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Kalgoorlie39 Memorial Drive, West Lamington WA 64304593

4593 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbbottJames Thomas1872?19 May 191240Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottJohn Edward1870?1 Oct 192959Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottJohn Henry1904?17 Aug 196662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottMary Ann E1891?31 Jul 191928Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottRose1847?14 Dec 189851Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottThomas1857?29 May 189740Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbbottUnnamed13 Sep 1910?13 Sep 1910sbKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AbdullahBrenda June1944?23 Jul 201167Kalgoorlie WACC
AbdullahLloyd1934?4 Apr 199662Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbdullahSteven David6 Apr 1960?6 Apr 1960sbKalgoorlie WAAng
AbercrombieGordon McKenzie1899?25 Dec 194849Kalgoorlie WAPbn
AbercrombieUnnamed9 Nov 1933?9 Nov 1933sbKalgoorlie WAPbn
AbercrombieUnnamed23 Oct 1967?23 Oct 1967sbKalgoorlie WAMth
AbndreHarry Gordon Lombard1904?5 May 199793Kalgoorlie WAGen
AbolsJanis1907?14 Nov 195144Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbotomeyWilliam1885?9 Oct 196378Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12925
AbrahamHadji1858?29 Sep 193072Kalgoorlie WAAng
AbramowitchJohn PhillipFeb 1902?1 May 19023mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AbramowitchPheobe1866?22 May 189832Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AbramowitchPheobe IdaMay 1898?5 Oct 18985mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AbudAlexander Victor19 Mar 1971Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14027
AbudAnnie1912?5 Oct 193725Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8459
AdamsEdith Ann1875?15 Sep 193863Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8660
AdamsRobert LewisJun 1934?3 Jan 193619mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8123
AdamsWesley James1874?20 Aug 194975Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8660
AdamsWilliam George1866?22 Oct 193165Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7318
AdamsonJean Frances1914?1 Dec 194430Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9908
AdamsonJohn Watson1860?1 Nov 193878h/FannyKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 8693
AfrichLudoviko192012 Dec 195333Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11449
AgnewRudolph John9 May 18961 Jul 196064Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
AinsworthHarold Charles8 Apr 18765 Apr 193868b. victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8561
AireyMarie Antoinette1892?15 Jun 194957Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10772
AitchisonWilliam Henry1895?9 May 193540b. Coolgardie, Western Australia; h/EdithKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8586
AjdukYozeo “Jozo”187330 Jul 192653b. CroatiaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6576
AlcornRaymond Leslie1881?196685Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13315
AlderdiceJames GordonJul 1923h/MargaretKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AldrickFrederick William28 Aug 186926 Aug 194272son/William & Naomi Isabella (Masters); b. Gosford, NSW, Australia; h/Margaret Lilian (Anderson)Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
Aldrick (Anderson)Margaret Lilian24 Sep 18936 Mar 192733dau/George James & Hannah (Hill); b. Gingin, WA, Australia; w/Frederick WilliamKalgoorlie WAAnglican
AlexanderArchie192619279mKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
AlexanderCatherine1880?13 Sep 196181Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
Alexander (Dickie)Ellen "nellie"1876?23 Nov 190529Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 2375
AlexanderPeter1870?28 Aug 192858Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6768
AllenAndrew Thomas Malcolm25 Nov 191721 Jun 200688Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12467
AllenCharles James1870?2 Nov 195787Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8428
AllenDeborah Ann22 Jun 1959Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10156
AllenErrol Robert Grant18 Dec 192728 Jun 197043Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13905
AllenJean5 Aug 19141 Sep 199580Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2467
AllenJuliet31 Mar 19624 Jul 200240Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16617
AllenKathleen31 Jul 1937Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8428
AllenKeith1926?19 Aug 196034Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12467
AllenLawrence LlewellynMay 1936?28 Jan 19378mb. Kalgoorlie, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8333
AllenSarah Frances187631 Jul 191640Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4778
AllenThomas Francis1887?28 Apr 194659Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10156
AlmanCharles HaroldJun 1926?26 May 192711mKalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanCharles Isaac1858?24 Apr 192567Kalgoorlie WAHeb 7388 6348
AlmanDonald Lee28 Jul 19246 Oct 200884Kalgoorlie WAHeb 16780
AlmanHannah Ruby1884?14 Dec 193955Kalgoorlie WAHeb 6983
AlmanIsrael Albert "Bert"1890?24 Mar 195262Kalgoorlie WAHeb 11165
AlmanJoel Leslie1894?28 Aug 197985Kalgoorlie WAHeb 15107
AlmanLewis Arthur1887?1 Apr 196982Kalgoorlie WAHeb 13706
AlmanRobert Arthur1920?28 Jan 199474Kalgoorlie WAHeb 16279
AlmanRosetta Sahra1890?12 Aug 1991101Kalgoorlie WAHeb
AlmanSarah1860?1 Mar 193272Kalgoorlie WAHeb 7388 6348
AlsopJohn18579 Mar 191861Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5068
AlstonHenry Douglas1880?Sep 19284811795 GunnKalgoorlie WAAnglican 6852
