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InverellAshford Road, Inverell NSW 23603236

23 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AhernWilliam Peter186328 Feb 190845son/John & Mary (Dillon); h/Johanna Veronica (Haid)Inverell NSW
Beckett (Lute)Adelaide Ann27 Oct 188330 Jun 196277dau/John & Mary Dinah (Budden); b. Howell, NSW, Australia; w/James AndrewInverell NSWAng B
BeckettJames Andrew11 Mar 18863 May 196175son/James & Elizabeth Jane (Dunshea); b. Inverell, NSW, Australia; h/Adelaide Ann (Lute)Inverell NSWAng B
Briggs (Ditton)Elizabeth Martha23 Mar 188315 Dec 196582dau/William & Sarah (Handebo); b. Guyra, NSW, Australia; w/Jeremiah JohnInverell NSWAng B
Chippindall (Read)Susan1826?26 Sep 1908formerly Cobham; dau/Mary (Read); b. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England; w/Augustus Frederick (Cobham) & John GilesInverell NSWPres
DewberryArnold Theodore16 Jun 192312 Aug 200582son/Thomas Ridgeway & Grace (Baxter); b. Inverell, NSW, Australia; h/Peggy June (Jeffries); NX177706Inverell NSWCol
DewberryCharles James187912 Mar 194163son/William & Charlotte Mary (Bennett); b. Walcha, NSW, Australia; h/Florence Stasia (Ryan)Inverell NSWRC
DewberryDonna Marie12 Mar 196711 Oct 199730dau/Arnold Theodore & Peggy June (Jeffries)Inverell NSWCol
DewberryFay Ellen194123 Oct 197837dau/Lloyd James & Maud Myrtle (Little); b. Inverell, NSW, AustraliaInverell NSW
Dewberry (Ryan)Florence Stasia188023 Mar 193959dau/Cornelius J & Johannah Mary (Kelly); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; w/Charles JamesInverell NSW
Dewberry (Baxter)Grace189625 Jul 197781dau/Thomas & Isabella (Johnson); b. Tenterden, NSW, Australia; w/Thomas RidgewayInverell NSWAng B
DewberryHenry ROct 19179 Mar 19180son/Thomas Ridgeway & Grace (Baxter); b. Inverell, NSW, AustraliaInverell NSWAng
DewberryJohn Joseph23 Feb 191520 May 197257son/Charles James & Florence Stasia (Ryan); b. Inverell, NSW, Australia; h/Alma Mary (Sheehan); N169378Inverell NSW
DewberryLloyd James22 Oct 190721 Dec 197164son/Charles James & Florence Stasia (Ryan); b. Bendemeer, NSW, Australia; h/Maud Myrtle (Little)Inverell NSW
Dewberry (Little)Maud Myrtle28 Jan 190831 Oct 195244dau/William Christopher & Alice (Fleming); b. Tingha, NSW, Australia; w/Lloyd JamesInverell NSWRC
DewberryPamela Ann194225 Mar 19420dau/Lloyd James & Maud Myrtle (Little); b. Inverell, NSW, AustraliaInverell NSWRC
DewberryPeter Colin194814 Oct 198133son/Lloyd James & Maud Myrtle (Little); b. Inverell, NSW, AustraliaInverell NSW
DewberryThomas Ridgeway12 Dec 188318 Aug 196076son/William & Charlotte Mary (Bennett); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; h/Grace (Baxter)Inverell NSWAng B
Percival (Orton)Lyllian Agnes19158 Aug 200994dau/Henry & Lily V (Young); b. Wellington, NSW, Australia; w/Stanley Mervyn SuttorInverell NSWCremation
Rixon (Power)Elizabeth Esther187230 Oct 195280dau/Thomas & Ann; b. Bega, NSW, Australia; w/JamesInverell NSW
RixonJames2 Oct 1940son/James & Sarah (Spears); h/Elizabeth Esther (Power)Inverell NSWAnglican
ThompsonEdith Evelyn9 Mar 191015 Sep 197261formerly Little; dau/John & Edith (Heathfield); b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; w/William Francis (Little) & John ThomasInverell NSW
ThompsonJohn Thomas6 Jul 19095 Sep 198778son/Joseph William & Mary Selina (Ford); b. Hillgrove, NSW, Australia; h/Edith Evelyn (Ford); NX9378Inverell NSW

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