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1 cemetery found

EchucaCohuna-Rd, Echuca VIC 35643566

3447 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Echuca VIC
?Echuca VIC
?Echuca VIC
?Echuca VIC
?Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??Echuca VIC
??3 Jul 183517 Jul 18352wEchuca VIC
?Anthony1927?28 Aug 196437h/PatriciaEchuca VIC
?ArthurEchuca VIC
?Dennis John3 Sep 1964Echuca VIC
?FrankEchuca VIC
?Fred1878?24 Mar 193961Echuca VIC
?GeorgeEchuca VIC
?GertieEchuca VIC
?Harry1907?20 Aug 196558Echuca VIC
?John1882?8 Aug 195169Echuca VIC
?Margaret Eileen1895?13 May 197277w/WilliamEchuca VIC
?Margeret4 Jul 1953w/WilliamEchuca VIC
?Mary Jane1909?6 Dec 198879Echuca VIC
?Micheale1923?14 Jan 197047h/AntoniaEchuca VIC
?Tom55Echuca VIC
?Tom22 Apr 194123 Feb 200766h/AnnEchuca VIC
?TommyEchuca VIC
?William16 Jul 1939h/MargaretEchuca VIC
?William1901?3 Aug 198988h/Maragret EileenEchuca VIC
AccursoFrancesco (Frank)11 Jul 192715 Jun 201184h/MariaEchuca VIC
AccursoMaria29 Mar 192917 May 201283w/FrancesscoEchuca VIC
AcklandRichardJan 180429 Jan 187975son/Thomas & Betty (Cook); b. Devon, EnglandEchuca VIC
AcklandRoy James9 Apr 192827 Jan 201284son/James; b. Echuca, VIC; 160684Echuca VIC
AdolfEllen12 Aug 184615 Dec 190357b. County Cork, Ireland; w/JuliusEchuca VIC
AdolfJulius1856?7 Sep 193074h/EllenEchuca VIC
AhernMillicent1863?18 Mar 194077w/Nicholas JohnEchuca VIC
AhernNicholas John6 Jan 11756h/MillicentEchuca VIC
AinsworthJean Maureen22 Jul 192411 Jan 199874Echuca VIC
AinsworthTrudi Maureen26 Jul 196122 Sep 19654dau/Jean MaureenEchuca VIC
AitkenAlexander1821?8 May 188766Echuca VIC
AitkenAlfred Bannister1874?25 Jul 1937631621Echuca VIC
AlderEllen Harriet1879?8 Jun 196889dau/James & MaryEchuca VIC
AlderEmily Doris1890?21 Jul 197484dau/James & MaryEchuca VIC
AlderJames1854?19 Feb 192874h/MaryEchuca VIC
AlderMary1859?6 May 195091w/JamesEchuca VIC
AllenAlbert Henry1871?19 Aug 194978h/FrancesEchuca VIC
AllenDaisy Sophia Kitty1904199490dau/Albert Henry & FrancesEchuca VIC
AllenFrances1869?31 Aug 192152w/Albert HenryEchuca VIC
AllenHenry1822?31 May 189876Echuca VIC
AllenJohn Wesley1846?20 Feb 187428son/JohnEchuca VIC
AllenLily1899?4 Sep 191819dau/Albert Henry & FrancesEchuca VIC
AlleyDorothy May1913?14 Jul 199178Echuca VIC
AlleyWilliam John1935?26 Sep 19449son/Dorothy MayEchuca VIC
AllibandCatherine1843?13 Apr 191774w/Tom GeorgeEchuca VIC
AllibandTom George1843?16 Nov 191067h/CatherineEchuca VIC
AltonAdam1846?191670Echuca VIC
AltonJohanna1844?190561Echuca VIC
AltonPollie1877?11 Nov 193962Echuca VIC
AndersenEchuca VIC
Anderson?Echuca VIC
Anderson?Echuca VIC
AndersonAlex1891?23 Dec 196574h/Ida MildredEchuca VIC
AndersonArthur1921197352h/Mary (Eckel)Echuca VIC
AndersonAugust Nicholas (Gus)1888?12 Jun 195062h/MargueriteEchuca VIC
