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Tongala434 Day Rd, Tongala VIC 36211157

1157 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??Tongala VIC
??1863?15 Sep 194582Tongala VIC
??1876?30 Apr194670Tongala VIC
?Alice1873?30 Nov 193259w/WilliamTongala VIC
?Eveline Pearl1884?3 Oct 197187Tongala VIC
?Harold Walter1867?28 Oct 195386Tongala VIC
?Joyce1930?7 May 197040w/ClarrieTongala VIC
?MotherTongala VIC
?Rupert Arthur1916?16 Nov 19259Tongala VIC
?William1872?28 Mar 196088h/AliceTongala VIC
AbbottElona Marion1889?23 Jul 196576w/Garfirld Ira WilliamTongala VIC
AbbottGarfield Ira William1888?8 May 196678h/Elona MarionTongala VIC
AchesonEllen1826?22 Feb 189165w/SamuelTongala VIC
AchesonSamuel1828?24 Sep 189870h/EllenTongala VIC
AckersThomas1866?27 Jun 191246h/EstherTongala VIC
AdamsLorraine Margaret11 May 195711 Mar 199639Tongala VIC
AilwoodFanny Elizabeth1900?28 Apr 198080w/Frederick RobertTongala VIC
AilwoodFrederick Clarence20 Jul 1943h/OliveTongala VIC
AilwoodFrederick Robert1901?9 Mar 196362h/Fanny ElizabethTongala VIC
AilwoodOlive Evelyn1878?31 Jul 196385w/Frederick ClarenceTongala VIC
AldousKelvin Linton1918199678h/MoiraTongala VIC
AldousMoira Jean6 Jul 19216 Feb 200483Tongala VIC
Aldridge (Campara)Erminia (Min)3 Oct 189816 Mar 198991Tongala VIC
AllanAndrew1825?16 May 189065h/JeanTongala VIC
AllanEric James14son/John & AnnieTongala VIC
AllanEthel May3dau/John & AnnieTongala VIC
AllanJean1827?16 Sep 190982w/AndrewTongala VIC
AllenClarence Boyd1902?11 Aug 198179h/GraceTongala VIC
AllenGrace1909?1 Feb 199889w/Clarence BoydTongala VIC
AndrewReginald Henry13 Jan 192325 Jul 198057h/Annie Elizabeth (Brotherson); VX148962Tongala VIC
AndrewsAlbert Leslie Charles15 Dec 19273 Nov 201689h/Marie MargaretTongala VIC
ArchibaldDoris Emma28 Feb 19045 Apr 198783w/Lyndsay RobertTongala VIC
ArchibaldLyndsay Robert22 Jun 190213 Sep 197371h/Doris EmmaTongala VIC
ArmstrongKatie1884?30 Mar 189612Tongala VIC
ArmstrongRuby25 Oct 190915 Jun 200697w/Arthur RayTongala VIC
ArnoldAnne Mary16 Jun 193721 Aug 201073Tongala VIC
ArnoldArthur Stanley31 Jan 192715 Dec 201386Tongala VIC
AustinDorothy Elsie29 Dec 19176 Aug 201497w/John MartinTongala VIC
AustinJohn Martin5 Apr 192110 May 199271h/Dorothy ElsieTongala VIC
BakerArthur Stephen27 May 1938h/MargaretTongala VIC
BakerMargaret3 Oct 1965w/Arthur StephenTongala VIC
BarnesJames Edwin1914199480Tongala VIC
BarnesJessie Mary1917198770Tongala VIC
BarnesMabel Mary93w/Walter JamesTongala VIC
BarnesWalter James1881?20 Jan 193352h/MabelTongala VIC
BarsonEthel M21 May 1959Tongala VIC
BarthelsonWesley11 Aug 1957son/Henry & JoyTongala VIC
BeattieAdelaide1872?20 Jul 192957Tongala VIC
BeattieFredrick Lawson1911?14 Sep 194736son/AdelaideTongala VIC
BellearsHenry Joseph14 May 1966h/VeronicaTongala VIC
BellearsVeronica1 May 1968w/Henry JosephTongala VIC
BentleyFrank Dewhurst191213 Dec 198573h/ReaTongala VIC
BigginAllan JohnDec 1972?30 Jul 19737mTongala VIC
BigginGeoffery Alan2 Feb 19722 Feb 1972sbTongala VIC
BishGraham19 Aug 1972son/LorraineTongala VIC
BishLorraine19 Aug 1972Tongala VIC
BishMark19 Aug 1972son/LorraineTongala VIC
BishRobert19 Aug 1972son/LorraineTongala VIC
BlakeAlbert Thomas1887?28 Feb 197184h/Olive MayTongala VIC
BlakeAlbert Thomas John29 Sep 192925 Nov 201081h/MargaretTongala VIC
BlakeFrancis Earl1920?25 Jun 19255Tongala VIC
BlakeOlive May1890?21 Jun 196878w/Albert ThomasTongala VIC
BoalFrances20 Apr 1950w/WilliamTongala VIC
BoalGordon Lenox1912?24 Sep 197159son/William & FrancesTongala VIC
BoalWillian D6 Jun 1968h/FrancesTongala VIC
