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AxedaleCemetery Rd, Axedale VIC 355131

31 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BennettAlbert187128 May 192858son/James & Christiana (Harker); b. Heathcote, VicAxedale VIC
Bennett (Hipgrave)Annice Annie1870?5 Nov 195585dau/James Lake & Annice (Hill); b. Whroo, Victoria; w/JamesAxedale VIC
Bennett (Donaghy)Annie Barnes1867?20 Jun 195891dau/Hugh & Elizabeth (Barnes); b. Bendigo, Victoria; w/William HenryAxedale VIC
BennettAnnie May191211 Mar 19196dau/James & Annice Annie (Hipgrave); b. Heathcote, VicAxedale VIC
BennettAnnis Alice1908?28 Jan 19168dau/William Henry & Annie Barnes (Donaghy)Axedale VIC
BennettCecil Joseph190026 Aug 19088son/James & Annie Annice (Hipgraves); b. Axedale, VictoriaAxedale VIC
Bennett (Manser)Claudine Valerie Sara1890?3 Aug 198595dau/John Henry Valentine & Martha Jane (Cotton); b. Collingwood, Vic; w/Fred TasmanAxedale VIC
BennettDouglas Gordon1921?30 Sep 198059son/Fred Tasman & Claudine Valerie Sara (Manser); b. Bendigo, VictoriaAxedale VIC
BennettEdith Linda1897?9 Feb 195154dau/James & Elizabeth (Candlin); b. Bendigo, VictoriaAxedale VIC
Bennett (Candlin)Elizabeth1859?20 Oct 193980dau/James & Sarah (Jones); w/JamesAxedale VIC
BennettFred Tasman1883?25 Dec 196784son/James & Elizabeth (Caudlin); b. Launceston, Tasmanai; h/Claudine Valerie Sara (Manser)Axedale VIC
BennettFreda JoyceJan 1927?3 Dec 192711mdau/Fred Tasman & Claudine Valerie Sara (Manser)Axedale VIC
BennettHarry Gordon1885?29 Dec 192035son/James & Elizabeth (Candlin)Axedale VIC
BennettHarry JamesJan 1924?28 Nov 192410mson/Fred Tasman & Claudine Valerie Sara (Manser)Axedale VIC
BennettHerbert Harker189826 Aug 190810son/James & Annie Annice (Hipgrave); b. Axedale, VictoriaAxedale VIC
BennettHilda Winifred1921?26 Oct 198059Axedale VIC
BennettJames1837?18 Jul 192285son/Unknown & UnknownAxedale VIC
BennettJames1857?27 Nov 193275Axedale VIC
BennettJames1862?16 May 193977son/James & Christina (Harker); b. Sunbury, VictoriaAxedale VIC
BennettJames Donaghy1893?24 Jul 194249son/William Alexander & Annie Barnes (Donaghy); b. KnowsleyAxedale VIC
BennettJohn1901?8 Sep 19065son/William Henry & Annie Barnes (Donaghy)Axedale VIC
BennettJohn1902?28 Aug 19086Axedale VIC
BennettLevi188028 May 192949son/James & Christiana (Catherine) (Harker); b. Axedale, VictoriaAxedale VIC
Bennett (Pascoe)Martha Jane1886?27 May 196579dau/James Reynolds & Mary Jane (Aylett); b. Bendigo, VictoriaAxedale VIC
BennettNancy Isabel1926?30 Jan 199468Axedale VIC
BennettWilliam Alexander189024 Sep 191525son/William Henry & Annie Barnes (Donaghy); b. Axedale, VictoriaAxedale VIC
BennettWilliam Henry1867?26 Jan 193568son/James & Christina (Harker); h/Annie Barnes (Donaghy)Axedale VIC
DunlopMary JAxedale VIC
DunlopWilliam James1884?21 Nov 197793son/Sanderson & Mary Anne (Parson); b. Bendigo, VictoriaAxedale VICMon E 13
HawkinsJohn1834?22 Dec 191076son/Thomas & Johanna (Mulqueen); h/Mary (Howley)Axedale VIC
HawkinsMary1844?24 May 192682dau/Patrick & Bridget (Curtis); w/JohnAxedale VIC

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