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West Terrace161 West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000142034

138647 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Betty31 Dec 1999West Terrace SARC Old
?Billy27 Dec 1872West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
?Darlington30 Mar 1967West Terrace SARoad 5
?David16 Mar 1970West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
?George (Pakanarro)9 Jan 1852West Terrace SA
?Ken & Arthur31 Dec 1999West Terrace SARC Old
?Louisa31 Jul 1877West Terrace SARoad 4
?Maryann6 May 1905West Terrace SARoad 5
?Matthew10 Jun 1965son/Dick & NungalkaWest Terrace SARoad 5
?Norman4 Jan 1873West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
?Peter19 Feb 1879West Terrace SARoad 4
?Susan25 Jun 1866West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
Aartsen1975?11 Dec 19750West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AartsenSimon1975?11 Dec 19750West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AbadinovicTefik4 May 1982West Terrace SAIslamic
Abbott19 Jun 192219 Jun 1922sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Abbott9 Jul 19349 Jul 1934sbWest Terrace SARoad 3
Abbott7 Sep 19557 Sep 1955sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Abbott7 Mar 19777 Mar 1977sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
Abbott10 Mar 197810 Mar 1978sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
AbbottAnn23 Nov 1844West Terrace SA
AbbottEliza23 Sep 1937West Terrace SAFlinders Nth
AbbottFanny7 Jul 1872West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AbbottFrederick12 Jan 1867West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AbbottJohn Lewis24 Jun 1854West Terrace SA
AbdalJillal25 Jul 1922West Terrace SAAfghan
AbdulAtman (Or Hassan)14 Nov 1928West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AbdulKarrem23 Mar 1923West Terrace SAAfghan
Abdulla26 Aug 196926 Aug 1969sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Abdulla8 Apr 19718 Apr 1971sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AbdurahmanAlya19 Mar 1991West Terrace SAIslamic
Abel29 Jun 192029 Jun 1920sbWest Terrace SAPlan 3
AbellaYvette26 Sep 1973West Terrace SARoad C Ext
Abernethy9 Aug 19259 Aug 1925sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
AboriginalChild5 Mar 1856West Terrace SA
AbotomeyIvore Naify24 Apr 1981West Terrace SAEyre Nth
AbrahamIsabelle21 Dec 1915West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AbrahamJohn Anthony28 Mar 1961West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AbrahamsCaroline12 Aug 1884West Terrace SARoad 5
Abromovitz?23 May 190623 May 1906sbWest Terrace SAJew
Abrook7 Aug 19707 Aug 1970sbWest Terrace SA
Abt4 Jan 19724 Jan 1972sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
Achin11 Aug 1856West Terrace SA
AckarieReuben Albert Dominic15 Feb 1990West Terrace SARoad 2
AdamoEmilia1 Mar 2011West Terrace SAWakefield
Adams11 Feb 195511 Feb 1955sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Adams26 Oct 196126 Oct 1961sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
Adams14 Feb 197514 Feb 1975sbWest Terrace SARoad A Ext
Adams26 Nov 197526 Nov 1975sbWest Terrace SARoad A Ext
Adams10 Mar 197610 Mar 1976sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
AdamsDavid Guard29 Dec 1864West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AdamsElizabeth1 Jun 1867West Terrace SARoad 2
AdamsGiuseppe11 Dec 1939West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AdamsGladys Ileen11 Sep 1997West Terrace SARoad 2
AdamsGuiseppe8 Sep 1982West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AdamsH M25 Jun 1912West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AdamsJohann3 Dec 1879West Terrace SARoad 5
AdamsPeter11 Apr 1893West Terrace SAPlan 3
AdamsSarah7 Feb 1909West Terrace SARC Old
AdamsSarah Ann9 May 1859West Terrace SA
AdamsT5 Apr 1893West Terrace SA
AdamsThomas25 Mar 1866West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AdamsThomas Carey18 Mar 1857West Terrace SA
Adamson20 Jul 186120 Jul 1861sbWest Terrace SA
AdanyClifford G11 Jan 1873West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Adderley?2 Jul 1975West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AddisCaroline1 Sep 1897West Terrace SAPlan 3
Addison4 May 19124 May 1912sbWest Terrace SA
