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1 cemetery found

Chewton GeneralSparks Avenue, Chewton VIC 345169

69 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArcherHenry15 Jul 189513 Sep 194146son/Kenneth; b. Castlemaine, VIC; V19120 Pte.Chewton General VICAng A, 479
BastianSampson20 Sep 1840190261son/Henry & Jane (Jenkin); b. Crowan, Cornwall, England; h/Sarah Jane (Cook)Chewton General VIC
BenhamJames Grenhill6 Aug 18658 Feb 18660son/Spencer & Annette (Penney); b. Castlemaine, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
BenhamSpencer11 Jul 18006 Jun 186665son/James & Sarah Ann Helena (Yonge); b. West London, England; h/Mary (Rogers) & Frances (Dover) & Annette (Penney)Chewton General VIC
BolithoEmanuel Charles Vean1866?195387son/William & Elizabeth (Vean); b. Cornwall, EnglandChewton General VIC
ChapmanDorothy EvelineChewton General VIC
ChapmanEdward Walter1909196050son/Frederick Hubert & Jane (Merle (Murley)); b. Fryerstown Victoria; h/Florence Maude (Cox)Chewton General VIC
Chapman (Cox)Florence Maude191325 Jan 198268dau/Alfred James & Violet Maud (Brownhill); b. Chewton Victoria; w/Edward WalterChewton General VIC
ChapmanGordon RaymondChewton General VIC
ChapmanTrent Anthony25 Sep 1965Chewton General VIC
Chapman-SayersMaureen F L1940200262Chewton General VIC
CockAlfred James1828?190375son/Unknown & Unknown; h/Margaret (Hosking)Chewton General VIC
Cock (Hosking)Margaret1837?18 Jan 189053dau/John & Jane (Thomas); w/Alfred JamesChewton General VIC
CocksAlfred Raymond1900197878son/John & Eliza (Hooper); b. Chewton VIC; h/Doreen MaryChewton General VIC
CocksDoreen Mary190524 Dec 199287w/Alfred RaymondChewton General VIC
CocksDorothy May1905193125dau/John & Eliza (Hooper); b. Chewton VICChewton General VIC
Cocks (Hooper)Eliza1875195277dau/William & Lavina (Trescowthick); b. Chewton VIC; w/John (Cock)Chewton General VIC
CocksJohn1865193469son/Alfred James & Margaret (Hosking); b. Fryers Creek VIC; h/Eliza (Hooper)Chewton General VIC
Cocks (Hooper)Lavinia1871196290dau/William & Lavinia (Trescowthick); b. Chewton VIC; w/William James (Cock)Chewton General VIC
Cocks (Mccance)Violet Alma1894198085dau/Edward & Henrietta (Coffee); b. Chewton VIC; w/William JohnChewton General VIC
CocksWilliam James1867son/Alfred James & Margaret (Hosking); b. Fryers Creek VIC; h/Lavinia (Hooper)Chewton General VIC
CocksWilliam John1896195862son/William John & Elizabeth (Hooper); b. Chewton VIC; h/Violet Alma (Mccanoe)Chewton General VIC
CoxAlfred James1890?196474son/Thomas & Catherine (Patterson); b. Chewton VICChewton General VIC
CoxCharlesChewton General VIC
CoxFrederickChewton General VIC
CoxLenorahChewton General VIC
CoxMaryChewton General VIC
Cox (Brownhill)Violet Maud1891?195665dau/William & Minnie Amelia (Maddern); b. Castlemaine VICChewton General VIC
DaniellJanChewton General VIC
DaniellKevin HamiltonChewton General VIC
JackaAlfred John187318741son/Joshua & Rebecca (Bennetts)Chewton General VIC
JenkinJames1824?16 Apr 190278son/Wiliam & Margaret (Phillips); h/MaryChewton General VIC
Jenkin (Mason)Mary1828?1 Aug 190476dau/Amos & Elizabeth (Murrish); w/JamesChewton General VIC
MorrisJosephOct 18421 Jun 191775son/James & Ann (Harris); b. Llansteffan Carmarthenshire, Wales; h/Unknown & Mary Morgan (Williamson)Chewton General VIC
Moulin (Greenham)Dorothea Eileen190417 Jul 197268dau/Walter Henry & Millicent (Millie) (Beatty); b. Brunswick, Victoria, Australia; w/Frank GeorgeChewton General VIC
MoulinFrank George190129 Sep 197271son/Frank & Gina Rhoda (Stone); b. Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; h/Dorothea Eileen (Greenham)Chewton General VIC