BoalWillian Keith1919?16 Mar 196445son/William & FrancesTongala VIC
BoaseNorman Henry1886?19 Sep 195973Tongala VIC
BodeConstance Ann1901?21 Jul 197069w/JamesTongala VIC
BodeJames1946h/Constance AnnTongala VIC
BosseAda Clara1893?1 Jun 193542dau/August & Mary EllenTongala VIC
BosseAllan August1916?14 Aug 19182son/August & MarthaTongala VIC
BosseAnna16 Aug 1948dau/August & ChristinaTongala VIC
BosseArthur1883?8 Mar 194966h/Louisa MaryTongala VIC
BosseAugust1833?23 May 190067b. Hanover, Germany; h/ChristinaTongala VIC
BosseAugust1860?28 Aug 191555h/MarthaTongala VIC
BosseChristel Ernest1867?22 Dec 193871Tongala VIC
BosseChristina1840?12 Mar 192989w/AugustTongala VIC
BosseDaisy Margaret1899?6 Jun 194647dau/August & MaryTongala VIC
BosseErnest1910?10 Aug 199787son/Ernest & HannahTongala VIC
BosseHannah Jane1881?5 Mar 193857Tongala VIC
BosseLeslie Claude1906?26 Feb 196761son/Ernest & HannahTongala VIC
BosseLouisa Mary1884?2 Sep 196480w/ArthurTongala VIC
BosseMartha1878?31 Oct 193052w/AugustTongala VIC
BosseMary Ellen1867?27 Aug 191245w/AugustTongala VIC
BosseRose Ellen1891?17 Jun 195261dau/August & MaryTongala VIC
BowkettAlfred Ernest4 Sep 1951h/ChristinaTongala VIC
BowkettChristina21 Sep 1978w/Alfred ErnestTongala VIC
BrasherFlorence1900197474Tongala VIC
BrasherJohn Walter1913?17 Feb 198269h/Lorna MayTongala VIC
BrasherLorna May1914?9 Mar 199480w/John WalterTongala VIC
BrasherMark1893?19 Sep 196572h/MaryTongala VIC
BrasherMark Royd25 Jun 192915 Jul 199465h/Barbara ElaineTongala VIC
BrasherMary1895?24 Dec 194853w/MarkTongala VIC
BrayAmelia1872?6 Apr 194876Tongala VIC
BreenRobert Leopold6 Oct 1902son/Robert & BeatriceTongala VIC
BrierleyJoseph1865?Jun 193974Tongala VIC
BriggsJohn F1957?27 Feb 197619Tongala VIC
BriggsWalter Frederick13 Nov 192028 Mar 200787h/JoyTongala VIC
BrineWilliam Edward20 Oct 191029 Oct 19109dTongala VIC
BrookA J22 Sep 1960h/AliceTongala VIC
BrookAlice1887?14 Jun 195972w/A JTongala VIC
BroseBertha Amelia1907?31 May 198376w/Frederick WilliamTongala VIC
BroseEllen Elizabeth1859?18 Jun 192768Tongala VIC
BroseFrederick William1894?14 Oct 197076h/Bertha AmeliaTongala VIC
BroseJoseph Frederick1855?27 Jun 193782Tongala VIC
BroseKelvin William1939?23 Jul 198142h/LynetteTongala VIC
BrownAlice Maud1902?5 Aug 199189w/Richard AlbertTongala VIC
Brown (Jones)Belinda11 Jul 19818 Sep 201433Tongala VIC
BrownCathrine1873?5 Sep 189623Tongala VIC
BrownJohn1836?7 Dec 191781Tongala VIC
BrownJohn1870?1 Nov 188212Tongala VIC
BrownMaria1853?28 Sep 193683Tongala VIC
BrownRichard Albert1896?15 Oct 195862h/Alice MaudTongala VIC
BrownRosanna1849?22 Apr 193687Tongala VIC
Brown-GrahamElizabeth20 Oct 1944dau/George & Jean MargaretTongala VIC
Brown-GrahamGeorge Arthur18 Sep 190813 Jun 199486h/Jean MargaretTongala VIC
Brown-GrahamJean Margaret (Peg)20 Apr 190624 Sep 199993w/George ArthurTongala VIC
BruntMalcolm William1952?11 Jan 199442h/KirstyTongala VIC
BruntMerle4 Apr 192231 Dec 201391w/Reginald MervynTongala VIC
BruntReginald Mervyn5 Jun 19199 Dec 199576h/MerleTongala VIC
Bryant (Penberthy)Charlotte188712 Jun 196780dau/Thomas & Elizabeth (Birmingham); b. Victoria; w/James JosephTongala VIC
BryantJames Joseph1889?22 Apr 195970h/Charlotte (Penberthy)Tongala VIC
BuchananGeorge1916?15 Aug 197357Tongala VIC
BullinghamJack Stanley1893?15 Jun 196875h/NellieTongala VIC
BullinghamLettie (Violet)28 Dec 192017 Jan 201292w/RobertTongala VIC
BullinghamNellie1890?2 Jul 197888w/Jack StanleyTongala VIC
BullinghamRobert George23 Apr 19219 Aug 201190h/Lettie (Violet)Tongala VIC
BurburyAlbert Richard1886?18 Aug 198498h/Violet AmeliaTongala VIC
