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1 cemetery found

East Metcalfe (Greenhill)Goldfields Rd, East Metcalfe VIC 344421

21 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BakesEdwin Hector1988?8 May 200921East Metcalfe VIC
BartonJean21 Dec 191810 Jun 199577East Metcalfe VIC
BartonKenneth Arthur2 Apr 192130 Dec 199978East Metcalfe VIC
BruceMargery1806?18 Apr 188983East Metcalfe VIC
BruceWilliam1850?16 Oct 187424East Metcalfe VIC
BruceWilliam B1805?16 May 188176East Metcalfe VIC
CluneKentEast Metcalfe VIC
DrummondIanEast Metcalfe VIC
HandleyPeter19 May 19489 Sep 199850East Metcalfe VIC
HaughtonNevilleEast Metcalfe VIC
HaughtonSheilaEast Metcalfe VIC
HoughtonAilson Viney10 Oct 195911 Jan 201657East Metcalfe VIC
HoughtonSheila10 Mar 192816 Sep 201486East Metcalfe VIC
MagreeDonnaEast Metcalfe VIC
McAreeJames1874?4 Sep 18762son/Owen & EllenEast Metcalfe VIC
MellenFanny1873?7 Apr 18741East Metcalfe VIC
NewmanBrian Darnell16 Jan 19382 Jan 201779h/LouiseEast Metcalfe VIC
PhillipsEditha Mary17 Jul 191526 Oct 2017102w/Leslie EdwardEast Metcalfe VIC
PhillipsLeslie Edward9 Jun 190819 Jul 198247h/Editha MaryEast Metcalfe VIC
PinningtonShirley Isobel15 Dec 192126 Sep 201594East Metcalfe VIC
Unknown?East Metcalfe VIC

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