1913?15 Feb 198773Parkes NSWLwn E
AitkenTom20 Jul 191728 Jun 198870Parkes NSWLwn B
AlettAlfred Arnold1884?10 Mar 194762Parkes NSWAng Old Z15
AlexanderParkes NSWAng Old
AllenAlfred Thomas Jim22 Oct 192221 Aug 198865Parkes NSWLwn C
AllenLeila Jean (Lei)1937?13 Aug 200669Parkes NSWLwn E
AllenRichard James1914?2 Oct 197864Parkes NSWAng New G
AllenVictor George30 Jun 193124 May 200371Parkes NSWLwn E
AllenWilliam11 Aug 1922Parkes NSWAng Old Z
AllisonJohn James29 Jun 192424 Mar 197651Parkes NSWAng New E
AllisonWilliam Manton2 Aug 19292 Jul 200777Parkes NSWLwn D
AllumMargaretParkes NSWLwn C
AllumRaymond Dudley1 Apr 192317 Aug 199471Parkes NSWLwn C
AltmeierAlice Maud1889?10 Feb 198090Parkes NSWAng New H
AndersArthur Edward1898198789Parkes NSWLwn A
AndersVera Shadforth Shad25 May 19015 Jul 199796Parkes NSWLwn A
Anderson18 Aug 1952Parkes NSWPbn
AndersonB W1918?7 Sep 199476Parkes NSWLwn B
AndersonBarbara Therese (Terry)1924?22 Sep 200884Parkes NSWLwn B
AndersonMartha Mcrorie Auntie Mattie24 Mar 191226 Mar 198775Parkes NSWLwn C
AndersonRosemary1958?31 May 196911Parkes NSWAng New D
AndersonRuth Isabel7 Apr 191720 Apr 200285Parkes NSWLwn B
AndersonWilliam John1879?19 Aug 194869Parkes NSWAng Old
AndrewsHaroldParkes NSWAng Old AC
AndrusiewiczBronislawa Broni26 Sep 191526 Oct 199176Parkes NSWLwn C
AndrusiewiczWladyslaw Wally21 Oct 191617 May 198972Parkes NSWLwn C
AngraveHarriet Esther18 Jul 190823 Dec 198577Parkes NSWLwn E
AntrissHenry27 May 1920Parkes NSWAng Old J
Archer3 Aug 1918Parkes NSWAng Old M
ArcherAnna Theodora10 Sep 191510 Aug 199882Parkes NSWLwn E
ArcherArnold Edward13 Jul 1925Parkes NSWAng Old Z1
ArcherHarold1916?2 Dec 199276Parkes NSWLwn E
ArcherJoseph1869?17 Nov 194879Parkes NSWAng Old
ArcherJoseph Henry1888?15 Aug 197284Parkes NSWAng Old Z25
ArcherKeith Valentine John10 Apr 193026 Oct 200272Parkes NSWLwn D
ArcherViolet Maria1916?13 Apr 197761Parkes NSWAng New G
ArcherVivian Herbert (Viv)1919?20 Jan 200989Parkes NSWAng New G
Armstrongw/Robert ThomasParkes NSWAng New C
Armstrong26 Jul 1939Parkes NSWAOG
ArmstrongBertie Stuart1905?23 May 198075Parkes NSWAng New H
ArmstrongGrant RobertDec 1967?19 Jan 19691son/Robert & JuneParkes NSWAng New C
ArmstrongRobert Thomas3 Mar 19381 Dec 199961Parkes NSWAng New C
ArnottAlfred25 Dec 191410 Dec 199277Parkes NSWLwn E
ArnottBarry John Bickie1951?23 Jan 198735Parkes NSWLwn E
ArthurEllen1859?10 Dec 194283Parkes NSWPbn
Ash6 Sep 1921Parkes NSWAng Old Z10
AshAlfred Marmon1884?13 Jul 197288h/Ruby JaneParkes NSWAng New E
AshArthur Ralph17 Apr 191716 May 198871Parkes NSWLwn B
AshGordon Wesley Marmon28 Feb 1926Parkes NSWAng Old Z10
AshIvy Olive23 Feb 191410 Nov 199076Parkes NSWLwn A
AshLaurence Edward14 Mar 19131 Jul 199380Parkes NSWLwn A
AshMay (Nee Geddes)2 May 191521 May 198873Parkes NSWLwn B
AshNeville John4 May 192325 Jul 199774Parkes NSWLwn E
AshRalph Kevin George25 Jun 1929Parkes NSWAng Old Z10
AshRuby Jane1893?2 Oct 198087w/Alfred MarmonParkes NSWAng New E
AshbyKeith Raymond18 Nov 19383 Apr 200162Parkes NSWLwn A
AshbyLeonard Raymond Ray1906?24 Oct 198781Parkes NSWLwn A
AshbyVera Vivienne Chiltern1910?5 Apr 199484Parkes NSWLwn A
AshcroftGladys1 Jul 192014 Mar 201493w/Reginald ClydeParkes NSWAng New D
AshcroftHazelParkes NSWAng New D
AshcroftHazel Jean1918?8 Jul 200486Parkes NSWAng New C
