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1 cemetery found

Beechworth PublicBalaclava Rd, Beechworth VIC 3747287

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArnottHarold24 May 1988h/Ruth MaryBeechworth Public VIC
ArnottRuth Mary7 May 2006w/HaroldBeechworth Public VIC
BeatsonTeresa (Trish)9 Oct 194626 Oct 200054w/Brian Frederick (Buckland)Beechworth Public VIC
BucklandBrian Frederick14 Jul 19529 Oct 201765son/Stan & Gwen; h/TeresaBeechworth Public VIC
DavidsonJohn1843?23 Feb 190966h/MaryBeechworth Public VIC
DavidsonMary1856?7 Mar 191054w/JohnBeechworth Public VIC
EdwardsFrancis1894?23 Sep 198389h/Olive FBeechworth Public VIC
EdwardsOlive F1894?14 Jun 198591w/FrancisBeechworth Public VIC
FlowerCharles J.1829?22 Dec 189364h/SarahBeechworth Public VIC
FlowerJohn1861?15 Apr 189332son/Charles J. & SarahBeechworth Public VIC
FlowerSarah1829?12 Apr 189667w/Charles JBeechworth Public VIC
HarwoodAlexander Roy1898?14 Aug 198385Beechworth Public VIC
HoffmanJacob7 Apr 184612 Oct 192074Beechworth Public VIC
HoffmanSophie29 May 1902Beechworth Public VIC
JensenDorothy19 Aug 193017 Sep 198757Beechworth Public VIC
JensenRonald Herbert16 Dec 192016 Dec 199777Beechworth Public VIC
McMillanMargaret1822?26 Jun 191896w/NeilBeechworth Public VIC
McMillanNeil1820?27 Jun 191797h/MargaretBeechworth Public VIC
NicolRose20 Sep 19284 Jul 200475w/William (Bill) RobertBeechworth Public VIC
NicolWilliam (Bill) Robert19 Sep 192430 Oct 198662h/Rose; QX44195Beechworth Public VIC
PrattJames1903?6 Jul 198784h/Murial Alice MasonBeechworth Public VIC
PrattMurial Alice Mason1907?20 Mar 199891h/JamesBeechworth Public VIC
SkidmoreDavid Millar Thompson189619 May 191923son/George & Maggie Edith (Thomson); b. Beechworth VIC; 1911 PrivateBeechworth Public VICPbn A, 383
SkidmoreGeorge186025 Jun 194282son/John & Elizabeth (Mary Ann) (Bryant); b. Lethbridge VIC; h/Margaret Edith (Thomson)Beechworth Public VIC
SkidmoreGordon Leslie18913 Dec 197180son/George & Maggie Edith (Thomson); b. Beechworth VIC; h/Mary Margaret Eileen (Carey)Beechworth Public VIC
Skidmore (Thomson)Margaret Edith1866?10 Mar 193367dau/David Miller & Betsy (Muckisy); b. Leith, Scotland; w/GeorgeBeechworth Public VIC
WyattDorothy17 Nov 1926Beechworth Public VIC
WyattHilda10 Dec 1932Beechworth Public VIC

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