Addison2 Jun 19242 Jun 1924sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Addison?30 Dec 1976West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AddisonJames Allen2 May 1894West Terrace SAPlan 3
AddisonLeslie Norman14 Jun 1926West Terrace SAEyre Sth
AddisonMargaret Collan20 Dec 1876West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AddisonMinnie Gawen17 Nov 1904West Terrace SAPlan 3
AddisonThomas9 Dec 1910West Terrace SARC Old
Adelson13 Jun 191913 Jun 1919sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
Adelson30 Dec 192230 Dec 1922sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
AdelsonFlora9 Apr 1921West Terrace SAJewish
AdelsonLazarus31 Aug 1917West Terrace SAJewish
Adey6 Jul 19176 Jul 1917sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
AdeyCharles George23 May 1891West Terrace SARoad 4
AdeyJohn William20 Aug 1922West Terrace SARoad 4
AdeyMary Buchanan5 May 1922West Terrace SARoad 4
AdeyMay Emily Maud31 Oct 1975West Terrace SARoad 5
AdeyPercy Drummond25 Aug 1891West Terrace SARoad 4
AdeyPercy Drummond3 Nov 1908West Terrace SARoad 4
AdeyRaymond G30 Jun 1914West Terrace SARoad 2
AdeyRobert M21 Jul 1890West Terrace SARoad 4
AdickesMarianne10 Mar 1855West Terrace SA
AdieJohn23 Dec 1910West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AdkinJohn27 Oct 1919West Terrace SARC Old
AdlamFlorence Ethel29 Dec 1926West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AdlumEmma5 Jul 1860West Terrace SA
Adolfsoon10 Mar 194510 Mar 1945sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
AdolphusCharles28 Jun 1889West Terrace SA
AdreyAbraham3 Aug 1932West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AdreyMalcolm26 Jul 1964West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AdwentJosef17 Oct 1970West Terrace SAPlan 3
AebiHector George7 Apr 1960West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AebiRose21 Nov 1941West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AebiRose Verner1 Apr 1928West Terrace SAEyre Nth
AelbeckJohn6 Mar 1891West Terrace SA
AeomtWilliam Edward1 Aug 1858West Terrace SA
AestropeReginald John31 Mar 1914West Terrace SARoad 2
AffleckMary Jane19 Apr 1858West Terrace SA
AffleckRobert Thonea4 May 1905West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
Afflick9 Mar 19659 Mar 1965sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AfflickFrederick30 Mar 1858West Terrace SA
Afford5 May 1854West Terrace SA
AffordArchibald13 Dec 1897West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordCaroline Ann3 May 1889West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordElizabeth Ann6 Jun 1846West Terrace SA
AffordFrederick William28 Oct 1863West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AffordGeorge23 Dec 1895West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordHoward3 Jun 1899West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordJohn4 Dec 1863West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AffordMary Ann20 Dec 1957West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordNorman3 Feb 1945West Terrace SAPlan Z
AffordRobert Daniel12 Oct 1916West Terrace SAPlan Z
AforozisMaria17 Jul 1974West Terrace SARoad 5
AgapetosAnastasia9 Oct 1933West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AgarFrancis Henry20 Nov 1860West Terrace SA
AgarJennifer Ann4 Dec 1950West Terrace SAPlan 3
AgdenJeremiah29 Dec 1851West Terrace SA
AgeedEmily May6 Jul 1886West Terrace SA
Agen9 Apr 1856West Terrace SA
AgettEdna May27 Aug 1921West Terrace SARoad A Ext
Agget ?Charlotte Elizabeth7 Jul 1860West Terrace SA
AggettWilliam Hurst9 Mar 1858West Terrace SA
AgiloisMary Ann22 Feb 1855West Terrace SA
AgiusKira Simone14 Feb 1972West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AglesWilliam5 Dec 1848West Terrace SA
AglwinHarold Oscar22 Sep 1857West Terrace SA
Agnew31 Oct 192931 Oct 1929sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AgnewMargaret20 Apr 1919West Terrace SARC Old
AgnewMary13 May 1893West Terrace SARC Old
AgorastosAchanosios6 Apr 1976West Terrace SARoad 3
AgorastosVasilios9 Nov 1967West Terrace SARoad A Ext
Agostinelli16 May 197316 May 1973sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AgostinelliGaetano16 Jan 1970West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AgostinelliRosaria15 Nov 1996West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
Agostino?23 Nov 1977West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AgostinoFrancesco7 Jul 1979West Terrace SARoad 2
AgostinoMaria Domenica1 Sep 1982West Terrace SARoad 2