AshcroftLilly May1892?18 Dec 197987w/Ruben MarkParkes NSWAng New C
AshcroftReginald Clyde16 Dec 19153 Jul 201296h/GladysParkes NSWAng New D
AshpoleEd Henry1866?16 Jun 195286Parkes NSWAng Old
AshpoleGeorge R1913?15 Apr 198370Parkes NSWAng New H
AshpoleJohn (Taylor )1910?4 Jan 195342Parkes NSWRC New
AshpoleSarah M Sally1914?2 May 199177Parkes NSWAng New H
AstillJohn William1953?4 Nov 19552Parkes NSWRC New BF
Aston-BrienHerbert18 Apr 193018 Aug 199767Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
AtchisonBetty Sadie4 Sep 1990Parkes NSWLwn A
AttenboroughAlan14 Jul 19291 Feb 200070Parkes NSWLwn C
AttenboroughEthel May3 Aug 190522 Oct 199994w/Kenneth RoyParkes NSWAng New B
AttenboroughKenneth Roy1903?8 Nov 197370h/Ethel MayParkes NSWAng New B
AttwoodTalshaParkes NSWAng Old B
AttwoodWilliam Charles9 Aug 1930Parkes NSWAng Old B
AubertRobert Paul1919?14 May 200586Parkes NSWSal B
AuberyJames Frederick1880?1 Mar 193352Parkes NSWAng Old AG
AustinMary Helen1925?29 Feb 199266Parkes NSWLwn A
AutheryHannah Matilda1890?20 Jan 197988Parkes NSWAng Old AG
AylettWal Phillip1884?25 Sep 195268Parkes NSWAng Old H
BabingtonJames Henry1878?2 Jun 196587Parkes NSWAng Old Z2
BaileyCharlesParkes NSWAng Old AA
BaileyEric James30 Jan 194116 Jul 200059Parkes NSWLwn C
BaileyEthel Ruby1900?12 Jul 199292Parkes NSWAng New I
BaileyFrank Charles1899?16 Jun 198182Parkes NSWAng New I
BaileyFred1903?6 Jun 194340Parkes NSWAng Old Z5
BaileyFrederick1903?6 Jun 194340Parkes NSWAng Old Z5
BaileyFrederick1903?6 Jun 194340Parkes NSWAng Old
BaileyGladsy1900?27 Sep 197575Parkes NSWAng New D
BaileyJack Clifton1908?24 Nov 197466Parkes NSWAng New C
BaileyNoel Terence30 Apr 19442 Jun 199551Parkes NSWLwn C
BaileyWilliam A1888?17 Mar 197586Parkes NSWAng New D
BakerAda DorothyFeb 194218 Dec 19420Parkes NSWAng Old
BakerArthur Gilbert23 Jul 192726 Apr 201082Parkes NSWLwn G
BakerChristopher John1966?27 Jan 198720Parkes NSWLwn F
BakerFrancis Norman Frank28 Feb 192517 Nov 200075Parkes NSWLwn C
BakerJohn Samuel1926?15 Feb 198255Parkes NSWRC New A2
BakerJudith Marjorie1931?21 Nov 198049Parkes NSWRC New A1
BakerJudith Marjorie1931?21 Nov 198049Parkes NSWRC New
BakerMary Ellen1921?13 Oct 200180Parkes NSWRC New A2
BakerPeter James7 Nov 198426 Mar 19850Parkes NSWRC New A3
BakerReginald Arthur1 Jul 192724 Sep 200275Parkes NSWRC New DH
BakerUrban Gladston1889?22 Jun 194253Parkes NSWRC New
BalindJane Margaret4 Jun 196017 Jun 199333Parkes NSWRC New XA
BallThomas James19 Jul 19147 Nov 200086Parkes NSWLwn A
BalmerRose1895?4 Sep 194954Parkes NSWPbn
BanbletRichard ArnoldMar 194925 Dec 19490Parkes NSWAng Old
Banham2 Dec 1965Parkes NSWPbn
BanhamVictor20 Jun 19066 Nov 197367Parkes NSWAng New A
BannermanWilliamParkes NSWRose Gdn A
BansgroveHenry WilliamParkes NSWAng Old C
Barber27 Oct 1946Parkes NSWAng New
BarberAlice14 Oct 1995Parkes NSWLwn F
BarberCatherine29 Nov 2000Parkes NSWLwn B
BarberDaisy1906?10 Nov 198882Parkes NSWAng New I
BarberFrank1917?10 May 199275Parkes NSWLwn E
BarberKathleen BerylParkes NSWAng Old AG
BarberMeridith Hilary22 Jun 195715 Oct 198528Parkes NSWLwn B
BarberMolly1920?12 Dec 198666Parkes NSWLwn E
BarberRobert James1 Feb 192929 Jul 200374Parkes NSWLwn B
BarberStanley Ernest1910?15 Mar 198877Parkes NSWLwn B
BarberWalter RalphParkes NSWSal AC
BarberWalter Stanley1899?15 Apr 198384Parkes NSWAng New I
