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1 cemetery found

NerrigaWillow Forest Road, Nerriga NSW 262250

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AlleyPeter1911?17 Mar 194331son/George Underwood & Mary Ann (Temple)Nerriga NSW
Byrnes (Rolfe)Frances Elizabeth1849?19 Oct 187627dau/John & Frances (Crisp); b. Berrima, NSW; w/ThomasNerriga NSW
CrispHarold Frederick1934?18 Oct 199359Nerriga NSW
CrispRonald David1932?25 Jul 200169Nerriga NSW
CrispWilliam Henry1944?25 May 196925?son/Leslie Clive & Alice MariaNerriga NSW
FreemanNannaNerriga NSW
GrayWilliam (Wally)27 Nov 191213 Sep 199077Nerriga NSW
HockeyAlfred Enis6 Sep 186822 Aug 194475son/Samuel & Mary Anne (Ryan); b. Windellama, NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth (Hawke)Nerriga NSW
Hockey (Hawke)Elizabeth5 Aug 187316 Jan 194369dau/James Daniel & Annie; b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/Alfred EnisNerriga NSW
Hush (Orford)Emily Ellen1892?2 Oct 196977dau/Thomas & Elizabeth Ann; b. Braidwood, NSW; w/Ralph ThomasNerriga NSW
HushRalph Thomas18756 Jun 194469son/Joseph Henry & Eliza; b. Braidwood, NSW; h/Emily Ellen (Orford)Nerriga NSW
HushWilfred Charles1916?4 Jul 195539son/Ralph Thomas & Emily EllenNerriga NSW
McGrath (Stephens)Everline Stella1895?6 Apr 193742dau/Joseph & SarahNerriga NSW
NielsonJulia1857?31 May 191962Nerriga NSW
OwenEdward James1829?22 May 188859son/Edward & Eliza; h/Matilda (Hollands)Nerriga NSW
RolfeHarold12 Jul 1930son/Charles Lindsay & Alice ANerriga NSW
RolfeJames Henry25 Mar 19194 Sep 199980son/John James & Maude Helena (Croker); h/Jean Winifred (Temple)Nerriga NSW
RolfeJohn18046 Aug 185857son/Henry & Elizabeth (Sells?); b. Parramatta, NSW, Australia; h/Frances (Crisp)Nerriga NSW
RolfeNedNerriga NSW
RolfeSusan187518783dau/John & MargaretNerriga NSW
StephensAnnie Matilda1897?10 Nov 193336dau/Joseph & SarahNerriga NSW
StephensJoseph1864?31 Dec 193571son/John & Ann; h/SarahNerriga NSW
Stephens (Owen)Sarah1875?13 Sep 196287dau/Edward & Matilda; w/JosephNerriga NSW
Styles (Stephens)Florence Alma1898?26 Jul 198587w/William GoodridgeNerriga NSW
StylesWilliam Goodridge1902?18 Sep 196361son/William G & Grace; h/Florence AlmaNerriga NSW
TempleKeith L1929?24 Aug 19345son/Leslie Hubert & Nellie Eileen (Alley)Nerriga NSW
TempleLeslie Hubert1889?8 Jul 197384son/James Savage & Elizabeth Delina; h/Nellie Eileen (Alley)Nerriga NSW
WoollanSamuel1830?11 May 188555Nerriga NSW

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