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1 cemetery found

Darlinghurst Gaol (Sydney Prison)Sydney NSW 200040

40 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Anscomb (Hanged)Richard1809?26 Sep 183122b. Kent, EnglandDarlinghurst Gaol NSWProt
Bowles (Executed)William Phineas16 Feb 1835b. Ireland; h/Sarah (Beaven)Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Byfield (Executed)Mark17708 Mar 183059h/SarahDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Carberry (Hanged)Hugh26 Sep 1831Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Clayton (Ainsworth)James1849?8 Feb 187324Darlinghurst Gaol NSWRookwood as Ainsworth
Collins (Hall)Louisa11 Aug 18478 Jan 188942formerly Andrews; dau/Henry & Catherine (Ring); b. Scone,NSW; w/Charles (Andrews) & MichaelDarlinghurst Gaol NSWExecuted
Comerford (Executed)George1816?30 May 183822Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Dalton (Executed)Maurice1819?17 Nov 189172Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Doyle (Executed)Edward8 Dec 1837Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Dunn (Executed Bushranger)John14 Dec 184619 Mar 186619son/Michael & Margaret; b. Murrumburra NSWDarlinghurst Gaol NSWBotany R/C 1516, G-Up
FoleyEdward18 Dec 1838Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Gould (Executed)John24 Aug 1835h/Catherine (Ryley)Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Governor (Executed)Jimmy187519 Jan 190125son/TommyDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Green (Executed)James5 Jun 1835Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Hawkins (Hanged/Dissected)William18 Dec 1838Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Jarvis (Executed)Henry Vincent1848?23 Dec 187325son/Henry & JulietteDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Jeffreys (Executed)William9 Nov 1835Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Johns (Executed)Frank1860?14 Jul 188525Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Johns (Executed)Frank186014 Jul 188525son/Frank & Jane; b. AustraliaDarlinghurst Gaol NSWHaslam Creek Cemetery Zone A Methodist Old 04A OC, 1983
Johnson (Hanged/Dissected)John18 Dec 1838Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Kilmartin (Executed)PatrickMay 1835Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Kilmeister (Hanged/Dissected)Charles18 Dec 1838Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Lockhard (Hanged/Dissected)James4 Feb 1833Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Lynch (Hanged)Michael21 Nov 1831Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
McDonald (Executed)George4 May 1829Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
O'brien (Hanged)Denis180021 Nov 183131b. Clogheen, Tipperary, IrelandDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Oates (Hanged/Dissected)Jim1810?18 Dec 183828b. Roscommon, IrelandDarlinghurst Gaol NSWR/C
Pegg (Hanged)David26 Sep 1831Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Perry (Hanged/Dissected)James18 Dec 1838Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Price (Hanged/Dissected)William28 Dec 1838son/Unknown & UnknownDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Richardson (Executed)James7 May 1849h/Elizabeth (Eggleton)Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Roberts (Hanged)William or John3 Sep 1831b. WalesDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Russell (Hanged/Dissected)John1816?18 Dec 183822b. Tipperary, IrelandDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
RyanWilliam3 Mar 1855Darlinghurst Gaol NSWUnknown
Scott (Executed)Andrew George8 Jan 184520 Jan 188035son/Thomas & Bessie (Jeffares); b. Rathfriland, Northern Ireland, IrelandDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Slingsby (Hanged)Edward179421 Nov 183137b. Tipperary, IrelandDarlinghurst Gaol NSW
Smith (Alias Hughes)Mary Ann1836?11 Oct 187135Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Welch (Executed)John11 Jul 1831Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Whelahan (Executed)Lawrence2 Jun 1835Darlinghurst Gaol NSW
Woolley (Executed)Thomas18 Jul 1831Darlinghurst Gaol NSW

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