BarbyRosaleen Ann28 Mar 194213 Jun 198846Parkes NSWLwn B
BarkerAllan Thomas1923?7 Jul 200784Parkes NSWRC New XA
BarkerAndrew Stephen28 Aug 191227 Feb 200491Parkes NSWLwn B
BarkerClive Frederick1918?6 Jun 200890Parkes NSWLwn E
BarkerGwendoline Jean23 Mar 191714 Apr 199881Parkes NSWLwn C
BarkerJohn Samual1926?15 Feb 198255Parkes NSWRC New
BarkerKeith1917?8 Nov 197053Parkes NSWAng Old
BarkerMarie Therese9 Apr 19258 Dec 200984Parkes NSWLwn B
BarkerMay Katherine1915?3 Dec 200388Parkes NSWLwn E
BarkerNoelene Ann29 Oct 193319 Mar 200167Parkes NSWRC New
BarkerRay1926?10 Aug 198155Parkes NSWRC New
BarkerRay1926?10 Aug 198155Parkes NSWRC New A2
BarkerReacy EllenParkes NSWRC New XA
BarkerReacy Ellen1925?20 Apr 198863Parkes NSWRC Old
BarkleColin Brian7 Nov 19677 Feb 201143Parkes NSWLwn G
Barling25 Sep 1953Parkes NSWRC New
BarlowColin Cyril26 Jan 1946Parkes NSWAng New
BarlowGeorgina19 Apr 1927Parkes NSWAng Old U
BarlowMichael3 May 1914Parkes NSWAng Old P
BarnesJoan Francis12 May 194321 Jul 199451Parkes NSWLwn C
BarnesKevin William7 Feb 193030 Oct 200474Parkes NSWLwn E
BarnesMary Grace1866?11 Jan 194881Parkes NSWRC New
BarnettUna Meriel1893?23 Jun 196875Parkes NSWRC New
BarrassHarold Mick10 Jun 191025 Sep 199181Parkes NSWLwn E
BarryElizabeth10 Jun 1916Parkes NSWAng Old M
BarryLaurence Arthur Matt1920?16 Jul 199373Parkes NSWLwn B
BarryNeville JParkes NSWRC New A2
BarryNeville James10 Feb 192925 Feb 198253Parkes NSWRC New B
BartierMarguerite1909?18 Jul 197364Parkes NSWRC New
BartlettAlbert Francis4 Jul 190517 Oct 200095Parkes NSWRC New A3
BartlettGladys Irene18 Mar 191424 Jun 200187Parkes NSWRC New A3
BartlettHenry1846?13 Jul 194296Parkes NSWRC Old
BartlettJames Bede1884?3 May 196379Parkes NSWRC New
BartlettJulia24 Jan 1912Parkes NSWAng Old F2
BartlettThomas Henry G1888?31 Oct 196072Parkes NSWLwn A
BartleySean AndrewMar 196811 Jun 19680Parkes NSWRC New
BartonNeville Alton1918?19 Feb 198768Parkes NSWLwn E
BarttletOwen Bert9 Sep 1934Parkes NSWAng Old Z4
BatesonNormanParkes NSWAOG E
BattyeHeather Belle1918?12 Feb 198162Parkes NSWAng New H
BattyeHeather Belle1918?12 Feb 198162Parkes NSWAng New H
BattyeJohn29 Jul 1977Parkes NSWAng New H
BaxterBelinda JoyMay?197225 Sep 19742dau/Howard & Wendy (Joy)Parkes NSWAng New C
BaxterBernard Dillion1900?18 Sep 195656Parkes NSWRC New BE
BaxterBernard Dillion1900?18 Sep 195656Parkes NSWRC New
BaxterGraeme Michael14 Sep 197710 Feb 200729Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
BaxterWendy (Joy)18 Nov 194129 May 201169w/HowardParkes NSWAng New
BaylissMalcolm5 Sep 195421 Jan 201055Parkes NSWLwn G
BeasleyDorothy Muriel (Dot)1923?29 Apr 200784Parkes NSWLwn E
BeasleyKeith26 Jun 1996Parkes NSWLwn E
Becker18 Jul 1916Parkes NSWAng Old L
BeggsGeorge1870?17 Aug 195484Parkes NSWPbn G
BehanBrian William17 Feb 193019 Sep 200272Parkes NSWLwn B
BehanGregory Peter24 Jul 19755 Jan 200327Parkes NSWLwn B
Bennett1920?25 Apr 197757Parkes NSWRC New
BennettDonald Frank1927199366Parkes NSWLwn B
BennettDouglas Killock1918?17 Nov 200890Parkes NSWLwn D
BennettDwayne Aaron22 Mar 19787 Jul 200931Parkes NSWLwn B
BennettEclna Ruth26 Nov 1992w/Preston JohnParkes NSWAng New B
BennettFrederick Arthur1906?7 Jul 197165h/Rose LaviniaParkes NSWAng New C
BennettKevin Raymond1934?7 May 200975Parkes NSWLwn A
BennettPreston John23 May 1974h/Eclna RuthParkes NSWAng New B