AlstonHenry Douglas1880?15 Sep 19284811795Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 6852
AmeniWalter Olimpio “Wally”23 Aug 1967Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13476
AmesburyNeil1941?8 Jan 19476Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmesburyRon “Ronnie”1933?28 Apr 200875h/RohnaKalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmesburyThomas Henry1903?1 Dec 194542Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10089
AmphlettFrederick Henry Wollaston1869?18 Jan 189728b. Enville, South Staffordshire Borough, Staffordshir, englandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 17
AndersonElizabeth Ruby19334 Jan 198753?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15837
AndersonEsmeralda Olive May189829 Aug 193032Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7139
AndersonIsabella1854?7 Oct 193278Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7485
AndersonJames1858?14 Feb 193981Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8753
AndersonJohn1875?24 Feb 189924b. Coromandel, Thames-Coromandel District, Waikato,, New ZealandKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 764
AndersonNesbit James18 Jun 193921 Dec 19401Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9153
AndersonOscar August1852?11 May 193078Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7091
AndersonRobert James "Scotty"1892?6 Apr 196472Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12994
AndersonStanley Algernon1883?9 Apr 193956Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8771
AndersonWilliam Thomas1886?30 Dec 194559Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9925
AnderssonGeorge Charles1932195220Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8378
AnderssonJohn E193619371?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8378
AndertonDouglas Charles1919?3 Jul 197859Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
AndertonJohn192325 Jan 193612Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8134
AndertonMargaret Frances20 Aug 1948Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10567
AndrewsThomas20 May 1980Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15182
AngellAlbert Robert Ernest23 Sep 190021 Jan 197473b. Bath and North East Somerset Unitary Authority, So, englandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14454
AngellRobert “Bob”16 Sep 188317 Feb 190420son/Charles & Sarah; b. Adelaide City, South AustraliaKalgoorlie WAwes 1956
AngleseyMargaret Lillian1934?1 Jun 19395Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8799
AnglinDennis1860?8 Sep 192767Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6777
AnglinJohannah1869?23 Jul 195081Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6777
AngwinAlfred Henry191219126mb. Boulder, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WA
Angwin (Grenfell)Ann184311 May 191774b. St Just Cornwall, England; w/HenryKalgoorlie WA
AngwinBenjamin1864190439son/John Lowry & Jane L (Mason); b. Daylesford, VICKalgoorlie WA
AngwinEric Edward191519154mb. Boulder, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WA
AngwinJames Henry9 Jul 187920 May 191131son/Henry & Ann (Grenfell); b. Wallaroo Mines, South AustraliaKalgoorlie WA
AngwinR D1929Kalgoorlie WA
AngwinRichard18676 Feb 192153son/Henry & Ann (Grenfell)Kalgoorlie WA
AngwinSamuel Bolitho1852189846son/Samuel Bolitho & Peggy (Thomas); b. Cornwall, EnglandKalgoorlie WA
AngwinThomas1892?194957Kalgoorlie WA
AnnearDouglas Van Camper15 Feb 193221 Nov 193321mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 7688
AnnearJohn Frederick Stracey23 May 190524 Oct 196863Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7688
Annear (McGuiness)Rhoda Alice1927Mar 198759?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15861
AnnertLouis Herman1864?6 May 191652Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4723
AnnertSophia Launetta1867?2 Jan 195487Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4723
AnthonyElizabeth1868?196294Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 231
AnthonyJohn1896?189717mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 231
AnthonyJosiah1865?194782Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 231
AntoniazziFabiano1906?20 Mar 197367Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14328
AntunovichJohn Stephen1924?15 Apr 19328Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7375
AntunovichMary1903?29 Jan 193229Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7409
ArcherBarbara Kaye1955?25 Sep 197318Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14399
ArcherFrederick Samuel1879Jun 194161Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9261
ArdaghAndrew1843?3 Jun 189754Kalgoorlie WAwes
ArdaghMargaret Ann1850?14 Jul 192777Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6834
ArdaghThomas Augustine1881?13 Sep 194362Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6834
ArgusJohn Hector19 Jan 190021 Nov 199898Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8288
ArgusJohn Thomas9 Nov 1942Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8288
ArgusMary Ann187126 Oct 193665?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8288
ArlingtonLeslie1886?20 Sep 190418Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 922
ArmstrongClara May15 Dec 190822 Sep 199889Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14770
ArmstrongErnest RoyMar 1897?31 Mar 189813mson/Ernest & NellKalgoorlie WAwes 337
ArmstrongGeorge1840?27 Jun 189959Kalgoorlie WAwes 721
ArmstrongJack1906199084?Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14770
ArmstrongJessie May190522 Jul 198782Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15893