AgricolaChristina10 Mar 1889West Terrace SAPlan 3
AgzarianKim7 Mar 1978West Terrace SARoad 5
AhBow20 Dec 1944West Terrace SARoad 5
AhChack13 May 1919West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhChack20 Aug 1926West Terrace SA
AhChang3 Jan 1902West Terrace SARoad 5
AhChang28 Nov 1930West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AhChinn9 Jul 1912West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AhChung5 Feb 1902West Terrace SA
AhCua5 Jun 1897West Terrace SARoad 5 East
AhFong23 Aug 1925West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AhFoo4 Oct 1918West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AhFoo20 Aug 1926West Terrace SA
AhGong3 Aug 1942West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AhGucy20 Aug 1926West Terrace SA
AhHing20 Aug 1926West Terrace SA
AhJack7 Sep 1909West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AhKung11 Jan 1939West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AhLim22 Feb 1933West Terrace SA
AhLoo2 Feb 1929West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AhLoy3 Feb 1912West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AhLoy8 Apr 1913West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AhLoy12 Aug 1935West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AhOn2 Jan 1948West Terrace SARoad 5
AhOn18 Sep 1981West Terrace SARoad 5
AhQu5 Oct 1897West Terrace SA
AhSuey13 Jul 1912West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AhSuey20 Sep 1912West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AhWee26 Sep 1914West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AhWing7 Oct 1943West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AhYoke26 Nov 1912West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
Ah Chee15 Oct 1883West Terrace SARoad 5
Ah ChinnTommy27 Feb 1884West Terrace SARoad 5
Ah ChongJimmy22 Aug 1911West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Ah FooLin John10 Dec 1907West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
Ah FookTommy16 Aug 1883West Terrace SARoad 4
Ah Hing26 Jul 1918West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Ah HipHop Lee23 Jul 1946West Terrace SA
Ah KinDora15 Oct 1894West Terrace SAPlan Z
Ah LooJemmy20 Nov 1891West Terrace SA
Ah LoyGeorge24 Dec 1968West Terrace SARoad 5
Ah Moy11 Aug 1902West Terrace SAPlan 3
Ah MoyBessie5 Nov 1909West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Ah MoyGeorge14 Mar 1905West Terrace SAPlan 3
Ah MoySarah4 Jul 1957West Terrace SAPlan 3
Ah MuJimmy3 Dec 1912West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Ah SinnJah21 Mar 1887West Terrace SAPlan 3
Ah SueJimmey23 Feb 1909West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
Ah TanWong Chan J12 Apr 1920West Terrace SAPlan 3
Ah TareLumman6 Oct 1878West Terrace SARoad 4
Ah TayLing28 May 1924West Terrace SARoad A Ext
Ah WanAh Sing Charles27 Mar 1886West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhamodeoollaEllimoola17 Jun 1924West Terrace SAAfghan
AhangFred1 Apr 1942West Terrace SARoad 5
AhangMargaret20 May 1943West Terrace SARoad 5
AhearnEmily Kate20 Oct 1912West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhearnHenry Joseph11 Jan 1904West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhearnJoseph8 Feb 1950West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhearnKatherine14 Sep 1938West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhearnMary18 Oct 1936West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhearnMichael3 Feb 1911West Terrace SARC Old
AhearneBridget6 Dec 1902West Terrace SARC Old
AhearneCatherine Frances25 Dec 1910West Terrace SARC Old
AhearneDaniel22 Apr 1910West Terrace SARC Old
AhearneWilliam Joseph4 Feb 1914West Terrace SARC Old
AhernAnnie15 May 1933West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernDaniel22 Oct 1946West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernGerald26 Jan 1931West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernJames26 Mar 1930West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernJohn30 Jul 1921West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernMary17 Aug 1928West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernMary Agnes10 Dec 1916West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernMary Agnes14 Dec 1951West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernMary May19 Dec 1911West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernThomas25 May 1907West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhernTimothy4 Jan 1922West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AhlbergAlfred18 Apr 1913West Terrace SARoad 4