BennettRose Lavinia1907?21 May 197164w/Frederick ArthurParkes NSWAng New C
BennettsPaul1958?3 Aug 19580Parkes NSWMth
BensonMargaret Ann1954?5 Apr 19540Parkes NSWAng Old
Berkeley1946?18 Jun 19460Parkes NSWPbn
BerkeleyDouglasParkes NSWRose Gdn A
BerkleyJames12?Jul 194423 Aug 19440Parkes NSWPbn
BerryOlive William1891?196371Parkes NSWRC New AF
BerryOliver William1892?196471Parkes NSWRC New
BerrymanJohnParkes NSWAng Old R
BertramJohn William Murdock7 Nov 1914Parkes NSWAng Old F2
BestIlsa Sutherland22 May 190326 Aug 199592Parkes NSWRose Gdn E
BetkowskiKazimiez Wadislaw1951?14 Oct 19510Parkes NSWRC New BC
BettsLindsayParkes NSWRC New XA
BeumerGijsbertus5 Nov 191612 Apr 198568Parkes NSWRose Gdn G
BeumerMarrigien17 Dec 19167 Aug 201093Parkes NSWRose Gdn G
BeuzevilleEdward Gordon1913?3 Apr 198976Parkes NSWLwn C
BeuzevilleIna Grace27 Jun 191214 Jul 199886Parkes NSWLwn C
BeuzevilleMargaret31 May 1943Parkes NSWAng Old
BevanLeslie Gordon29 Dec 1979Parkes NSWAng New H
BewesAudrey Joan (Joan)1928?10 Apr 200981Parkes NSWLwn F
BicketIan Mathew1923?23 Feb 200783Parkes NSWLwn D
BicketMargaret Ellen21 Feb 192517 Nov 200580Parkes NSWLwn D
BiffenJames Alfred18 Sep 1921Parkes NSWAng Old Z1
BigelowErnest John1917198467Parkes NSWLwn B
BigelowPatrica1926198559Parkes NSWLwn B
BinghamMuriel Bettina1922?26 Sep 196644Parkes NSWAng Old Z31
BinghamNathan Andrew1 Mar 19802 Feb 199817Parkes NSWLwn E
BirdBradley James1 Jul 1993Parkes NSWRC New XA
BirdIris May1917?21 Dec 196649Parkes NSWRC New CI
BirdIris May1917?21 Dec 196649Parkes NSWRC New
Birmingham3 May 1952Parkes NSWRC New
BirneyNeil Douglas1921?30 Aug 196241Parkes NSWRC New
BishopMark Anthony1927?14 Nov 200881Parkes NSWLwn B
BivoracMilan18?Oct 19518 Nov 19510Parkes NSWAng Old Z26
BlackAnn1859?13 Jan 194585Parkes NSWRC Old F2
BlackFrank15 Aug 1947Parkes NSWAng Old Z10
BlackFrederick Harrison1845?23 Jun 192984Parkes NSWAng Old Z13
BlackabyAvis Dolores5 Oct 193115 May 201179Parkes NSWLwn G
BlackburnMary1869?18 Jan 195282Parkes NSWRC Old
BlackstockAthol Ray2 Mar 19333 Apr 200269Parkes NSWLwn B
BlackstockDulcie Florence15 Jun 1979Parkes NSWRC New
BlackstockDulcie Florence1908?13 Jun 197971Parkes NSWRC New A2
BlackstockJack1870?27 Aug 194979Parkes NSWPbn D
BlackstockKathleen1930?23 Dec 198050Parkes NSWRC New A1
BlackstockKathleen1930?25 Dec 198050Parkes NSWRC New
BlackstockKeithParkes NSWLwn B
BlackstockWilliam George1899?29 Jul 198283Parkes NSWAng New H
BlakemoreBrendan Wayne16 Feb 19732 Jan 200026Parkes NSWLwn D
BlakeneyLeslie Burton1906?17 Dec 198781Parkes NSWAng New G
BlakeneyNorah1909?15 May 198273Parkes NSWAng New G
BlatchAllan Arthur1917?5 Oct 200487Parkes NSWLwn C
BlatchKay1918?5 Feb 198970Parkes NSWLwn C
BliesnerWilliam1836?12 Feb 190669Parkes NSWMth B
BloomfieldArthur Henry (Snow)1909?4 Sep 197364h/Ivy MyrtleParkes NSWAng New A
BloomfieldDenise Myrtle1948?20 Sep 198739Parkes NSWLwn A
BloomfieldIvy Myrtle1917?25 Aug 199578w/Arthur Henry (Snow)Parkes NSWAng New A
BlowesDorothy Grace14 Mar 19185 Jul 200082Parkes NSWLwn A
BlowesJohn Milton1912?28 Jan 199279Parkes NSWLwn A
BoanMary Ann1953?21 Oct 198128Parkes NSWRC New
BoanMary-Ann1953?21 Oct 198128Parkes NSWRC New A2
BoardmanMinnie3 Feb 1996Parkes NSWLwn D
BoardmanRobert Charles31 Jul 191125 Jan 199583Parkes NSWLwn D
BoatswainJames Sydney Albert1903?21 Mar 195046Parkes NSWRC New
