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Collector AnglicanBourke Street, Collector NSW 2581109

105 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BakerSamuel1810?19 Nov 189585son/John & JaneCollector Anglican NSWAng
BamfordPeter Leslie Mark28 Oct 197821 Dec 200426Collector Anglican NSWAng
BoatfieldJamesFeb 1872son/John & MaryCollector Anglican NSWAng
CartwrightIsabella1842?Jul 186018dau/Robert (Rev) & IsabellaCollector Anglican NSWAng
Costello (Rosewarn)Julia1884?21 Nov 196379dau/Charles & Sarah; w/James EdwardCollector Anglican NSWAng
DavisLyle22 Oct 192715 Feb 201183Collector Anglican NSWAng
DobieRaymondMar?194727 Dec 195710son/John & EthelCollector Anglican NSWAng
GillJoseph1849?11 Apr 192677son/Samuel & MaryCollector Anglican NSWAng
GillSamuel James1846?11 May 192276son/Samuel & MaryCollector Anglican NSWAng
Granger (Sheridan)Ada Margaret1868?23 Mar 194980dau/John & Lovey; w/George WilliamCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerAdrian Sheridan16 Aug 19344 Feb 200873Collector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerAmy Margaret1898?17 May 196870dau/George William & Ada MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerAndrew John6 Jul 196931 Jul 198819Collector Anglican NSWAng
Granger (Noble)Clara1910?24 Dec 198373w/George AlbertCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerGeorge Albert1903?2 Sep 198077son/George William & Ada Margaret; h/ClaraCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerGeorge William1867?17 Sep 195588son/Dama & Sarah; h/Ada MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerHarry Sheridan24 Mar 190127 May 196564son/George William & Ada Margaret; h/Lillian MargeryCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerHarry William25 Jun 192821 Jun 197748Collector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerJennifer Jane9 Sep 193820 Nov 19380dau/Harry Sheridan & Lillian MargeryCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerJohn Francis20 Jan 196818 Feb 200436son/Kevin & MaryCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerKevin George1 May 19338 Aug 200269h/MaryCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrangerLeslie0son/George Albert & ClaraCollector Anglican NSWAng
Granger (Pidgeon)Lillian Margery2 Nov 190421 Nov 199187w/Harry SheridanCollector Anglican NSWAng
GrocockFrancisJun 187?53?son/Francis & Sarah ACollector Anglican NSWAng
HadlowJames Gordon Cooper1893?10 Aug 195966son/Mary A; h/Mildred ACollector Anglican NSWAng
HeazlettJohn Henry Ferguson1875?27 Dec 194974son/David & Mary; h/Mary May; 1062Collector Anglican NSWAng
HeazlettMary May1878?25 Jul 197395dau/William & Jean; w/John Henry FergusonCollector Anglican NSWAng
HillJulian Ledger19271983b. KenyaCollector Anglican NSWAng
HowardReginald John1915?30 Apr 196146son/Norman Stanley H & Violet MayCollector Anglican NSWAng
HutchinsAlice Florence Lillian1910?20 Oct 199787dau/George & Mary Elizabeth ACollector Anglican NSWAng
HutchinsGeorge John1912?30 Jun 197058son/George & Mary Elizabeth ACollector Anglican NSWAng
HutchinsWilliam Ford1917?31 Dec 199275son/George & Mary Elizabeth ACollector Anglican NSWAng
Kimberley (Hincksman)Emma1824?3 Sep 190985dau/Edward & Elizabeth (Newns); b. Shropshire, England; w/ThomasCollector Anglican NSWAng
KimberleyThomas1820?3 Jul 190282son/Benjamin; h/EmmaCollector Anglican NSWAng
LongleyWilliam PercyNov?18806 Feb 18832son/Frederick & Catherine ACollector Anglican NSWAng
Marlin (Brown)Florence Lillian May26 Nov 1951dau/Benjamin & Sarah; w/William OwenCollector Anglican NSWAng
MarlinWilliam Owen7 Nov 1931son/Michael & Mary; h/Florence Lillian MayCollector Anglican NSWAng
MayNeville Eric20 Oct 191731 Jan 197860son/Francis & Agnes Gertrude; h/Bessie; NX192722Collector Anglican NSWAng
McCarthyBaby0Collector Anglican NSWAng
McGarryCatherine1819?28 May 186546dau/John & Mary; w/PatrickCollector Anglican NSWAng
McGarryJoseph1850?5 Mar 192574son/Patrick & CatherineCollector Anglican NSWAng
McGarryPatrick1815?3 Feb 186751son/Charles & Margaret; h/CatherineCollector Anglican NSWAng
MortonPercy Thomas1897?29 Jun 197679son/William John & Elizabeth AdaCollector Anglican NSWAng
MortonWalter Henry1914?9 Mar 196348son/William John & Elizabeth AdaCollector Anglican NSWAng
Nelson (Police Constable)Samuel26 Jan 1865son/Samuel & ElizabethCollector Anglican NSWAng
NobleBarry George1930?26 Jan 194312son/Mark & Alice RubeinaCollector Anglican NSWAng
NobleLon1928?29 Jul 198860Collector Anglican NSWAng
PoidevinAnnie Clarice1916?13 Dec 193519dau/Francis Joseph & Lovey AppoloniaCollector Anglican NSWAng
Poidevin (Morton)Edna Lillian1917?23 Mar 199173dau/William J & Elizabeth A; w/Lindsay RobertCollector Anglican NSWAng
PoidevinLinday Robert1914?19 Nov 197359son/Francis Joseph & Lovey Appolonia; h/Edna LillianCollector Anglican NSWAng
PoidevinLovey Appolonia1884?14 Feb 196479dau/Robert & Hannah; w/Francis JosephCollector Anglican NSWAng
Poll (Sheridan)Eva1967formerly Milton; dau/Benjamin Henry & Sarah Euphemia; w/Edward H (Milton) & Angus RobertCollector Anglican NSWAng
PooleWilliam1775?185479Collector Anglican NSWAng
RabjohnsAlice1855?3 Oct 190449dau/Henry & Jane (Gale)Collector Anglican NSWAng
RabjohnsHenry1824?28 Apr 190884h/Jane (Gale)Collector Anglican NSWAng