BurburyViolet Amelia1889?8 May 197384w/Albert RichardTongala VIC
BurgessRaymond Edward (Edis)1944?28 Feb 195915son/JessieTongala VIC
BuschClara1864?1 Dec 188622w/JohnTongala VIC
BuschHelena May1883?1 Dec 18863dau/John & ClaraTongala VIC
CabeHenry Edward M1855?6 Apr 189136Tongala VIC
CahillBeverley Rae1948?1 Jul 197224w/DarylTongala VIC
CambreyKevin Edward1940?15 Jul 197636son/William & GladysTongala VIC
CameronGeorge William13 Jun 1991h/BessTongala VIC
CameronHelen Ruth1950?31 May 196313dau/George & BessTongala VIC
CameronShane Alexander (Jack)28 Jul 196027 Oct 201555Tongala VIC
CamparaGiuseppa1877?2 Aug 196487Tongala VIC
CamparaGuiseppe1913?11 Oct 197158V510669Tongala VIC
CamparaTranquil (Frank)1887?22 Dec 195366son/GiuseppaTongala VIC
CampbellArthur Reginald26 Apr 190817 Oct 198779h/Olivia EthelTongala VIC
CampbellBryan Robert193919434son/John & MavisTongala VIC
CampbellGeorge18 Nov 1968h/MatildaTongala VIC
CampbellMatilda24 Jun 1962w/GeorgeTongala VIC
CampbellOlivia Ethel29 May 190914 Feb 198980w/Arthur ReginaldTongala VIC
CampbellSuzanne May8 Apr 195325 Sep 199643w/Desmond JohnTongala VIC
CarmichaelClaude Lewis2 May 190920 Oct 200899h/NinaTongala VIC
CarmichaelNina19 Mar 191728 Sep 200891w/Claude LewisTongala VIC
CarrJoseph1875?18 Feb 195984Tongala VIC
CassidyAda Susan May1901?17 May 198786w/LindsayTongala VIC
CassidyLindsay1903?6 Sep 197673h/Ada Susan MayTongala VIC
CassidyLindsay Gordon1937?25 May 196932son/Lindsay & Ada; h/Margaret AnneTongala VIC
CastleEdward1846?9 Sep 190054Tongala VIC
CastlesArthur Edgar23 Sep 1871193362b. KynetonTongala VIC
CavillWilliam Arthur7 Aug 192210 Jul 199068Tongala VIC
ChalmersDorothy Nicholson19172 Nov 199174w/Percival PhillipTongala VIC
ChalmersRobert StanleyApr 1951?16 Sep 19515mson/Alex & ShirlTongala VIC
CharlesAgnes1885?5 Jul 198499w/WilliamTongala VIC
CharlesLindsay1948?6 Nov 196517son/Bill & ElsieTongala VIC
CharlesWilliam1896?18 Oct 197579h/AgnesTongala VIC
CharltonAlan1914Oct 198470h/Ida MayTongala VIC
CharltonChristina1883?28 Oct 196582Tongala VIC
CharltonIda May15 Sep 2002w/AlanTongala VIC
CharltonWilliam1882?28 May 197088Tongala VIC
CiprianiMaureen20 Mar 194426 May 200359Tongala VIC
Clapp (Brotherson)Annie Elizabeth16 Feb 192213 May 200785formerly Andrew; w/Reginald Henry (Andrew) & LindsayTongala VIC
ClarkAileen Mary1907?28 Mar 196659w/EdwardTongala VIC
ClarkEdward1902?22 Jan 199391h/Aileen MaryTongala VIC
ClarkEmily1874?15 Mar 196490w/William PatrickTongala VIC
ClarkNancy1913?21 Sep 197562w/NormanTongala VIC
ClarkNorman A1911?23 Jul 196554h/NancyTongala VIC
ClarkWilliam Patrick1871?2 Oct 194978h/EmilyTongala VIC
ClarkeJohn1902?29 Nov 196462h/Kathleen VeronicaTongala VIC
ClarkeKathleen Veronica14 Apr 19001 Sep 196666w/JohnTongala VIC
ClarkeRodney1950?8 Oct 19511Tongala VIC
ClaytonAnne Jane Timbrell1831190069b. Armagh, Ireland; w/RobertTongala VIC
CocksBenjamin William186729 Jun 194073son/Benjamin & Rachel (Edwards); b. Dunolly VIc; h/Jane (Beattie)Tongala VIC
CocksJames William1923?18 Jul 197350h/BettyTongala VIC
CocksJames WilliamMay 1942?8 Aug 194315mson/Jim & MollieTongala VIC
Cocks (Beattie)Jane1869192354dau/Joseph & Johanna (Clearly); b. Tylden VIC; w/Benjamin WilliamTongala VIC
ColwellAlan1912?22 Sep 195442h/Elsie MargaretTongala VIC
ColwellElsie Margaret1914?26 Jul 198268w/AlanTongala VIC
ColwellSandra Joy1947?24 Mar 19547dau/Alan & ElsieTongala VIC
CondickEthel V M1886?28 Apr 195569w/JamesTongala VIC
CondickJames A1886?1 May 195367h/EthelTongala VIC
CondickJames William (Jim)1923?10 Jun 194522son/James & Ethel; VX53514Tongala VIC