BoatswainJohn1873?17 May 195784Parkes NSWRC New BG
BoatswainJohn1873?17 May 195784Parkes NSWRC New
BoatswainOlive10 Sep 1922Parkes NSWAng Old Z
BoehmAugustine Paul1883?26 Apr 195774Parkes NSWAng Old FN
BoehmBertha Edith Alexandra29 Sep 1917Parkes NSWAng Old F3
BoehmBeverley Laura19 Jan 194320 Mar 198744Parkes NSWLwn C
BoehmCaroline Julie1949?9 Mar 19490Parkes NSWRC New
BoehmCatherine Joyce1926?15 Nov 200377Parkes NSWLwn C
BoehmDanny Wilhelm1907?24 Oct 198275Parkes NSWLuth B
BoehmEmily Annie Eliza Emma9 Sep 1913Parkes NSWAng Old F3
BoehmSidney Benjamin John Jack9 Jun 193529 Dec 198954Parkes NSWLwn C
BoggFanny Gladys1896?7 Dec 198589Parkes NSWBap
BohemSidney Harold Victor (Sid)1903?16 Jan 199692Parkes NSWAng New C
BokeyarElvie May1915?20 May 198065Parkes NSWRC New A1
BokeyarPhillip Joseph1910?19 Sep 198777Parkes NSWRC New A1
BolasFrederick John (Jack)5 Sep 2004Parkes NSWLwn E
BolerGwendoline Myra1911?29 Dec 200493Parkes NSWLwn B
BolerWalter Francis24 Aug 1997Parkes NSWLwn B
BolesFlorence Leila1916?23 Aug 199175Parkes NSWLwn A
BolesGregory1900?19 Jan 197776Parkes NSWAng New F
BolesLance1915?10 Sep 198368Parkes NSWLwn A
BolesLinda Mary1904?1 Sep 198682Parkes NSWAng New F
BondarczukJosifSep 19515 Apr 19520Parkes NSWAng Old Z29
BonhamJohn Walter Jack2 Aug 191310 Jan 199581Parkes NSWLwn F
BonhamMary11 Sep 2010Parkes NSWLwn F
BonnerLeslie George Snow1910?17 Feb 199180Parkes NSWLwn A
BorjesonEd Stan1892?27 Jul 196371Parkes NSWAng Old
BosAntoon Tony4 Sep 193020 Jul 200372Parkes NSWRose Gdn B
BothamDavid John10 Oct 18986 Dec 199193Parkes NSWLwn E
BothamFlorence Elizabeth1909?6 Jun 2009100Parkes NSWLwn E
BothamKenthy Roy (Ken)12 Jul 192516 Sep 200580Parkes NSWLwn D
BourkeCecelia Mary1903?15 Apr 199289Parkes NSWLwn B
BourkeClaude Reginald1916?6 Jul 198872Parkes NSWLwn B
BourkeDudley Francis1909?29 Aug 198879Parkes NSWLwn A
BourkeElizabeth Mary (Lizzie)189318941Parkes NSWRC Old
BourkeIrene Mary18 Nov 190617 Dec 199892Parkes NSWLwn C
BourkeRobert John30 Jan 19263 Jul 201084Parkes NSWLwn G
BourkeUna1904?5 Feb 198883Parkes NSWLwn A
BourkeWinifred Emily189618960Parkes NSWRC Old
BowensJohn20 Apr 1912Parkes NSWAng Old F3
BowlerRichard CharlesParkes NSWRC Old F9
BowmanJohn Thomas1879?3 May 195273Parkes NSWAng Old
BowmanJohn Thomas1880?30 May 195373Parkes NSWAng Old
BowmanWilliam SeftonParkes NSWAng Old AC
BoydFrancis John16 Feb 19293 Dec 200071Parkes NSWLwn C
Boyd-BolandEnid26 Sep 19085 Feb 199889Parkes NSWLwn E
Bradford7 Nov 1951Parkes NSWAng Old Z26
Bradford7 Nov 1951Parkes NSWAng Old
BradleyAndrew Maxwell12 Feb 200321 Apr 20030Parkes NSWLwn F
BradleyAubrey Ronald15 May 192519 Apr 199872Parkes NSWAng New A
BradleyHubert Joseph1870?1 Oct 195282Parkes NSWMth F
BradleyMargaret1924?5 Jul 200379Parkes NSWLwn D
BradleyNeville Edwin20 Mar 192128 Nov 200079Parkes NSWLwn D
Bradley-TanswellLiam Charles28 Aug 200328 Aug 20030Parkes NSWLwn F
BradyFrancis James1907?27 Jan 196759Parkes NSWRC New
BradyFrancis Lyle Jim1930?21 Jan 200473Parkes NSWLwn A
BradyWavney Mary1928?2 May 200577Parkes NSWLwn A
BraggHector Henry1882?4 May 194361Parkes NSWAng Old
BraggHector Henry1882?4 May 194361Parkes NSWAng Old
BreadenMarjorie Leila13 Apr 192424 Aug 200581Parkes NSWRose Gdn B
BrennanJoseph J10 Jun 1953Parkes NSWRC New A2
BrennanKeith RonMay 19526 Oct 19520Parkes NSWRC New BA
