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1 cemetery found

PeelBathurst Road, Peel NSW 2795100

100 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BowieArthur H3 Aug 192127 Dec 200079Peel NSW
BowieJames16 Apr 2004Peel NSW
BrettMary1832?11 Feb 190067Peel NSW
ChurchesHerbert Wallace7 May 186615 Jan 194982son/George & Sophia (Beauchamp); b. Kelso, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Ann Caroline (Anderson)Peel NSWAng
ChurchesIvy Caroline1888?4 May 193345Peel NSW
Churches (Anderson)Mary Ann CarolineMar?187320 Dec 191138w/Herbert WallacePeel NSW
Clapham (Suttor)Alice Augusta23 May 185124 Dec 192776w/George SamuelPeel NSW
ClaphamAlice Celia May9 May 189521 Mar 191418dau/George Samuel & Alice AugustaPeel NSW
ClaphamCharles Samuel Camidge1 Apr 188812 Aug 18902son/George Samuel & Alice AugustaPeel NSW
ClaphamColin Dean13 Sep 192511 Jul 198155son/George Peel & Rosina Louise (Beavis)Peel NSW
ClaphamGeorge Peel24 Jun 188028 Dec 195373son/George Samuel & Alice Augusta; b. Bathurst, NSW, Australia; h/Rosina Louise (Beavis)Peel NSWAng
ClaphamGeorge Samuel6 Feb 185127 Feb 193584h/Alice Augusta (Suttor)Peel NSW
ClaphamLilian Augusta Australia22 Jul 189129 Sep 196473dau/George Samuel & Alice AugustaPeel NSW
ClaphamMary Grosvenor6 Nov 188324 Mar 194460dau/George Samuel & Alice AugustaPeel NSW
ClaphamPauline Adelaide27 Oct 18868 Aug 18903dau/George Samuel & Alice AugustaPeel NSW
Clapham (Beavis)Rosina Louise2 Jun 188827 Sep 195365dau/Horace Colin Dean & Emma Weston (Bailey); b. Bathurst, NSW, Australia; w/George PeelPeel NSW
ConnellCharles Bernard28 Apr 18661 Aug 192661son/Patrick & Mary Ann; b. Forbes, New South Wales, Australia; h/Mary Ann (Frecklington) & Irene Alice Margaret (Clapham)Peel NSW
Connell (Clapham)Irene Alice Margaret28 Jan 18823 Feb 196381dau/George Samuel & Alice Augusta (Suttor); b. East Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia; w/Charles BernardPeel NSW
ConnellMary Margaret1 Nov 191112 Jan 19131dau/Charles Bernard & Irene Alice Margaret (Clapham); b. Wattle Flat, New South Wales, AustraliaPeel NSW
DempseyIda Josephine1881?6 Jan 196987dau/James & Jane MarthaPeel NSW
DempseyJames10 Oct 18535 Aug 194894son/William & Margaret (O'Neil); b. Peel, NSW, Australia; h/Jane Martha (Handcock)Peel NSWRC
Dempsey (Handcock)Jane Martha18575 Aug 193578b. Peel, NSW, Australia; w/JamesPeel NSW
DempseyMarjorie1893?8 Jun 197885dau/James & Jane MarthaPeel NSW
DempseyPercival1898?14 Apr 197375son/James & Jane MarthaPeel NSW
DempseyTeresa Annie1887?18 Jul 191225dau/James & Jane MarthaPeel NSW
DempseyWilliam James15 Mar 187815 Jun 194062son/James & Jane MarthaPeel NSW
FlynnFlorence MayNov?188517 Jul 190317dau/John E & Selina JanePeel NSW
FlynnJohn E1856?19 Apr 189741h/Selina JanePeel NSW
FlynnJohn William24 Dec 18817 Feb 193048son/John & B SelinaPeel NSW
Flynn (Mead)Selina Jane1858?7 Jan 192566w/John EPeel NSW
Gatty (Clapham)Margaret1822?12 Sep 189270w/AlexanderPeel NSW
Graham (Pickup)Anna Elizabeth1852?15 Feb 191461w/RobertPeel NSW
Graham (Evers)Dorothy Maud1898?16 Apr 197173w/RobertPeel NSW
GrahamFrederick George1892?19 Aug 197785h/Zilla CarolinePeel NSW
GrahamGeorge RobertDec 192321 Feb 19240son/Francis & Ethel APeel NSW
GrahamRobert1846?18 Mar 190457h/Anna ElizabethPeel NSW
GrahamRobert10 Aug 18837 Oct 195470son/Robert & Anna Elizabeth (Pickup); b. Bathurst, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy Maude (Evers)Peel NSW
Graham (Marshall)Zilla Caroline1899?4 Feb 196666w/Frederick GeorgePeel NSW