Rabjohns (Gale)Jane1815?8 Jan 187660dau/John & Mary; w/HenryCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewarnCharles Albert1874?22 Aug 193965son/Charles & Sarah AnnCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewarnElizabeth Sarah1876?9 Dec 196084Collector Anglican NSWAng
Rosewarn (Hadlow)Evelyn Margaret1907?5 Nov 197568dau/Albert Charles & Elizabeth Jane; w/Stephen CharlesCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewarnIrene DorisJan 1948?8 Jul 19502dau/Stephen Charles & Evelyn MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewarnStephen C1905?6 May 199186son/Charles A & Elizabeth S; h/Evelyn MCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewarnStephen Charles1940?9 Aug 19422son/Stephen Charles & Evelyn MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewornAlfred1854?30 Aug 186511son/John & JuliaCollector Anglican NSWAng
RosewornJohn1822?15 Aug 186139son/John & Mary; h/JuliaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanAmy Isabella1871?2 Aug 191342dau/John & LoveyCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanArthur Fred2 Mar 192812 Aug 199365h/MoiraCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanBenjamin HenryNov?185816 May 189334son/John & Lovey; h/Sarah EuphemiaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanDaphne V1929?16 Dec 199061w/JohnCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanDudley William1887?2 Mar 192436son/William & Margaret; h/Eileen M (Price)Collector Anglican NSWAng
Sheridan (Stephens)Elizabeth1857?19 Jul 192972dau/John & Ann; w/William JohnCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanElizabeth1857?6 Aug 194588dau/Alexander & Elizabeth; w/Robert HopsonCollector Anglican NSWAng
Sheridan (Shoemark)Emma1865?15 Mar 190438dau/Henry & Rhoda; w/John ThomasCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanFred Parker23 Sep 189414 Jul 195763son/John Thomas & Emma (Shoemark); h/Rose Geraldine (Westley)Collector Anglican NSWAng
Sheridan (Rabjohns)Hannah M L (Annie)1861191150dau/Henry & Jane (Gale); w/RobertCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanHarriett1820?13 Dec 189878dau/George; w/WilliamCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanIris May26 Oct 1922dau/Walter Kingsmill & Frances LCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanJamesson/Robert & AnnieCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanJohn1815?27 Feb 188670son/Hopson & Margaret; b. Kildare, Ireland; h/Lovey (Heaslip)Collector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanJohn ASep 192226 Mar 19230son/Jack C & Dora KCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanJohn Thomas1860?6 Feb 193271son/John & Lovey; h/EmmaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanLilly1899?18 Apr 196869dau/John Thomas & EmmaCollector Anglican NSWAng
Sheridan (Heaslip)Lovey1831?29 Mar 191381dau/Robert (Biological Father= Henry) & Margaret (Biological Mother - Jane); w/JohnCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanOlive May1891?14 Mar 195563dau/John Thomas & EmmaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanPercy0son/Robert & AnnieCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanRobert18561926son/William & Harriet; h/Hannah M LCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanRobert Hopson1852?18 Jul 193583son/John & Lovey; h/ElizabethCollector Anglican NSWAng
Sheridan (Westley)Rose Geraldine1893?21 Mar 197682dau/Charles & Mary Anne; w/Fred ParkerCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanSarah18891889dau/Benjamin Henry & Sarah EuphemiaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanSarah Euphemia18591942w/Benjamin HenryCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanSylvia Mabel18871942dau/Benjamin Henry & Sarah EuphemiaCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWalterson/Robert & AnnieCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWalter Kingsmill1892?9 Sep 193442son/William John & Elizabeth; h/Frances LCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWilliam1809?23 Oct 187970son/Hobson & Margaret; h/HarriettCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWilliam1854?5 Nov 190753son/William & Harriet; h/MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWilliam Arthur1892?13 May 195664son/William & MargaretCollector Anglican NSWAng
SheridanWilliam John1844?4 Jul 191369son/John & Lovey; h/ElizabethCollector Anglican NSWAng
ThomsonThomas1809?11 Jun 184940Collector Anglican NSWAng
WaddellMary Ann1856?Jun 187519dau/John J & AnnCollector Anglican NSWAng
WalshJohn William1860?12 Jul 193676son/Walter & Mary Ann; h/Rebecca AnnCollector Anglican NSWAng
WalshMary Ann1829?4 Aug 190374dau/WilliamCollector Anglican NSWAng
Walsh (Poidevin)Rebecca Ann1854?30 Jul 190753dau/Peter & Rebecca; w/John WilliamCollector Anglican NSWAng
WalshStephen Joseph1865?23 May 194176son/Walter & Mary AnnCollector Anglican NSWAng
WestleyMary Ann1857?16 Nov 195194dau/William Henry & LavinaCollector Anglican NSWAng
Worden (Wakartt)Clara1861?4 Jan 188927dau/Michael & Catherine; b. Goulburn, NSW; w/JohnCollector Anglican NSWAng
WordenMay SarahJun 18881 Apr 18890dau/John & Clara (Wakartt); b. Collector, NSWCollector Anglican NSWAng

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