ConnellyEdmond1876?12 Feb 194266h/Mary AnneTongala VIC
ConnellyJames Augustine4 Dec 19155 Oct 199883Tongala VIC
ConnellyMary Anne1882?3 Dec 197189w/EdmondTongala VIC
ConnellyMavis Jean19 Aug 191921 Feb 198970w/WilliamTongala VIC
ConnellyPeter John12 Jan 193725 Aug 200669Tongala VIC
ConnellyWilliam John2 Dec 190911 Sep 199586h/MavisTongala VIC
CookAlbert Edward1905?7 Jul 197772h/Ruby MayTongala VIC
CookRuby May1911?29 Dec 200493w/Albert EdwardTongala VIC
CookeBarry18 Dec 19448 Jun 199450h/MaryTongala VIC
CookeGeorge Edward1861?20 Jul 194584Tongala VIC
CoombesGeraldine Mary1889197889w/Thomas Augustus PercivalTongala VIC
CoombesThomas Augustus Percival1887197689h/Geraldine MaryTongala VIC
CorrisRaymond August11 Aug 19287 Jun 200678Tongala VIC
Corry (Clark)Aileen Patricia3 Apr 193127 Jan 200271w/Allan FrancisTongala VIC
CorryAllan Francis23 May 192922 Nov 200576h/Aileen Patricia (Clark)Tongala VIC
CorryEdith May1910199585w/Leslie JamesTongala VIC
CorryLeslie James1905199489h/Edith MayTongala VIC
CostelloCatherine May1878?15 Nov 196183w/John ThomasTongala VIC
CostelloCyril Michael1911199483son/John & CatherineTongala VIC
CostelloEdwin (Ned)1921?18 Sep 200483h/MargotTongala VIC
CostelloJohn Thomas1867?7 Jul 195083h/Catherine MayTongala VIC
CostelloLeo Joseph1910200383son/John & CatherineTongala VIC
CoulsonDouglas1920199878Tongala VIC
CoulsonElsie H1903?4 Nov 197774Tongala VIC
CoulsonReginald Hillam1897?6 Jun 196871h/Winifred RoseTongala VIC
CoulsonWinifred Rose1897?17 Aug 195861w/Reginald HillamTongala VIC
CoxAlan Lindsay1915?24 May 199479h/Beatrice MatildaTongala VIC
CoxAshley John1978?20 Jun 199618son/Doug & RhondaTongala VIC
CoxBeatrice Matilda1920?11 Apr 199171w/Alan LindsayTongala VIC
CoxFrank1882?25 Juy 196381h/LilianTongala VIC
CoxGordon Francis14 Jan 191327 Jan 2015102h/Gwendolyn EleanorTongala VIC
CoxGwendolyn Eleanor27 Nov 19266 Apr 201387w/Gordon FrancisTongala VIC
CoxLilian1879?4 Aug 194566w/FrankTongala VIC
CoxOlive K22 Feb 1979w/BillTongala VIC
CoxWilliam Herbert1920199777h/OliveTongala VIC
CraigDoreen Sabina1900?15 Jan 195757Tongala VIC
CrockettDavid Alexander7 Jul 192924 May 197549Tongala VIC
CrockettGeoffrey Edwin29 Jan 193418 Dec 198955Tongala VIC
CuffeSusan Ann1864?18 Dec 188723w/AbrahamTongala VIC
CurtisElizabeth Mary1855?15 Jan 191257dau/Andersen; w/MichaelTongala VIC
CurtisMichael1850?4 Feb 193282h/Elizabeth MaryTongala VIC
CussinsAdrian Edgar6 Feb 19299 Jan 199869son/Edgar & ElsieTongala VIC
CussinsElsie1907?28 Apr 197164Tongala VIC
CussinsHenry1867?13 Dec 195285h/MaryTongala VIC
CussinsMary E1871?26 Nov 195382w/HenryTongala VIC
DacisSharee Elizabeth5 Aug 19797 Oct 19799wdau/Alan & PamTongala VIC
DavidsonJohn1870192959b. Hawick, ScotlandTongala VIC
DaviesHarry1918197860h/EthelTongala VIC
DaviesSandra Rose9 May 194518 Jul 201065w/RonTongala VIC
DavisLoe John19 Oct 19413 Apr 199958h/BeverleyTongala VIC
DavisonBill28 Apr 192112 Jan 201190Tongala VIC
DawsonD Joan5 Oct 193317 Apr 200370dau/Jim & DoreenTongala VIC
DayWill19 May 1915son/William & IsabellaTongala VIC
DayWinnie1897?27 Sep 19003dau/William & IsabellaTongala VIC
DelucaAllan9 Aug 2016son/Irvinn & Shirley (McLeod)Tongala VIC
DelucaKenneth4 Nov 1958son/Irvinn & Shirley (McLeod)Tongala VIC
DenhamCaitlin Michelle12 Oct 1993dau/Andrew & TrudyTongala VIC
DenningBrian1934?22 Aug 196329Vx5283Tongala VIC
DenningMary Elizabeth1906?22 Sep 199387w/LawrenceTongala VIC
DettmannNorman Frank1908?1 Jun 19135Tongala VIC
DevineBrian9 Apr 19465 Nov 200963Tongala VIC
DevineCatherine27 Oct 1955w/PatrickTongala VIC