GravitisMischa Thor18 Mar 197625 Aug 200024Peel NSW
Grist (Finch)Elizabeth1818?14 Jan 190182w/JohnPeel NSW
GristEmily Jane1860?2 Oct 194888dau/John & ElizabethPeel NSW
GristJohnJul?181824 Jan 190687h/ElizabethPeel NSW
GristWilliam R1862?27 Jun 194987son/John & ElizabethPeel NSW
GruberMuriel21 Sep 1928Peel NSW
InwoodAnn1882?8 Jul 197492w/Norman APeel NSW
InwoodEldon WellesleySep?191125 Jun 19164son/Norman A & AnnPeel NSW
Inwood (Mara)Isobel Mary1888?10 Feb 197384w/William JamesPeel NSW
InwoodJohn WilliamAug?19341 Jun 19427son/Kenneth William & Ada KathleenPeel NSW
InwoodNorman Fredrick27 May 1948Peel NSW
InwoodWilliam James1879?18 Sep 196586h/Isobel MaryPeel NSW
KingGeorge1851?15 Mar 193179Peel NSW
Loudoun-ShandJohn E E19 May 19483 Feb 199445Peel NSW
MarshallGeorge Herbert1863?28 Oct 194380h/Lydia ElizabethPeel NSW
MarshallLydia Elizabeth1866?26 Feb 193568w/George HerbertPeel NSW
MarshallPercival George25 Mar 19032 Feb 194036son/George Herbert & Lydia ElizabethPeel NSW
MelbourneLeslie Thomas28 Feb 19245 Jan 199974h/GlenPeel NSW
MetcraftJack27 May 1976Peel NSW
OwensCharles Henry1868?20 Dec 194274son/John & MaryPeel NSW
OwensJohn1816?9 Jan 188669h/MaryPeel NSW
OwensMary1831?15 May 190978w/JohnPeel NSW
Pratley (Rich)Caroline Bagnall1910?15 Jul 198676w/Walter ThomasPeel NSW
PratleyWalter Thomas1906?27 Jun 198680h/Caroline BagnallPeel NSW
ReadEbenezer1833?25 Sep 190269h/JuliaPeel NSW
Read (Kemshall)Juliaw/EbenezerPeel NSW
ReddingAlfredPeel NSW
ReddingCharlesPeel NSW
ReddingEmeliePeel NSW
ReddingFannyPeel NSW
ReddingFrankPeel NSW
ReddingJanePeel NSW
ReddingJessiePeel NSW
Redding (Kirkpatrick)Jessie1886?21 Apr 197791w/William HaroldPeel NSW
ReddingWilliamPeel NSW
ReddingWilliam Harold1885?28 Nov 193752h/JessiePeel NSW
SuttorCelia Annw/John GeorgePeel NSW
SuttorEdwin Clarke5 Dec 18185 Feb 189879son/George & SarahPeel NSW
SuttorFrances Sarah12 Jun 184510 Jun 193589Peel NSW
SuttorGeorge Frederick21 Aug 188419 Mar 18850son/John George & Celia AnnPeel NSW
SuttorHenry Edward15 Jun 18437 Aug 193592h/MaryPeel NSW
SuttorHilda Louise18781956dau/John George & Celia AnnPeel NSW
SuttorJohn George7 Sep 184128 Apr 188745h/Celia AnnPeel NSW
SuttorJohn Myles1876?21 Sep 195074son/John George & Celia AnnPeel NSWAng
Suttor (Kemmis)Mary1858?7 Dec 194991w/Henry EdwardPeel NSW
SuttorMary Grosvenor7 Nov 180821 Apr 188980w/Thomas CharlesPeel NSW
SuttorOswald Leslie Allworth9 Jun 188028 Mar 18843son/John George & Celia AnnPeel NSW
SuttorPhilip Francis3 Aug 18829 Apr 18841son/John George & Celia AnnPeel NSW
SuttorThomas Charles13 Jan 180428 Oct 188985h/Mary GrosvenorPeel NSW
ThomsonHenry1846?1 Jan 191366h/Sarah HarrietPeel NSW
ThomsonSarah Harriet1854?27 May 194591w/HenryPeel NSW
ThomsonWalter V1877?14 Mar 194062son/Henry & Sarah HarrietPeel NSW
ThomsonWilliam CJun 18917 Apr 18920son/Henry & Sarah HarrietPeel NSW
TrevittElizabeth1872?17 Mar 188411Peel NSW
TrevittElva1888?21 Aug 190315dau/George & Harriet ElizabethPeel NSW
TrevittGeorge1848?24 Oct 192678h/Harriet ElizabethPeel NSW
TrevittGeorge Spurway31 May 1950Peel NSWAng
TrevittHarriet Elizabeth1847?21 Apr 192477w/GeorgePeel NSW
TrevittLouise1871?15 Aug 195584dau/George & Harriet ElizabethPeel NSW
TrevittViolet1883?11 Aug 189512dau/George & Harriet ElizabethPeel NSW
Wilson (Dempsey)Florence Mary1883?17 Mar 196682w/Joseph HPeel NSW
WilsonJames Henry1907?25 Dec 196053son/Joseph H & Florence MaryPeel NSW

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