ArmstrongJohn23 Feb 1925Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6343
ArmstrongJohn Charles1932199866?Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14770
ArmstrongJohn Hereld187722 Aug 193760Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8444
ArmstrongKathleen Joy24 Feb 192929 Jul 200879Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16773
ArmstrongLionel Willoughby1888?22 May 194456Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9803
ArmstrongMargaret Fay1932197644?Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14770
ArmstrongMatilda1846?30 Nov 192579Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6444
ArmstrongMilcah1893?21 Oct 197683Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9803
ArnellGeorge18411 Jun 190159b. queenslandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 1265
ArnheimSydney1872?8 Mar 192149Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5690
AsherViolet May191612 Oct 201296Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5785
AsherWilliam George1975Kalgoorlie WA
AshwinArthur Cranbrook12 Nov 185023 Aug 193079b. Adelaide City, South AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 7136
AslettPercy George1906?10 Oct 197569Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14669
AtkinsonJack (gooley)Feb 1897?20 Oct 189820monKalgoorlie WAAnglican 529
AtkinsonOlive May1904?18 Aug 197369Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14380
AtkinsonWilliam1905?20 Aug 198176wx8781Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14380
AttwoodAugustus Coombs1880?21 Jun 190222Kalgoorlie WAwes 1536
AubinWilliam1867?17 May 189730Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 151
AugustRobert BruceSep 1965?19 Dec 19653mKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13239
AuldjoJohn C1857?26 Dec 192871Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6894
AustinAlbert John "Bluey"190822 Feb 197465?Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14443
AustinFrancis Reginald1876?17 Aug 193559Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8038
AustinHenry1889195364son/John Edwin & Florence (Morris); b. Wilcannia, Central Darling Shire, New South Wales, Australia; h/Ruby Elizabeth (Palmer)Kalgoorlie WA
Austin (Palmer)Ruby Elizabeth1897195255dau/William & Alice Maud (Kimberley); w/HenryKalgoorlie WA
AustinSutton Walter13 Mar 1896196367?son/John Edwin & Florence (Morris); b. Coolgardie, Western Australia; 5340Kalgoorlie WA
AvesBridget Ann1946?31 Jul 199145Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 16144
AxfordWilliam Henry1869?10 Oct 192758Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BackEdwin James18747 Aug 193965b. Gingin Shire, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WASA
Back (Mitchell)Ellen187510 Jan 194771?Kalgoorlie WASA
BackhouseMargaret1864?19 Oct 191147Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BadockAlfred1861?19 Jan 192766Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 6633
BadockCharles Collett16 May 191219 Jul 19122mb. Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 3994
BadockCharles Frederick1889?11 Jul 192738Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 6693
BadockEllen Elizabeth1867?12 Jul 193265Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 6638
BadockLeslie D. Collett6 Jul 192111 Sep 19221Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 3994
BaesjouAmy Pink1900?14 May 195252Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11198
BaileyArthur1861?1 Aug 191756Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4964
BaileyBertha Alice1891?12 Aug 197786Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8257
BaileyBetsy1863?16 Oct 194178Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8257
BaileyEmma1864?30 Jun 191854Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4964
BaileyHarriet1878?2 Dec 197698Kalgoorlie WASDA 14811
BaileyJohn William1863?1 Sep 193673Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8257
Baird (Oldfield)Elizabeth1873?17 Apr 190128dau/J W B; b. William, victoria; w/R PKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 1228
BakerAda Teresa1880?5 Jul 191737Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 4947
BakerClarice Josephine1911?13 Feb 197463Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14388
BakerEmma1873?17 May 194370Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 9639
BakerFrank17 Jul 1952Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11493
BakerHenry Herbert188911 Jul 193647Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8229
BakerJohn1872?15 Jul 193765Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BakerJohn1872?15 Jul 193765Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BakerJohn William1908?27 Aug 197365h/JosephineKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14388
BakerMadge18 Apr 1954Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11493
BakerRosetta Ida1896?20 Feb 197579Kalgoorlie WAHeb 14579
BakerRoss11 Apr 1976Kalgoorlie WA
BaldiniAida1 Sep 191313 Feb 19195Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BaldockCharles Leslie1914?8 Aug 197258Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14256
BaldockElsie Florence May1892?2 Jan 196977Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12939
BaldockFlorence Evelyn1913?2 Mar 199178Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14256
BaldockOreannah (Orrie)185911 May 192364Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4770
BaldockThomas1859?27 Jul 191657Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4770
BaldockWilliam1885?27 Nov 196378Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12939
BaldwinMinnie Ellen1890?30 Apr 197585Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9605