DevineMary (Mollie)18 Sep 1989w/VincentTongala VIC
DevinePatrick25 Jan 1960h/CatherineTongala VIC
DevineVincent17 Jul 1955h/MaryTongala VIC
DickAlbert1882?1 Mar 194058h/Margaret AliceTongala VIC
DickMargaret Alice1875?14 Feb 195075w/AlbertTongala VIC
DickMary Ethel16 Oct 192019 Nov 198666w/Robert LrvineTongala VIC
DickMyrtle1901?17 Apr 195150Tongala VIC
DickRobert E1894?15 Jun 196066Tongala VIC
DickRobert Ernest1918?8 Aug 198466Tongala VIC
DickRobert Irvine23 May 1981h/Mary EthelTongala VIC
DickSheila Margaret10 Jan 191618 Mar 200286w/William QuintenTongala VIC
DickWilliam Quinten24 Aug 190814 May 199890h/Sheila MargaretTongala VIC
DickettsDorothy May15 Aug 191126 Sep 199483w/Ronald Charles SidneyTongala VIC
DickettsRonald Charles Sidney8 May 191325 Jan 200087h/Dorothy MayTongala VIC
DikmansAdrianTongala VIC
DikmansHenricaTongala VIC
DikmansLouisTongala VIC
DikmansMargaretha J1907?21 Aug 195649Tongala VIC
Dillon (Willowmavin)Catherine22 Sep 18646 Nov 194379w/ThomasTongala VIC
DobsonMay1929200475w/StanTongala VIC
DobsonStan1927199265h/MayTongala VIC
DohertyDaniel Charles1881?15 Jul 196786h/Violet FaithTongala VIC
DohertyGraeme Stuart1953?9 Apr 197623Tongala VIC
DohertyViolet Faith1893?26 Aug 195562w/Daniel CharlesTongala VIC
DonnellyPatrick Joseph28 May 192217 Dec 201088h/BetTongala VIC
DrydenBevin John1939?2 Sep 195516Tongala VIC
DrydenIsaac John1905?24 May 195954h/Jean EllenTongala VIC
DrydenJean Ellen1916?30 Sep 200993w/Isaac JohnTongala VIC
DunneF J24 Nov 144333Tongala VIC
DunstanAlfred Barrie29 Oct 193631 Oct 198448h/Beatrice Elizabeth MayTongala VIC
DunstanBeatrice Elizabeth May30 Jul 193525 Jul 201378w/Alfred BarrieTongala VIC
DuxsonAlmond William6 Dec 191319 Aug 200592h/Hilda Morfydd (Lewis)Tongala VIC
Duxson (Lewis)Hilda Morfydd191429 Jul 199177w/Almond WilliamTongala VIC
EastIvy May5 Sep 192320 Feb 201491Tongala VIC
EatonMargaret Monica9 Apr 191712 Oct 199578w/FredTongala VIC
EatonNoel Frederick1945?13 May 197934h/ChristineTongala VIC
EdisDavid1877?14 Feb 190528h/HannahTongala VIC
EdisElizabeth1869?16 Mar 191344Tongala VIC
EdisHannah1862?21 Jan 188523w/DavidTongala VIC
EdisHannah1874?29 May 190531w/DavidTongala VIC
EdisMildred1874?24 Mar 18795dau/John & MarthaTongala VIC
EdisSelina1863?4 Jun 194279dau/David & HannahTongala VIC
EnglishJudith Ann (Popple)15 May 194213 Jun 200159w/DonTongala VIC
EnglishWilliam1881?15 May 193453h/AnnieTongala VIC
EverestJack Patrick28 Mar 192826 Feb 200880h/PatTongala VIC
EverestJohn (Dookie)25 Feb 18959 Jan 196267h/RosalineTongala VIC
EverestRosaline Agnes1897?7 Oct 196871w/JohnTongala VIC
EverettArthur (Cobber)19171 Dec 200487son/William John & Mary Ann (Wall); b. Echuca Victoria, Australia; h/Gloria (Spowart)Tongala VIC
Everett (Blake)Doreen Mary1914?1 Mar 199783w/William ThomasTongala VIC
EverettEthel Adele19236 Jan 19252dau/William John & MaryAnn (Wall); b. Tongala Victoria, AustraliaTongala VIC
EverettGloria M1919?31 Dec 197657w/ArthurTongala VIC
Everett (Wall)Mary Ann12 Mar 188112 Mar 194463dau/George Walter & Hannah (Wall); b. Carag Carag Victoria, Australia; w/William JohnTongala VIC
EverettWilliam John27 Dec 187123 Jun 195685son/William John & Jane (Rothful); b. Echuca Victoria, Australia; h/Mary Ann (Wall)Tongala VIC
EverettWilliam Thomas (Bill)191017 Mar 199787son/William John & Mary Ann (Wall); b. Rushworth Victoria, Australia; h/Doreen Mary (Blake)Tongala VIC
EwenAgnes Elizabeth74w/Alexander CooperTongala VIC
EwenAlexander Cooper1908?2 Nov 199082h/Agnes ElizabethTongala VIC
FadersonBradley Gordon1962?31 Jan 198927son/George & MelvaTongala VIC
