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Galong (Galong Monastery)off Galong - Boorowa Road, Galong NSW 2585369

369 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AnthonyEdward Victor19 Jul 19187 Feb 200182NX27920Galong NSW
ArgueEdna Elizabeth31 Aug 1961w/Victor GeorgeGalong NSW
ArgueErrol Victor28 Feb 2000Galong NSW
ArgueRonald Basil (Ronnie)Sep 1923?18 May 19295y 8mson/Victor George & Edna ElizabethGalong NSW
ArgueVictor George1902?2 Jun 198280h/Edna ElizabethGalong NSW
AugustMaurice Bentley192923 Jan 2004b. Lower Hutt, New ZealandGalong NSW
BardenMary31 Oct 18?952Galong NSW
BarryMary1830?5 Jul 189868Galong NSW
BellamySamuel Jnr1855?12 Apr 18616son/Samuel & JohannaGalong NSW
BellamySamuel Snr1805?16 Jul 186156h/JohannaGalong NSW
BourkeJames17 Mar 181627 Jan 186346h/MaryGalong NSW
BourkeKate27 Jan 184919 Jul 187223w/JohnGalong NSW
BourkeMarySep 18254 Feb 1860w/JamesGalong NSW
BrennanAlphonsus Joseph (Bro)21 Oct 190417 Feb 198378Galong NSW
Brockway (Richards)Ida Evelyn1913?5 Sep 197158w/Roy WilliamGalong NSW
Brockway (Harris)Rachell1878?2 Oct 194769w/George EdwardGalong NSW
BrockwayRoy William28 Jun 191511 Oct 196853son/George Edward & Rachell (Harris); h/Ida Evelyn (Richards); NX156077Galong NSW
BrownCecil James1906?Feb 194639h/Eileen MargaretGalong NSW
Brown (Shea)Eileen Margaret1912?21 Dec 196654w/Cecil JamesGalong NSW
BrowneBridget Mary1838?4 Apr 192587w/EdwardGalong NSW
Browne (Cusack)Catherine Mary Gertrude28 May 1967w/Patrick JosephGalong NSW
BrowneEdward1835?14?Nov 191075son/Edmund & Elizabeth; b. Co Tipperary, Ireland; h/Bridget MaryGalong NSW
BrowneEdward Patrick15 Jan 1962son/Edward & Bridget MaryGalong NSW
BrownePatrick Joseph1 Aug 1965h/Catherine Mary GertrudeGalong NSW
BurchaseEmily Ann1859?15 Aug 194889Galong NSW
BushCharles Thomas (Charlie)1861?28 Aug 194887son/John; h/ElizaGalong NSW
BushEliza1861?29 Jun 193877w/CharlieGalong NSW
CahillWilliam Francis (Rt Rev Mons)2 Oct 187631 Jan 196588b. Co Clare, IrelandGalong NSW
CarterDesmond William19 Oct 193111 Aug 200775Galong NSW
CarterGraceGalong NSW
CarterLynette Maree1955?24 Dec 196914dau/Desmond William & Winifred MarionGalong NSW
CarterRobert Paul15 May 195130 Jun 200251h/NancyGalong NSW
Casey (Ryan)Mary Ann Teresa1840?29 Dec 185919w/William PGalong NSW
CastlesHenry1797?28 Nov 185255Galong NSW
CastlesHenry J1844?22 Nov 192379Galong NSW
ChallenChristopher Gordon24 Jun 193829 Oct 198951h/AnnGalong NSW
ChilcottBeatrice (Sr Mary Benedict)5 May 1932dau/Edmund V & Catherine LGalong NSW
ClarkMary Erin29 Jun 19597 Jul 197819Galong NSW
CleeCarolyn Rose13 Dec 194213 Feb 200158Galong NSW
CluneyMichael1881?27 Apr 1917361011Galong NSW
CluneyRobert1843?25 Dec 189451h/Mary AnnGalong NSW
CoffeyAda Mary18831968w/James PatrickGalong NSW
CoffeyJames Patrick18891965h/Ada MaryGalong NSW
ComansMary1836?11 Aug 185923dau/Thomas & Ellen Corcoran; w/MichaelGalong NSW
CondonClement (Fr)7 Feb 19035 Jan 197773Galong NSW
ConroyClement Godfrey1908?11 Sep 195345?son/John & Bridget; h/Gladys EthelGalong NSW
ConroyGladys Ethel1915?2 Sep 197863w/Clement GodfreyGalong NSW
ConwayMatthew1796?5 Oct 186973b. Co Clare, Ireland; h/EllenGalong NSW