AhlingJohn16 Jun 1891West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhlyrerreAnna Maria2 May 1865West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AhrendtAlbert Herman Fritz23 Sep 1931West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhrendtAugusta26 Aug 1920West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhrendtBertha6 Dec 1882West Terrace SARoad 5
AhrendtHenrick Jacob6 Nov 1890West Terrace SAPlan 3
AhrendtMargaret Anne10 Sep 1957West Terrace SAPlan 3
AichElizabeth18 Dec 1857West Terrace SA
AidonisTheodoros6 Jun 1945West Terrace SARoad 2
AikenAllen21 May 1929West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AikenCatherine26 Oct 1932West Terrace SARoad 2
AikenHenry10 Apr 1885West Terrace SARoad 5
AikenHilda Kathleen10 Nov 1978West Terrace SARoad 2
AikenOliver24 May 1906West Terrace SARoad 2
AikenRobert Stewart13 Oct 1945West Terrace SARoad 2
AikenTerence29 May 1924West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AikinJean Wilhelmina24 Sep 1929West Terrace SABarker
AikmanAlfred James22 Jul 1958West Terrace SAKendrew Oval
AikmanGladys Eileen Muriel4 Aug 1936West Terrace SAPlan 3
AikmanMaxwell2 Oct 1934West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AimesSilas5 Mar 1878West Terrace SA
AimingerWilliam17 Mar 1873West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AimstionArchibald10 Jan 1880West Terrace SARoad 4
AinleyBertha2 Nov 1900West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AinscoughHarry1 Jul 1966West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AinsleyJames16 Dec 1878West Terrace SARoad 4
Ainslie2 Jan 19282 Jan 1928sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AinslieDavid23 Apr 1909West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AinsworthAlice June10 Aug 1924West Terrace SAFlinders
AinsworthAnnie21 Feb 1920West Terrace SARC Old
AinsworthCharles27 Apr 1927West Terrace SAEyre Nth
AinsworthElizabeth Oliphant21 May 1944West Terrace SAFlinders
AinsworthElsie May18 Feb 1972West Terrace SARoad 3
AinsworthEmma Mary5 Jun 1922West Terrace SASturt
AinsworthLillian22 Jun 1966West Terrace SARoad 5
AinsworthLillian Martha9 Aug 1967West Terrace SAPlan 3
AinsworthSamuel John21 Nov 1939West Terrace SAFlinders
AinsworthThelma Edith Alice13 Nov 1924West Terrace SAFlinders
AinsworthWilliam Thomas5 Oct 1949West Terrace SARoad 3
AirJack5 Jul 1928West Terrace SAEyre Nth
AirLillian Maude22 Nov 1956West Terrace SARoad 5
AirMary Ann3 Mar 1949West Terrace SAEyre
AirSarah Ann2 Jun 1922West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AirdAnnie Matilda10 May 1968West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AirdArchibald14 Jan 1942West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AirdArchibald James11 Oct 1951West Terrace SA
AirdCharles2 Jun 1948West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AirdEdith Blanche26 Jun 1950West Terrace SA
AirdFlorence Agnes10 Apr 1956West Terrace SA
AirdJohn15 Jan 1891West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AirleyCharles2 Jun 1879West Terrace SARoad 5
AirtonAgnes30 Jan 1940West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AirtonCharles4 Oct 1926West Terrace SAPlan 3
AirtonErnest14 May 1932West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AirtonFrances Elizabeth6 Dec 1917West Terrace SAPlan 3
AirtonJohn Charles3 Aug 1944West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AishRachael2 Aug 1887West Terrace SAPlan 3
AismanOttomar12 Jun 1964West Terrace SARoad 5
AistonAlfred7 Feb 1925West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AistonEdith Elsie9 Aug 1973West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AistonHilda May24 Feb 1975West Terrace SARoad 4
AistonHorace Alfred23 Feb 1943West Terrace SARoad 4
AistonLeo30 Oct 1914West Terrace SARC Old
AistonLeslie George25 Jun 1893West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistonLouisa9 Jun 1910West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistonMary Ann27 Dec 1884West Terrace SARoad 5
AistonPhyllis May27 Sep 2009West Terrace SARoad 4
AistonRebecca27 Oct 1884West Terrace SARoad 5
