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ElphinstoneCemetery Rd, Elphinstone VIC 3448207

206 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Elphinstone VIC
??Elphinstone VIC
?HoinvilleElphinstone VIC
?Jenny1794?Jul 182733Elphinstone VIC
?Mary1823?3 Sep 185633Elphinstone VIC
?Penno6 Feb 19556 Feb 1955sbElphinstone VIC
BackmanAlice1859?16 Nov 193374w/JohnElphinstone VIC
BackmanJohn1861?14 Feb 193675h/AliceElphinstone VIC
Baker15 Oct 193020 Oct 19305dson/Bryce RutherfordElphinstone VIC
BakerBryce Rutherford5 Jun 190017 Aug 197272h/Rosetta Maie (Owens)Elphinstone VIC
Baker (Owens)Rosetta Maie8 Nov 189727 Apr 197679w/Bryce RutherfoedElphinstone VIC
BarberEileen Ormsby5 Mar 19074 May 195750w/JohnElphinstone VIC
BarberFrederick Anthony11 Nov 194017 Mar 200565b. Doddington, EnglangElphinstone VIC
BarberJohn22 Apr 190513 Nov 199590h/Eileen OrmsbyElphinstone VIC
BassettErnest Edgar1864?15 May 193975h/Mary SarahElphinstone VIC
BassettMary Sarah1870?10 Jun 192555w/Ernest EdgarElphinstone VIC
BenjaminWilliam1843?7 Oct 187431Elphinstone VIC
BenjaminWinifred1873?24 Mar 18807Elphinstone VIC
BerrisfordNorman10 Oct 19282 Jan 199567h/IrisElphinstone VIC
BrownEllen1877?31 Oct 192346w/JosephElphinstone VIC
BrownJoseph1867?27 Nov 194780h/EllenElphinstone VIC
BuntinElphinstone VIC
BuntinElphinstone VIC
BuntinEdith Cochrane1909198273dau/William & Edith HarrietElphinstone VIC
BuntinEdith Harriet1881196685w/WilliamElphinstone VIC
BuntinWilliam1876194973h/Edith HarrietElphinstone VIC
BurnsClara Eliza1842193290Elphinstone VIC
BurnsEmily Jane9dau/James & MaryElphinstone VIC
BurnsJamesOctElphinstone VIC
BurnsJames1805186257h/MaryElphinstone VIC
BurnsJames Patrick23son/James & MaryElphinstone VIC
BurnsJohn Robert40son/James & MaryElphinstone VIC
BurnsMaryOctElphinstone VIC
BurnsMary1804187066w/JamesElphinstone VIC
BurnsMary Ann21dau/James & MaryElphinstone VIC
CahillAgnes1871?8 Jul 18732dau/Patrick & MariaElphinstone VIC
CahillFrancesElphinstone VIC
CahillFrances1865?28 May 18672dau/Patrick & MariaElphinstone VIC
CahillMaria1835?16 Dec 188348w/PatrickElphinstone VIC
CahillMary29 Oct 1933dau/Patrick & MariaElphinstone VIC
CahillPatrick1833?8 Jun 188855h/MariaElphinstone VIC
CahillThomas29 Apr 1875son/Patrick & MariaElphinstone VIC
CodigaEthel May1885?3 Apr 197186w/Joseph WilliamElphinstone VIC
CodigaJoseph William1877?22 May 194871h/Ethel MayElphinstone VIC
CodyJames29 Dec 19591 Jul 200949h/LorraineElphinstone VIC
CotterRichard1872Elphinstone VIC
DaintyMaud Ailce4 Oct 1972Elphinstone VIC
DavidsonAlan1881?9 Oct 190322son/Walter & ClaminaElphinstone VIC
DavidsonBeatrice25 Jul 188314 Dec 194865dau/Walter & ClaminaElphinstone VIC
DavidsonClamina12 Jul 19446w/WalterElphinstone VIC
DavidsonNorman Stanley1889?31 May 191526son/Walter & ClaminaElphinstone VIC
DavidsonWalter H1847?7 Oct 191669h/Clamina & MayElphinstone VIC
DouchKennrth John27 Jul 192125 May 199877Elphinstone VIC
FinneyJessie McKayJan 1884?6 Dec 188411mdau/William & MaryElphinstone VIC
FinningAllan L W1916?7 Nov 200690w/Kathleen (Woodman)Elphinstone VIC
FinningEllen Blanche1877?23 Jun 194164w/JohnElphinstone VIC
