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1 cemetery found

Atherton New LawnNasser Rd, Atherton QLD 488336

32 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AldridgeStanley Raymond23 Nov 192821 Oct 201283h/ValAtherton New Lawn QLD1397
AldridgeValerie Kathleen22 Nov 19322 Oct 201380w/StanAtherton New Lawn QLD1397
Bennett (Hastie)Isabel Ada24 Aug 191417 Nov 200591Atherton New Lawn QLD1345
CollinsEdna Alison4 Feb 19225 Sep 199876w/JoeAtherton New Lawn QLD896
CollinsEnid Marie C14 Jul 19226 Oct 200886Atherton New Lawn QLD
CollinsMichael Dowse6 Jun 193919 May 200767b. Tully, Qld, AustraliaAtherton New Lawn QLD1296
CollinsRonald Dowse22 Jan 191828 Sep 198971Atherton New Lawn QLD319
DaleyGlen Vincent6 Jan 195913 Jul 200647son/Brian & BeverlyAtherton New Lawn QLD1319
DaleyRobert Colin10 May 191918 Dec 199374QX15271Atherton New Lawn QLD
FogginJoseph Spencer24 Aug 192519 Mar 198761Atherton New Lawn QLD262
Gargan (Strang)Margaret1913?5 Jun 198269Atherton New Lawn QLD15
Halbert (Grant)Carole Jemima Jean9 Mar 194212 Jan 199855b. Mareeba, Qld, Australia; w/DaleAtherton New Lawn QLD
HalbertEdmund10 Jul 19143 Jun 200186h/RietaAtherton New Lawn QLD
HastieAlex16 Jul 19099 Apr 199787Atherton New Lawn QLD656
HastieCharles Fuelling30 Jun 19136 Sep 199279Atherton New Lawn QLD576
HastieEdith Alice8 Dec 190618 Jun 199992Atherton New Lawn QLD918
HastieEleanor1925201186Atherton New Lawn QLD1416
HastieJane Hume 'Jean"29 Apr 190825 Jan 200495dau/William & AmyAtherton New Lawn QLD1008
HastieJohn Stafford1911?24 Oct 198271Atherton New Lawn QLD34
HastieLeonard George Herbert1908?20 Mar 198274Atherton New Lawn QLD7
Ingram (Hastie)Daisy Hume9 Aug 191010 Feb 198978w/JohnAtherton New Lawn QLD333
IngramJohn Graham22 Nov 193310 Aug 200167Atherton New Lawn QLD949
LawsonJohn Francis13 Nov 192031 Mar 199473Atherton New Lawn QLD490
MacLeanMargaret Anne1914199783w/DonAtherton New Lawn QLD763
PaveyArthur Albert8 Sep 191121 Jun 199179son/Bertie Crouch & Christina Elizabeth (Hall); b. QLD; h/Catherine Maud (Newman) & Emily EsobelAtherton New Lawn QLD
PaveyEmily Esobel14 Jun 2001w/Arthur AlbertAtherton New Lawn QLD
StrangFrances May20 Oct 19174 Jul 200183Atherton New Lawn QLD955
SuhlePatricia Jean192513 Apr 198761Atherton New Lawn QLD278
ThompsonPhillip22 Oct 19451 Apr 201064h/ShirleyAtherton New Lawn QLD
WalshAudrey28 May 193920 Jan 201373Atherton New Lawn QLD1551
WalshBrian Noel12 Dec 193711 Dec 201577h/AudreyAtherton New Lawn QLD1551
WalshHerbert William22 Feb 19175 Feb 198971Atherton New Lawn QLD332

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