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1 cemetery found

Adelong Upper (Upper Adelong)Adjacent to Hindmarsh Creek., Adelong NSW 272930

30 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
A Clarke?Nov 1860Adelong Upper NSW
A Shack?23 Mar 1861Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Gin?1829?3 Feb 186536Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Pook?1830?9 Mar 187545Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Quong?1829?27 Sep 187243Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Sheer?1844?4 Aug 187935Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Sung?1835?10 Jan 189560Adelong Upper NSW
Ah Wing?1832?25 Aug 187038Adelong Upper NSW
BeaverJames Edwin1857?30 Nov 187518Adelong Upper NSW
BeaverWalter EdwardDec 1865?31 Aug 18669mAdelong Upper NSW
Callaway (Humphrey)Catherine Anne1805?6 Jul 189186formerly Callaway; w/Thomas & ThomasAdelong Upper NSW
CallawayThomas1806?7 Feb 188882h/Catherine Ann (Humphrey)Adelong Upper NSW
CarterGeorge1815?18 Jul 186752Adelong Upper NSW
CurrieWilliam Dixon15 Apr 189523 Mar 189611m 8dAdelong Upper NSW
CurtinArthurMay 1881?13 Jan 18828mAdelong Upper NSW
FallonMaurice WilliamFeb 1886?18 May 18863mAdelong Upper NSW
HaywardAugustusDec 1864?22 Dec 186512mAdelong Upper NSW
HaywardGeorge CallawayApr 1866?2 Dec 18668mAdelong Upper NSW
HaywardHerbert TimmisJun 1884?11 Jan 18857mAdelong Upper NSW
Hen Yang?1823?29 Mar 187350Adelong Upper NSW
KellyJohn Francis18 Sep 186825 Oct 18685w 2dAdelong Upper NSW
PearceEliza9 May 186512 May 18653dAdelong Upper NSW
PeelJohn AndrewDec 1883?31 May 188614h 30miAdelong Upper NSW
Quong Huang?1827?23 May 186942Adelong Upper NSW
RealEthel MaryJan 1879?25 Jan 188012mAdelong Upper NSW
Tung Bung?1819?26 Aug 187152Adelong Upper NSW
WeddingJohn1830?4 Jan 187949Adelong Upper NSW
Won Sue?1831?26 Sep 187645Adelong Upper NSW
Yee Kim?1836?19 Jan 190165Adelong Upper NSW
YoungCharles1831?10 Feb 188049Adelong Upper NSW

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