AndersonAugustine Richard (Gus)1914?21 Sep 199884son/August Nicholas & MargueriteEchuca VIC
AndersonGeorge1879?12 May 190829Echuca VIC
AndersonIda Mildred1896?13 Nov 195559w/AlexEchuca VIC
AndersonJames Hampton1898?30 Dec 197072h/Mary OliveEchuca VIC
AndersonJane1863?1 Nov 192865w/William HenryEchuca VIC
AndersonMarguerite (Rita)1889?21 Apr 192940w/August NicholasEchuca VIC
Anderson (Eckel)Mary1916198569w/ArthurEchuca VIC
AndersonMary Olive1906?16 Aug 193529w/James HamptonEchuca VIC
AndersonRobert Johnson1862?9 Apr 18708son/John & CatherineEchuca VIC
AndersonWilliam Henry1866?23 Jan 194882h/JaneEchuca VIC
AptedFay1903?20 May 197673w/William Ernest; 522Echuca VIC
AptedWilliam Ernest1896?23 Mar 195458h/FayEchuca VIC
ArcherThomas Arthur Lee1865?21 Sep 18672Echuca VIC
ArmstrongEmily Christina1878?3 Sep 190527Echuca VIC
Arnold?Echuca VIC
ArnoldChristinna1886197690w/DavidEchuca VIC
ArnoldDavid1879194162h/ChristinnaEchuca VIC
ArnoldEllen1885?1 Jun 195267w/HenryEchuca VIC
ArnoldHenry1870?4 Aug 195585h/EllenEchuca VIC
ArnoldHenry1914?22 Jan 194430son/Henry & EllenEchuca VIC
ArthurAlfred E4 Jul 187029 Jul 193060h/Edna LucyEchuca VIC
ArthurEdna Lucy15 Jan 18778 Jan 192043w/AlfredEchuca VIC
AshAmy F1891?12 Aug 197180w/CharlesEchuca VIC
AshAngelina1904?4 Dec 199793Echuca VIC
AshCharles1888?8 Jul 194961h/AmyEchuca VIC
AshDelcie Rosemary1922?5 Apr 195533w/Edgar AndersonEchuca VIC
AshEdgar Anderson1907?16 Nov 195851h/Delcie RosemaryEchuca VIC
AshEthel J1883?13 Dec 194764w/ThomasEchuca VIC
AshFrances1829?23 Dec 189061Echuca VIC
AshFrancis KevinOct 1953?5 Apr 19546mson/Rdger Anderson & Delcie RosemaryEchuca VIC
AshGeorge Clarence1904?17 Jul 196864h/Kathleen FrancesEchuca VIC
AshKathleen Frances1897?16 Jul 198689w/George ClarenceEchuca VIC
AshMildred Alice1894?17 Feb 198187w/Thomas AbelEchuca VIC
AshRuby1915?21 Aug 198671dau/Thomas & EthelEchuca VIC
AshThomas1822?29 Oct 188563Echuca VIC
AshThomas1861?22 Jul 194988h/EthelEchuca VIC
AshThomas Abel1895?8 Jun 194651h/Mildred AliceEchuca VIC
AshtonJames1827?24 Apr 188558Echuca VIC
Aspinall??Echuca VIC
Aspinall (Kelvy)Lillian1891?29 May 192332Echuca VIC
AspinallNellie Temple1882?196987Echuca VIC
AspinallSophia1881?190120Echuca VIC
AudinoAlfredo12 May 192112 Dec 196645Echuca VIC
AuladellJean1886?25 May 196882w/SimonEchuca VIC
BackhouseG CEchuca VIC
BailEdward Thomas1875?7 Sep 196691h/Helena Louisa GraceEchuca VIC
BailElizabeth Francis1838?12 Jan 192789w/JosephEchuca VIC
BailHelena louisa Grace1882?10 Feb 194361w/Edward ThomasEchuca VIC
BailJoseph1833?2 Sep 191582h/Elizabeth FrancesEchuca VIC
BailJoseph E1905?2 Sep 193227son/Edward Thomas & Helena Louisa GraceEchuca VIC
BailRobert Hartly1910?15 Oct 192616son/Edward Thomas & Helena Louisa GraceEchuca VIC
BailWilliam Lewis1916?9 Oct 193014son/Edward Thomas & Helena Louisa GraceEchuca VIC
BakerHarriet Mary5 Oct 187817 Jul 195274Echuca VIC