BrennanRight Reverend Monsi Joseph10 Jun 1953Parkes NSWRC New
BriadisBarbara1914?21 Apr 196450Parkes NSWAng Old Z30
BridleJaspa James1907?3 Oct 199184Parkes NSWLwn E
BridleMargarete Alice1 Jun 2007Parkes NSWLwn E
BriggsFeb?194325 May 19441Parkes NSWPbn
BriggsEdna Mavis1911?18 Jun 198473Parkes NSWAOG
BristolClorine Adelaide1907?30 Jun 199386Parkes NSWRose Gdn D
BristolErnest William1904?28 Jun 197571Parkes NSWRose Gdn D
BrockArthur12 Sep 19247 Mar 200681Parkes NSWRose Gdn A
BrockPatricia Ellen14 Aug 192520 Jul 200175Parkes NSWRose Gdn A
BroderickDavid Anthony4 Oct 197017 Jan 200130Parkes NSWLwn E
BroderickJohn Patrick Jack24 Jan 19218 Dec 199675Parkes NSWLwn E
BroderickMichael23 Sep 189711 Jan 199092Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
BrogdenAbel191126 May 199887Parkes NSWLwn D
BrogdenBasil1906?9 Apr 197872Parkes NSWAng New F
BrogdenThomas1914?4 Sep 199278Parkes NSWLwn E
BromleyAub1926?19 Apr 199872Parkes NSW
BrookeHeather Isabel24 May 19419 Jun 200968Parkes NSWLwn B
BrooklandJohnParkes NSWAng Old AB
BrownCharles10 Dec 1927Parkes NSWAng Old AH
BrownClive Francis10 Jan 194026 Apr 200767Parkes NSWLwn D
BrownGeffrey Hall1924?1 Feb 197146Parkes NSWAng New B
BrownHarriett Louisa1873?15 Nov 195279Parkes NSWAng Old
BrownJames1863?13 Jun 194380Parkes NSWRC New
BrownMary Helen1927?9 Apr 201083Parkes NSWLwn E
BrownRoderick Ronald31 Oct 19237 Dec 198764Parkes NSWLwn E
BrownSarah Empson1885?23 Aug 196176Parkes NSWAOG
BrownVivienne Mildred16 Nov 193623 Jun 201275formerly Fryer; w/FryerParkes NSWAng New
BrownbillDenise Beverly17 Feb 19403 Dec 201070Parkes NSWLwn G
BrowneAgnes Matilda1871?30 Jan 194876Parkes NSWRC New
BrowneHorace W R Ossie1935?5 Oct 199358Parkes NSWLwn D
BrowneJudith Anne1938?3 Sep 201072Parkes NSWLwn D
BruceColin1932?1 Jul 199058Parkes NSWLwn F
BruceErnest Edgar1907?14 Feb 197769Parkes NSWAng New F
BruceLillian Margaret27 Nov 193030 Mar 200170Parkes NSWLwn F
BruceRita B I1911?12 Feb 199280Parkes NSWAng New F
BruceTemika Jade7 Feb 1986Parkes NSWAng New C
BruguiereCharles Rene27 Oct 191913 Jan 200585Parkes NSWRose Gdn D
BryantAlan CParkes NSWAng Old T
BryantJoseph Edward26 Dec 1972Parkes NSWAng Old Q
BuboMary1959?22 Oct 19590Parkes NSWRC New
Buchan15 Jul 1952Parkes NSWPbn F
BuchanDonald James (Don)1919?10 Apr 200788Parkes NSWLwn D
BuchanFParkes NSWPbn F
BuchanHelene Gillespie5 Jun 191913 Oct 200283Parkes NSWLwn D
BuchanJames1892?23 Apr 195866Parkes NSWPbn
BuckKevin Luxen23 May 193017 Sep 200979Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
Buckland12 Sep 1952Parkes NSWPbn
BuckleyEdward Michael1904?14 Dec 197975Parkes NSWRC New A1
BuckleyErnest Ed1877?1 Aug 195275Parkes NSWRC New
BuckleyEvangeline Pearl1906?29 Sep 198882Parkes NSWRC New A1
BuckmanWilliam George Bill1888?23 Jun 196577Parkes NSWMth N
BuckmasterRoger George1957?23 Oct 197619Parkes NSWRC New DH
BuddAllan1 Apr 1996Parkes NSWLwn E
BuddDudley Thomas6 Nov 192220 Nov 199977Parkes NSWLwn D
BuddHannah Lyda Jean1914?27 Mar 199580Parkes NSWLwn E
BuddLola Rae1931?9 Sep 200776Parkes NSWLwn D
BuddMervyn Thomas1912?21 Oct 198068Parkes NSWAng New F
BuddMimmie Florence1914?28 May 197965Parkes NSWAng New F
BuddStella Elizabeth1902?2 Sep 199694Parkes NSWLwn E
BuddSydney3 Feb 1913Parkes NSWAng Old F1
BuercknerRowena Mary21 Jun 195520 May 200448Parkes NSWLwn D