CookAnnie Norah1892?25 Dec 194048dau/T AGalong NSW
CooneyMary1817?4 Mar 187052?dau/Daniel & Catherine DaceyGalong NSW
CorcoranEllen Hennessy1790?27 Jun 187181b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
CorcoranRodger1787?20 May 185972b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
CotterFiona Mary3 May 196829 Nov 199123Galong NSW
CotterKelly Elizabeth26 Apr 196911 Apr 198414Galong NSW
CotterKenneth Edward23 Dec 194025 Feb 198140Galong NSW
CotterMary Geraldene2 Jul 194321 Sep 197734Galong NSW
CouchAgnes1895?26 Jul 196469w/AlfredGalong NSW
CouchAlfred Gordon (Alfie)4 May 18936 May 19??son/Samuel W & Martha; h/AgnesGalong NSW
CouchAndrew Allan25 Nov 190218 Jun 198784h/LouisaGalong NSW
Couch (Brockway)Annie Louisa190719 Oct 197164dau/George Edward & Rachell (Harris); w/Frederick RowdenGalong NSW
CouchFrederick Rowden1905?26 Jan 197165son/Samuel Watts & Martha; h/Annie LouisaGalong NSW
CouchHilton George1912?21 Apr 197260son/Samuel Watts & MarthaGalong NSW
Couch (Shea)Louisa21 Mar 190621 Jan 198477w/Andrew AllanGalong NSW
Couch (Privett)Martha1870?18 Dec 194575w/Samuel WattsGalong NSW
CouchSamuel Watts1867?11 May 194477h/MarthaGalong NSW
CousinsJohn Alphonsus (Bro Ambrose)18 Dec 19072 Aug 195143son/John Joseph & BridgetGalong NSW
CraneJoan9 Jul 1989Galong NSW
CrokeEdward Joseph17 May 189527 May 196166son/Michael Henry & Frances Ann (Fanny) (Boys); b. Taralga, NSW; h/Rose Dorothy (Byrne)Galong NSW
CrossleyValerie June1938?31 Jan 199152w/ColinGalong NSW
CumminsJames (Fr)10 Jan 19075 Jan 197971Galong NSW
Cusack (Collins)Ann1819?30 Jan 190383b. Ireland; w/JamesGalong NSW
CusackAnnie Josephine1886?27 Dec 198498Galong NSW
CusackAthanasius Alexander1863?14 Jul 190845son/James & Ann (Collins); h/Bridget (Hickey)Galong NSW
CusackBernard Joseph1891?24 Mar 196270h/Kathleen MonaGalong NSW
Cusack (Hickey)Bridget1866?4 Jan 193972w/Athanasius AlexanderGalong NSW
Cusack (Cain)Bridget1867?21 Feb 192557dau/Michael & Norah; w/EdwardGalong NSW
CusackEdward1858?23 Apr 193072son/James & Mary; h/BridgetGalong NSW
CusackEileen1902?9 Oct 19042dau/Edward & Bridget (Cain)Galong NSW
CusackIrene GabrielleMar?192724 Jul 19281dau/John Athanasius & Irene LeslieGalong NSW
Cusack (Morrison)Irene Leslie1885?7 Sep 193449w/John AthanasiusGalong NSW
CusackJames1813?24 Jun 189986b. Ireland; h/Ann (Collins)Galong NSW
CusackJames Andrew1890?29 Mar 196675h/Mary RoseGalong NSW
CusackJames Athanasius Thomas3 Sep 193117 Dec 199968h/Catherine (Corkhill)Galong NSW
CusackJohanna1853?20 Nov 193683w/Terence FrancisGalong NSW
CusackJohn Athanasius1885?8 Apr 196883h/Irene LeslieGalong NSW
CusackLeo Patrick1890?6 Apr 18933son/Terence Francis & JohannaGalong NSW
Cusack (Shea)Louisa Catherine1873?24 Oct 195683w/ThomasGalong NSW
CusackMary Rose1891?17 Jan 197684w/James AndrewGalong NSW
CusackRobin Margaret1927?28 Dec 194114dau/Bernard Joseph & Kathleen MonaGalong NSW
CusackTerence Francis1853?26 Aug 189340h/JohannaGalong NSW
CusackThomas1875?16?Feb 194165?son/James & Mary; h/Louisa CatherineGalong NSW
CusackThomas Bernard1902?15?Mar 19052son/Thomas & Louisa CatherineGalong NSW
DaceyCatherine1810?6 Oct 187262w/DanielGalong NSW