FinningJohn1874?12 Dec 193460h/Ellen BlancheElphinstone VIC
Finning (Woodman)Kathleen A1920?21 Sep 200686w/AllanElphinstone VIC
FinningLinsay Charles1933?4 Apr 199057son/Thomans & MayElphinstone VIC
FinningOlive1899?21 May 192021Elphinstone VIC
FinningThomas C1906?26 Oct 198074Elphinstone VIC
FinningThomas CharlesAug 1929?Feb 19306mson/Thomans & MayElphinstone VIC
FletcherEmily1859?6 Oct 194990w/IsaacElphinstone VIC
FletcherHannah1888?23 Oct 193951dau/William & EmilyElphinstone VIC
FletcherIsaac1848?26 Jul 192577h/EmilyElphinstone VIC
FletcherJ W (Jeff)1890?16 Jul 191626son/William & EmilyElphinstone VIC
FriedliebCharles William30 May 187328 May 18741son/Rudolph & MaryElphinstone VIC
FriedliebFlorence May24 Dec 188120 Mar 18821dau/Rudolph & MaryElphinstone VIC
GillespieSarah1838?25 Feb 192486w/JohnElphinstone VIC
GraingerIan Douglas9 Nov 195222 Jun 200048h/ElizabethElphinstone VIC
HannahThomas Ian23 May 194623 May 197731h/Sandra; 2785304Elphinstone VIC
HawkBuddy Henry11Elphinstone VIC
HoldenArthur1864?25 Jun 191147h/CatherineElphinstone VIC
HoldenCatherine1867?8 Nov 194780w/ArthurElphinstone VIC
HoldenKeren LeeSep 1957?18 Sep 195713hdau/Lawrence & JoanElphinstone VIC
HoldenLawrence Henry20 May 193512 Mar 201176son/Charles & EileenElphinstone VIC
HughesRachel Alexandra1 Nov 191013 Feb 196383Elphinstone VIC
KingCharles J H12 Oct 196227 Dec 201654Elphinstone VIC
KingEdith16 Apr 1995dau/Charles J H & Judith P (Mactier); b. Perth, AustraliaElphinstone VIC
KomminosDean Konstantinos27 Feb 19463 Aug 200559Elphinstone VIC
LeahanMichael19 Jun 1942Elphinstone VIC
LeGuireElizabeth1852?28 Jan 191866w/MichaelElphinstone VIC
LeGuireMichael1845?22 Aug 192176h/ElizabethElphinstone VIC
MactierAlexander James20 Dec 195922 Nov 201657son/Robert Douglas & Patricia Mary (Potter)Elphinstone VIC
MactierAndrew John Heron29 Nov 19337 Jan 199663son/Elderson John Heron & Constance May (Vanstone); h/Rosemary Elsie Ricardo (Beggs)Elphinstone VIC
MactierBetty Joan1914199985Elphinstone VIC
MactierEugenie Elmhurst23 Aug 189516 Apr 197176w/William HeronElphinstone VIC
MactierJames Oliver1913198773Elphinstone VIC
MactierJames Robert18 Jun 187914 Apr 193657h/Mary HelenElphinstone VIC
MactierMary Helen9 May 188626 Dec 197185w/James RobertElphinstone VIC
Mactier (Potter)Patricia Mary24 Mar 19202 Jun 199878b. Galway, Ireland; w/Robert DouglasElphinstone VIC
MactierRobert Douglas7 May 191820 Apr 200486son/James Robert & Mary Helen; h/Patrica Mary (Potter)Elphinstone VIC
MactierWilliam Heron17 Oct 18757 Jan 195277Elphinstone VIC
McCarthyJeremiah1819?23 Sep 188566h/MaryElphinstone VIC
McCarthyMary1844?27 May 188440b. Cork, Ireland; w/JeremiahElphinstone VIC
McCarthyMichael18son/Jeremiah & MaryElphinstone VIC
McKayGeorgeFeb 1863?17 May 18633mson/John Spence & JessieElphinstone VIC
McNamaraMary1831?18 Dec 188554b. Clare, Ireland; w/Patrick LawrenceElphinstone VIC
McNamaraPatrick LawrenceJul 1868?20 Dec 18685mson/Parrick lawrence & MaryElphinstone VIC
McNamaraPatrick Lawrence1870?7 Dec 18722son/Parrick lawrence & MaryElphinstone VIC
McNiece (Oliver)Lola Nellie Maude1916?23 Aug 198569dau/Robert Turnbull & MaudeElphinstone VIC