BuganeyJoseph1878?24 May 195678Parkes NSWRC New BF
BuganeyJoseph1878?20 May 195678Parkes NSWRC New
Bullock1866?18 Jun 194882Parkes NSWMth
BullockHilda Ruby Dell21 Sep 193210 Dec 200775Parkes NSWLwn B
BunastonWilliam1876?2 Mar 195376Parkes NSWAng Old Z27
BuntAnnParkes NSWAng Old AC
BurchellBarry Edward24 Jun 19329 Apr 198956Parkes NSWLwn C
BurgessAlfred John24 May 189913 Jun 198889Parkes NSWLwn B
BurgessAlice Maude1904?22 Jul 198379Parkes NSWLwn A
BurgessAllan Ralph8 Oct 19192 Apr 199474Parkes NSWLwn F
BurgessBarbara Anne31 Dec 19464 Jul 19514Parkes NSWAng Old Z28
BurgessDavid William28 Oct 194617 Apr 198740Parkes NSWLwn F
BurgessErnest Harold1901?13 Apr 196463Parkes NSWAng Old BN
BurgessFlorence Isabelle3 Aug 190710 Nov 199992Parkes NSWLwn B
BurgessJanet Edgar4 Apr 192417 Sep 199773Parkes NSWLwn F
BurgessJohn Edward31 Jan 192816 Jun 198658Parkes NSWLwn E
BurkeAlice Blanche1925?24 Mar 201185Parkes NSWLwn E
BurkeJohn Bede14 Jan 192420 Jun 199773Parkes NSWLwn E
BurnsCecil Francis82Parkes NSWLwn B
BurnsHenrietta May Dot10 Apr 19162 Apr 199982Parkes NSWLwn B
BurnsNeville William31 Dec 192716 Nov 201082Parkes NSWLwn G
BurnsRobert1916?30 May 195236Parkes NSWRC New BD
BurrellBaby8 Apr 1970son/Kevin & AnnetteParkes NSWAng New A
BurrellKevin Stanley13 Feb 194020 Apr 199252Parkes NSWLwn A
BurtLance Raymond13 Aug 195218 Feb 200855Parkes NSWLwn B
BurushamWilliamParkes NSWAng Old I
BushEdith Hanna Eveline19 Nov 1909Parkes NSWAng Old M
BushJames Leonard4 Aug 1916Parkes NSWAng Old M
ButcherAmy Isobel1901?9 Oct 198483Parkes NSWAng New A
ButcherWal Ed1907?20 May 197063Parkes NSWAng Old N
ButcherWalterParkes NSWAng New A
ButlerEthel Jean1924?27 Sep 201389w/John KennethParkes NSWAng New B
ButlerJohn Kenneth1917?31 May 197457h/Ethel JeanParkes NSWAng New B
ButlerJosiah Keith7?May 200730 Jul 20070Parkes NSWLwn D
ButlerRodney John21 Sep 194725 Aug 200052h/GeraldineParkes NSWAng New
ButlerTeresa1878?23 Jan 196081Parkes NSWAng Old Z22
ButschMatthew1874?9 Mar 194368Parkes NSWRC New
ButterworthWilliam Edward Will1881?12 Apr 196079Parkes NSWAng Old EN
ButtesworthMargaret Henrietta Peg22 Mar 19153 Jan 199882Parkes NSWLwn E
ByrneRonald Gerard1940?13 Apr 200464Parkes NSWRC New XB
ByrneSarah F8 Nov 1991Parkes NSWRC New XA
ByrneTony James25 Jun 19702 Aug 200131Parkes NSWLwn B
Cabban7 Nov 1953Parkes NSWAng Old
Cabban7 Nov 1953Parkes NSWAng Old
CaldwellRobert Lloyd14 Jan 193621 Jul 199761Parkes NSWRC New XB
CallaghanKay Annette22?Jun 195631 Aug 19560Parkes NSWRC New BE
CallaghanWalter John (Wally)7 Jun 192617 Sep 200680Parkes NSWLwn E
Callahan12 Aug 1942Parkes NSWRC New
CallilAlbert14 Sep 19202 Jul 200382Parkes NSWLwn C
CallilAllan David16 Jul 196121 May 200442Parkes NSWLwn B
CameronBrenda Margaret13 Oct 194730 Apr 200961Parkes NSWLwn G
CameronDuncan AlbertParkes NSWAng Old AE
CameronHugh1863?17 Jan 194480Parkes NSWPbn
CameronKen1934?8 Feb 201176Parkes NSWLwn B
CameronMarie Hazel4 Feb 193226 Jun 200573Parkes NSWLwn B
CameronNan Lorraine1945?3 Jan 197529Parkes NSWAng New D
CameronTinaParkes NSWAng New D
CampbellBarbara Eleanor21 Oct 194217 Apr 197027Parkes NSWAng Old X
CampbellDiane30 Jun 1967Parkes NSWAng Old X
CampbellGarry John1966?7 Dec 200741Parkes NSWRC New XA
CampbellHarold Leo16 Jul 191222 Nov 199179Parkes NSWLwn D
CampbellJean Margaret19 Jul 1924Parkes NSWAng Old Y