DaceyCatherine1844?18495dau/Daniel & CatherineGalong NSW
DaceyCathrinedau/DanielGalong NSW
DaceyCornelius1847?28 Dec 187225son/Daniel & CatherineGalong NSW
DaceyDaniel1800?14 Apr 185757h/CatherineGalong NSW
DaceyDaniel1801?4 Apr 185857b. Cork, IrelandGalong NSW
DaceyDaniel1852?10 Feb 186411son/Daniel & CatherineGalong NSW
DaceySamuelson/DanielGalong NSW
DaceyWilliam1840?17 Jan 1873?32son/Daniel & CatherineGalong NSW
Dargan (Ryan)Anastasia Mary1842?12 Apr 190462dau/Patrick & Margaret; w/L JGalong NSW
DarganCharles ANov 18902 Feb 18910son/Richard Joseph & AliceGalong NSW
DarganFanny1873?3 Jun 192552Galong NSW
DarganMary1877?25 Mar 18879dau/Richard Joseph & AliceGalong NSW
DarganRichard Joseph1846?23 Jul 190862son/Michael & Mary; h/AliceGalong NSW
DaviesAnastasia Mary10 Nov 1960dau/Edward & Bridget Mary BrowneGalong NSW
DaviesEdward Netterville1915?4 Feb 194226son/Netterville Rutledge & AnastasiaGalong NSW
DaviesJohn Joseph22 Mar 1945NX79715Galong NSW
DeloheryBridget Agnes1 Sep 1968dau/Thomas & MaryGalong NSW
DeloheryHanora1827?21 Sep 188255b. Ireland; w/PatrickGalong NSW
DeloheryJohn1888?11 Jan 190213son/Thomas & MaryGalong NSW
DeloheryMary1858?8 Nov 191557w/ThomasGalong NSW
DeloheryPatrick1831?12 Sep 188251b. Co Clare, Ireland; h/HanoraGalong NSW
DeloheryThomas1849?29 Jan 193282h/MaryGalong NSW
DeloheryThomas Michael1884?28 Apr 196581son/Thomas & MaryGalong NSW
DevineEdwin Vincent (Jim)1914?8 Apr 198975h/Kathleen MargaretGalong NSW
Devine (Hogan)Kathleen Margaret1918?12 Aug 199779w/Edwin VincentGalong NSW
DevineRobin Anne1943?5 Apr 196017dau/Edwin Vincent & Kathleen MargaretGalong NSW
DonnellyJames Andrew188221 Aug 196885son/John & Mary; b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Catherine Florence (Dawson)Galong NSW
DonnellyPaul James24 Jun 195026 Oct 19500son/Jack & LornaGalong NSW
DonnellyThomas1835?8 Sep 187944son/Thomas & Catherine; b. Ireland; h/Bridget (McKenna)Galong NSW
DonovanFrancis Roderick (Fr)21 Nov 19169 Oct 198467son/Denis & Mary Ellen (Smith); b. QLDGalong NSW
DonovanMargaret1845?17 Aug 187732Galong NSW
DoverSusanna MaryAug?189325 Jun 191117dau/James & SusannaGalong NSW
DoyleStanislaus (Bro)14 Feb 19176 Feb 198971Galong NSW
DunnAllan Albert1905?198984son/Michael David & Eliza; h/Julia Aileen Elizabeth (Chaney)Galong NSW
DunnCharlotte1898?10 Nov 193335Galong NSW
DunnMichaelGalong NSW
DurackJeremiah181929 Dec 187152b. Co. Clare, IrelandGalong NSW
EdmundsCatherine Helena1873?21 Aug 194067w/Oliver JohnGalong NSW
Finlay (Nicholson)Ellen Alice May`9 Aug 1949w/Sydney Bernard V BGalong NSW
FinlayKathleen V20 Oct 1982Galong NSW
FinlaySydney Bernard V B8 Jun 1961son/Edward; h/Ellen Alice MayGalong NSW
FlaneryMary Eileen1914?1 Dec 198672Galong NSW
FlaneryPatrick Laurence23 Feb 197113 May 19710son/John & KerryGalong NSW
FriendErnest Adrian18941961h/Myfanwy BeatriceGalong NSW
Friend (Owen)Myfanwy Beatrice18991962w/Ernest AdrianGalong NSW
GannonHenry1840?May 187838?son/Henry & MaryGalong NSW
GannonMary1852?9 Mar 188128w/John HGalong NSW
Garry (Browne)Elizabeth Mary1888?8 Dec 197587w/Thomas BernardGalong NSW
GarryThomas Bernard14 Apr 1962h/Elizabeth MaryGalong NSW