Medley (Potts)Jessie May28 Jan 190831 Mar 199890Elphinstone VIC
MillerJohn1826?10 Sep 188862Elphinstone VIC
MitchellFElphinstone VIC
Munckton (Mactier)Hilda Heron1918199577w/WalterElphinstone VIC
MurdochAlexander William26 Mar 190620 Aug 196559son/Wlexander Weir & Jessie Stuart; h/Olive BellElphinstone VIC
MurdochJanet Weir8 Aug 19399 Sep 201374dau/Alexander William & Olive BellElphinstone VIC
MurdochOlive Bell2 Dec 190610 Aug 199690w/Alexander WilliamElphinstone VIC
MurphyTerry1956?15 Jul 19593dau/Harold & JoyceElphinstone VIC
NorfolkEdith Ilene Ethel1912199785Elphinstone VIC
NorfolkMark Henry27 Nov 196217 Feb 201250son/Thomas & MarthaElphinstone VIC
NorfolkMartha Jane21 May 19302 Jan 201484w/Thomas JosephElphinstone VIC
NorfolkThomas Joseph Henry1929200374h/MarthaElphinstone VIC
OliverElizabeth1852?16 Sep 195199w/RobertElphinstone VIC
OliverMaude9 Sep 1958w/Robert TurnbullElphinstone VIC
OliverRingan1923?11 Sep 197552son/Robert Turnbull & MaudeElphinstone VIC
OliverRobert1854?18 Jan 192975h/ElizabethElphinstone VIC
OliverRobert Turnbull1882?15 Apr 195270h/MaudeElphinstone VIC
OliverWilliam John1883?29 Oct 196582son/Robert & ElizabethElphinstone VIC
OwensCandace Martha1855?14 Jun 193883w/DavidElphinstone VIC
OwensDavid11 Jul 1924h/Candace MarthaElphinstone VIC
OwensIvy Lavinia12 Jun 19047 Apr 199692Elphinstone VIC
OwensJohn1850193888h/Lavina MaryElphinstone VIC
OwensJohn C14 Jun 1957h/LillianElphinstone VIC
OwensLavina Mary1865194580w/JohnElphinstone VIC
OwensLillian23 May 1977w/JohnElphinstone VIC
OwensLillian Grace Mary9 Aug 18912 May 197887Elphinstone VIC
OwensMary1816?18 Sep 189579w/WilliamElphinstone VIC
OwensOliver William (Oll)1 Nov 190115 Aug 195049Elphinstone VIC
OwensWilliam1820?15 May 190585Elphinstone VIC
ParkinsonAbraham1830?6 Jun 186131h/SarahElphinstone VIC
ParsonsMary15 Sep 1865w/WilliamElphinstone VIC
ParsonsMatilda16 Mar 1899dau/William & MaryElphinstone VIC
ParsonsWilliam1799?19 Mar 187576h/MaryElphinstone VIC
PickenCharlotte1865?15 Jan 193065w/GeorgeElphinstone VIC
PickenGeorge H5 Jan 1937h/CharlotteElphinstone VIC
Pollard (Brudenne)Beryl Vivienne10 Oct 192124 Oct 201362w/Ronald JohnElphinstone VIC
Pollard (Green)Billie June2 Sep 19322 Dec 201381w/Clifford JohnElphinstone VIC
PollardClifford John31 Jul 193117 Jan 201685h/Billie June (Green)Elphinstone VIC
PollardHarold Ralph1892?25 Jul 191624son/John & MargaretElphinstone VIC
PollardHerbert Edward1900?19 Sep 197373h/RubyElphinstone VIC
PollardHerbert Ralph1925?9 Aug 198661h/Iris JeanElphinstone VIC
PollardIris Jean1932?23 Sep 201583w/Herbert RalphElphinstone VIC
PollardJillian Maree27 Feb 19542 Mar 19543dElphinstone VIC
PollardJohn1868?22 Oct 195385h/MargaretElphinstone VIC
PollardJohn Henry1901?31 Jul 199897h/Sylvia Trebella (Connell)Elphinstone VIC
PollardKenneth Edward1929?20 Oct 198253Elphinstone VIC
PollardMargaret1865?22 Oct 194580w/JohnElphinstone VIC
PollardRonald John10 Oct 191915 Mar 200889h/Bertl Vivienne (Brudenall)Elphinstone VIC
PollardRuby1903?23 Jan 199895w/Herbert EdwardElphinstone VIC
Pollard (Connell)Sylvia Trebella1896?4 Sep 197478w/John HenryElphinstone VIC
Potts (Hooper)Martha19 May 188430 May 194864Elphinstone VIC
