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1 cemetery found

Old Temora (Temora Old)Austral Street, Temora NSW 2666103

65 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArnoldCharles Daniel1835?14 Sep 191681son/George & Fanny; b. Surrey, England; h/Elizabeth (Barnes)Old Temora NSWAng 1
Arnold (Barnes)Elizabeth1841?18 Apr 1941100dau/George & Catherine; w/Charles DanielOld Temora NSWAng 1
ArnoldGeorge Barnes187422 Jan 192145son/Charles Daniel & Elizabeth (Barnes); b. Grenfell, NSW; h/Laura A (O'Brien)Old Temora NSWAng 1
ArnoldWilliam Henry188011 Aug 193555?son/Charles Daniel & Elizabeth (Barnes); b. Grenfell, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
AshtonJohn Record18973 May 191720son/Charles Langdale & Martha Ann (Jackson); b. Temora, NSW; 752Old Temora NSWAng 1
Ashton (Jackson)Martha Ann185720 May 190952dau/Abraham & Margaret; b. Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England; w/Charles LangdaleOld Temora NSWAng 1
BarlowMary Ann1826?3 Apr 190175dau/JohnOld Temora NSWAng 1
BathCharlotte1839?12 Feb 188647w/Henry MorrisOld Temora NSWAng 1
BoxallArthur Charles RNov 1897?14 Oct 189811mson/Arthur Randall & Jane (Letchford); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
BoxallArthur Randall18667 Mar 193466?son/Henry & Emily (Chapman); b. Bathurst, NSW; h/Jane (Letchford)Old Temora NSWAng 1
BoxallEmily Jane189127 Jun 192332dau/Arthur Randall & Jane (Letchford); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
BoxallHenry1826?23 Feb 188458son/Henry & Annie; h/Emily (Chapman)Old Temora NSWAng 1
Boxall (Letchford)Jane1869?9 Aug 193566w/Arthur RandallOld Temora NSWAng 1
Bradley (French)Alice May189223 Jun 195260dau/John Thomas & Annie Mary (Menz); b. Wagga Wagga, NSW; w/ThomasOld Temora NSWAng 1
BradleyRobert James29 Aug 191730 Mar 198567son/Thomas & Alice May (French); b. Temora, NSW; V121216Old Temora NSWAng 1
BradleyThomas13 Nov 188824 Oct 196071son/Samuel Linley & Mary Jane; h/Alice May (French)Old Temora NSWAng 1
BrownEmma1872May 188815?dau/John & Louisa (Macklin)Old Temora NSWAng 1
BrownHarry1874194369?son/John & Louisa (Macklin)Old Temora NSWAng 1
BrownIsaac1867?17 May 194780son/John & Louisa (Macklin); h/Eva (Carberry)Old Temora NSWAng 1
Brown (Macklin)Louisa1835189762?dau/Isaac & Elisabeth; b. Wiltshire, England; w/JohnOld Temora NSWAng 1
CameronAlexander Campbell1842?Nov 188139son/Daniel; h/Eliza (Field)Old Temora NSWAng 1
CameronEliza Jane188226 Jul 18820dau/Alexander Campbell & Eliza (Field); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
CartwrightRubina Sophie (Ruby)18856 Mar 18894dau/Charles B & Louisa (Rolfe); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
FeeCarolineSep 1899dau/Thomas & CarolineOld Temora NSWAng 1
FeeElizabeth Reita16 Apr 18986 Apr 189911m 20ddau/Thomas & Caroline (Morley); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
FeeElsie May26 Oct 18909 Dec 18901m 14ddau/Thomas & Caroline (Morley); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
FeeMiriamFeb 1897?14 Mar 189813mdau/Thomas & Caroline (Morley); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
FeeVictor Goddard16 Apr 189810 Apr 189911m 24dson/Thomas & Caroline (Morley); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
Giles (Nicholson)Amy Lillian190115 Nov 194746dau/Edward & Sarah J; b. Temora, NSW; w/George ThomasOld Temora NSWAng 1
GilesAndrew Charles18626 Jan 190947son/Thomas & Mary A; b. Muswellbrook, NSW; h/Sarah Elizabeth (Byrnes)Old Temora NSWAng 1
GilesAnnie OliveApr 1887?27 Oct 190619y 6mdau/Andrew Charles & Sarah Elizabeth (Byrnes); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
GilesFrances Mary188520 Jul 191126dau/Andrew Charles & Sarah Elizabeth (Byrnes); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
