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Sydney WarMemorial Ave, Rookwood NSW 21411483

41 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AdamsAlan Thomas3 Apr 191314 May 194330son/Albert Edward & Florence Louise (Dowse); b. Tempe, NSW, Australia; NX73359Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
AitchisonGarth Francis13 Jan 192114 May 194322b. Brisbane, Qld, Australia; h/Doreen May (Wilson); QX24186Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
AlexanderJames Russell7 Aug 191914 May 194323son/Sydney Archibald & Jessie May; b. Leichhardt, NSW, Australia; NX67113Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
AndersonFrederick William Charles31 Jan 190314 May 194340son/Frederick W C & Esther (Young); b. Adelong, NSW, Australia; h/Ursula M (Finnigan); NX58181Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
Annis-BrownJames18 Oct 191914 May 194323son/Edmund & Veronica (Duff); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; NX25190Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
Annis-BrownReginald25 Feb 191314 May 194330son/Edmund & Veronica (Duff); b. Manilla, NSW, Australia; h/Alma Mary (Gill); NX53203Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BaileyWilliam Henry18 Dec 191214 May 194330b. Birmingham, England; NX47906Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BarnesWilburn Edward Clarke3 Jun 190914 May 194333b. Blumfontein, South AfricaSydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BaylyAubrey Nicholas11 Apr 191514 May 194328son/John N & Mary E (Buckley); b. Coolah, NSW, Australia; h/Isabella Mary (Simmons); NX26410Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BentonKeith Edward19 Feb 191814 May 194325son/Reginald J & Iris E (Keith); b. Griffith, NSW, Australia; NX56292Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BlackmanReginald McGregor3 May 190414 May 194339son/John S H & Caroline (Jones); b. Bullahdelah, NSW, Australia; h/Helen Margaret (Smith); NX47999Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BladenHoward Alexander24 Nov 190614 May 194336b. Birmingham, England; NX65898Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BondStanley Robert31 Dec 192114 May 194321b. Prahran, Vic, Australia; VX75733Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BourchierKeith Percival11 Jan 191714 May 194326son/Percival J & Harriet F (Taylor); b. Warren, NSW, Australia; h/Monica Catherine (Frost); NX30448Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BowenDavid Llewellyn9 May 190514 May 194338b. Brisbane, Qld, Australia; QX24516Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BoydAllan6 Jun 192014 May 194322b. Mittagong, NSW, Australia; NX51140 (N243880)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BrackenJohn William20 Nov 192114 May 194321son/Francis & Amelia (Williamson); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; NX88529Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BrewerBertram Walter Harmon20 Mar 191414 May 194329b. Tidworth, England; NX48966Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BrownAlbert Victor29 May 190514 May 194337son/Thomas W & Edith E (Hermon); b. Leichhardt, NSW, Australia; NX47364Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BrowneJohn McGregor2 Apr 190814 May 194335son/Charles H & Lillia V; b. Armidale, NSW, Australia; QX23660 (Q48263)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BurnsWilliam Robert25 Dec 191714 May 194325son/William R & Annie (Kruger); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; NX73153Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BurrettWilliam Eric6 Jun 192214 May 194320b. Moree, NSW, Australia; NX98260Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
BushGeorge Francis9 Jan 191314 May 194330son/Francis G & Ada (Craber); b. Arncliffe, NSW, AustraliaSydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ButtWilliam John26 Feb 190514 May 194338b. West Wallsend, NSW; h/Dorothy M (Morton)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CareyWilliam Reginald4 Jan 190214 May 194341b. Toowoomba, Qld, Australia; QX22882Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CavanaghRichard Carlyle13 Nov 192114 May 194321son/Frank Carlyle & Catherine; b. St Peters, South Australia, Australia; SX15374Sydney War NSWWall Panel 6 3AB
ChapmanErnest Ainsley3 Dec 191314 May 194329son/James A & Amelia J (Redman); b. Hannam Vale, NSW, Australia; NX47389Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ClarkJohn Mervyn14 Sep 191814 May 194324b. Cairns, Qld, Australia; QX43902Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ClarkLeslie Harold15 Jan 191614 May 194327son/Arthur & Ethel H (Wailes); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; NX67618Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ClarkNeville Stanley9 Dec 191714 May 194325son/Arthur E & Ethel H (Wailes); b. Croydon Park, NSW, Australia; NX33529Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ClaydonJack Allan18 Sep 192214 May 194320son/James Lionel & Mabel; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; NX58169Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CleggPercy Lewis28 Nov 190314 May 194339son/William Charles & Emily Maude; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Priscilla Marjorie; QX38694Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ColelfaxBasil Douglas16 Oct 191614 May 194326son/Augustus James & Adelaide (Really); b. Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia; NX73339 (N165029)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ColemaneWalter James27 Apr 191614 May 194327b. Napier, New Zealand; NX34629Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CollinsLeo Francis20 Jun 192314 May 194319b. QX37299 (Q104965)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CookeArthur James29 Dec 190214 May 194340b. Surrey, England; VX60920Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CrippsLeslie Joseph26 Sep 191114 May 194331son/Joseph Henry & Augusta Louisa Ottilie; b. Brisbane, Qld, Australia; QX24356 (Q99489)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
CummingsMark Harold25 Jun 191914 May 194323son/Harold Edward & Gertrude May; b. Mount Morgan, Qld, Australia; QX25635 (Q41888)Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
DenneFrederick John27 Feb 192214 May 194321son/Albert Ivy & Ann; b. Beerwah, Qld, Australia; NX42037Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
DohertyJames Patrick9 Feb 191014 May 194333son/William Charles & Bridget Mary (Fines); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; h/Gwenneth Emmeline (Woods); NX47580Sydney War NSWWall Panel 2 3AB
ElliottGeorge Arthur29 Mar 19213 May 194423son/George & Mabel May; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; NX140463Sydney War NSWBlock 13 TC, 6

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