BaldwinAlice11 Oct 1976Echuca VIC
BaldwinAmy Ada1903?31 Mar 199188w/Ernest HenryEchuca VIC
BaldwinAnnie1837?20 Apr 190063w/JohnEchuca VIC
BaldwinBridget6 Jun 1926Echuca VIC
BaldwinCecilia Ann23 Mar 1961Echuca VIC
BaldwinEdward31 Jul 1980Echuca VIC
BaldwinEdward1867?6 Aug 193568h/FrancesEchuca VIC
BaldwinEdward1884?19 Sep 192440h/Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BaldwinEllendau/John & AnnieEchuca VIC
BaldwinEllen1880?5 May 194565dau/Michael & MaryEchuca VIC
BaldwinErnest Henry1898?25 Apr 194244h/Amy AdaEchuca VIC
BaldwinFrances Mary1864?13 Dec 195288dau/John Henry & Frances Mary; w/EdwardEchuca VIC
BaldwinJohn1832?15 Jul 190068h/AnnieEchuca VIC
BaldwinKathleen18 Apr 1975Echuca VIC
BaldwinMargaret12 Apr 1944Echuca VIC
BaldwinMary1839?10 Nov 190869w/MichaelEchuca VIC
BaldwinMary1879?6 Jun 193051dau/Michael & MaryEchuca VIC
BaldwinMary Jane1887?1 May 196881w/EdwardEchuca VIC
BaldwinMichael1844?22 Aug 191672h/MaryEchuca VIC
BaldwinMichael Stanley1923?25 May 198865son/Edward & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BaldwinNmary Ellen (Molly)1921?4 Apr 200887dau/Edward & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BaldwinThomas20 Feb 1905Echuca VIC
BalkinDaniel Claude1908?13 Jun 198375h/Eveleen FrancesEchuca VIC
BalkinEveleen Frances1908?16 Mar 197264w/Daniel ClaudeEchuca VIC
BallDaisy Maria1860?7 Sep 192161w/WilliamEchuca VIC
BallDaisy Maria1860?1 Sep 192161w/WillaimEchuca VIC
BallWilliam1852?17 Jul 192169h/Daisy MariaEchuca VIC
Banko (Carroll)Julia Ann1840?11 Jun 192989dau/MargaretEchuca VIC
BankoLucy Emma1876?16 Oct 195680w/Robert PatrickEchuca VIC
Banko (McCarthy)Margaret Mary1876?22 May 195983w/Thomas JosephEchuca VIC
BankoRobert Patrick1874?15 Oct 194369h/Lucy EmmaEchuca VIC
BankoThomas1826?8 Jun 188256Echuca VIC
BankoThomas1865?3 Oct 192762Echuca VIC
BannanIan Francis1944?16 Feb 196420Echuca VIC
BarceMary Jane1861?1 Apr 194483w/WilliamEchuca VIC
BarceWilliam1860?12 Aug 191353h/Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BarkerJane1 Sep 182925 Apr 188859w/WilliamEchuca VIC
BarkerWilliam1831?1 Apr 189564h/JaneEchuca VIC
BarnesAlbert1873?188512Echuca VIC
BarnesE L1842?188543Echuca VIC
BarnesEdward1820?2 Aug 189171h/ElizabethEchuca VIC
BarnesElizabeth1831?9 Apr 189766w/EdwardEchuca VIC
BarrJames WilliamEchuca VIC
BarrLillian MarySep 1906?8 Jan 19074mdau/Robert John & Emily SelinaEchuca VIC
BarrR MEchuca VIC
BarryDavid James1872?19 Mar 194472Echuca VIC
BarthelsonEdward1878?26 Sep 195274h/MaryEchuca VIC
BarthelsonEdward Leo9 Feb 192126 Apr 198564h/JoanEchuca VIC
BarthelsonMary1887?13 Mar 196174w/EdwardEchuca VIC
BarthelsonRonald11 Aug 195127 Apr 201059son/Edward Leo & JoanEchuca VIC
BartlettAgnes Bridget (Connie)1889?9 Jan 196475Echuca VIC
BartlettAlfred1833?13 Oct 192188h/Mary Ann ColeEchuca VIC