CampbellLeila Annie1911?20 Feb 197664w/William WallaceParkes NSWAng New B
CampbellMary Irene22 Sep 19031 Nov 198178Parkes NSWRC New A2
CampbellWilliam Wallace1906?22 Nov 198074h/Leila AnnieParkes NSWAng New B
CannonLee John28 Jun 1958Parkes NSWRC New
CannonLee John28 Jun 1958Parkes NSWRC New
CantillonMadeleine Alexandre1898?6 Feb 197071Parkes NSWRC New
CantrillEdwin Charles14 May 19283 Mar 198657Parkes NSWLwn E
CantrillPatricia Margaret1 Nov 193616 Feb 200669Parkes NSWLwn B
CaragherDaphne8 Jun 19162 Feb 198871Parkes NSWLwn E
CaragherFrancis James1909?18 Feb 198777Parkes NSWLwn E
CareyMartha Ruth Hope1898?9 Feb 197374Parkes NSWPbn
CarlsenPeter5 Sep 1922Parkes NSWAng Old T
CarmanPatricia Rose1921?2 Jan 199068Parkes NSWRC New XA
CarmanRaymond Roy1897?20 Jun 198790Parkes NSWRC New XA
CarmodyLola Jean1936?8 Jun 197943Parkes NSWRC New
CarmodyLola Jean1936?8 Jun 197943Parkes NSWRC New A2
CarnieGerald Richard2 Jan 196423 Jul 201147Parkes NSWLwn G
CarpenterCaleb ShaneParkes NSWLwn B
CarpenterJohn William14 Oct 1928Parkes NSWAng Old AH
CarrAmy Florence1907?4 Dec 197871Parkes NSWRC New CI
CarrClarence PeterParkes NSWRC New CB
CarrClarence Peter1902?6 Aug 198583Parkes NSWRC New
CarrEna14 Mar 1996Parkes NSWLwn D
CarrGladys Ruth1897?10 Apr 195962Parkes NSWRC New CB
CarrGladys Ruth1897?10 Apr 195962Parkes NSWRC New
CarrJoseph (Joe)1 Aug 1929200878Parkes NSWLwn B
CarrMargaret1925?6 Jan 194317Parkes NSWRC New
CarrSandra Marrie1960?21 Mar 197716Parkes NSWAng New D
CarrWilliam Arthur20 Nov 1997Parkes NSWLwn F
CarruthersGeorge21 Apr 192627 Sep 198761Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
CarruthersPaul George19 Jun 195431 Aug 199642Parkes NSWRose Gdn C
CarterHenry James6 Mar 191429 Jul 199682Parkes NSWLwn D
CarterPeter John11 May 19377 Apr 200769Parkes NSWRose Gdn G
CarterUna Evelyn1 Aug 191712 Aug 200184Parkes NSWLwn D
CashelErnest Roy11 Aug 191628 Dec 199478Parkes NSWLwn D
CashelHeather4 Oct 19183 Mar 198667Parkes NSWLwn D
CashmoreGladys Pauline1942?25 May 197634Parkes NSWPbn
Cassar30 Nov 1946Parkes NSWAng New
CassellJuneParkes NSWLwn A
CassellReginal William2 Jan 192411 Feb 199167Parkes NSWLwn A
CassellShirley Pegg24 Aug 1988Parkes NSWAng New K
CasseyBaby23 Sep 1933Parkes NSWAng New C
CasseyBrian21 May 1935Parkes NSWAng New C
CasseyElsie Louisa (Lou)13 Sep 190515 Sep 200297w/Lucian JohnParkes NSWAng New C
CasseyLucian John1899?21 Aug 197475h/Elsie Louisa (Lou)Parkes NSWAng New C
CasseyNoel Bruce1937?22 Feb 199962Parkes NSWAng New C
CassidyEily Mary Margaret1925?15 Feb 199266Parkes NSWLwn E
CassidyMaurice Conroy3 Apr 192030 Mar 200281Parkes NSWLwn E
CassidyThomas5 Feb 1919Parkes NSWAng Old H
CatkinRodney James2 Jun 1945Parkes NSWMth
CaulfieldKevin Henry1927?19 Nov 196639Parkes NSWAng Old Z20
ChallenElla FayParkes NSWAng Old AH
ChamCharlie1902?24 Dec 197977Parkes NSWRC New A1
ChamMary Wong95Parkes NSWRC New A1
ChambersAgnes Ellen1885?14 Jan 195872Parkes NSWAng Old Z16
ChambersPeter Glenn28 Oct 19608 Apr 200140Parkes NSWLwn B
CharlewoodClifford Glen8 Aug 2003Parkes NSWLwn E
CharltonBetty Merle1944?30 Jan 200358Parkes NSWRC New A2
CharltonHoratio Joseph Ray1917?22 Dec 197861Parkes NSWAng New G
CharltonJane Sophia1891?30 May 196473Parkes NSWAng Old Z27
CharltonJeanParkes NSWAng Old AB

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