GilesGeorge Thomas19007 Apr 194039son/Andrew Charles & Sarah Elizabeth (Byrnes); b. Cootamundra, NSW; h/Amy Lillian (Nicholson)Old Temora NSWAng 1
Giles (Byrnes)Sarah Elizabeth186218 Oct 195088dau/Michael & Frances; b. Braidwood, NSW; w/Andrew CharlesOld Temora NSWAng 1
Hill (Colliss)Amelia3 Oct 188828 Feb 197788dau/Abraham & Elizabeth (Watts); b. Temora, NSW; w/Horace ReginaldOld Temora NSWAng 1
HillHorace Reginald18857 May 194761son/James Thomas & Mary (Howard); b. Tumut, NSW; h/Amelia (Colliss)Old Temora NSWAng 1
King (Greebes)Ellen1864?13 Jan 193975dau/Alfred & Jessie; w/William MaylingOld Temora NSWAng 1
KingErnest188625 May 196780son/William Mayling & Ellen (Greebes); b. Brewarrina, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
KingWilliam Mayling1862?8 Apr 193169son/William M & Margaret C; h/Ellen (Greebes)Old Temora NSWAng 1
LongCharles1888?15 Aug 194658son/William & Harriet; h/Lillian P (McDonald); 3080Old Temora NSWAng 1
MackayWilliam1870?4 Aug 194676son/Adam & MaryOld Temora NSWAng 1
Marsh (Irvin)Elizabeth1874?14 May 194773dau/John Francis & Catherine; w/Matthew GOld Temora NSWAng 1
MarshErrol Bruce21 Aug 19124 Nov 195846son/Matthew G & Elizabeth (Irvin); b. Temora, NSW; NX31467Old Temora NSWAng 1
McCawley (Gale)Ellen1844?25 Sep 190258w/ThomasOld Temora NSWAng 1
McCawleyFrederick18758 Feb 188610son/Thomas & Ellen (Gale); b. Wagga Wagga, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
McCawleyThomas1842?11 May 189452son/Robert & Sarah; h/Ellen (Gale)Old Temora NSWAng 1
MitchellLionel Vance27 Jun 190828 Jan 195244son/Courtier L (Cortie) & Olive Pearl (Mullins); b. Glebe, Sydney, NSW; h/Beatrice Louise (Busst); NX20670Old Temora NSWAng 1
OrbellGeorge Graham184316 Oct 188341son/John & Catherine (Allen); b. Sudbury, Suffolk, EnglandOld Temora NSWAng 1
ParkerHenry1827?25 Oct 188962Old Temora NSWAng 1
Parton (Giles)Norma June15 Dec 192527 Jan 195933dau/George Thomas & Amy Lillian (Nicholson); w/Harry JohnOld Temora NSWAng 1
PeggJames Frederick4 Jun 191614 Jul 199882son/Percival J & Ellen (Jenkins); b. Junee, NSW; h/Lucy Elaine May (Giles); NX35610Old Temora NSWAng 1
Pegg (Giles)Lucy Elaine May19068 Sep 199286?dau/Andrew Charles & Sarah Elizabeth (Byrnes); b. Temora, NSW; w/James FrederickOld Temora NSWAng 1
PhillipsAlfred184116 Jul 189452son/Thomas & Deborah (Wall); b. NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
PringleGeorge William1882May 18825mson/George Kinnear & Henrietta Annie (Cox); b. Temora, NSWOld Temora NSWAng 1
Pringle (Cox)Henrietta Annie186229 Mar 188219dau/William & Margaret (Fitzpatrick); b. Carcoar, NSW; w/George KinnearOld Temora NSWAng 1
Spitta (Newbert)Anna Elizabeth (Annie)1879?1 May 195273w/Francis McMilluemOld Temora NSWAng 1
SpittaArno Alexander (Mick)27 May 190015 Jun 197878son/Francis McMilluem & Anna Elizabeth (Annie) (Newbert); b. Albury, NSW; NX147899Old Temora NSWAng 1
TannerSophia1827?26 Nov 188861dau/Joshua; w/WilliamOld Temora NSWAng 1
TannerWilliam1825?Apr 190782son/John & Elizabeth; b. London, England; h/SophiaOld Temora NSWAng 1
ThomasChristopher1849?May 191263h/Jane (Tanner)Old Temora NSWAng 1
Thomas (Tanner)Jane1849?30 Sep 189243dau/William & Sophia; w/ChristopherOld Temora NSWAng 1
WoodGeorge1866?21 Aug 190135son/John & Mary A; h/Sophia J (Gumbleton)Old Temora NSWAng 1
WoodJohn1867?15 Dec 191043son/John & Mary A; h/Mary Jane (Neasmith)Old Temora NSWAng 1
WoodJoseph Leslie Herbert19 Jul 189813 Nov 195656?son/George & Sophia J (Gumbleton); b. Temora, NSW; NX131046Old Temora NSWAng 1
Wood (Neasmith)Mary Jane24 Apr 186712 Jul 195285dau/William & Agnes (Ralston); b. Forbes, NSW; w/JohnOld Temora NSWAng 1

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