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1 cemetery found

Loch Ardoff Great Ocean Rd, Port Campbell VIC 326975

21 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BoardJames1823?23 Feb 189774Loch Ard VIC
BowkerChristopher Hodgson1818?28 Jul 190991b. yorkshire, England; h/EmilyLoch Ard VIC
BowkerEmily1844?7 Jan 191167w/Christopher HodgsonLoch Ard VIC
BurtHanora1833?28 Feb 191481w/William HenryLoch Ard VIC
BurtWilliam Henry1837?22 Feb 191780h/HanoraLoch Ard VIC
CarmichaelRebecca1 Jun 1878dau/Evory & RebeccaLoch Ard VIC
CarmichaelRebecca1 Jun 1878w/EvoryLoch Ard VIC
GibbArchie22 Oct 1902Loch Ard VIC
JonesReginald1 Jun 1878Loch Ard VIC
MitchellArthur1 Jun 1878Loch Ard VIC
OsborneJane1858?14 Nov 193375w/JohnLoch Ard VIC
OsborneJohn1859?24 Apr 191051h/JaneLoch Ard VIC
PitcherSarah1863?20 Sep 194481Loch Ard VIC
RobeElizabeth1835?16 Jun 190570w/JosiahLoch Ard VIC
RobeJosiah1834?30 Jun 189056h/ElizabethLoch Ard VIC
RowanIsabella1877?22 Jun 190427dau/James & IsabellaLoch Ard VIC
RowanJames Simpson30 Jan 18404 Apr 191373h/IsabellaLoch Ard VIC
ShieldsGeorge Stewart5 Sep 190829 Sep 198880h/Harriet AdelaideLoch Ard VIC
ShieldsHarriet Adelaide6 Oct 190426 Jan 198580w/George StewartLoch Ard VIC
ShieldsJohn Charlesson/George Stewart & Harriet AdelaideLoch Ard VIC
WilsonGlen Cairn15 Mar 189225 Apr 193341h/Martha; 1819Loch Ard VIC

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