FaracherJane Ann1865?22 Nov 189631Tongala VIC
FergusonDavid John1955?10 Aug 197318Tongala VIC
FergusonEthel Margaret1892?27 Dec 195159Tongala VIC
FergusonStanley Adam1893?11 Sep 196774Tongala VIC
FergusonStanley William1926?10 Jul 200074Tongala VIC
FitchAlma30 Mar 191612 Apr 198670w/BertTongala VIC
FitchBert26 Aug 19142 Jan 197561h/AlmaTongala VIC
FitchGraeme RobertNov 1941?20 May 19426mson/Samuel & Vera DaphneTongala VIC
FitchLeila Daphne1928?1 Apr 19379dau/Samuel & Vera DaphneTongala VIC
FitchSamuel1891?16 Oct 196574h/Vera DaphneTongala VIC
FitchVera Daphne1900?8 Jun 196363w/SamuelTongala VIC
FitzgeraldAudrey Pamela1930?18 May 197242w/Thomas PatrickTongala VIC
FitzgeraldThomas Patrick1914?16 Sep 199379h/Audrey PamelaTongala VIC
FletcherLeo1913?21 Aug 197461h/Maureen PatriciaTongala VIC
FletcherMaureen Patricia1922?4 Oct 200684w/LeoTongala VIC
FosterMary Ann1884?28 Nov 195773w/EdwardTongala VIC
FrauenfelderJoanna Wilhelmina11 Jul 193618 Apr 200165w/NevilleTongala VIC
FrederickArthur1901?10 Sep 196665h/Elsie DorindaTongala VIC
FrederickElsie Dorinda1904?8 Dec 199995h/ArthurTongala VIC
FrenchMay1914?1 Apr 199076w/WilliamTongala VIC
FrenchWilliam1903?22 Nov 197471h/MayTongala VIC
FullerAnnie1829?12 Jan 188758w/ThomasTongala VIC
FullerGeorge1859?27 Jul 193778h/GraceTongala VIC
FullerGrace1859?17 Jul 193475w/GeorgeTongala VIC
FullerHerbert G1877?12 Apr 193255Tongala VIC
FullerMargaret1889?31 Jul 194152h/WalterTongala VIC
FullerMythle Elizabeth1900?11 Oct 197575w/Richard HerbertTongala VIC
FullerNita Mary1907?2 Sep 196255Tongala VIC
FullerRichard Herbert1903?10 Nov 197875h/Myrtle ElizabethTongala VIC
FullerStanley Robert1905?6 Sep 198984h/Nita MaryTongala VIC
FullerThomas1824?19 Feb 190581h/AnnieTongala VIC
FullerWalter1844?7 Jun 193288h/MargaretTongala VIC
FurzeHope14 Dec 201314 Dec 2013sbdau/Michael & AshleighTongala VIC
GaedinerCos10 Jan 191415 Jul 200692h/PhyllisTongala VIC
GaedinerPhyllis28 Nov 191616 Sep 200993w/CosTongala VIC
GardinerArthur Thomas Bond1885?25 Jun 196984h/Edith GertrudeTongala VIC
GardinerEdith Gertrude1886?5 Feb 195872w/Arthur Thomas BondTongala VIC
GardinerEric Alexander14 Dec 191523 Feb 199681h/Hilda MayTongala VIC
GardinerHilda May3 May 191723 Jun 201598w/Eric AlexanderTongala VIC
GardinerJosephine1889?21 Jul 196980w/PercyTongala VIC
GardinerMary1853?15 Sep 191461Tongala VIC
Gardiner (Naismith)Nellie Jane10 Jan 193020 Sep 201181w/Percival JohnTongala VIC
GardinerPercival John1918?10 Mar 199577h/NellieJane (Naismith)Tongala VIC
GardinerPercy1881?11 Jul 197392h/JosephineTongala VIC
GarthR M1926?25 Jun 197145h/Betty; 6552Tongala VIC
GassMargaret Jessie1916?19 Apr 198569w/William JamesTongala VIC
GassWilliam James1912?13 Jun 197866h/Margaret JessieTongala VIC
GehringAfra19 Oct ??Tongala VIC
GemmillAlfred Carling24 Feb 192120 Aug 198665b. Tongala, VIC; h/Joan Goring (Archibald); VX58275Tongala VIC
GemmillAngasJun 189514 Feb 196367son/David; b. Kyabram, VIC; h/Jessie Amy (Sewell); 4813Tongala VIC
GemmillBeryl Florence1928199769Tongala VIC
GemmillBruce Alan21 Jul 196121 Jul 199130Tongala VIC
GemmillGrace1896199397w/Neil; 1195Tongala VIC
Gemmill (Sewell)Jessie Amy190023 Jan 197675dau/John & Lena Margaretha (Berryman); b. Dunolly, VIC; w/AngasTongala VIC
Gemmill (Archibald)Joan Goring19 Feb 1995w/Alfred CarlingTongala VIC
GemmillNeil1898?18 Apr 197274h/GraceTongala VIC
GemmillRobert186726 May 194275son/John James & Elizabeth (Whiteford); b. Dunolly, VICTongala VIC
GibbsAnnie Maud1866195690Tongala VIC
GibbsAnnie Victoria1893198794Tongala VIC
GibbsFrancis Norman1894197076Tongala VIC
