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Vault Hill (Antill)Remembrance Driveway, Picton NSW 257124

24 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AntillCelia Farrington (2)13 Oct 186110 Jan 192866dau/John Macquarie & Jessie Hassall (Campbell); b. Picton NSWVault Hill NSW
AntillEdward Augustus (Major)4 Dec 186719 Mar 190537son/John Macquarie & Jessie Hassall (Campbell); b. Picton NSW; h/Lillian Mary (Christian)Vault Hill NSW
AntillEdward Spencer20 Jul 18329 Feb 191784son/Henry Colden & Elizabeth (Wills); b. Picton NSW; h/Mary Hassell (Campbell)Vault Hill NSW
Antill (Wills)Eliza (Elizabeth)10 Sep 180230 Sep 185856dau/Edward Spencer & Sarah (Howe); b. Parramatta NSW; w/Henry ColdenVault Hill NSW
AntillGeorgina Eliza22 Nov 18643 Jan 18656wdau/William Redfern & Mary Susan (Bell); b. "Jarvisfield", Picton NSWVault Hill NSW
AntillHarley Campbell5 Jul 18693 Aug 193464son/Edward Spencer & Mary (Campbell); h/Ethel May Ursula (Maunsell)Vault Hill NSW
Antill (Major)Henry Colden1 May 177914 Aug 185273son/John & Jane (Colden); b. New York, United States; h/Elizabeth (Eliza) (Wills)Vault Hill NSW
AntillHenry Colden Jr7 Apr 182317 Mar 191387son/Henry Colden & Eliza (Wills); b. Picton NSW; h/Teresa Ellen (Hatch)Vault Hill NSW
Antill (Campbell)Jessie Hassall28 Mar 18348 Feb 191785dau/Robert Mackay & Annie (Hassall); b. Cobbitty NSW; w/John MacquarieVault Hill NSW
AntillJohn Macquarie31 May 18224 Jun 190078son/Henry Colden & Eliza (Wills); b. Moorebank NSW; h/Jessie Hassell (Campbell)Vault Hill NSW
AntillMargaret Campbell27 Jun 182022 Jul 184929dau/Henry Colden & Elizabeth (Eliza) (Wills); b. Sydney NSWVault Hill NSW
Antill (Campbell)Mary Hassell22 Mar 183814 Apr 192789dau/Robert & Ann; w/Edward SpencerVault Hill NSW
Antill (Bell)Mary Susan11 May 18459 Aug 190562dau/William & Margaret Georgina (Barnewell); b. Windsor NSW; w/William RedfernVault Hill NSWFamily vault
AntillRobert Henry31 May 185913 Jul 193879son/John Macquarie & Jessie Hassall (Campbell); b. Picton NSWVault Hill NSW
AntillSelina Johnston9 Oct 186316 Feb 192056dau/John Macquarie & Jessie Hassall (Campbell); b. Picton, New South Wales, AustraliaVault Hill NSW
AntillWilliam Redfern3 Jan 18285 Sep 190577son/Henry Colden & Eliza (Wills); b. Picton NSW; h/Mary Susan (Bell)Vault Hill NSW
AntillWilliam Redfern (Jr)Apr 1879?17 Jul 188015mson/William Redfern & Mary Susan (Bell); b. Picton NSWVault Hill NSW
CampbellRobert Mackay16 Aug 18066 Dec 188579b. Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; h/Ann (Hassall)Vault Hill NSW
Lassetter (Antill)Elizabeth Ann30 Jul 187129 Mar 192755dau/John Macquarie & Jessie Holland (Campbell); b. Picton NSW; w/Harry BeauchampVault Hill NSW
Rotton (Antill)Grace Isabel187119 Dec 189726dau/William Redfern & Mary Susan (Bell); b. Picton NSW; w/Henry Otto IvesVault Hill NSW
Voss (Coghill)Emma20 Dec 1907dau/John & Jane; w/Houlton HarriesVault Hill NSW
VossHoulton Harries1826?3 Aug 191185son/John M & Jane; h/Emma (Coghill)Vault Hill NSW
VossHowell Walters1867?31 Jul 18692son/Houlton H & Emma (Coghill)Vault Hill NSW
Wade Brown (Antill)Margaret Campbell4 Jul 185221 Oct 190654dau/John Macquarie & Jessie Hassall (Campbell); b. "Jarvisfield", Picton NSW; w/Nugent Wade (Brown)Vault Hill NSW

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