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1 cemetery found

Grosvenor PioneerGrosvenor Cemetery Road, Grosvenor QLD 462715

15 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
FairbrotherCharles1847?15 Mar 192376Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
HartwigCharles1896?27 Feb 198589Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
HartwigJohann Ferdinand18 Mar 1932Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
HartwigJS1856?18 Mar 193276Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
ImhoffHenry1847?28 Sep 192679Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
ImhoffMinnie1853?18 Dec 192875Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
JamiesonJames6 Jun 185210 Sep 192270Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
JamiesonWilliamina Catherine29 Sep 184815 Jul 193082Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
MadssenAnna1845?17 Sep 192681Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
MadssenArtur Thomas5 Jul 19317 Jul 19312dGrosvenor Pioneer QLD
MadssenNiels1845?21 Jul 192378Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
McConnell1936?22 Jan 19360Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
McConnellJames Samuel1898?8 Jul 192830Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
SinclaireJames1853?29 Nov 192774Grosvenor Pioneer QLD
WilliamsJohn1904?15 May 193430Grosvenor Pioneer QLD

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