GibsonMary Paxton15 Oct 190429 Jan 197570Galong NSW
GibsonRobert28 Nov 1961h/MaryGalong NSW
GillEsther Theresa1839?30 Apr 186021dau/Michael & CatherineGalong NSW
GlassenburyAlbert Arthur Joseph1922?19 Aug 194018son/Albert; b. Christ Church, New ZealandGalong NSW
GregoryVictor Albert19151971Galong NSW
Gregson (Middleton)Alexa Mia1890?25 Dec 194050w/Henry KnightGalong NSW
Gregson (Hughes)Charlotte Louise1850?19 Sep 192171w/George Charles KnightGalong NSW
GregsonGeorge Charles Knight1851?31 Aug 192877h/Charlotte LouiseGalong NSW
GregsonHenry Delaval1924?25 Dec 194016son/Henry Knight & Alexa MiaGalong NSW
GregsonHenry Knight31 Jul 188930 Jul 196676h/Alexa MiaGalong NSW
GrovenorCharles Francis22 Jul 192920 Jul 199767Galong NSW
Grovenor (Grogan)Phyllis Philomena28 Jun 190729 Oct 198477w/Raymond FitzwaterGalong NSW
GrovenorRaymond Fitzwater22 Aug 19014 Jul 197068son/Charles Henry & Jane; h/Phyllis PhilomenaGalong NSW
HallEdward8 Jun 186213 Nov 187311son/Henry & Ellen (Mahoney); b. Binalong, AustraliaGalong NSW
HartyJohn1794?30 Sep 187884h/SarahGalong NSW
HartyMichael1833?1 Jan 185925son/John & SarahGalong NSW
HartySarah1806?29 Jun 187771w/JohnGalong NSW
HerbertAnastasia1826?13 Nov 188660dau/Matthew & HonoraGalong NSW
HeydonHannah1878?195678Galong NSW
HeydonPatrick Joseph1869?19 Mar 194575Galong NSW
HickeyEdward Oswald1880?13 Aug 195070h/Laura KathrineGalong NSW
Hickey (Edmunds)Laura Kathrine1900?28 May 197474w/Edward OswaldGalong NSW
HickeyMargaret1843?30 Oct 192178dau/John & MaryGalong NSW
HickeyPatrick1873?20 May 195784son/John & EmmaGalong NSW
HigginsJames Benedict (Fr)188628 Oct 1964son/Francis & EllenGalong NSW
HoareJosephine May1896?1 Mar 195861dau/Thomas & Mary Delohery; w/Fredericdk ArthurGalong NSW
HoganJames (Fr)16 Nov 18994 May 198484Galong NSW
Hornby (Kennedy)Annie Elizabeth1890?17 Dec 194656w/Bertie AlexanderGalong NSW
HornbyBertie Alexander10 Jun 1959h/Annie ElizabethGalong NSW
Horselman (Edmunds)Margaret Ellen1897?10 Sep 194447w/William JGalong NSW
HullAnne Therese19 Aug 194917 Feb 200252Galong NSW
HurleyWilliam1859?5 Jun 189839son/James & HanorahGalong NSW
HurstAlice (Sr M Monica)14 Jun 1948dau/Edward & MaryGalong NSW
JosephJoseph6?Jun 184718 Apr 1864Galong NSW
KearneyMary Austin (Sr)1880?16 Dec 191737dau/Daniel & AnnieGalong NSW
KeenAgnes Ann1903?7 Jul 198178w/Charles RonaldGalong NSW
KeenCharles Ronald1916?7 Sep 199478h/Agnes Ann; VX48377Galong NSW
KellyRuby Editha1887?20 Dec 198093w/Spencer TurnerGalong NSW
KellySpencer Turner1885?26 Jul 194459h/Ruby EdithaGalong NSW
KennedyAndrew1833?14 Feb 187945h/BridgetGalong NSW
KennedyBrian John24 Apr 192218 Aug 199472Galong NSW
KennedyBridget1842?26 Jun 190563w/AndrewGalong NSW
KennedyJohn (Fr)19 May 189625 Oct 197882VX52061Galong NSW
Kenny (Harty)Jane1847?25 Apr 192679w/MichaelGalong NSW
KilfoyleBridget1799?28 Apr 187273b. Co Clare, IrelandGalong NSW
KillickRobyn1945?7 Aug 197530w/JohnGalong NSW
KnightCherie Gabrielle10 Sep 199210 Sep 19920Galong NSW
Knight-GregsonEthel Margaret28 Jun 188616 Feb 197891dau/George & LouiseGalong NSW
Knight-Gregson (Hall)Judith Barbara21 Feb 193218 Sep 200068w/GeorgeGalong NSW
LawlerRichard I1891?23 Jan 191826son/Richard & EllenGalong NSW
