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NagambieCemetery Lane, Nagambie VIC 360841

32 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BazeleyJane5 Nov 184826 Jul 191970dau/Francis & Ann (Thorburn); w/William (Bazely)Nagambie VIC
BazeleyWilliam Francis5 Nov 18699 May 191545son/William & Jane (Renison); b. Victoria; h/EileenNagambie VIC
BourkeJohn Desmond25 Nov 19336 Feb 201076Nagambie VIC
CollettJudith4 Apr 194512 Jun 201368w/PeterNagambie VIC
ComiEfleminia (Flemi)31 Dec 19292 Aug 201585w/RonNagambie VIC
ForbesLindsay Alan1922200785h/Margaret RuthNagambie VIC
ForbesMargaret Ruth1928199769w/Lindsay AlanNagambie VIC
GloedeGlen Robin8 Jun 194722 Jan 200557h/Marilyn (Moe)Nagambie VIC
HanganEdith Mary1959dau/William Thomas & Cath (Reardon); b. VictoriaNagambie VIC
HoggBetty Elizabeth4 Jun 19259 Jan 200680w/Leslie PeirceNagambie VIC
HoggLeslie Peirce22 Feb 192526 Jul 200580h/Betty ElizabethNagambie VIC
Leviston (Gray)Elizabeth Jane9 Dec 192114 Jul 200785w/RoyNagambie VIC
LevistonRoy20 Apr 191118 Jan 198371son/David James & Maude (Friday); h/Elizabeth Jane (Gray)Nagambie VIC
McDonald (Young)Mary Isabel1917194427dau/James Henry & Cecelia Agnes (Mills)Nagambie VIC
MulraneyBasil1933198451son/John Edward & Lydia Bernice May (Sharp); h/ElizabethNagambie VIC
Orpwood (McGorlick)Mary Jane1859190950dau/Daniel & Cath (Winters); w/RichardNagambie VIC
OrpwoodRichard1869195283son/Mathew & Sarah (Johnson); h/Mary Jane (McGorlick)Nagambie VIC
Paton (Woodlock)Catherine Mary1879?21 Nov 191536w/Frederick LaurenceNagambie VIC
PatonFredrick Lawrence1875?23 Jul 196287son/Peter & Emily (Brock); h/Catherine Mary (Woodlock)Nagambie VIC
RussellFrederick8 Jul 1927h/Janet Elizabeth (Manson)Nagambie VIC
Russell (Manson)Janet Elizabeth9 May 1966dau/John & Mary (Ash); w/FrederickNagambie VIC
Smith (Blanch)Diane Margaret10 Jan 19592 May 201253w/JohnNagambie VIC
SullivanHorace Goulburn (Mick)20 Jun 19099 Mar 199282h/Lillian (Lil) ElizabethNagambie VIC
Sullivan (Meyers)Katherine Margaret1900?7 Aug 196767dau/William & ??? (Nagel); w/Rupert EdwardNagambie VIC
SullivanLillian (Lil) Elizabeth12 Jun 190920 May 199787w/Horace GoulburnNagambie VIC
SullivanRupert Edward1895?3 Oct 196368son/William Charles & Leah Selina (Warlow); h/Katherine Margaret (Meyers??)Nagambie VIC
Tothill (Catlin)Muriel Olive191326 Apr 197460dau/Francis Haynes & Catherine (Cath) (Johnson); b. Victoria; w/Walter JohnNagambie VIC
TothillWalter John7 Sep 1978son/Robert William & Mary Jane (McMillan); h/Muriel Olive (Catlin)Nagambie VIC
Young (Mills)Cecelia Agnes1894197884dau/James & Mary (Martin); w/James HenryNagambie VIC
YoungJames Henry1882196785son/Robert & Emily Isabel (Buscombe)Nagambie VIC
ZanelliEdith (Edie) Grace30 May 192315 Apr 200783w/Francis (Frank) VincentNagambie VIC
ZanelliFrancis (Frank) Vincent5 Apr 191416 May 198571h/Edith (Edie) GraceNagambie VIC

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