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1 cemetery found

Southport NTMira Rd, Southport NT 082266

66 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BlythmanCharles H1 Jan 1877Southport NT NT
BrysonThomas3 Apr 1874Southport NT NT
CarvethRichard2 Dec 1873Southport NT NT
CheongAh11 Jan 1886Southport NT NT
ChewAh10 Dec 1887Southport NT NT
ChinTuck10 Jan 1885Southport NT NT
ChongQuong3 May 1881Southport NT NT
ChoonChung Ah2 Aug 1883Southport NT NT
ChowAh16 Aug 1880Southport NT NT
ChungLo9 Jan 1880Southport NT NT
CollettWilliam29 Dec 1877Southport NT NT
DueChin Ah19 Jun 1880Southport NT NT
FeeYoul13 Jul 1887Southport NT NT
FongAh25 Dec 1883Southport NT NT
FowAh Low13 Apr 1880Southport NT NT
FrenchWilliam3 May 1874Southport NT NT
FungAh24 Jan 1880Southport NT NT
FungChong31 Mar 1881Southport NT NT
FungLee Ah31 May 1879Southport NT NT
GoanAng19 Jan 1882Southport NT NT
GoinPow16 Jan 1880Southport NT NT
GoonAh27 Jan 1882Southport NT NT
HaChong Sing25 Feb 1881Southport NT NT
HockLim Aug6 Nov 1879Southport NT NT
HookerGeorge7 Mar 1878Southport NT NT
HoonChew30 Jan 1880Southport NT NT
HoustonJohn Dr5 Dec 1875Southport NT NT
HoyChung Ah23 Jul 1881Southport NT NT
Humsun30 Apr 1880Southport NT NT
HupYoung Seo22 Jan 1879Southport NT NT
KinYow7 Apr 1883Southport NT NT
LokAh19 Feb 1880Southport NT NT
LoonAh6 Sep 1887Southport NT NT
LoongYee22 Jun 1887Southport NT NT
LuckAh19 Apr 1880Southport NT NT
LyeAh10 May 1881Southport NT NT
McDonaldIsabella27 Jul 1879Southport NT NT
NamQuong Ping23 Oct 1881Southport NT NT
NeeAh9 Feb 1880Southport NT NT
NowSack6 Oct 1881Southport NT NT
O'DonnellJohn13 Nov 1873Southport NT NT
O'DonnellJohn24 Sep 1874Southport NT NT
OdgersWilliam27 Dec 1879Southport NT NT
Poychung20 Apr 1881Southport NT NT
PybusHenry25 Mar 1879Southport NT NT
QueyAh18 Feb 1880Southport NT NT
RoschwerJulius17 Apr 1873Southport NT NT
SeeAh5 Jan 1880Southport NT NT
SeeAh5 Jan 1881Southport NT NT
ShunNee Yung4 Feb 1880Southport NT NT
SingKey28 Apr 1879Southport NT NT
SingLin1 Oct 1881Southport NT NT
SongAh2 Nov 1883Southport NT NT
SpurginArthur C29 Oct 1881Southport NT NT
SueyAh3 Mar 1881Southport NT NT
TaitLung2 Dec 1884Southport NT NT
ThomasWilliam2 Aug 1873Southport NT NT
TokAh10 Feb 1881Southport NT NT
WahLIm8 Jun 1880Southport NT NT
WahLoo4 Jun 1880Southport NT NT
WilkinsonHenry20 Nov 1876Southport NT NT
YawSack8 Dec 1881Southport NT NT
YeanHong21 Oct 1881Southport NT NT
YonkAh22 Feb 1880Southport NT NT
YuAh20 Nov 1879Southport NT NT
YuChong21 Nov 1879Southport NT NT

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