LeeHanora2 Jun 1950dau/John & MaryGalong NSW
LeeJohn1812?15 Jun 190896h/MaryGalong NSW
LeeMary1809?18 Aug 188980w/JohnGalong NSW
LeePatrick1850?20 May 186313son/John & MaryGalong NSW
LukeGregory Neil3 Dec 19873 Dec 19870son/Kerry AnnGalong NSW
LukeIvan4 Jul 18982 Jan 197980Galong NSW
LukeRaymond George20 Feb 194410 Oct 199349son/Ivan & EdnaGalong NSW
LukeRobert James16 Dec 19376 Feb 200971Galong NSW
MacCannGeorge (Bro Laurence)1860?26 Jun 193676Galong NSW
MacInnesCharles1821?3 Nov 189372son/Archibald & Mary; b. Casdale, ScotlandGalong NSW
MackayCharles Gordon1859?18 Jun 18634son/William S & Mary A; h/MaryGalong NSW
MackayWilliam Stewart1832?14 Nov 186230h/Mary A (Hurley)Galong NSW
MagillJohn (Fr)191818 Jun 1972son/Daniel & SarahGalong NSW
MaherMary Thelma1 Jan 192224 May 200179dau/Daniel & Sophy (Hilan)Galong NSW
Menzies (Shea)Maude Agnus1908?13 Sep 199385w/PhillipGalong NSW
MenziesPhillip (Bob)1901?9 Mar 197169h/Maude AgnusGalong NSW
MiddletonLeo Douglas (Fr)26 Oct 191318 Jul 199884Galong NSW
MorrisGeorge1900?23 Feb 197372Galong NSW
MullettWilliam John22 Sep 19171 Apr 199678Galong NSW
MullumbyMichael1808?14 Apr 189082b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
Murphy (Ellis)Anne1806?8 Feb 186962w/MilesGalong NSW
MurphyJames26 Aug 185826 Oct 18679son/Miles & AnnGalong NSW
MurphyJohn Aloysius10 Apr ?son/Miles & Ann; h/Mary AnnGalong NSW
MurphyMary1814?5 May 187359Galong NSW
MurphyMiles1819?18 Apr 186950b. Co Wexford, Ireland; h/AnneGalong NSW
MurphyRobertOct 18431858Galong NSW
MurryAann1830?18 Jun 185525b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
O'BrianMary1826?9 Apr 185428Galong NSW
O'BrienTimothy1818?185436Galong NSW
O'ConnorLeo Patrick11 Mar 19135 Feb 198167son/Thomas & Winifred J; h/MaryGalong NSW
O'Connor (Steele)Mary1922?26 May 195432?w/Leo PatrickGalong NSW
O'Neill (Heydon)Agnes Bridget1884?20 Oct 193248w/Thomas PatrickGalong NSW
O'NeillElizabeth Claire31 May 1929w/Laurence JohnGalong NSW
O'Neill (Cassidy)Grace1888?11 Dec 196375w/John ThomasGalong NSW
O'NeillHenrietta Elizabeth187428 Dec 191036dau/Edward & Rebecca Matilda (Anlezark); b. Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia; w/Matthew JohnGalong NSW
O'NeillJames Bartholomew1882?14 Mar 194461son/James Neville & Mary Teresa; h/Mary EileenGalong NSW
O'NeillJames Neville1837?24 Oct 192285son/Catherine; b. Limerick, Ireland; h/Mary Teresa (Shea)Galong NSW
O'NeillJohn Neville23 Nov 191230 Aug 197259son/John Thomas & Grace (Cassidy)Galong NSW
O'NeillJohn Thomas1878?4 May 192345son/James Neville & Mary Teresa; h/Grace (Cassidy)Galong NSW
O'NeillLaurence John19 Dec 1940son/David Joseph & Mary; h/Elizabeth ClaireGalong NSW
O'NeillLena Theresa1916?15 Mar 193720dau/James Bartholomew & Mary Eileen (Hawkins)Galong NSW
O'Neill (Kennedy-Ryan)Mary1835?2 Sep 191883dau/Matthew; b. Bally cammas, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; w/David JosephGalong NSW
O'Neill (Hawkins)Mary Eileen1879?14 Sep 194768w/James BartholomewGalong NSW
O'NeillMary Margaret1916?22 Mar 193720dau/William Edward & AnnGalong NSW
O'Neill (Shea)Mary Teresa1858?3 Jun 191254dau/Bartholomew & Margaret (Delohery); w/James NevilleGalong NSW