RawlinsEdward James8 Nov 19411 Nov 201271Elphinstone VIC
RawlinsKeith Douglas14 Sep 194814 Sep 1948sbson/Bill & ConnieElphinstone VIC
RogersMartin1846?29 Sep 18559son/Edward & Mary AnnElphinstone VIC
Rowe (Burns)Ann1784185773Elphinstone VIC
SaundersAnne Rose1 Apr 19458 Sep 200560Elphinstone VIC
SmithAlbert Lorne1880?24 Jun 196080Elphinstone VIC
SmithEdwin1827?26 Apr 190477h/ElizaElphinstone VIC
SmithEliza1820?8 Jun 189777w/EdwinElphinstone VIC
SmithEliza Ann Clarkson12 Nov 18255 Aug 190681b. Wexford, Ireland; w/WilliamElphinstone VIC
SmithElla13 Mar 1884Elphinstone VIC
SmithHilda Clarkson28 May 188824 Dec 196981w/Albert LorneElphinstone VIC
SmithRobert Reginald21 Nov 1965son/Thomas & JaneElphinstone VIC
SmithThomas Henry1850?14 Oct 192979Elphinstone VIC
SmithWilhelminaOct 1920dau/William & Eliza Ann ClarksonElphinstone VIC
SmithWilliam23 Jan 182720 Nov 191285b. Wexford, Ireland; h/Eliza Ann ClarksonElphinstone VIC
SmithWilliam1879?12 Jun 190122Elphinstone VIC
SpeedieMary1938?3 Oct 195921dau/MathewElphinstone VIC
SpeedieMathew1909?19 Sep 196354Elphinstone VIC
SpenceJessie McKay1829?7 Jul 186435w/John SpenceElphinstone VIC
SpenceJohn1822?12 Apr 190987b. Carnock, Scotland; h/JessieElphinstone VIC
StoneCecil3 Feb 1929h/ElizabethElphinstone VIC
StoneElizabeth9 Oct 1964w/CecilElphinstone VIC
StrongAgnes1917?20 Jan 198871Elphinstone VIC
StrongAlbert Keith1913?14 Sep 196754h/Agnes; VX11927Elphinstone VIC
StrongDean Anthony31 Mar 197124 Jul 200130son/Albert & LynetteElphinstone VIC
StrongJeffery Neal1963?3 Oct 19652son/Albert & LynetteElphinstone VIC
SwiftAnne Louisa1896?16 May 194549w/Ernest JohnElphinstone VIC
SwiftErnest John1895?1 Aug 197681h/Anne LouisaElphinstone VIC
TateChristopher21 May 197527 Aug 199118son/Greg & DianElphinstone VIC
ThompsonGeorge Norman1866?30 May 193165Elphinstone VIC
TimminsAlfred14 Mar 1934h/Mary AnnElphinstone VIC
TimminsElizabeth Helen1878?17 Sep 196082w/John HenryElphinstone VIC
TimminsGladys1904?23 Feb 19062dau/John henry & Elizabeth HelenElphinstone VIC
TimminsHelen1852?9 Aug 193280w/John HenryElphinstone VIC
TimminsJamesson/John HenryElphinstone VIC
TimminsJohn Henry1843?29 Mar 190562h/HelenElphinstone VIC
TimminsJohn Henry1879?16 Jul 192344h/Elizabeth HelenElphinstone VIC
TimminsMary Ann23 Jan 1926w/AlfredElphinstone VIC
TimminsWalter Arthur1874?1 Apr 188511son/Edward & ElizabethElphinstone VIC
TimminsWalter James1876?11 Jul 18782son/Edward & ElizabethElphinstone VIC
TimminsWalter James27 Nov 187822 Dec 187825dson/Edward & ElizabethElphinstone VIC
UnknownElphinstone VIC
UnknownElphinstone VIC
UnknownElphinstone VIC
Unknown?Elphinstone VIC
WalfordBenjamin J6 Feb 1885Elphinstone VIC
WalfordGeorgina Jessie1884?11 Mar 18851Elphinstone VIC
Walker (Roza)Edith11 Jul 19682 Jun 198819w/Roland JohnElphinstone VIC
WardThomas P1864?25 Sep 188622Elphinstone VIC
WeaverJ C1923?14 May 200178h/PhyllisElphinstone VIC
WeaverPhyllis E1924200580Elphinstone VIC
WhiteIsabella Catherine1829?3 Nov 189162Elphinstone VIC
WhitingRaymond John6 Oct 194514 Dec 201772Elphinstone VIC
WhittleAlice Isobel30 Apr 190227 May 197775Elphinstone VIC

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