AistonSarah14 Jan 1937West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistonThomas Albert4 Dec 1911West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistonWalter Eustace10 Mar 1948West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
Aistrope29 Jan 191729 Jan 1917sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
AistropeAllan James Thomas13 Jan 1922West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AistropeBeatrice Maud14 Jul 1958West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistropeDennis Craig25 Jan 1966West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AistropeDoreen22 Jul 1908West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AistropeDoris May12 Feb 1908West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AistropeHenry19 Jul 1942West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AistropeJohn4 Nov 1944West Terrace SARoad 2
AitchisonJohn James22 Apr 1854West Terrace SA
AitchisonJohn William25 Jul 1951West Terrace SAPlan Z
AitchisonMabel May10 Feb 1976West Terrace SARoad 2
AitchisonMaud21 Nov 1921West Terrace SASturt
AitchisonRoland Carr6 Jul 1941West Terrace SASturt
AitchisonSarah20 Mar 1956West Terrace SAPlan Z
AitchissonJohn11 Mar 1858West Terrace SA
AithenHenry26 Jun 1884West Terrace SARoad 5
Aitken17 Oct 191717 Oct 1917sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
AitkenAlice22 Jul 1931West Terrace SAEyre
AitkenAllan James31 Jul 1929West Terrace SALight Oval
AitkenBertha M2 Jun 1992West Terrace SARoad 5
AitkenBlyth26 Jan 1954West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenClara Linda5 Dec 1937West Terrace SARC Old
AitkenDaniel Mackey14 Aug 1937West Terrace SARoad 4
AitkenDavid Thomas5 Aug 1952West Terrace SARC Old
AitkenElizabeth Sandison18 Jan 1943West Terrace SABarker
AitkenElizabeth Theresa16 Nov 1943West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenFannie18 Jul 1919West Terrace SAPlan 3
AitkenFrederick Harold2 May 1955West Terrace SAKendrew Oval
AitkenGeorge Alexander12 May 1910West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenGilbert Elliott24 Jun 1952West Terrace SA
AitkenJames26 Nov 1909West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenJames2 Sep 1922West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AitkenJames24 Jul 1945West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenJessie Millicent8 Apr 1892West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AitkenMary Matilda14 May 1938West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AitkenNellie28 Feb 1930West Terrace SARC Old
AitkenSarah1 Feb 1916West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AitkenSarah14 Nov 1939West Terrace SAWakefield
AitkinWilliam28 Sep 1887West Terrace SA
AivaliotisSocratis5 Mar 1920West Terrace SAPlan 3
AizizSolomon Aboul29 Jun 1921West Terrace SARoad A Ext
AkermanisJanis27 Dec 1949West Terrace SARoad 5
AkermanisJanis Alfreds8 Nov 1995West Terrace SARoad 5
AkermanisTekla3 Apr 1996West Terrace SARoad 5
AladdenArthur25 Mar 1854West Terrace SA
Alagich18 Sep 197218 Sep 1972sbWest Terrace SARoad C Ext
AlahiotisStamatis30 Jan 1991West Terrace SARoad 3
AlbannsFrederick Schirmer1 Dec 1932West Terrace SAEyre
AlbanusElsa Pauline29 Nov 1968West Terrace SAEyre
AlbeAlbert Edward13 Feb 1881West Terrace SARoad 5
AlbeAlfred E r6 Mar 1879West Terrace SARoad 2
AlbeAlice10 Jan 1879West Terrace SARoad 3
AlbeCharles Ernest E1 Dec 1889West Terrace SARoad 5
AlbeCharles Henry17 Feb 1885West Terrace SARoad 5
AlbenJames8 Jun 1857West Terrace SARoad 3
AlbersFrederick Herman6 Nov 1947West Terrace SARoad 5
AlbersHenrietta Mabel29 Jan 1925West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlbertAnnie Elizabeth21 Mar 1951West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlbertEveline Muriel7 Apr 1948West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlbertGeorge30 Jun 1888West Terrace SA
AlbertGwendoline31 Dec 1897West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlbertHermann Edwards3 Feb 1920West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlbertJohn15 Jun 1878West Terrace SARoad 4
AlbertSarah2 Aug 1897West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlbertiniPaul9 Sep 1940West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AlbertoJulia9 Oct 1899West Terrace SARoad 4
AlbertoJulia Adele2 May 1889West Terrace SARoad 4
AlbertsAllen31 Dec 1908West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlbertsWilliam Hermon26 Jan 1929West Terrace SABarker
AlbirchMeria2 Jun 1876West Terrace SARoad 2