GibbsMarian Clifford1885197085Tongala VIC
GibbsWilliam Norman1853193885Tongala VIC
GilbertAmelia Ann1880?5 Feb 195878w/Lawrence HerbertTongala VIC
Gilbert (Asling)Dorothy Elizabeth29 Jun 192810 May 201385w/BillTongala VIC
GilbertIsobel Fordyce24 Mar 191821 Aug 200284w/Leonard WalterTongala VIC
GilbertLawrence Herbert1874?16 Jul 196894h/Amelia AnnTongala VIC
GilbertLeonard Walter2 Jun 191722 May 198669h/Isobel FordyceTongala VIC
GilbertWilliam James1 Sep 192821 Aug 201183h/DoffTongala VIC
GillesoieAlexander1825191388h/Grace (McKaig)Tongala VIC
Gillesoie (McKaig)Grace1830191282w/AlexanderTongala VIC
GitshamWinifred Rose1901?15 Nov 196867Tongala VIC
Goddardsbson/B L K & EmilyTongala VIC
GoddardB L K1940h/EmilyTongala VIC
GoddardEmily1940w/B L KTongala VIC
GoddardRobert L1897?18 Apr 197174Tongala VIC
GoodaFrancis William1927?1 May 198760son/William & MaryTongala VIC
GoodaMary Alice1879?17 Dec 196384w/WilliamTongala VIC
GoodaWilliam1879?4 Nov 196182h/Mary AliceTongala VIC
GoodwinClyde12 Sep 193114 Jun 200674son/Albert & ElizabethTongala VIC
GoonJames1885?14 Aug 196378Tongala VIC
GordonHerbert1887?22 Jul 195871h/Violet EmilyTongala VIC
GordonViolet Emily26 Apr 18966 Jul 198589w/HerbertTongala VIC
GrahamElizabeth1883?22 Mar 197592w/FrankTongala VIC
GrahamFrank1883?7 Feb 193956h/ElizabethTongala VIC
GrahamMargaret1918?14 Sep 19268dau/Frank & ElizabethTongala VIC
Grainger (Dick)Moira1919?11 May 194829dau/Donald & EvaTongala VIC
GravesEthel Gertrude1894?6 Apr 196571w/GeorgeTongala VIC
GravesGeorge1877?24 Dec 196588h/Ethel GertrudeTongala VIC
GrayAlbert James1884?21 Jul 192844h/KateTongala VIC
GrayKate1881?14 Jan 197695w/Albert JamesTongala VIC
GreenPatricia Mary3 Oct 192910 Jul 199970w/Patrick FrancisTongala VIC
GreenPatrick Francis8 Mar 19274 Aug 200174h/Patricia MaryTongala VIC
GreenwayBob21 Nov 193813 Jun 200668h/KathyTongala VIC
GreinerGeorge1873?18 Aug 193966Tongala VIC
GreinerHector George1908?9 Mar 197668h/UnaTongala VIC
GreinerJane1879195778Tongala VIC
GreinerWarren Francis5 Feb 197424 May 201440son/Robert & DeniseTongala VIC
GreinerWarren Francis5 Feb 197424 May 201440son/Rob & DeniseTongala VIC
GriffithsDorothy1906?25 Aug 200195w/TrevorTongala VIC
GriffithsEdwin James1872?18 Aug 194977h/JessieTongala VIC
GriffithsElsie Verna1912?2 Jun 196048Tongala VIC
GriffithsJessie1882?21 Jan 195977w/Edwin JamesTongala VIC
GriffithsKathleen1884?22 May 197086w/Matthew AndrewTongala VIC
GriffithsMatthew Andrew1870?18 May 195989h/KathleenTongala VIC
GriffithsMatthew Andrew1908?2 Aug 199789Tongala VIC
GriffithsRonald Thomas1917?21 Jul 200285Tongala VIC
GriffithsTrevor1916?16 Dec 196852h/DorothyTongala VIC
GuestJane24 Jun 188430 Nov 196884Tongala VIC
GuinanAgnes1905?16 Feb 191914dau/Peter & BridgetTongala VIC
GuinanAnn1838?14 Dec 192284w/PatrickTongala VIC
GuinanAnthony15 Mar 1946h/FrancesTongala VIC
GuinanBridget1863?1 Dec 191552w/PeterTongala VIC
GuinanFrances24 Jan 1946w/AnthonyTongala VIC
GuinanPatrick1836?6 Feb 190165b. King Co, Ireland; h/AnnTongala VIC
GuinanPeter26 Nov 1944h/BridgetTongala VIC
GuineyAdrian Vicent1957?21 Jan 199033son/Vincent & CeciliaTongala VIC
GuineyAlice1865?15 Feb 195186w/DanielTongala VIC
GuineyAlice1893?4 Aug 195562Tongala VIC
GuineyAngela Monica1934?14 Nov 195218Tongala VIC
GuineyAnn1894?12 Sep 192834w/Francis BernardTongala VIC
GuineyBerenice Mary1929?5 Jan 199869Tongala VIC
GuineyBrian Anthony1924?17 Nov 198258son/Francis & AnnTongala VIC
GuineyCecilia Agnes1930?1 Oct 200171w/Vicent GregoryTongala VIC
