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GloucesterCemetery Road, Gloucester NSW 24222763

16 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Albury (Jessop)Elizabeth Ester19 Jun 187218 Jul 194169dau/William & Maria Ann (Murray); b. Broulee, NSW, Australia; w/JamesGloucester NSWPbn
AlburyJames1868?20 Aug 195183son/James & Mary Ann (Cullen); b. Araluen, NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth Ester (Jessop)Gloucester NSWPbn
DewberryClifford William1918200385son/William Henry & Florence (McKinnon); b. Stroud, NSW, Australia; h/Patricia Bowe (Darroch)Gloucester NSWLwn
Dewberry (McKinnon)Florence Mary5 Dec 188624 Jan 196578dau/James & Flora Ann (McQueen); b. Copeland, NSW, Australia; w/William HenryGloucester NSWPbn
DewberryWilliam Henry18 May 187819 Apr 196182son/William & Charlotte Mary (Bennett); b. Armidale, NSW; h/Florence Mary (McKinnon)Gloucester NSWPbn
Hamberger (Rixon)Edith May1915?20 Feb 198973dau/Herbert Archibald & Clarice Gertrude (Harris); w/Cyril LeslieGloucester NSWLwn
Harris (Gegg)Bertha Emily12 May 188326 Feb 196985dau/James Albert & Elizabeth (Tickner); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/Herbert SamuelGloucester NSWAng
HarrisBertha Emma Elizabeth13 May 191222 Aug 200290dau/Herbert Samuel & Bertha Emily (Gegg); b. Balmain North, NSW, AustraliaGloucester NSWLwn
HarrisHerbert Samuel29 Aug 18882 Dec 195668son/Samuel & Emma (Goodchild); b. Cooma, NSW, Australia; h/Bertha Emily (Gegg)Gloucester NSWAng
HarrisLorna Iris15 Feb 19222 Jan 200481dau/Herbert Samuel & Bertha Emily (Gegg); b. NSW, AustraliaGloucester NSWLwn
HarrisThelma Irene15 Feb 19225 Jun 199775dau/Herbert Samuel & Bertha Emily (Gegg)Gloucester NSWLwn
McInnesAlan17 Oct 190422 Aug 195651son/John Robert & Emma (Jones); b. Gloucester, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Joyce (Dewberry); N161717Gloucester NSWPbn
McInnes (Dewberry)Mary Joyce19109 Jul 199585dau/William Henry & Florence Mary (McKinnon); b. Stroud, NSW, Australia; w/AlanGloucester NSWPbn
Rixon (Harris)Clarice Gertrude18861 Aug 198497dau/Solomon & Elizabeth (Waltham); b. West Maitland, NSW, Australia; w/Herbert ArchibaldGloucester NSWLwn
SmithAlbert James12 Nov 191631 Mar 200588son/Charles Arthur & Pearl Ann (Taylor); b. Gloucester, NSW, Australia; h/Marion Isabel (Wharton); NX10387Gloucester NSWLwn
Smith (Wharton)Marion Isabel6 Nov 19133 Dec 199481dau/William Arthur & Lilly Cora (Attkins); b. Scone, NSW, Australia; w/Albert JamesGloucester NSWLwn

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