BartlettAlfred E1866?12 Jul 194680h/EmmalineEchuca VIC
BartlettEmmaline1863?3 May 194885w/AlfredEchuca VIC
BartlettHesther Emily1877?23 Feb 191437dau/Alfred & Mary Ann ColeEchuca VIC
Bartlett (Kerville)Mary Ann Cole1845?22 Jul 190459dau/Lousia; w/AlfredEchuca VIC
BartlettWilliam Herbert Kerville1873?26 May 191239son/Alfred & Mary Ann Cole; h/Bessie MayEchuca VIC
BatemanCharles1858?192466Echuca VIC
BatemanEdward1788?188193Echuca VIC
BatemanEvelyn Margaret1887?14 Jul 191225Echuca VIC
BatemanJohn18404 Oct 188646b. IrlandEchuca VIC
BatemanLaura1874?187511mEchuca VIC
BatemanLaura Jane187617 Aug 195074Echuca VIC
BatemanMargaret Agnes1854?7 Nov 192672Echuca VIC
BatemanSwilliam Henry1854?3 Aug 190753Echuca VIC
BayesWalter AugustusDec 1865?2 Mar 186715mEchuca VIC
BearFrancis M1883?24 Dec 194259Echuca VIC
BearFrancis M1883?24 Dec 194259Echuca VIC
BearWilliam1877?10 Oct 194265Echuca VIC
BearWilliam R1877?10 Oct 194265Echuca VIC
BeattieJames17 May 1890Echuca VIC
BeattieJohanna1845?9 Feb 190358w/JosephEchuca VIC
BeattieJohn AlexanderSep 1983?18 Mar 198518mson/Joseph & JohannaEchuca VIC
BeattieJoseph1844?22 Jun 189248h/JohannaEchuca VIC
BeckerFerdinand August1853?14 May 191461h/GraceEchuca VIC
BeckerGrace Blourey Hoare1857?24 May 193073w/FerdinandEchuca VIC
BeckhamMary Ann1825?23 Feb 189772Echuca VIC
BeckwithCharles1896?191620Echuca VIC
BeechFlorence Ellen1917?16 Nov 193316Echuca VIC
BelfieldAlbert29 Jul 1965h/CeliaEchuca VIC
BelfieldDaryl4 Nov 19389 Dec 199961son/Celia; h/WilmaEchuca VIC
BelfieldGeorge Henry1860?8 Oct 193575b. Sheffield, England; h/Louisa AorieaEchuca VIC
BelfieldLouisa Aoriea1854?21 Jun 191561b. Sheffield, England; w/George HenryEchuca VIC
BelfieldMoses1821?23 Oct 190584Echuca VIC
Bell?Echuca VIC
BellJean1872?29 Dec 192250w/William CalderwoodEchuca VIC
BellMargaret1868?12 Dec 195789Echuca VIC
BellWilliam Calderwood1862?2 Aug 193876h/JeanEchuca VIC
BennettEileen1915?3 Oct 193419dau/Frederick Alfred & Lillian EileenEchuca VIC
BennettFrederick Alfred1885?8 Mar 196782h/Lillian EileenEchuca VIC
BennettJack1915?1 Jun 196348h/Olive RachelEchuca VIC
BennettLillian Eileen1884?12 Nov 196581w/Frederick AlfredEchuca VIC
BennettOlive Rachel1915?2 Feb 199883w/JackEchuca VIC
BentleyEchuca VIC
Bentleyb. StrathmertonEchuca VIC
BentleyAgnes Mabel1881?8 May 195473dau/Walter & ElizabethEchuca VIC
BentleyElizabeth1855?7 Aig 194287w/WalterEchuca VIC
BentleyJohn Thomas1917?4 Apr 19258Echuca VIC
BentleyLeslie Rupert1890?11 Sep 194454son/Walter & ElizabethEchuca VIC
BentleyWalter1844?8 May 192985h/ElizabethEchuca VIC
BerickAnna Maria1815?29 Oct 189681Echuca VIC
BerrymanArthur George1883?7 Apr 194461h/Catherine ForeEchuca VIC
BerrymanCatherine Ford1879?4 Dec 192445w/ArthurEchuca VIC
BerrymanEdna1905?5 Feb 191813dau/John & ElizabethEchuca VIC
BerrymanElizabeth17 Oct 186730 Mar 195081w/JohnEchuca VIC