O'NeillThomas Patrick1889?12 Apr 191930son/James Neville & Mary Teresa; h/Agnes BGalong NSW
O'NeillWilliam Edward1882?15 Sep 191937son/James Neville & Mary Teresa; h/AnnieGalong NSW
OsborneInnis Loretta E25 Feb?199281w/Cyril JosephGalong NSW
PageVincent (Rev Fr)16 Jul 19142 Jun 198873Galong NSW
PalmerRose Anne16 Oct 192316 Feb 200278Galong NSW
Peisley (Cassidy)Alice13 Nov 18837 May 196884dau/Patrick Joseph & Margaret Mary Elizabeth (Cox); b. Redfern NSW, Australia; w/John BeatsonGalong NSW
PeisleyGerald Rueben1895?14 Mar 196367son/Robert & Louisa; h/Mary KathleenGalong NSW
Peisley (Anthony)Mary Kathleen1908?19 Feb 198879w/Gerald RuebenGalong NSW
PeisleyThomas James1932?18 Mar 199865h/GwenGalong NSW
Piltz (Small)Elva Burgess1913?6 Oct 200289w/KennethGalong NSW
PiltzKenneth (Ray)1925?29 Nov 198257h/Elva BurgessGalong NSW
RossThomas Grant (Bro)8 Jan 192111 Jun 199372Galong NSW
RoweFrancis James (Fr)1 May 19188 Oct 199880Galong NSW
RowleyJoe1912?29 May 198573h/LornaGalong NSW
RowleyLorna1919?26 Mar 199777w/JoeGalong NSW
Rumble (Bellamy)Isabella1843?22 Feb 190864dau/Samuel & Johanna (Hayse); w/JohnGalong NSW
RumbleJoseph Andrew1879?7 Jun 189718son/John & IsabellaGalong NSW
RumbleJoseph Gardner14?Mar 18744 Apr 18740son/John & IsabellaGalong NSW
RussellMargaret1841?28 Aug 189958Galong NSW
RyanAnastasia Barry 'Miss'1832?14 Jan 191481dau/Michael & Mary; b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
RyanAnastasia Nagle1813?12 Jul 190087dau/Edward & EllenGalong NSW
RyanBridget1815?23 Nov 188267w/JamesGalong NSW
RyanEdmund Barry1842?29 Mar 190562Galong NSW
RyanEdward1785?26 Feb 187185h/EllenGalong NSW
RyanEllen1793?15 Mar 185662w/EdwardGalong NSW
RyanFrances1859?14 Sep 193374w/PatrickGalong NSW
RyanJames1799?13 Mar 186666Galong NSW
RyanJames Finn1836?27 Apr 189660son/William & AnnGalong NSW
RyanJohn Nagle (Hon)15 Jun 181512 Jan 188771son/Edward & EllenGalong NSW
RyanJohn Patrick1838?20 Nov 190870Galong NSW
RyanLaurence Barry1841?3 Jun 191069son/Michael & Mary; b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
RyanMargaret1816?15 Apr 187559w/Patrick HGalong NSW
RyanMargaret1840?29 Sep 192585Galong NSW
RyanMichael1806?11 Nov 185145h/MaryGalong NSW
RyanMichael Barry1844?16 Aug 189753b. Co Tipperary, IrelandGalong NSW
RyanPatrick1849?17 Sep 193384son/John; h/FrancesGalong NSW
RyanPatrick Hennessey1806?16 Jun 188074son/John & Anastasia (Hennessey); b. Tipperary, Ireland; h/Margaret (Doherty)Galong NSW
RyanSarah1842?3 Jan 191572w/ThomasGalong NSW
RyanSarah1874?3 May 191642Galong NSW
RyanThomas1843?10 Jul 192784h/SarahGalong NSW
RyanTobias1839?22 Jul 185516son/Patrick H & MargaretGalong NSW
SargentAnnie Winifred1870?16 Dec 193060Galong NSW
SextonFrancis Louis (Fr.)3 Oct 190515 Jan 197771son/Peter & Ellen MaryGalong NSW
ShawGeoffrey Ross1957?14 Oct 19625son/Dudley Parkes & Joan EffieGalong NSW
ShawRoslyn Elizabeth1954?15 Apr 198834Galong NSW
ShawSandra Joan1950?30 Sep 196919Galong NSW
SheaAgnes1911?26 May 198069Galong NSW
SheaBartholomew1831?20 Sep 188251b. Co Clare, Ireland; h/Margaret (Delohery)Galong NSW
SheaBartholomew1866?29 Jul 192357h/Mary AnnGalong NSW