BaldwinPatrick1895?3 Nov 18994Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BaldwinWilliam Henry1880?9 Mar 194363Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9605
BallEdward Frank "Ted"1923?6 Dec 193714Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8498
BallGertrude May1876?11 Sep 195478Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 5134
BallJohn1891?5 Dec 195362Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8498
BallJoseph Daniel1874?18 Jul 191844Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BallMuriel Henderson31 Jan 1986dau/Joseph Daniel & Gertrude MayKalgoorlie WA
BanksJohn14 Jul 1932Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7446
BarberJanet EwenDec 18972 Aug 18988b. Kalgoorlie, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican
BarberJohn1884?14 Jan 194056Kalgoorlie WAMethodist
BarclayJohn Edward James1944?27 Mar 197834Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14956
BarclayRoss Warwick "Paul"27 Apr 1977son/William & Joan; b. Waitara, New ZealandKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14849
BarkerAlfred1870?10 Jul 193666Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8224
BarkerFrancis Keith Frankie1928?13 Jul 19346Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7807
BarkerJohn Ritchard18705 Dec 189929Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 847
BarkerJustin James19 Dec 19754 Jul 201236Kalgoorlie WA
BarkerWilliam Garnet1933?15 Sep 194714Kalgoorlie WAMethodist
BarlowCaroline Emma Ernestine1870?29 Jun 194171Kalgoorlie WASDA 9285
BarlowElizabeth Anne1915?5 Feb 198873Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13376
BarlowStanley1915?28 Nov 196651Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13376
BarndonEvelyn Doris1922?5 Apr 200381Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BarndonRoland George "George"1913?18 Aug 197764Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BarnicoatWalter Henry “Barney”21 Jan 19172 Sep 198366Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15544
BarnicottPaul Eric24 Feb 196617 Jun 19663mKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13304
BarnsbyCecil Russell1896?26 May 195458h/EthelKalgoorlie WAAnglican 11517
BaroniEgidio1900Oct 197070?Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9526
BaroniPia1905?Jun 198984Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9526
BaroniRosina1941?19427mKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9526
BarrattJames1849?8 Jul 192172Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5753
BarronAlexander1873?190027b. findhorn Morayshire, ScotlandKalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 887
BarronColin Edward1935?9 Sep 195419Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11575
BarronGwendoline MayMar 1938?19 Nov 19388mKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8704
BarryDaniel29 Jun 1894Kalgoorlie WA
BartlettElizabeth1878?21 Mar 193658Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8154
BartlettJames Harold1915?1 Nov 198570Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15729
BartonIvan Francis George1901?25 Apr 194948Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10656
BarwickAnnie Pearl9 Oct 1964Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12025
BarwickJames Alexanda1890?26 Aug 195767Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12025
BarwickRobert John2 Jun 194736hKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10359
BarwickStilborn15 Mar 195936hKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10359
BarwickStilborn10 Feb 1950?10 Feb 1950sbKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10359
BastenMarian E1877?21 Sep 193861Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8666
BastenWilliam Thomas1877?31 Aug 196285Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8666
Batman (Bateman)Colthurst Reginald “Reg”1 Oct 18833 Jul 197490b. Menindee, Central Darling Shire, New South Wales AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14488
BaughMaud Elizabeth1867?6 Apr 194982Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2548
BaughRichard1865193873Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 8592
Bawden (Hartigan)Norah Theresa186821 Nov 193465Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7903
Bawden (Cole)Rosetta Mary11 Jan 188321 Sep 195670b. queensland; w/BertKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11890
BayfordHarry1900?12 Feb 197878h/MayKalgoorlie WAAnglican 12388
BayfordJohn Frederick1903?12 Feb 196057Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12388
BeagleholeJohn1867?7 Oct 193366Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7666
BeamesDarcy Ford1879?7 May 193859Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BeamesElizabeth Ann1886?9 Sep 196680Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 1095
BeamesHurtle Milford1882?19 Jun 195472Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 4095
BeamesMargaret May1883?24 Jan 195875Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BeamontRonald Carl23 Sep 19277 Oct 200275Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16625
BeardElsie Elizabeth1904198177b. siberia SoakKalgoorlie WASA 13740
BeardLancelot Frederick11 May 19104 Feb 193626b. Northam, Northam Shire, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8137
BeardRoy3 Jun 1969Kalgoorlie WASA
BeardmanKenneth Eric1899?15 Sep 195152Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11073
BearparkCharles1861?9 Jan 191756Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BearparkCharles Frederick1861?191756Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4852
BeatonAnnie Elizabeth1893?19 Mar 193340Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7569