BerrymanElizabeth Ann1866?24 Aug 193367w/JamesEchuca VIC
BerrymanJames Henry1862?2 Jan 193674h/Elizabeth AnnEchuca VIC
BerrymanJohn12 Jan 186517 Aug 194580h/ElizabethEchuca VIC
BerrymanReginald Maynard4 Dec 190822 Oct 196557Echuca VIC
Betson (Howes)Alice Edith1859194384w/John Thomas HenryEchuca VIC
BetsonBertie1893192330son/John Thomas Henry & Alice EdithEchuca VIC
BetsonClifford1902?7 Aug 198886h/Ethel AgnesEchuca VIC
BetsonDesna Jean1925?1 Feb 193813dau/Harlod Edward & Ruby FrancisEchuca VIC
BetsonElizabeth Mabel82Echuca VIC
BetsonEthel Agnes1908?18 Sep 197668w/CliffordEchuca VIC
BetsonFrancis Edith1927?1 Feb 193811dau/Harlod Edward & Ruby FrancisEchuca VIC
BetsonHarold Edward1895?12 Jun 197883h/Ruby FeancisEchuca VIC
BetsonJohn Thomas Henry1853192370h/Alice EdithEchuca VIC
BetsonPatricia Ann1933?19374dau/Ernest George & Elizabeth MabelEchuca VIC
BetsonRuby Francis1896?14 Jan 196468w/Harold EdwardEchuca VIC
BetsonThomas John1878?13 Jul 1939612266Echuca VIC
BettinzoliGech30 Nov 190112 May 196866Echuca VIC
BettinzoliMaria Domenica7 Feb 19162 Oct 201195Echuca VIC
BettsGerardine12 May 1963Echuca VIC
Betts (Dargan)Veronica1914?24 May 193622Echuca VIC
BeveridgeWilliam Roy1905?20 Aug 193833son/William Saunders & IsabellaEchuca VIC
BeveridgeWilliam Saunders1860?24 Apr 192666h/IsabellaEchuca VIC
BidychakMax1918?25 Feb 195941h/RosaEchuca VIC
BidychakRosa1927?31 May 200073w/MaxEchuca VIC
BinieyMary1873?8 Dec 18763Echuca VIC
BirdAlfred1895?28 Aug 194348h/Josephine MaryEchuca VIC
BirdJosephine Mary1897?28 Aug 198689w/AlfredEchuca VIC
BishopFrances Mary1832?14 Dec 191482w/John HenryEchuca VIC
BishopJohn Henry1833?4 Mar 190168h/Frances MaryEchuca VIC
BlackHugh1860?194787Echuca VIC
BlackburnArthur James1892?196977Echuca VIC
BlacklerWilliam John1884?31 Mar 193854h/CecliaEchuca VIC
BlairEchuca VIC
BlakeFlorence1894?194551Echuca VIC
BlakeLawrence1892?193644Echuca VIC
BlakeyAnnabella1844?191773w/RobertEchuca VIC
BlakeyJulia1877?18792dau/Robert & AnnabellaEchuca VIC
BlakeyLeslie Rufus1895?18966mEchuca VIC
BlakeyRobert1836?26 Jan 190771h/AnnabellaEchuca VIC
BlanchenM Martina4 Apr 1904Echuca VIC
BoalNora1899?193233Echuca VIC
BoalWilliam1888?196274Echuca VIC
BonominiGiorgio15 Dec 19659 Mar 198620Echuca VIC
BostockJames6 Aug 18704 Aug 191949h/Mary Jane (Maslen)Echuca VIC
BostockMary Jane2 Oct 187528 Jul 191944w/JamesEchuca VIC
BottomleyAda1866?31 Mar 18693dau/RobertEchuca VIC
BottomleyBessie18 Apr 1936dau/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyHarriet1873?1 Feb 195885dau/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyHugh Broadbent10 May 189921 Jun 18996wson/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyJohn1831?6 Sep 189261b. Stalybridge, England; h/Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyJohn Robert22 Aug 187710 Oct 18777wson/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyMary ElizbaethFeb 1876?21 Mar 187713mdau/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyMary Jane1847?6 May 194093w/JohnEchuca VIC
