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1 cemetery found

Kempsey WestBroughton Street, Kempsey NSW 24402452

13 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArmstrongJames187323 Jul 194370son/George Walter & Mary Ann (Slatery); b. Bendock, Victoria, Australia; h/Mabel Susan (Blyton)Kempsey West NSWPbn
Armstrong (Blyton)Mabel Susan187529 Jan 195884dau/James & Susan (Moore); b. Cooma, NSW, Australia; w/JamesKempsey West NSWPbn
BettsJames Henry1850?1 Feb 192575son/James & Sarah (Briggs); b. Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England; h/Clara (Walker) & Catherine Ann (Anderson)Kempsey West NSWUtg
Carrett (Axam)Minnie Isabella6 Mar 189124 Oct 196371dau/Charles & Sarah (Blow); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; w/Walter WilliamKempsey West NSWRC
CarrettWalter William1 May 189125 May 196069son/Charles Alfred & Mary Jane (Studman); b. Dubbo, NSW, Australia; h/Minnie Isabella (Axam)Kempsey West NSWRC
Cheers (Rideout)Freda Rose10 Jun 190724 Jan 194234dau/Sidney George Charlton & Serena May (Hunt); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/James DouglasKempsey West NSWUtg
CroadCyril Henry George189731 Jan 198083son/Henry Joseph & Eva (Field); b. Bellingen, NSW, Australia; h/Katherine Florence Eva (Lisson)Kempsey West NSWPbn
Croad (Lisson)Katherine Florence Eva1900199797dau/Pascal Monge & Katherine Theresa (Bourke); b. Burwood, NSW, Australia; w/Cyril Henry GeorgeKempsey West NSWPbn
LawsonJohn1845191469son/Christopher & Mary A; b. Fredericktown, NSW, Australia; h/Emily Ann (Scott)Kempsey West NSW
PeadeAlfred Alexander186528 Feb 195489son/Alexander & Emma (Webb); b. Manning River, NSW, Australia; h/Theresa Nivelles (Lovell)Kempsey West NSWRC
Peade (Lovell)Theresa Nivelles23 Mar 186630 Sep 195488dau/James Hains Frederick & Eliza (James); b. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred AlexanderKempsey West NSWRC
RideoutEdward Horton2 Jun 19139 May 196551son/William Henry & Amy Augusta (Byrne); b. Macksville, NSW, Australia; h/Myrtle Heather (MacKenzie)Kempsey West NSWPbn
Rideout (MacKenzie)Myrtle Heather1917?4 Jun 199780dau/William & Agnes (Griffin); w/Edward HortonKempsey West NSWPbn

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