NankervisJames1818?186143son/Unknown & Unknown; b. Cornwall, EnglandChewton General VIC
NankervisThomas Henry1837?187437son/Thomas & Jane; h/Elizabeth (Richards)Chewton General VIC
Oates (Phillips)Elizabeth1823190885dau/Thomas & Elizabeth; b. St Agnes, Cornwall, England; w/ThomasChewton General VIC
OatesJohn1847?190760son/Unknown & UnknownChewton General VIC
OatesThomas22 Oct 181818 Nov 189273son/John & Mary (Youlton); b. St Agnes, Cornwall, England; h/Elizabeth (Phillips)Chewton General VIC
OatesWilliam186318644mson/James & Jane (Martin); b. Chewton VictoriaChewton General VIC
PenneyAlfred Robert187626 Oct 1885?9?son/Robert & Ann (Maria) (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
Penney (Williams)Ann (Maria)4 Jan 185714 Jul 192063dau/Thomas & Mary (Murdock); b. Wattle Gully, Chewton, Victoria, Australia; w/RobertChewton General VIC
PenneyAnnette7 Jul 18623 Jun 18641dau/Robert & Mary (Bottle); b. Wattle Flat, Chewton, Vic, AustraliaChewton General VIC
Penney (Ross)Catherine Ellen (Kate)18787 Dec 194062dau/Donald & Margaret (Dagge); b. Castlemaine, Vic, Australia; w/WalterChewton General VIC
PenneyCharles Frederick188318918son/Robert & Ann Maria (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
PenneyEmma187920 Jul 196182dau/Robert & Anna (Maria) (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
PenneyFlorence188818880dau/Robert & Anna (Maria) (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
PenneyFrederick190015 Jul 192323son/Robert & Ann (Maria) (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
PenneyIsaac26 Mar 179414 Feb 186166son/John & Elizabeth (McClure); b. Rosia Bay, Gibraltar; h/Mary (Wilbraham)Chewton General VIC
PenneyMabel Winifred189618 Feb 198689dau/Robert & Ann Maria (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
PenneyMaria Ann (Pops)18864 May 190115dau/Robert & Ann (Maria) (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, AustraliaChewton General VIC
Penney (Bottle)Mary22 Sep 183521 Sep 191882dau/Thomas & Sarah (Hodge); b. Bath, Somersetshire, England; w/RobertChewton General VIC
PenneyRobert11 Oct 181622 Jan 188467son/Isaac & Mary (Wilbraham); b. London, England; h/Mary Ann (Dunk) & Mary (Bottle)Chewton General VIC
PenneyRobert6 Nov 184815 May 193283son/Robert & Mary Ann (Dunk); b. Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England; h/Ann (Maria) (Williams)Chewton General VIC
PenneyWalter187327 Jan 192551son/Robert & Mary (Bottle); b. Chewton, Victoria, Australia; h/Catherine Ellen (Kate) (Ross)Chewton General VIC
PriceGwenChewton General VIC
PriceThomasChewton General VIC
SimmonsCraig Arthur9 Feb 19656 Sep 198520son/David Kenneth & Heather May (Campbell); b. Brisbane QueenslandChewton General VIC
Sparks (Jenkin)Mary Mason186417 Sep 193268Chewton General VIC
Thompson (Penney)May18918 May 197179dau/Robert & Ann Maria (Williams); b. Chewton, Victoria, Australia; w/Albert (George) WilliamChewton General VIC
UrenAlice1793?186067dau/Francis Henry & Mary (Davy); b. Cornwall, EnglandChewton General VIC
VealArthur1885191428son/Thomas & Grace (Grenfell); b. Bendigo, Victoria; h/Edith Mildred (Dickenson)Chewton General VIC
Veal (DIckenson)Edith Mildred1887196174dau/Robert & Elizabeth (Cornish); b. Chewton Victoria; w/ArhurChewton General VIC
Veal (Grenfell)Grace W1864?22 May 194884w/ThomasChewton General VIC
VealNorman1906Chewton General VIC
VealThomas16 Feb 186119 Jul 191352b. Fryerstown Victoria; h/Grace (Grenfell)Chewton General VIC
WilliamsonMary MorganApr 18517 Oct 192776ydau/Edward & Martha Emily (Morgan); w/Joseph (Morris)Chewton General VIC

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