BottomleyRobert1828?29 Sep 187547Echuca VIC
BottomleySarah JaneMay 1882?3 Apr 188311mdau/John & Mary JaneEchuca VIC
BottomleyWilliam John1879?1 Sep 191839Echuca VIC
BourkeCecila J1908?16 Mar 195042dau/FrankEchuca VIC
Bourke (Melville)Letitia1860?15 May 190242w/JamesEchuca VIC
BourkeM M Alacoque19 Feb 1938Echuca VIC
BourkeM M Monica1866?22 Dec 195387Echuca VIC
Bower??Echuca VIC
BowlesAmbrose1833?14 Jul 188956h/MargaretEchuca VIC
BowlesJames1821?27 Jul 189978Echuca VIC
BowlesJane1839?3 Sep 191172Echuca VIC
BowlesMargaret1842?2 Feb 187735w/AmbroseEchuca VIC
BowlesMeta Amelia11 May 1855Echuca VIC
BowlesMichael1873?2 Oct 193562h/MillieEchuca VIC
BowlesMinnie1864?31 Oct 187713dau/Ambrose & MargaretEchuca VIC
BowtellJohn E1898?6 Apr 193335Echuca VIC
BowtellMary1820?26 Apr 189474w/WilliamEchuca VIC
BoydIvy Myrtle1906192721Echuca VIC
BoyleJ Wallace1894?13 Dec 195157Echuca VIC
BoyleMarcy1854?17 Jul 194692w/Willaim GeorgeEchuca VIC
BoyleMuriel Hardy1896?22 Dec 192327dau/William George & MercyEchuca VIC
BoyleStanley Bruce1926?2 Mar 194115Echuca VIC
BoyleWilliam Bruce1894?19 Jan 193137Echuca VIC
BoyleWilliam George1856?15 Jun 194387h/MercyEchuca VIC
BradfordAlexander1826?21 Jul 189468Echuca VIC
BradfordCatherine1859?26 Mar188425dau/Alexander & AnnEchuca VIC
BradfordHelen1856?3 May 187822dau/Alexander & AnnEchuca VIC
BradfordJames1866?21 Jun 189327Echuca VIC
BradyJames Francis1893?4 May 196572h/Vera GertrudeEchuca VIC
BradyVera Gertrude1871?20 Feb 196291w/James FrancisEchuca VIC
BrainPercy Francis1896?26 Dec 19015Echuca VIC
BrameldNellie1880?5 Aug 196888w/WilliamEchuca VIC
BrameldWilliam1876?15 Dec 193862h/NellieEchuca VIC
BramichAlden Bernard1885?12 Oct 191732h/MyraEchuca VIC
BramichMyra16 Sep 18929 Aug 196876w/Alden BernardEchuca VIC
BranchBrian James14 Mar 195830 Jan 19635son/JoyceEchuca VIC
BranchShane Robert18 Feb 19571 Mar 199639Echuca VIC
BraundEdith Ellen1885?19 Jun 196681w/James RobertEchuca VIC
BraundEvelyn Rita1912?12 Nov 200896w/Frederick LewisEchuca VIC
BraundFrederick Lewis1912?16 Jun 200896h/Evelyn Rita (Cobb)Echuca VIC
BraundIsaac1837?19 Apr 191881Echuca VIC
BraundJames Robert1879?30 Jun 195374h/Edith EllenEchuca VIC
BraundLewis1843?1 Jul 191774h/Sarah AnnEchuca VIC
BraundSarah Ann1854?8 Oct 194187w/LewisEchuca VIC
BrayElizabeth Mary1901?23 Feb 199796w/James RichardEchuca VIC
BrayJames R S1878?11 Jun 193759h/RebeccaEchuca VIC
BrayJames Richard1901?27 Mar 196867h/Elizabeth MaryEchuca VIC
BrayKeith C1915?17 Jan 192914son/James & RebeccaEchuca VIC
BrayRebecca J1878?18 Nov 195375w/JamesEchuca VIC
BraybonAnn1893?9 Dec 194855w/MichaelEchuca VIC
BraybonLucy May1907199285w/William JohnEchuca VIC
