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Yarra St MarysHume Highway, Yarra via Goulburn NSW 258043

43 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Allen (Apps)Doris Olive24 Apr 190211 Sep 198280formerly Earle; dau/William & Olive M Harriet; b. Goulburn Nsw, Australia; w/Leslie Thomas (Earle) & Richard JamesYarra St Marys NSW
AppsAlfred Reuben1898?13 Jun 192125y 9mson/Reuben & RoseinaYarra St Marys NSW
AppsCecil16 Nov 187610 Jun 196184son/Reuben & Elizabeth Amor (Spackman); b. Breadalbane, NSW, Australia; h/Cisily Alma Selisha Melita (Weeks)Yarra St Marys NSW
Apps (Weeks)Cisily Alma Selisha Melita6 Sep 187923 Jul 195172dau/George Thomas & Cisily Ellen (Small); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/CecilYarra St Marys NSW
AppsHaroldJun?19097 Dec 192314son/Reuben & RoseinaYarra St Marys NSW
Apps (Croker)Mabel Edna1908?4 Apr 193527dau/Joseph R & Janet A; w/Percival CecilYarra St Marys NSW
Apps (Barker)Maree Hope16 Dec 192023 Jul 199372w/Percival CecilYarra St Marys NSW
AppsMyrtle Alfred7 Jun 19214 Nov 19210dau/Henry Lealan & Ivy Myra (Bowmer); b. Goulburn, NSW, AustraliaYarra St Marys NSW
Apps (Crouch)Olive Mary Hannah11 Dec 187727 Jun 192648dau/Samuel Burton & Harriet (Bourne); b. Yarra Nsw, Australia; w/WilliamYarra St Marys NSW
AppsPercival Cecil1 Feb 190613 May 199488son/Cecil & Cisily Alma Selisha M; h/Mabel Edna (Croker) & Maree Hope (Barker)Yarra St Marys NSW
AppsReuben3 Oct 186727 Mar 193871son/Reuben & Mary (Footes); b. Breadalbane, NSW, Australia; h/Rosanna (Gillard)Yarra St Marys NSW
Apps (Gillard)Rosenna18752 Oct 196287dau/Henry & Matilda; w/ReubenYarra St Marys NSW
AppsSeymour9 Dec 18468 Mar 191770son/William & Philadelphia (Footes); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Caroline (Friend)Yarra St Marys NSW
AppsSeymour Ernest1879?1955son/Seymour & CarolineYarra St Marys NSW
AppsSeymour William187930 Jun 195475son/Seymour & Caroline (Friend); b. Goulburn, NSW, AustraliaYarra St Marys NSW
AppsWilliam10 Dec 18614 Feb 194179son/Reuben & Mary; b. Campbelltown Nsw, Australia; h/Olive Mary Hannah (Crouch)Yarra St Marys NSW
AtkinsonAndrew James20 Feb 18740son/MaryYarra St Marys NSW
AylingBetsey1823?27 Jan 190177dau/William & ElizabethYarra St Marys NSW
AylingHarriet1851?26 Sep 190251dau/George & ElizabethYarra St Marys NSW
BarkerCharles1856?18 Sep 192468son/Benjamin & MaryYarra St Marys NSW
BrownAnne Jane1855?26 Dec 189843dau/William & EleanorYarra St Marys NSW
ClarkeDavid1826?30 Oct 189165son/Samuel; h/ElizabethYarra St Marys NSW
Clarke (Roper)Elizabeth1817?5 Jul 191093w/DavidYarra St Marys NSW
ClarkeMary185827 Jul 187821dau/David & Elizabeth; b. Goulburn NSW, AustraliaYarra St Marys NSW
CrouchDora Louisa M23 Mar 18855 Jul 18850dau/Samuel Burton & Harriet (Bourne); b. Goulburn Nsw, AustraliaYarra St Marys NSW
Crouch (Bourne)Harriet23 Sep 1852Feb 192572dau/John & Mary; w/SamuelYarra St Marys NSWwith Samuel Crouch
CrouchSamuel Burton9 May 18527 Sep 192068son/Samuel & Hannah Eady (Matthews); b. Goulburn Nsw, Australia; h/Harriet (Bourne)Yarra St Marys NSW
CrouchTrixie Mavis Linda13 Aug 19097 Aug 19100dau/Samuel Ernest & Olive Mercy (Gillett); b. Goulburn Nsw, AustraliaYarra St Marys NSW
JonesLumley Edward1899?27 Apr 195960son/Edward William & Mary Jane; h/Shirley Harriet (Apps)Yarra St Marys NSW
Jones (Apps)Shirley Harriet1904?17 Jun 198177dau/William & Olive Harriet; w/Lumley EdwardYarra St Marys NSW
JordanHenry1808?23 Aug 188072Yarra St Marys NSW
LangJohn1859?7 Oct 188021son/Thomas & JuliaYarra St Marys NSW
LynehamCharles TMar 187725 Jun 18770son/George & MaryYarra St Marys NSW
LynehamGeorge1838?18 May 188547son/Terence & Mary; h/MaryYarra St Marys NSW
LynehamMaryJun?187113 Dec 18721dau/George & MaryYarra St Marys NSW
LynehamSarahDec 18776 Mar 18780dau/George & MaryYarra St Marys NSW
LynehamStanley OswaldMay 18816 Sep 18810son/George & MaryYarra St Marys NSW
OakleyWalter Lewis1859?20 Dec 192970h/MaryYarra St Marys NSW
SmithBruce Clyde1941?5 Feb 199755Yarra St Marys NSW
SmithCharles1880?16 Dec 193858son/Charles & Teresa; h/Letitia E (Nobes)Yarra St Marys NSW
SmithGeorge R1872?22 Nov 193260son/Charles & TeresaYarra St Marys NSW
SmithLouisa MAug 187525 Feb 18760dau/John & ElizabethYarra St Marys NSW
TravisAustinOct 188022 Dec 18800son/James E & ElizabethYarra St Marys NSW

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