GuineyDaniel Augustine18 Feb 185630 Dec 193175son/John & Margaret (Kelly (nee) Maloney); b. Macclesfield, SA; h/Elizabeth Ann (Newman) & Alice (Bennett)Tongala VIC
GuineyDesmond Aloysius26 Dec 192620 Apr 199468h/Eileen VeronicaTongala VIC
GuineyEileen Veronica (Lanna)13 Feb 193128 Nov 200978w/Desmond AloysiusTongala VIC
GuineyEllen Agnes1897?3 Dec 198588w/Gregory VincentTongala VIC
GuineyFrancis1889?22 Nov 195061h/AnnTongala VIC
GuineyFrancis Bernard24 Dec 1942h/AnnTongala VIC
GuineyGregory Vincent1897?1 Sep 196871h/Ellen AgnesTongala VIC
GuineyVicent Gregory1927?10 Jun 199972h/Cecilia AgnesTongala VIC
GuscettiGuiditta1819189879Tongala VIC
Hacon?14 Jan 189614 Jan 1896sbch/Charles & SarahTongala VIC
HaconMatgaret Edith25 May 192831 Jul 201284w/GrahamTongala VIC
HaleEdith1878?26 Mar 194769w/Oliver DavidTongala VIC
HaleOliver David1878?21 Jun 195476h/EdithTongala VIC
HamiltonFrancis James1891?15 Dec 194352736Tongala VIC
HanlonLily May1903?28 Oct 194340Tongala VIC
HansonGordon17 Nov 19312 Jun 199867h/JoanTongala VIC
HardyLeonard1894?4 Jul 197076h/Noelle; VX56835Tongala VIC
HardyLeonard Russell (Russ)1929201182h/Lorna Dorothy (Naismith)Tongala VIC
Hardy (Naismith)Lorna Dorothy1933201481w/Leonard RussellTongala VIC
HardyNoelle1903?26 Jul 198683w/LeonardTongala VIC
HarrisAlice Mary1893?8 Oct 197582w/WilliamTongala VIC
HarrisClaude William19195 Mar 198566h/Iris EthelTongala VIC
HarrisEmma1839?6 Apr 189960w/StephenTongala VIC
HarrisIris Ethel191911 Apr 199576w/Claude WilliamTongala VIC
HarrisPeter William30 Sep 19562 Oct 19562dson/Walter & EdithTongala VIC
HarrisRonald WilliamSep 1944?10 Mar 194618mson/Claude & IrisTongala VIC
HarrisStephen1838?Apr 190062h/EmmaTongala VIC
HarrisWalter Leonard24 Jun 19262 May 201690h/EdithTongala VIC
HarveyEileen Mabel Georgina21 May 190819 Oct 199688w/Lester ErnestTongala VIC
HarveyLester Ernest2 May 19085 Oct 199385h/Eileen Mabel GeorginaTongala VIC
HawkerAda Caroline3 Feb 1964w/Harold EdwardTongala VIC
HawkerGordon William1929?5 Apr 198859Tongala VIC
HawkerHarold Edward20 Feb1971h/Ada CarolineTongala VIC
HawkerJennifer Ada19 Aug 195929 Aug 195910ddau/Gordon WilliamTongala VIC
HayresRita Frances19 Aug 19257 Oct 201186w/Robert WilliamTongala VIC
HayresRobert William20 Nov 19245 Feb 200278h/Rita FrancesTongala VIC
HaysJohn W1869?28 Sep 190233son/Thomas & MargaretTongala VIC
HaysMargaret1845?2 Sep 190762w/ThomasTongala VIC
HaysThomas1841?10 Oct 192079h/MargaretTongala VIC
HazelmanMavis Jean29 Jun 191529 Jun 1915sbdau/Edward & MargaretTongala VIC
HelliwellFrederick John26 Apr 19218 Feb 198665h/RosalineTongala VIC
HendersonJohn Hay1864?28 Dec 195187h/MatildaTongala VIC
HendersonLena28 Aug 1957Tongala VIC
HendersonMatilda1868?16 Dec 194274w/JohnTongala VIC
HerbertRichard Leslie1969198718Tongala VIC
HewetsonEdith JoanApr 1928?15 Mar 192911mdau/Ferdinand & MatildaTongala VIC
HewittHilda Florence Edna2 May 19212 Oct 200988w/John FrederickTongala VIC
HewittJohn Frederick (Jack)10 Feb 19186 Apr 200789h/HildaTongala VIC
HeydeJames1848?16 Jun 192375h/MaryTongala VIC
HeydeMary1849?2 Jul 192374w/JamesTongala VIC
HicksGraeme Francis26 Apr 19327 Apr 201381h/PatricaTongala VIC
HicksLyall Albert10 Oct 195716 Jun 196811son/Graeme & PatricaTongala VIC
Hicks (Hodges)Patrica1 Aug 193227 Jun 199159w/Graeme FrancisTongala VIC
HillFrancis1879?24 Apr 194970h/Hilda MargaretTongala VIC
HillHilda Margaret1880?22 Jul 194666w/FrancisTongala VIC
HinchcliffeAnnie1886?27 Jul 195771dau/MaryTongala VIC
HinchcliffeArchie1888?8 May 196981Tongala VIC
HinchcliffeGeorge Ream24 Nov 192024 Nov 1920sbTongala VIC

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