BraybonMichael1895?31 May 196166h/AnnEchuca VIC
BraybonRichard Henry1916?13 Aug 195034Echuca VIC
BraybonWilliam John189112 Mar 195160h/Lucy MayEchuca VIC
BraysherHannah1891h/JamesEchuca VIC
BraysherJames1891h/HannahEchuca VIC
Breckwith1916Echuca VIC
BreenSarah Isabella1876?24 Jul 18793dau/Robert & PrudanceEchuca VIC
BremnerEmily Grace1881?21 Dec 197695w/John SutherlandEchuca VIC
BremnerJohn Sutherland1872?5 Jan 193361h/Emily GraceEchuca VIC
BridglandHarold1864?12 May 195692h/JenniEchuca VIC
BridglandHector Joseph1907?16 Jun 197467h/Irene AgnesEchuca VIC
BridglandIrene Agnes1901?31 Jan 197473w/Hector JosephEchuca VIC
BridglandJenny1873?17 Aug 194976w/HaroldEchuca VIC
BridglandMabel Irene1901?24 Aug 198281Echuca VIC
BridglandMargaret Irene1930?7 Dec 194818dau/Hector Joseph & Irene AgnesEchuca VIC
BrisbaneReginald Walter1899?8 Sep 191920Echuca VIC
BroderickAnnie1841?17 Aug 192887Echuca VIC
BroderickHarry1840?1 Mar 190262Echuca VIC
BroderickJohn Henry1894?13 Oct 19697515867Echuca VIC
BroderickMary Teresa1866?31 Aar 192761Echuca VIC
BroderickMichael1843?28 Jun 189047Echuca VIC
BroderickWilliam Henry1868?3 Aug 192759Echuca VIC
Broomhead?Echuca VIC
BrownEchuca VIC
BrownAlfred SamuelAug 1921?Sep 19211mEchuca VIC
BrownAmelia Jane1868?19 Jun 194678w/Thomas AlexanderEchuca VIC
BrownAnn (Eva)1902197371b. EchucaEchuca VIC
BrownCatherine1889?27 May 192536w/HerbertEchuca VIC
BrownEdwin Lyell1911?Jan 19187Echuca VIC
BrownEthel May1883?3 Jun 190724Echuca VIC
BrownEva Mary1886?22 Nov 193145Echuca VIC
BrownHerbert1886?26 Jun 196478h/CatherineEchuca VIC
BrownJamesEchuca VIC
BrownJohn Kevin1921?10 Apr 200988h/Wanda CordulaEchuca VIC
BrownJoseph1852?27 May 192775h/SusanEchuca VIC
BrownKenneth John15 Oct 191618 Nov 196852h/EstherEchuca VIC
BrownMarion May1874?2 Apr 191743w/Thomas AlexanderEchuca VIC
BrownSusan1862?17 Aug 192765w/JosephEchuca VIC
BrownTEchuca VIC
BrownTEchuca VIC
BrownThomas Alexander1878?16 Mar 194163h/Marion Amy & Amelia JaneEchuca VIC
BrownTimothy Edward1952?16 Nov 19564son/John Kevin & Wanda CoedulaEchuca VIC
BrownViolet Annie1917?1 Jan 193215Echuca VIC
BrownWanda Cordula1927?30 Jan 199871w/John KevinEchuca VIC
BrownWilliam Isles1875?17 Dec 18816Echuca VIC
Browne (Bedford)Elizabeth23 Jul 1947w/ThomasEchuca VIC
BrowneEttie1873?9 Jul 195683w/PatrickEchuca VIC
BrownePatrick1867?24 Apr 194982h/EttieEchuca VIC
BrowneThomas Joseph1878?19 Sep 194870Echuca VIC
BrumleyIsabel1905?28 Dec 197166Echuca VIC
BruntonIsabella RachelMar 1887?5 Feb 188811mEchuca VIC
BruntonMary Ellen1872?4 Dec 18797Echuca VIC
BrydonEchuca VIC
BulledNorma1924?192513mEchuca VIC
BultArthur David1878?192850Echuca VIC
BultElizabeth1855?2 Nov 190550w/GeorgeEchuca VIC
BultEthel1880?191737Echuca VIC
BultFlorence Mary1889?197081Echuca VIC
BultGeorge1852?20 Aug 194492h/ElizabethEchuca VIC
BurchellPeter Noel1 May 1992Echuca VIC