SheaBernard John1912?9 Jun 198270Galong NSW
SheaBetty Margaret22 Feb 193711 Jun 19370dau/James & RitaGalong NSW
SheaEsma19280dau/Stanley Edward & Vera MayGalong NSW
SheaJames1870?29 Feb 192857son/Bartholomew & Margaret (Delohery); h/Amelia Hannah (Fairall)Galong NSW
SheaJames1910?6 Aug 197262h/Rita AmyGalong NSW
SheaJames Michael4 May 1966son/James Frederick & JanGalong NSW
SheaLeslie12 Sep 191424 Oct 19140son/James & AmeliaGalong NSW
Shea (Delohery)Margaret1833?26 Feb 190672b. Co Clare, Ireland; w/BartholomewGalong NSW
SheaMarjorie31 Mar 19245 May 200580?Galong NSW
SheaMary (Molly)1907?22 Oct 199487Galong NSW
SheaMary Ann1867?13 Jun 194982w/BartholomewGalong NSW
Shea (Lovering)Rita Amy9 May 191427 Sep 200187w/JamesGalong NSW
SheaStanley Bartholomew5 Jan 19198 Dec 199071h/VeronicaGalong NSW
SheaStanley Edward1904?26 Oct 195854h/Vera MayGalong NSW
SheaThomas Patrick1920?30 Jan 198362Galong NSW
Shea (McDonald)Vera May1905?4 Mar 198882w/Stanley EdwardGalong NSW
Shea (McCabe)Veronica8 Jun 192218 Oct 199775w/Stanley BartholomewGalong NSW
SheaWilliam Alphonsus14 Sep 192514 Apr 197448son/James & Amelia HannahGalong NSW
SheaWilliam Bartholomew1890?10 Aug 193545son/Bartholomew & Mary AGalong NSW
SheedyThomas1809?2 Feb 186252son/John & Mary; b. Co Limerick, Ireland; h/Johanna (Jordan) & Elizabeth (Dempsey)Galong NSW
SheekeyBridget1855?6 Nov 189742dau/James & Bridget Ryan; w/JamesGalong NSW
ShineEdward T? (Buster)19141 Sep 1978son/John Francis & Margaret AnastasiaGalong NSW
ShineJohn Francis22 Oct 1954h/Margaret AnastasiaGalong NSW
Shine (Browne)Margaret Anastasia5 Sep 1963w/John FrancisGalong NSW
ShineMargaret Mary19138 Aug 1980dau/John Francis & Margaret AnastasiaGalong NSW
Short (Sharwood)Iris Ethel8 Sep 191812 Jun 200283w/Patrick Charles ThomasGalong NSW
ShortJohn Patrick28 Apr 194127 Feb 200563h/MargaretGalong NSW
ShortPatrick Charles Thomas22 Sep 191519 Jan 198872h/Iris EthelGalong NSW
Shorter (Pike)Ivy Bridget2001w/Maxwell WilliamGalong NSW
ShorterMaxwell William19172000h/Ivy BridgetGalong NSW
SilvaAntoniaJan 1892?2 Aug 18931dau/Manuel & MaryGalong NSW
SilvaEmanuel1838?10 Oct 191678h/EstherGalong NSW
SilvaJosephApr 189513 Oct 18950son/Manuel & MaryGalong NSW
SlatteryCecil John1902?18 Oct 197674son/Michael & Mary Ellen; NX16006Galong NSW
Slattery (Kelly)Mary Ellen1880?31 Dec 195272w/MichaelGalong NSW
SlatteryMichael1872?12 Jun 194876h/Mary EllenGalong NSW
SmallAlice Mary1873?9 Jun 194976w/John AllenGalong NSW
SmallArthur David1874?19 Feb 195277h/Lydia BridgetGalong NSW
SmallJohn Allen1876?11 Jan 195982h/Alice MaryGalong NSW
Small (Steele)Lydia Bridget1878?1 Jun 195476w/Arthur DavidGalong NSW
SolomonArthur George1905?27 Mar 198074h/Leila MaryGalong NSW
Solomon (Brennan)Leila Mary1907?11 Aug 199487dau/John Andrew & Tresia/Theresa (Kelly); w/Arthur GeorgeGalong NSW
SpencerKate1834?6 Feb 185015Galong NSW
SteeleCatherine Veronica1905?8 Mar 199286Galong NSW
SteeleKathleen Olive3 Oct 192413 Oct 19240dau/Ollie & CatherineGalong NSW
SteeleOliver Raymond Joseph1901?5 May 196867NX36045Galong NSW
Steele (Gibbons)Sarah Ann1843?24 Oct 192380dau/John & Ann (Meredith); b. Liverpool, NSW; w/WilliamGalong NSW.