BeatonEffie1886?12 Oct 194660Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10257
BeatonElsie Mavis1916?16 Dec 195236Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10257
BeatonStanley Reginald25 Aug 191516 Dec 200691Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10257
BeatonWalter Henry “Snob”1877?24 Apr 193255Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7413
BeatonWilliam Thomas1911?7 Oct 193322Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7569
BeatteThomas1874?9 Jul 193561Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8015
BeavisWilliam1867?21 Nov 191346son/Robert & Elizabeth Louisa (Groves); b. Doncaster,, victoria; h/Rebecca Alma (McKINNON)Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4230
BeccariaRobert Martin “Bob”8 Jan 19408 Oct 200363Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 16648
BeccariaRobyn Kay3 Jan 194220 Mar 201371Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 16648
BeckerAlfred2 Jun 1939Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BeckettRobert Harvey1933?10 Jul 200673Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7852
BeckettRoy1907?7 Sep 193427Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7852
BedfordAnnie1873?26 Apr 192754Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 6659
BedfordPeter Charles "Pete"1866?6 Sep 192963b. Geelong, victoriaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7001
BeelFred1872?19 Sep 190028Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 1063
BeerHarold Edgar1890?28 Mar 195666Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10841
BeerHelen Margaret1889?3 May 195061Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10841
BeesonAlfred Henry1916?22 Jan 197155Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 14000
BeetsonGeorge Charles Fraser1888?24 Nov 197284Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11935
BeetsonKeith John21 Jun 1991Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11935
BeetsonMary Helen1895?25 Dec 195661Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11935
BeeverEdward1856?11 Dec 191357Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4243
BellAlexander James1904?24 Jan 194541Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9940
BellEliza Anne15 Jul 1937Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7206
BellFrancis Perrier1858?25 Oct 195294Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11289
BellIan James1941?16 May 19465son/James; b. Kalgoorlie, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10169
BellJames1895?13 Nov 197378Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10169
BellJohn Patrick ""Jack "1893?19 Dec 196976Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7206
BellMarjorie Lillian1900?6 Apr 198383Kalgoorlie WA10169
BellMary Ellen1888?23 Sep 193042Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7146
BellOlivet Ellen1904?14 Oct 194945Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9940
BellThomas E4 Nov 1927Kalgoorlie WA7206
BelottiBambina1908?15 Jan 196456Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12956
BelottiGiovanni Battista1922?19 Aug 198664Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12956
Belsey (Tronc)Eva Elizabeth Juliana3 Jun 18971 Sep 198992b. Boulder,, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14922
BelseyWilliam Alfred "Bill"23 Feb 189112 Dec 197786Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14922
BenbowPatricia AnnOct 1935?24 Nov 193613mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 8308
BennRonald Keith28 Feb 192527 Feb 195632b. Sunshine, Brimbank City, victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 11788
BennettCharles1863?22 May 194784Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10353
BennettCharles Claude1875?6 Sep 189823Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 483
BennettDavid1887?18 Jan 194861Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10475
BennettErnest Albert1876?15 Nov 194872Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10353
BennettGeorgia Fay1926?14 Jun 193711Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8401
BennettsBeatrice Annie1882?12 Sep 196583Kalgoorlie WAsa 10229
BennettsElizabeth Ann1876?3 May 195175Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10998
Bennetts (Fuller)Jean1928Kalgoorlie WA
BennettsLucy1942Kalgoorlie WA
BennettsPriscilla Harriet193429 Mar 19438.5Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9615
BennettsRobert Henry"Snow"1912?10 Feb 196452Kalgoorlie WASA 12967
BennettsRobert Johns1876?22 Aug 194670Kalgoorlie WASA 10229
BennettsSamuel Joseph1923?199269Kalgoorlie WA
BennettsWilliam Francis1883?195067Kalgoorlie WA
BenniganJane1900?28 Oct 196969Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 13819
BensonAlfred Donald1928?1 Aug 194921Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10716
Bentley (Naylor)Alice Lillian4 Nov 1993Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5095
BerginJoseph1855?20 Feb 193277Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7382
BerminghamRobert Francis23 Sep 1987Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15907
BernardiAlberto Italo1921?8 Jan 199776Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13027
BernardiLouisa1894?12 Jun 196470w/AlbertoKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13027
BerreyFrederick1872?5 Feb 195785Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11948
BerreyHelen1889?5 Sep 196980Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11948
BerryGeorge Charles1881?6 Aug 193857Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8633
BerryJames1859?26 Nov 191354Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4233
BerryMabel Mary1889?14 Oct 194152Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8633