BurgessAdelaide Mary1856?27 Oct 192569w/John JamesEchuca VIC
BurgessAdelle3dau/LottieEchuca VIC
BurgessClarkson1872?21 May 18775son/Joseph Bird & M SEchuca VIC
BurgessJohn Foster1881?2 Nov 194160Echuca VIC
BurgessJohn James1857?1 Jan 193477h/Adeliade MaryEchuca VIC
BurgessJoseph Bird1830?20 Mar 190777h/M SEchuca VIC
BurgessLottie1884?11 Dec 192743Echuca VIC
BurgessM S1833?10 Jan 189562w/Joseph BirdEchuca VIC
BurgessNellie1865?23 Mar 18705dau/Joseph Bird & M SEchuca VIC
BurkettAlexander1884?16 Aug 191935Echuca VIC8 B, 10
BurkettAnn Elizabeth Frances1879?14 Dec 189112dau/James & Bridget (Kerwick)Echuca VIC8 B, 10
BurkettJames1848?20 Mar 193688son/George; h/Bridget (Kerwick)Echuca VIC8 B, 10
BurnettAugustine1892?24 Jan 196876h/MarionEchuca VIC
BurnettMarion1896?16 Dec 196670w/AugustineEchuca VIC
BurnettMichael Francis1941?16 May 196524Echuca VIC
BurnsHanorah1857?29 Dec 193073dau/AnastasiaEchuca VIC
BurtchellAnthony Basil2 Nov 1999Echuca VIC
BurtchellArthur Robert19 Jul 1999Echuca VIC
BurtchellEthel1895?196469Echuca VIC
BurtchellLawrence Kevin5 Dec 2007Echuca VIC
BurtchellPeter Mark1887?197083Echuca VIC
BurttHarold Joseph1886?9 Jun 194357Echuca VIC
ButcherMargaret1832?20 May 188149w/Henry GeorgeEchuca VIC
ByeCharles William Alfred1891?19 Aug 194352h/Agnes; 3955Echuca VIC
CableGeorge1847?3 Jan 193083h/MaryEchuca VIC
CableJames Dalton1880?31 May 194767h/MargaretEchuca VIC
CableJohn William (Ning)1886?16 Oct 196478Echuca VIC
CableMargaret1880?15 Dec 195878w/JamesEchuca VIC
CableMartin Hill1882?8 Aug 194260son/George & MaryEchuca VIC
CableMary Ann1860?20 Apr 191959Echuca VIC
CaddowHenry Vere1908?24 Nov 193527son/John AlexanderEchuca VIC
CaddowJohn Alexander1864?6 Dec 194076Echuca VIC
CaemichaelJames Ernest1880?3 Dec 194363Echuca VIC
CahillMargaret1872?3 Apr 191038Echuca VIC
Caird (Maynard)Elspeth Mary18674 Aug 190740dau/William & Mary Milne (Stewart); b. Melbourne VIC; w/John WEchuca VIC
CairnsAlice Monica1883?5 Sep 197087Echuca VIC
CairnsGladys May1898?12 Nov 198385Echuca VIC
CairnsHerbert Adam1904?194541Echuca VIC
CairnsMary Ann1868?17 Sep 193365Echuca VIC
CairnsSamuel Joseph1865?194277Echuca VIC
CairnsWilliam John1901?23 Feb 197271Echuca VIC
CaldwellAlbert Irvine15 Feb 192711 Feb 19314son/Fred & HazelEchuca VIC
CammAlbert Russell1919?9 Apr 193718Echuca VIC
CampbellAlexander1904198278Echuca VIC
CampbellDoreen1910?6 Jan 2012102formerly Rickards; w/Albert (Rickards)Echuca VIC
CampbellEileen1909198576Echuca VIC
CampbellJohn1837?12 Jun 190669h/MargaretEchuca VIC
CampbellJohn David1908?19088wEchuca VIC
CampbellLeo1940195616Echuca VIC
CampbellMargaret1836?19 May 192286w/JohnEchuca VIC
CanfieldClifford20 Dec 192627 May 200579h/Margarte JoanEchuca VIC
CanfieldMargaret Joan11 Aug 193115 Oct 200473w/CliffordEchuca VIC

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