SteeleWilliam1823?23 Apr 190784son/Samuel & Mary (Smyth); b. Donegal, Ireland; h/Sarah Ann (Gibbons)Galong NSW
SteeleWilliam1875?15 May 192954Galong NSW
StrattonRichard Ernest (Rick)11 Aug 195830 Dec 198830son/Ern & FredaGalong NSW
StuartArthur James1892?23 Mar 196471h/Lillian SarahGalong NSW
Stuart (Butt)Lillian Sarah1897?2 Dec 198487w/Arthur JamesGalong NSW
StuiberChristineGalong NSW
ThompsonWilliam1844?19 Dec 187026h/AgnesGalong NSW
WalkerLaurence Bert5 Aug 192623 Oct 198458h/FayGalong NSW
WallIda Mary10 Aug 18982 Feb 199293Galong NSW
WhelanAnn1860?29 Sep 192868w/MichaelGalong NSW
WhelanAnnie24 Dec 1976dau/Michael & AnnGalong NSW
WhelanCatherine Mary20 Sep 1972dau/Michael & AnnGalong NSW
WhelanEdward Valentine14 Feb 188220 Jan 197087son/Michael & AnnGalong NSW
WhelanElizabethGalong NSW
WhelanJames Joseph186425 Jul 193873son/John & Winifred (Cummins); b. Camden, NSW, AustraliaGalong NSW
WhelanJohn183518 Mar 189964son/John & Ann (McCormick); b. Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland; h/Winifred (Cummins)Galong NSW7 3, 11
WhelanJohn Joseph18625 May 193267son/John & Winifred (Cummins); b. Camden, NSW, AustraliaGalong NSW
WhelanJohn Michael25 May 188026 Jun 196888son/Michael & AnnGalong NSW
WhelanM Json/Daniel & Mary AnnGalong NSW
WhelanMargaret19 Jul 1944dau/John & WinifredGalong NSW
WhelanMary Ann (Babe)18 Dec 1970dau/Daniel & Mary AnnGalong NSW
WhelanMary Bertha25 Oct 1987Galong NSW
WhelanMary Ellen14 Apr 1950dau/John & WinifridGalong NSW
WhelanMatthew20 Oct 1980Galong NSW
WhelanMichael1847?19 Mar 191971b. Co Tipperary, Ireland; h/AnnGalong NSW
WhelanMichael Patrick25 Sep 188421 Oct 196682son/Michael & AnnGalong NSW
Whelan (Cummins)Winifred18406 Dec 191374dau/James & Margaret (Croak); b. Glenlee, Menangle, NSW, Australia; w/JohnGalong NSW7 3, 12
WhelanWinifred Jane18799 Jul 191434dau/John & Winifred (Cummins); b. Boorowa, NSW, AustraliaGalong NSW
White (Harty)Bridget1832?14 Dec 187139Galong NSW
WhiteNorman Edwin (Bro Peter)4 Jun 19092 Dec 200495Galong NSW
WildingAnn1813?30 Jul 186047b. Co Cork, IrelandGalong NSW
WillsallenMary Louise18 Jun 19275 Mar 200375Galong NSW
WintringhamMark (Bro)31 Dec 191324 Apr 200086b. New ZealandGalong NSW
WoodbridgeRoy Patrick1 Nov 197926 Dec 199213Galong NSW
WriterElsie Lillian3 May 19207 May 199777w/Vincent LeoGalong NSW
WriterVincent Leo8 Nov 19188 Jul 197455h/Elsie LillianGalong NSW

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