AlciSaban9 Mar 2001West Terrace SAIslamic
Alcock1 Jun 19141 Jun 1914sbWest Terrace SARoad 4
Alcock29 Jan 192129 Jan 1921sbWest Terrace SAPlan 3
AlcockAnnie7 Feb 1912West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockArthur Alexander1 Sep 1859West Terrace SA
AlcockDavid Ernest16 Apr 1883West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockDavid Simpson29 Apr 1882West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlcockEdward8 Oct 1904West Terrace SAPlan Z
AlcockElizabeth Jane13 Nov 1894West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockEllen Elizabeth20 Jun 1914West Terrace SAPlan Z
AlcockErnest Edward19 Jan 1934West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockFlorence Edith11 Nov 1943West Terrace SA
AlcockFrederick William17 Sep 1914West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockJohn Lawrence25 Dec 1920West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockJoseph18 Apr 1903West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlcockOlive Ellen Jean29 Oct 1974West Terrace SARoad 4
AlcockSarah16 Jun 1853West Terrace SARoad 3
AlcornBertha10 Aug 1965West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AlcornClarice Amelia24 Feb 1920West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlcornJames17 Jul 1933West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AldenhovenHelen31 Oct 1951West Terrace SA
AlderAnne31 Oct 1975West Terrace SARoad 5
Alderige1841?11 Sep 18410West Terrace SA
AldersonAda Myrtle8 Jul 1957West Terrace SARC Old
AldersonElizabeth14 Feb 1883West Terrace SARoad 5
AldersonEllen6 Jun 1911West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AldersonGeorge16 Jul 1897West Terrace SARoad 5 East
AldersonHarrold Alfred21 Jun 1940West Terrace SAPlan 3
AldersonHenry18 Jul 1941West Terrace SALight Oval
AldersonR24 Jul 1899West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldersonRichard8 Nov 1940West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AldersonThomas9 Dec 1936West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AldersonThomas Joseph Stirley13 Jan 1939West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AldersonWilliam Alfred21 Jul 1919West Terrace SAPlan 3
AldersonWilliam Henry6 Feb 1922West Terrace SASturt
Aldi8 Dec 19668 Dec 1966sbWest Terrace SARoad A Ext
AldousArthur12 Jul 1927West Terrace SALight Oval
AldousThomas Arthur12 Dec 1930West Terrace SARoad C Ext
Aldridge10 Jul 191610 Jul 1916sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
AldridgeAda6 May 1916West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AldridgeAnnie2 Aug 1938West Terrace SARC West Gnd
AldridgeArthur George30 Nov 1950West Terrace SARoad 3
AldridgeClara1 Nov 1923West Terrace SASturt
AldridgeClara Jane16 Nov 1944West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeEdith Annie Luxford21 Nov 1947West Terrace SARoad 3
AldridgeEmma Elizabeth22 Sep 1881West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeFrank Herbert18 Apr 1931West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeFrederick James27 Oct 1902West Terrace SARoad 3
AldridgeGeorge14 Dec 1879West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeGeorge Sydney23 Aug 1911West Terrace SA
AldridgeHerbert Edward22 Jul 1935West Terrace SAEyre
AldridgeJames1 Jan 1916West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AldridgeMaria16 Feb 1898West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeMarion13 Jul 1953West Terrace SA
AldridgeMary4 Feb 1850West Terrace SA
AldridgeRichard John Henry22 Apr 1929West Terrace SABarker
AldridgeRose Clara20 Dec 1885West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeSarah Jane27 Nov 1895West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AldridgeWalter27 Jan 1875West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlecCoralie28 Jun 1972West Terrace SARoad 5
AlehnaAnna11 Jul 1973West Terrace SARoad 3
AleshinAlexander10 Jan 1983West Terrace SARoad 3
AlevizosIlias1 Oct 1991West Terrace SARoad 3
Alexander8 Sep 19138 Sep 1913sbWest Terrace SA
Alexander11 Oct 191811 Oct 1918sbWest Terrace SARoad 5
Alexander5 Sep 19235 Sep 1923sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Alexander10 Oct 192410 Oct 1924sbWest Terrace SARoad B Ext
Alexander?13 Nov 1974West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AlexanderAgnes3 Jul 1882West Terrace SARoad 2
AlexanderAgnes Grant2 Mar 1955West Terrace SA
