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1 cemetery found

Jimbour HistoricJimbour Station Road, Jimbour QLD 440688

88 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Jimbour Historic QLD
?Jimbour Historic QLD
?12mJimbour Historic QLD
??Jimbour Historic QLD
AllenJohnJan 1876?11 Mar 18771y 2mJimbour Historic QLD
BarrettMary1859?15 Apr 18634Jimbour Historic QLD
BatemanHannah1865?14 Feb 18727dau/Thomas & SopjiaJimbour Historic QLD
BellMargaret1880?17 Oct 18822Jimbour Historic QLD
BlockJohn15 Jun 188321 Jun 18836dson/Soran Jansen & Matilda (Weise)Jimbour Historic QLD
BlundellMarkOct 1880?22 Mar 188217mJimbour Historic QLD
BrittainJoseph6 Oct 185916 Dec 185910w 1dJimbour Historic QLD
BrownJames20 Mar 1857Jimbour Historic QLD
BullJohn Waterloo1811?11 Jul 188271Jimbour Historic QLD
ByrnesJohn1800?24 Apr 186060Jimbour Historic QLD
CallaghanMary Lena1818?7 Aug 190284Jimbour Historic QLD
CarpenterFrancis Vigers1866?4 Jun 187913Jimbour Historic QLD
CarpenterWilliam Robert1858?2 Oct 188123Jimbour Historic QLD
ChallacombeElizabeth Charlotte1840?5 Jun 186727?Jimbour Historic QLD
ChildsJohn1815?4 Nov 187863Jimbour Historic QLD
ChildsSusan Rebecca1871?11 Mar 18743Jimbour Historic QLD
CodyBridgetMay 1876?31 Dec 18771y 7mJimbour Historic QLD
CodyHannah1852?8 Aug 188634Jimbour Historic QLD
ConnallyMary Ellen18 Jun 189511 Apr 18971y 9m 23dJimbour Historic QLD
CourtEllen18 Feb 187822 Feb 18784ddau/William & Johannah Garing (Bissett); b. Jimbour, Qld, AustraliaJimbour Historic QLD
CravenJaneDec 1865?2 Oct 18759y 10mdau/William & RachelJimbour Historic QLD
DawsonEdward1797?26 Mar 187376Jimbour Historic QLD
Don PonMaude5 Sep 189026 Sep 189021dJimbour Historic QLD
DonaldAnnieMar 1853?30 Aug 189340y 5mJimbour Historic QLD
DonaldNellie Cook29 Jan 189313 Dec 189310m 15dJimbour Historic QLD
DuffyMichael1811?3 Mar 185948son/Phillip & Bridget (Flynn)Jimbour Historic QLD
EMJimbour Historic QLD
EnsorMary Ann1822?15 Dec 187149?dau/George & Mar Ann; w/ThomasJimbour Historic QLD
FalconerAlexander Joseph1833?25 Jun 187845Jimbour Historic QLD
FlynnClara Elizabeth20 Lan 18853mJimbour Historic QLD
FlynnPatrick Joseph1866?28 Mar 187913Jimbour Historic QLD
GavanThomas1805?24 Mar 188378Jimbour Historic QLD
GavinMichaelNov 1854?29 Oct 186611y 11mJimbour Historic QLD
GavinMichael1860?29 Oct 18666Jimbour Historic QLD
GrimleyArthur Ernest17 Jul 188018 Jul 18801dJimbour Historic QLD
GrimleyEdith Emma10 Jan 186116 May 186216m 6ddau/Samuel & HarrietJimbour Historic QLD
GrimleyHarriet1837?1 May 186528w/SamuelJimbour Historic QLD
GrimleyNorman Robert27 Jun 187914 Jul 187917dJimbour Historic QLD
GrimleyPerryJun 1885?25 Jun 188512hJimbour Historic QLD
HalloranPatrick1842?23 Dec 190260Jimbour Historic QLD
HardingJames Allen1 Feb 188315 Oct 18838m 2wJimbour Historic QLD
HarperCharles1877?10 Sep 18814Jimbour Historic QLD
HawkesAnnie Elizabeth9 Jan 187616 Feb 18859y 1m 7ddau/Samuel & Mary (McCall)Jimbour Historic QLD
HawksMary1840?23 Dec 187737Jimbour Historic QLD
HoganThomas1864?24 Mar 18695Jimbour Historic QLD
HoganThomas11 Jul 186912 Jul 18691dJimbour Historic QLD
HunterBriddler MonahanDec 1865?28 Mar 18693y 3mch/Thomas Godfrey & Margaret (McKean)Jimbour Historic QLD
JennerCecil EugeneJan 1883?2 Aug 18837mJimbour Historic QLD
JudgeElizabeth Mary16 Mar 1862Jimbour Historic QLD
KnowlesCharles1820?3 Mar 186646Jimbour Historic QLD
MayneHelen Annie [Nellie]1874?13 Jan 18751Jimbour Historic QLD
McCE1876Jimbour Historic QLD
McCMJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandElizabeth1827?14 Feb 187649w/JohnJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandElizabeth Emma31 Dec 18815 Jun 190422y 5m 5dJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandJohnDec 1810?24 Feb 189988y 2mJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandJohn1816?24 Feb 189983Jimbour Historic QLD
McClellandLizzie1881?5 Jun 190423dau/WA & MJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandMargaret??Apr 187722w/WJimbour Historic QLD
McClellandMargaret1856?6 Mar 187721Jimbour Historic QLD
McCutcheonRobert1844?1 Nov 186117Jimbour Historic QLD
McDonaldWilliam1829?8 Feb 186738Jimbour Historic QLD
McPheeChristina1833?7 Jan 187845Jimbour Historic QLD
MonaghanJohn9 Jun 189523 Jan 18967m 14dJimbour Historic QLD
MonaghanMichaelMar 1859?2 Jun 18645y 3mJimbour Historic QLD
MonaghanWilliam26 Nov 189026 Nov 18900Jimbour Historic QLD
MouldayGeorge FrederickJan 1867?4 Mar 187710y 2mJimbour Historic QLD
O'MayJames1838?27 Jul 186830Jimbour Historic QLD
Owens12 May 186720 May 18678dJimbour Historic QLD
PerremWilliam Alfred3m 3dJimbour Historic QLD
PotterRichard1838?7 Jul 190567Jimbour Historic QLD
ReilyJames1835?10 Nov 186833Jimbour Historic QLD
RileyJohnJul 1867?31 Mar 18688mJimbour Historic QLD
RobertsonJamesJul 1819?17 Aug 190485y 1mJimbour Historic QLD
StevensWilliam1846?3 Sep 187125Jimbour Historic QLD
SutherlandJane Scobie3 Jul 18768 Dec 18765m 5dJimbour Historic QLD
SweeneyAnnie Elizabeth14 Aug 187516 Feb 18859y 6m 2dJimbour Historic QLD
SweeneyJoseph James8 Dec 187716 Feb 18857y 2m 8dJimbour Historic QLD
SymesElizabeth Sarah1855?3 Jan 187823Jimbour Historic QLD
SymesRachael1822?10 Mar 187856Jimbour Historic QLD
ThompsonJohn Mathew1875?30 Apr 18761Jimbour Historic QLD
TurnerFrancisJan 1874?1 Feb 18741mJimbour Historic QLD
VellacotJosiah1829?6 Sep 187142Jimbour Historic QLD
WilsonRobert23 Feb 18761 Mar 18761wJimbour Historic QLD

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