BestEster1886?26 Aug 193953Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8860
BestFrancis Samuel1887?11 Jul 197386Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8860
BestonStephen8 Apr 18665 Oct 192266b. Launceston City,, TasmaniaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 5976
BetsonGeorge31 Oct 189919 Sep 195555b. CAMBRIDGE, england; w96733Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11719
BettsCatherine1894?13 Sep 196470Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11572
BettsGeorge Ernest1877?30 Aug 195477Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11572
BicknellHubert Caxton “Bert”188528 Jul 191932b. Ballarat Central, Ballarat City, victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 5318
BiggsChristine May1953?26 Jun 198330Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15516
BiliczkaEuGENia5 Aug 191522 Dec 199479Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13956
BiliczkaTadeusz Zbigniew1953?19 Oct 197017Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13956
BiliczkaZbigniewjazy (Jan)25 Apr 191731 Oct 199477Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 13956
BilliFrancesco "Frank "26 Aug 1886193747h/Mary Christina (Kuhlken)Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8578
BilstonBrian24 Sep 192730 Dec 200073Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6112
BilstonEllen Margaret19 Dec 193220 Oct 199057Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6112
BilstonPeter Robert1961?26 Nov 199231Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 16215
BingleyCharles Leslie1896?7 Jul 197680Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14729
BingleyRose Florence1896?22 Apr 197680Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14729
BirchBettie Anne1949?10 Mar 197526Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14586
BirchFrederick George “Rick”6 Jun 194817 Jun 199648Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
Bird (Polkinghorne)Dulcie Mavis19 May 190831 May 199789dau/Abner Smith & Harriet (Davis); b. Boulder,, Western Australia; w/HarryKalgoorlie WA
Bird (Thompson)Florence Amy1952Kalgoorlie WA
Bird (Thompson)Florence Amy25 Jun 1952w/Henry (Bird 1878-1927)Kalgoorlie WA
BirdGeorge Ronald1905?19050Kalgoorlie WA
BirdHarry28 Aug 19107 Jun 198877son/Henry & Florence Amy (Thompson); b. North Coolgardie District,, Western Australia; h/Dulcie Mavis (Polkinghorne)Kalgoorlie WA
BirdHenry187813 Jun 192749b. blackwood, Australia; h/Florence amy (Thompson)Kalgoorlie WA
BirdJohn Thomas1870?2 Oct 194676Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 7672
BirdLeila Mary1885?25 Oct 193348Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 10252
BittonJohn Joseph Gordon "Jack"8 Jun 1954Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11530
BlackburnGeorge8 Jan 187913 May 193556b. Albany, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAMethodist 7984
BlackerEdward Parfett1882?10 Dec 195169Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7857
BlackerElizabeth Ann1887?22 Sep 193447Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7857
BladwinDennis1858?31 Mar 189941Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BlaikieFlorence May13 Jul 19064 Sep 199387Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16257
BlaikieWilliam George "Bill"22 Oct 19504 Jan 200352Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16257
BlakeJesse1888?18 Jul 195668Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11844
BlakeMabel Mildred1892?22 Dec 195664w/JesseKalgoorlie WAAnglican 11844
BlakeStanley Victor1899?19 Mar 194647Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 10139
BlatchleyWalter1860?16 Jun 192262Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 5916
BlightElsie Maud1900?8 Aug 193939Kalgoorlie WASA 8847
BlightMargaret1871?5 Dec 192857Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 6884
BlomfieldEmily1871?26 Jan 195483Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11464
BlomfieldHerbert1863?4 Sep 195693Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11464
BlowesRhoda Muriel27 Sep 193329 Aug 199864Kalgoorlie WAChurch of Christ
BlurtonNorman Charles24 Apr 1978Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14965
BlurtonOlive May1910?26 Jun 198979Kalgoorlie WA14965
BockFrederick William1896?18 Mar 193943Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8764
BocksetteLetha Thelma1908?23 Apr 193628Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 8170
BodenhamCharles Frederick1877?26 Aug 196083Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12477
BodenhamRachel1887?31 Oct 196073Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12477
BoggonsGeorge Jordan1883?13 Dec 190017Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 1148
BogueJames Alfred1880?31 Aug 194161Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 9332
BogunovichAndrija Ivan1902?14 Sep 196260h/MandeKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12782
BogunovichMande1907?9 Sep 198780w/Andrija IvanKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12782
BohanMichael Joseph1867?15 Aug 191750Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 4969
BolithoWalter1879?190223son/William & Agnes (Holt)Kalgoorlie WA
BolleOswald Joseph1864?Mar 193066Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7075
BoltHannah Sophia1861?4 Oct 192362Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6130
BonandriniLuigi21 Jun 19331 Nov 198451Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15631
BondAlbert Maurice1914?6 Aug 195339Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11399
BonettiGiovanni1898?8 Apr 197779Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11370
BonettiPaulina1899?18 Dec 198182Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11370