AlexanderAndrew6 Jul 1891West Terrace SARoad 4
AlexanderAngela Smith10 Sep 1945West Terrace SA
AlexanderAnna Elizabeth Bertha30 Jul 1927West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderAnna Maria3 Jun 1912West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderArchibald17 Jul 1908West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderArthur10 May 1919West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderArthur Dudley9 Feb 1949West Terrace SA
AlexanderBenjamin Joseph8 Jan 1915West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderBertha Ethel8 Mar 1892West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderCaroline21 Nov 1940West Terrace SA
AlexanderCharles David1 Sep 1930West Terrace SABarker
AlexanderCharles George31 Aug 1944West Terrace SARoad 2
AlexanderClara Jane25 Mar 1947West Terrace SARoad 2
AlexanderClarence Roy7 Jul 1948West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderClement Albyn27 Oct 1942West Terrace SARoad 4
AlexanderConstance20 Jul 1917West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderDorothy12 Jan 1916West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderEdith10 Aug 1944West Terrace SA
AlexanderEdward Charles29 May 1932West Terrace SARoad 3
AlexanderElizabeth12 Dec 1913West Terrace SARoad 5 Ext
AlexanderEllen Agnes7 Dec 1928West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderEmily12 Jan 1935West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AlexanderEmily9 Aug 1948West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlexanderEmma Maria1 Dec 1956West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderEsther Eleanor23 Jul 1931West Terrace SAEyre
AlexanderFrancis12 Jul 1934West Terrace SABarker
AlexanderFrank George14 Jul 1928West Terrace SAEyre Nth
AlexanderFrederick16 May 1947West Terrace SA
AlexanderFrederick Albert27 Jul 1959West Terrace SAKendrew Oval
AlexanderFrederick Joseph1 Nov 1911West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderGeorge23 Dec 1890West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderGeorge14 Sep 1921West Terrace SARC Old
AlexanderGeorge Albert5 Nov 1932West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlexanderGeorge Albert W18 Jun 1916West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlexanderHarry Arthur16 Dec 1895West Terrace SAPlan Z
AlexanderHelen19 Jul 1932West Terrace SAEyre Sth
AlexanderJack21 Nov 1916West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderJack Vivian21 Jan 1914West Terrace SARoad 3
AlexanderJames Noel5 Apr 1960West Terrace SARoad C Ext
AlexanderJohanna14 Jun 1920West Terrace SARoad 3
AlexanderJohn Ernest10 Dec 1881West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderJohn Fredrick Richard11 Nov 1957West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderJohn Russell24 Jul 1921West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderJoseph3 Sep 1917West Terrace SARoad 1 Sth
AlexanderJoseph William26 Aug 1948West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderJulia27 Apr 1865West Terrace SAJewish
AlexanderLeo28 Aug 1967West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderLouisa7 Jan 1910West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlexanderLucy3 Oct 1891West Terrace SARoad 5
AlexanderLucy Henrietta29 Jun 1953West Terrace SARoad 4
AlexanderMargaret22 Aug 1883West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderMargaret29 Aug 1942West Terrace SAEyre Sth
AlexanderMary4 Nov 1895West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderMary25 Jan 1946West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AlexanderMary Dickson24 Oct 1973West Terrace SAEyre Sth
AlexanderMary Ellen8 Sep 1965West Terrace SABarker
AlexanderMay2 Jul 1943West Terrace SA
AlexanderMoritz25 Oct 1891West Terrace SAJewish
AlexanderPhilip3 Jan 1939West Terrace SARoad 3
AlexanderRichard30 Nov 1925West Terrace SAEyre Sth
AlexanderSarah29 Dec 1890West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderSavas4 Feb 1925West Terrace SAFlinders
AlexanderSophia E28 Jun 1920West Terrace SARoad 1 Nth
AlexanderStanley A H4 Dec 1912West Terrace SARoad 2
AlexanderThomas10 May 1882West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexanderVictoria Clare (10 Min)5 Oct 1922West Terrace SARoad B Ext
AlexanderWilliam Thomas17 Jul 1902West Terrace SAPlan 3
AlexandridesMaria12 Jun 1956West Terrace SARoad 2

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