BonominiBattista1900?10 Sep 196060Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12490
BooyDawn May10 Apr 195930 Jul 199738Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14864
BooyJohn1908?19 Jun 197769h/Thelma MayKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14864
BooyJohn Henry1938?5 Jul 200365Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14963
BooyMaureen Ruth1938?22 Apr 197840Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14963
BooyThelma May1913?24 Apr 200693w/JohnKalgoorlie WAAnglican 14864
BorchetAlbert John25 Mar 1981Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14839
BorchetDorothy Ellen1929?14 Mar 197748Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14839
BordoniAlessandrina1890?29 Mar 193242Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7401
BordoniGiovanni Battista “Jack”1869?27 Aug 192960Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BorshovaDKalgoorlie WAAnglican 13058
BoseleyEmanuel William1867?28 Jun 193265Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7435
BosustowErnest Charles23 Nov 189116 Sep 197078son/Henry & Matilda (Hagin); b. victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 11926
BosustowHenry "Harry"1858?22 Jun 194789b. victoriaKalgoorlie WAMethodist 7972
Bosustow (Carter)Louisa Maud1893?7 Dec 195663Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11926
Bosustow (Hagin)Matilda1858?20 Apr 193577Kalgoorlie WAMethodist 7972
BoticaJuro1865?191651Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 3713
BoticaMatij “Maty”1882?191129Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 3713
Botica (Rourke)Millicent Pearl13 Jan 192010 Jan 198362Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15473
BoultonEdward lynell1878?30 Aug 193860Kalgoorlie WAMethodist
BourkeCornelius1849?21 Jul 191970Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeEllen Josephine1877194164?w/MichaelKalgoorlie WARC 9350
BourkeJames1862?20 Dec 191654b. Broadford country clare, IrelandKalgoorlie WARC 4838
BourkeJames1866?18 Nov 191448Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeJames Burnard1884?20 Jan 196177Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeJohn Michael1910?11 Mar 19122Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeLeo James1903?11 May 194138Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkePatrick Joseph1873?12 Mar 194067Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeWilliam Joseph1900?13 Nov 196767Kalgoorlie WARC
BourkeWinifred Ethel1921?29 Sep 193918Kalgoorlie WAAng 8880
BourneWilliam John Kafua1968?19699mKalgoorlie WAGEN 13756
BousfieldDennis Clyde1944?14 Sep 196824Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BousfieldGeorge Reginald8 Aug 191426 Oct 199783son/George & Henrietta (Taylor); b. Liverpool, Merseyside, england; h/Mary Kathleen (Whelan)Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
Bousfield (Whelan)Mary Kathleen12 Mar 192021 May 197656Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BowdenCharle Daniel1872?5 Aug 194775Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8888
BowdenMary Beatrice11 Oct 1939Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8888
BowdenSarah Govan1891Jul 198796?Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15890
BowenGeorge1866?12 Mar 192155930 PrivateKalgoorlie WAAng B1 87 16, 5692
Bowen (Eddy)Margaret4 Mar 188230 Oct 190927dau/William John & Eliza Ann (Veale); b. Eaglehawk, Vic; w/Elias HarrisKalgoorlie WA
BowenThomas1854?6 Sep 194086Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 9081
BoweringErnest Francis1902?16 Sep 196361Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 12901
BowlerJames Michael "Jim"27 May 1969Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BowlerSylvia Ellen19 Jun 1977Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13735
BowlesElizabeth Jane1853?25 Jan 193784Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8330
BowlesFrancis Alfred Joseph18854 Mar 196679b. Nagambie, Victoria, Australia; h/Lilia alice (Palmer)Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
Bowles (Palmer)Lilia Alice1895?4 Oct 194752dau/William & Alice Maud (Kimberley); w/Francis Alfred josephKalgoorlie WAAnglican 10424
BowlesRobert PercivalMar 1930?10 Sep 193118mKalgoorlie WAAnglican 7195
BowleyEna Victoria27 Jun 1982Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14571
BowleyGarnett Morton4 Feb 1975Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14571
BowmanAlfred Ernest1914?16 Oct 198369Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15546
BowmanJohn EdwardApr 1928Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 6800
BowmanPatricia Lucille “Pat”1921?12 Aug 201291Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15546
BownCharles Francis1881?14 Jun 193958Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8806
BownElizabeth Ellen1880?12 Dec 196585Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8806
BowronDavid Pious1904?Oct 198177Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10140
BowronMary Clarice1909?Mar 194637Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10140
Boyd (Hall)Irene Myrtle23 Mar 19068 Aug 199084Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13485
BoydJohn Porter1904?9 Oct 196763Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 13485
BoydMaurice John9 Oct 193121 Sep 201280b. Fremantle City, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 13485
BoydRobert Lancelot1910?2 Jul 198171Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 15306
BoylandGeorge1872?7 Aug 1920487643 SergeantKalgoorlie WAAng
BoylandGeorge1872?6 Aug 1920487643 SergeantKalgoorlie WAAnglican 5570
BoynePatrick Joseph1856?6 Oct 193478Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7868
BrackelmannPeter Nicholas Franz1870?15 Mar 191040Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 3478
BradleyFrancis Joseph1880?28 Jul 190828son/James & Mary (Bateman); b. Sebastopol,, victoriaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2567
BradleyJames Joseph18723 Jun 190634b. Sebastopol, Ballarat City, victoriaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2567
BradleyJohn1877?3 Sep 191437Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2567
BradleyKathleen M1907?27 Mar 192114b. Boulder,Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2567
BradleyWilliam187519 Mar 192145b. Sebastopol, Ballarat Cit, victoriaKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 2567
BradshawJanet1860?4 Apr 190242b. New South Wales Australia; w/RobertKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 1485
BradshawLouisa Doris1915?21 Nov 193419Kalgoorlie WAAnglican
BradyMary Ann1862?190947Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 1462
BrajkovichAnte1891194960Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 10743
BranchiGiacomo1909?3 Oct 198374Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15542
BraovichMarkDec 1935?22 Oct 193722mKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8479
BraovichVincent1879?1 Aug 193960Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8479
BraysherBernice Isobel1909?11 Jun 192112Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 5730
BrearleyWilliam1888?10 Nov 195971Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 12344
BredaJosephine Teresa24 Mar 1990Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 16084
BrehautGeorge187511 Mar 191741Kalgoorlie WA
BrennanKyran1869?3 Aug 195384Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11396
BrennanMichael Joseph12 Jun 187530 Mar 190024b. Reefton, Buller District, West Coast,, New ZealandKalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 943
BreretonPatrick1876?26 May 193256Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 7426
Brevet (Hocking)Ruth Bessie1 Jan 191324 Dec 200188b. Kalgoorlie, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 927
BrewerDavid6 Oct 1930Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7157
BrewerMary Auchterson “Molly”1863?16 Jan 194279Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7157
BrianAlbert St John11 Apr 1983Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 15495
BridgefordBertie Cumberland20 Mar 190519 Feb 193125Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7172
BridgefordDr Walter Alfred Saunders1 Feb 185611 Jan 193881ch/Bridgeford James & Rose (Saunders); b. Sheffield, Metropolitan Borough of Sheffield, england; spouse/Florence LandaleKalgoorlie WAAnglican
BridgesAlicia15 Dec 1878194769b. TasmaniaKalgoorlie WASA 10422
BridgesGeorge Charles23 Dec 190211 Nov 199269b. Kalgoorlie, Western Australia; h/Mary Jane (Renton)Kalgoorlie WASalvation Army 14291
Bridges (Renton)Mary Jane5 Jul 190714 Jan 199688dau/John henry & Francis Emma (Reynolds); b. Boulder,, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WASalvation Army
BridleIsaac John1871?21 Jan 193261Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 7372
BridleyHenry Francis187311 Feb 189825b. Cheltenham, Bayside City,, victoriaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 298
BridleyMavis Irene Elizabeth16 Apr 190618 May 19071b. KalgoorlieKalgoorlie WAAnglican 298
BriggsDonald William “Don”18 Mar 193215 Nov 200674Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 11611
BriggsVictoria Maude "Vickie"19106 Dec 195444?b. Northam Shire, Western AustraliaKalgoorlie WAAnglican 11611
BrightJames Frederick1886?4 Aug 19516513684Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic
BrightLily Constance18 Jun 192124 Aug 201291Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16882
BrimageErnest Elisha1874?13 Jun 193763Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8398
BrisbenAmelia Kathleen1900?6 Apr 19033Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 1734
BrixHenry1846?1 Jun 189852Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 412
BrockGeronimo12 Oct 1994Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 16321
BroderickThomas Daniel5 Jan 1915Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 4458
BrokenshireAlfred1871?9 Mar 194473Kalgoorlie WASA 9767
BrombergMaurice Julius1898?30 Nov 1952546730 privte 16 batialionKalgoorlie WAHeb
BromleyHenry William1863?22 Jul 193067Kalgoorlie WAMethodist
BromleyHenry William1884?6 Dec 192844Kalgoorlie WAMethodist
BrooksHilda Gwendolyne1905?1 Jan 197772Kalgoorlie WASalvation Army 12546
BrooksKeith Edward1939?17 Jul 198344Kalgoorlie WASalvation Army
BrooksStephen Frank1917?3 May 193619Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 8176
BrooksWilliam Edward "Bill"1975Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14585
BrooksWilliam George1871?28 Apr 192049h/MaryKalgoorlie WAAnglican 5504
BrothertonBenjamin Frederick1878?27 Jan 190325Kalgoorlie WAPresbyterian 1690
BrownArthur George1869?14 Aug 193970Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5883
BrownArthur George1912?23 Mar 192210Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 5883
BrownCecil Leonard1889?19 Dec 196778Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 8099
BrownCecil Louis1928?7 Mar 195628Kalgoorlie WAGEN 11789
BrownElizabeth Maria1876?24 Feb 194367Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 4804
BrownElliott Robinson1970194576h/AnnieKalgoorlie WAMethodist 10077
Brown (Kemp)Elsie Marguerite1929?5 Oct 199162Kalgoorlie WAAnglican 14662
BrownFanny Charge1870?13 Aug 192252w/JonathanKalgoorlie WAANG 5948
BrownFrances Ellen5 Oct 1951Kalgoorlie WARoman Catholic 11095

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